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Chat log from R14 of 2017: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R14 of 2017

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boo!: cmon gawn, make your be
Lestat: Gawn started well
JockMcPie: Welcome back Max! Welcome to my SC team!
boo!: gawn v vardy, reckon hs 212be attainable
Pokerface: its just not the same without the beard.
9inch: Yeo finally in this week for Hannan. See how that goes.
pcaman2003: Go Ollie and Hibberd!
pcaman2003: Oh! and Yeo too.
pcaman2003: Gawn BE 212. Will be much cheaper to buy in soon.
DrSeuss: Come on Oliver
Pokerface: good score would be nice hannan so i don’t have to worry about nank
m0nty: Melbourne misses Jack Watts.
AngryRyno: i miss Jack Watts too
9inch: Best case is Gawn has a average game and still a big be next week. Sandi plays next week makes some more $$s
Lestat: Gawn back, Pederson Gawn.
Pokerface: hope the opportunists dumped pederson before his price falls off a cliff
AngryRyno: Gaff two tackles, take pictures
Ladbrokes_: Hibberd please lift
pcaman2003: Stop going backwards Hibberd you tool.
AngryRyno: Gaff three tackles, unbelievable
Pokerface: lol AR
Raspel31: Everyone said get Oliver-nup says I-good player but guns are proved over a couple of years
poolboybob: Blue moon watch for Duggan
Lewysport: Big Maxy on target for 150+ on return!
aces-high: Oliver is a star im ranked top 600 with him sitting nicely in my mids. Will score 100+ again tonight buddy
Lestat: Duggan got 89 last week poolboy
Raspel31: But there are better guns-he’s not yet there aces.
DrSeuss: Might have to be Oliver’s last week in my team unless he steps it up
aces-high: 10 tons raspel, 2 lowest scares of 91. Bloke is me consistent averaging 111. He’s a super premo this year will ave 110+
aces-high: Scores* mr* phone auto correct sucks haha
Raspel31: Let’s just watch the game aces and wait for that 111.
sfmmp23: come on maxy, do go to big
Yelse: why is oliver such little game time
pcaman2003: Maybe Ollie playing sore.
Lestat: @Yelse he goes at it so hard he needs more breaks.
Ladbrokes_: Cmon priddis get your hands on the pill
9inch: Yeo if you don’t pull your finger out and beat Hannan since I just swaped for you.!! Typical
aces-high: Hutchings tagging Oliver
Lestat: Max really needs the beard back.
pcaman2003: Hibberd and Ollie doing me in.Spew!
Raspel31: Like Samson-a shorn Max not the same.
9inch: Yeah WTF Gawn. No beard no Gawn
AngryRyno: surely a shorn gawn not shorn max
Raspel31: Ewe gorn Gawn-better Angry?
LMartos: umpiring seemingly getting worse every week
The Hawker: sling tackle? piss off.
pcaman2003: Sling tackle? BS!
Lestat: WTF are the commentators on about? Clear sling tackle.
DrSeuss: Why tag Oliver and not Viney?
Yelse: someone please explain viney vs bonts scores
LMartos: what do you want to know Yelse?
Pinkman: SC get a fat over the bont. kidding, tackles they like
Ash777: clearances, clanger accuracy
Ash777: also more kicks vs handballs
anthsill03: bont 11 kicks 1 goal 6 contested 8 tackles
tone: bont has 8 tackles to vineys 1 including a few score assists
LMartos: Bont has less DT than SC so…
weca: oscar mcdonald will get a fine now
Raspel31: Can’t see the Dees hanging on here.
Yelse: CP i thought is meant to be best for SC
9inch: Where is this Yeo fellow I just brought in?
anthsill03: its only the 2nd qtr raspel
Lestat: Only if you hit a target Yelse.
pcaman2003: Someone complaining about Gawn earlier? Speak up!
King_Robbo: Viney 16 contested possies, wow!
LMartos: Beams to Gawn next week maybe hmmm
valkorum: he didnt connect with that punch and the melb bloke went down
Lestat: Schofield is gone. Dirty prick.
Beast_Mode: Lol dumb report, oliver should be suspended for flopping
Lestat: Only about his non beard pcaman
9inch: Bahhaa Oliver pussy. Take a slow reaction dive.
Pinkman: big flop by Oliver
anthsill03: impressive but 16 handballs though
poolboybob: Dive of the year?
Fizzy343: 10/10 dive from oliver
StuL: Great work Hibberd. How often this year so you get a player in and he s
bongidongi: who was reported?
penguins00: Oliver makes Rance look tough
Patty19: Game on!!
Patty19: Haven’t seen a replay but gee Oliver looked furious
sfmmp23: that was disgusting from Oliver
Ladbrokes_: Oliver dispatched by a sniper there
poolboybob: Oliver reported to the Australian Olympic Committee. Candidate for 2020 Olympic diving team.
sfmmp23: Come on gawny, we want you cheap
Patty19: Viney loving jones not colliding heads with him at every contest
Thedude24: Wow that looked very very soft. Surely Oliver gets fined for that? (gotta see another replay)
9inch: If I were him I wouldn’t want to watch later.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Clayton Oliver to get Schofield reported for a love tap to the chinny chin chin.
Pinkman: happy to go Witts to Gawn when the price is right. beautiful lead in second half of SC season
poolboybob: Oliver was probably furious because he realise he just made a fool of himself on national tv
9inch: Yeah someone send out a runner to Gawn, take it easy big fella
Lestat: @happytimes. Oliver reported for striking?? LMAO. Oliver plays for Melb and Schofield has a beard and plays for WCE.
Lestat: Go to specsavers happytimes
Manowar: Gawn will be very cheap soon, he has to face the great M. Kreuzer
Lewysport: Got the C on Gawn tonite have you Manowar?lol
AngryRyno: Manowar has Petrie C
DrSeuss: Lift Yeo and Ollie –
bongidongi: Yeo, lewis and hibberd! lift all
pcaman2003: Hibberd is a dog with nasty fleas.
poolboybob: McGovern looking a chance for the meat cleaver tonight
Ladbrokes_: Priddis and Hibberd. Top class ball repellents
anthsill03: sheed would of been a good pick up, gone up 170k already
m0nty: dunno what you were expecting of Hibberd tonight, having to play tall on a man instead of loose rebounding
kangawalla: Jeffy! Where’ve you been??
kangawalla: Agreed Monty. He’s been great for us this season
Lewysport: Ollie on his way to another ton.
King_Robbo: stay down Hibberd
DrSeuss: Come on Yeo and Ollie do something
Ladbrokes_: Fair enough m0nty, just built up frustration
Lestat: The game has gone past Priddis.
poolboybob: Hibberd this is pathetic
aces-high: Oliver mr consistency where’s the bloke from the second quarter?
CBeezDeez: Freakin BS umpiring! How was that not a trip?
Yelse: hibberd non existant today
Raspel31: I’d be here aces you sweet thing.
DrSeuss: Yeo – asleep for the 3rd quarter?
Lestat: Little early to be going the crow aces. Oliver not even 80 yet.
Patty19: Hibberd just playing his role, not a fantasy night unfortunately
DrSeuss: Enough with the Frees Oliver FFS
pcaman2003: Got Hibberd 2 weeks ago. Should’ve waited perhaps.
aces-high: Raspel you great man
aces-high: Cracking name btw
StuL: Great work Hibberd.
bongidongi: opp has tmac and tyson, vs my hibberd and lewis 🙁
MONEY TALK: cmon hibb and oliver lets finish strong
Patty19: Looks like Jetta is playing tall, freeing Hibberd briefly
LMartos: thankful Hibberd finally turned up
Lestat: Has Melb gone home 1 1/4 early?
Ladbrokes_: Priddis not a touch this quarter. I rate that
LuvIt74: Gawn was on 70odd at half time, what happened
Raspel31: Who would have ever picked that lame dinosaur Petrie to score 4 goals-wow
LuvIt74: When he’s on song, he sings a mighty good song.
The Hawker: loving this week of footy hahaha
Heizenberg: Hahahaha I know hawk talker
Heizenberg: Greatest round I have ever seen I think
Heizenberg: The swans game/finish was remarkable
Heizenberg: The hawker sorry
Raspel31: YesHeize-but in a remarkable way I could have lived without.
bongidongi: would love lewis/hibberd to get 90
Pokerface: this pressure is phenomenal
King_Robbo: lol eagles
anthsill03: mcdonald on 120 before goal
Lestat: Dees home?
pcaman2003: AQmazing goal!Wow!
sfmmp23: what a weekend of footy
The Hawker: I am loving it.
MONEY TALK: that gave a nice boost to hibb and oliver because they were involved in the winning goal
Heizenberg: Sorry raspel 🙁
LMartos: Hibberd big final quarter
Ladbrokes_: Incredible lift Hibberd. My dearest apologies. What a finish to that game!
Heizenberg: Fuckin hell McDonald goal
pcaman2003: Congrats Melb. Well played.
Haydo: This round is amazing!!!
Pinkman: lewis jetta puts that through game over. in the the end you cry.
Zeratul: What a bunch of morons, spoil it over the line? nahhh lets keep it in play.
MONEY TALK: my week is looking goal 2450 plus for me this week how its lining up
MONEY TALK: nm projected is 2520 now
aces-high: Raspal you rascal he was 1 point under 111 disappointing
MONEY TALK: 51 point qtr from hibb

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