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Chat log from R13 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Brisbane, R13 of 2017

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PLACEBOPIE: Bolton 😀 lol 80 at half time now 64 😛
benzammit: Went missing Tigers small Feds, umpires had an absolute shocker thought it was a Tigers home game?
9inch: I came on through second qtr when Bolton was on 80. 2 an half later on 64. Thats unbelievable really.
hinsch: Bolton was sent for the Latte’s Richmond thought it was all over at half time
th3rio: lol never heard that saying before hinsch
wadaramus: SMith already contesting the ruck, not good for Stef.
wadaramus: Zorko you hack!
TheBoy89: Get fucked smith
Thedude24: Rich Muppet
Pokerface: Archie again
Pokerface: move that rook symbol off Stefan…
GOD: GOD commands you to rise Dayne Zorko
Crowls: ryder to pound archie so stef gets back on the ball.
wadaramus: SPP off to a good start.
J_Herer: God Rocky and that shoulder, almost have to trade him out
circle52: Martin having throat looked at by doc.
JButcher: Haven’t seen Rocky once
Thedude24: Where’s Rocky??
Lestat: There’s Rocky
CBeezDeez: God! Rocky Martin Barrett!!! Are we on a roll or what!!!
circle52: Kicking a goal
th3rio: there he isssss
casey22: Aah, Rocky strikes. Been hiding behind goal post
blashtroko: Dermott is so patronising
frenzy: see him now JButcher
casty46: i love derm
JButcher: Yep I see him now Frenzy, not liking it
Lestat: Beams started slow today.
carlton_99: is martin off?
TheOnyas: pull your finger out stefy
pcaman2003: FFS Barrett,start scoring
TheBoy89: As I said when ever I trade in a premium they never ton up for example stef Martin
circle52: Why was that not holding the man on Zorko – Home town umps again
Umpirespet: TheBoy they should ban you from SC
cusch1: Who on earth would possibly think that playing a 6th gamer on arguably the in form ruckman in the competition?
blashtroko: “Zorko is probably the second shortest in the league behind Caleb Daniels”
circle52: and now a goal up the other end well down umps.
Monfries96: @circle players shouldn’t get rewarded for dropping the ball as soon as they’re tackled
AngryRyno: another week, another barrage of umpiring complaints from Ringo
shaker: Barrett’s SC is puzzling doing something really wrong
circle52: Have seen worse paid monfries
circle52: When they start umpiring both ways I will stop angry ryano.
AngryRyno: only 1 effective touch and 2 clangers @shaker
CamT: Stef Martin has started where Shai Bolton left off.
wadaramus: Is Stef off for the game or what?
wadaramus: There he is, starting the second quarter, carn Stef, lift!
AngryRyno: surely you’ve been around long enough to know better Ringo
DrSeuss: Let’s go big Stef – time to make up for lost time.
Patty19: Gee stef looks sore, commentators saying he’s not jumping at the ball
Patty19: Whether that’s tactics or soreness idk
FrothyOne: Was looking at bringing Steph in but then I noticed Smith was selected…. Pheeewwww
shaker: Surely the point is worth the 1 the rest for nothing ryno ?
DrSeuss: Why the Lions keep trying second ruckmen is beyond me. Develop your actual forwards
Patty19: Here he goes! Handball receives Martin!
AngryRyno: clangers are minus points @shaker
Patty19: Zorko starting to get kicks for fun
JackRipper: I wonder if Barrett can get off 1 point at half time ?
shaker: Yep ryno still looks wrong
frenzy: martin doing a rance
Raspel31: Yep-like minds JackRipper
Fatbar5tad: Listen to these Port flogs
AngryRyno: how can it look wrong? he’s only used the ball effectively once, all other stats are negative
circle52: Agree Dr Seuss and hopefully we go back to Schache forward
circle52: Schache kiced 5 and 10 marks in NEAFL today.
3rdstriker: Give gray the box of chocolates icon
Nuffman: Also have to remember, he has had 2 touches go directly to an ooponent, and the behind counts as an ineffective touch
DrSeuss: Schache needs some development and Hipwood seems like he could be amazing. But they need to fix how they play together
shaker: Ok blokes not watching
Lestat: C’mon Beamer lift ya game.
DrSeuss: Damn Rocky just went berserker in the last 3 minutes
JButcher: Our ball use is not top 4 standard, which is why we struggle against top 8 sides
tabs: give Gray the duck icon. Lift your head you goose, you will causer yourself some damage
Lestat: Hipwood needs time in the gym. Looks to be great in the making.
m0nty: this is like a Probables v Possibles match.
Fatbar5tad: Barrett too cold for the icicle
Fatbar5tad: Booing Zork is un-Australian. Absolute gun!
Apachecats: Funny on the radio ,if it goes dead quiet its a Brisbane goal.
shaker: Ryder giving the 2 Brissie rucks a lesson?
DrSeuss: Come on Stef – Don’t stop now.
banta: boak is such a dud. worst captain in the league
spudaroos: @banta That’s Ziebell or Geary imo
TheBoy89: Former worst player captain was probably Andrew swallow
Monfries96: Get a grip Banta
banta: actually Geary, true
Ladbrokes_: Stef you are a god, nothing can bring this man down
korza: S/C and C/data are a joke. Martin on 40pts, makes this form of the comp a travesty
Apachecats: Hope Beams can do a yin yang
Beast_Mode: Lol banta, its tradition. Following in the spud Domenic Cassisi’s footsteps
spudaroos: Lift Beams.
Sloan4Pres: had to be versing Lester this week didn’t i..
Raspel31: Good 3 points that quarter Barrett-steadily building
Sloan4Pres: and Boak you are a joke
circle52: so there you go Polec dropped it and gets holding the man.
circle52: Just saying comparing to Zorko.
Apachecats: Beams 11sc in the last 2 mins of 1/4 ,thats more like it.
JackRipper: @Raspel…. With Barrett I thought I actually had 18 playing this week… Looks like I was wrong !!!
Lestat: It was a terrible call Circle
circle52: But I have marron and one blue eye and gold glasses though
korza: Barrett straight to Yeo Monday morning F Him
circle52: Barrets DE really costing him.
Patty19: Still too much grey area with HTB unfortunately
Raspel31: Same JackRipper-but if we win by 4 he will be our hero.
AngryRyno: you have to touch the ball for DE to be an issue Ringo
circle52: Skill errors still letting us down though. Will be great though when some of the younsters get bulk on.
circle52: I kow but only i effective disposal from 4 possessions still not good.
JackRipper: lol Raspel..OMG. Barrett just got a +4 for a tackle and still remains on 4 lol
Lestat: Anyone see Lindsay Thomas’ elbow today on Palmer?
Nuffman: @Lestat: Yeah… dog act
Raspel31: 1-3-9-27-we might still get 40 out of him JackRipper.
circle52: Need Berry to lift he was to become Lloyd next week.
SilverLion: Blue Moon Lester
circle52: Lester has been slowly growing into his role Silver. Best game he has played was strong last week as well.
Lestat: I can’t see him ever playing for Nth again.
frenzy: yep lestat, beautiful wasn’t it, Lol
SilverLion: Loved Lester’s workrate and effort for a long time now, first time I’ve seen him put it all together though.
Nuffman: @Lestat: Never know.. could play the race card, worked for Goodes
korza: Martin still getting pts for nothing
CBeezDeez: Thomas v Goodes? Can C it now “Lindsay Thomas Australian of the year”
Ladbrokes_: Archie would you bugger off from the ruck contest
Lestat: Stef can’t score when there is a 2nd ruck in the team.
DrSeuss: Archie get back in the forward line and be a waste of space there. Stef get back into it.
Breezey: Somehow I don’t think the Lions coach is thinking about Stefs fantasy scores when he picks Archie each week
StuL: Rocky! What a waste.
J_Herer: is Rocky on the ground?
DrSeuss: What is he thinking though Breezey? Why develop a 2nd ruck if it’s one of your strongest positions?
Ladbrokes_: Robbie Gray you are a flat track bully son. Where was this last week
banta: f u boak you little tard
Apachecats: Who is the mst inconsisant SC player ? R.Gray gets my vote.
korza: Ranked 87th overall, and i bring in Rockliff, F my life and S/C
Breezey: Don t know really but I think Archie could be real good. I don’t have Stef anyway so suits me fine
J_Herer: A few went captain on Rocky again, ouch!
spudaroos: Brought in Beams last week. One great score, one turd coming up. Smh.
CamT: @ Korza, I’m ranked 85th and brought in Rockliff.
Screech23: Unlucky Korza
korza: The little pig is not even trying
Raspel31: I’m ranked fourth overall-in my league-and I wouldn’t touch that shoulder
iZander: so he stays at the club and developement….its not like they are competing this year. Its not rocket science @seuss
Apachecats: Rocky a huge risk with that shoulder .Wouldn’t buy him ,wouldn’t captain him.
Breezey: Beautiful Raspel.
korza: *Ras this is why yr ranked 4th in a league
fonzie: dixion ur killing me
Ladbrokes_: Archie. Please.
wadaramus: Carn Stef get to 80 mate.
Raspel31: Well,I didn’t just buy Rocky.
korza: *Ras team name Airporter take a look at the end of this rd.
Ladbrokes_: Hahah what a run and goal hipwood!
DrSeuss: Can only hope this is the last game of the Archie experiment.
Tonche: Martin not too bad considering 0 in 1st
Tonche: Ryder one of the hardest rucks to play against
Ladbrokes_: @DrSeuss Would make sense if he was any good in the ruck, but no, he gets pushed around every time
Thedude24: Is Rocky injured?
CamT: One tackle for Rockliff would mean his protecting his shoulder.
fonzie: f u beams ur going backwards
DrSeuss: @Lad exactly – keep developing him in the twos until you actually need a ruck. Or develop 1 of the forwards share duties
CamT: * he’s
circle52: As I said earlier Schache for Smith next week.
circle52: Archie was playing a forawrd ruck in 2’s and was surprised he was brought up. McInerney was performing better
CBeezDeez: Was Rocky even on the ground that qtr?
hinsch: tossing up between Zorko & Martin went Martin wrong pick by the looks
strikes91: Rocky cooked. Sat entire qtr on bench
cusch1: Hipwood is probably the most exciting player to wear a Lions guernsey since Akermanis
GOD: Rockcliff, Barrett piss off from my team
Raspel31: How does this happen-God is omniscient?
DrSeuss: Hope so @circle – need to keep developing Schake and Hipwood
CamT: Rockliff still on the bench obviously.
JockMcPie: Zorko is a lock for my SC team for the next 5 years
fonzie: spp beating dixion wtf
Terlob: Rocky literally spewing on the bench
circle52: Think I should have gone Zorko rather than Rocky
pharace: Rocky at that contest
m0nty: nominations for star please
Lestat: Why you will pick whoever anyway.
Nuffman: Zorko surely?
korza: Star for Rockliff
frenzy: Hartless
GOD: GOD commands you to star Dayne Zorko
circle52: Biased but Zorko
JockMcPie: Ryder star, Zorko gun, Bastinac blue moon
CBeezDeez: Fallen star for Rocky!
spudaroos: Surely do something Beams.
faisca7: He scored!!
Monfries96: Ryder star Gray gun
Raspel31: Gray star-Zorko gun.
oc16: thats a bit harsh cbeezdeez, theres obviously a good reason as to why he is on that score
Thedude24: Bastinac! Great pick up
blashtroko: Robbie doesnt deserve gun… he;s garb this yr
Nuffman: Barrett is putting up a decent DT score… Too bad it hasn’t translated well
CBeezDeez: If he’s injured why play him? Not as if Lions make finals. Blood some youngsters otherwise. ..
LMartos: Happy to see my new recruit Ryan Lester doing well
Thedude24: So glad I held Bastinac
oc16: his not injured, he was literally spewing so he is obviously not feeling well
DrSeuss: Might have to bring in Zork this week
Nuffman: Thinking Beams -> Zorks
fonzie: ice for dixon
weca: giving robbie grey the gun, might as well give rocky the spud
GOD: GOD has the C on D. Zorko tonight!
J_Herer: Is that a toilet seat for Rocky?
CBeezDeez: Well its hardly leather poisoning today is it oc?
spudaroos: @Nuffman Surely not, Beams has been elite bar this week.
Nuffman: Indeed @Spud, but also wasn’t looking at Beams being a keeper at the start of the season
DrSeuss: Finish strong Stef – get to 80!
Apachecats: Beams over Zorko any day nuffman
Thedude24: Beams over Zorko? You alright? Zorko is definitely the better option
Nuffman: Evidently not this year @Apache?
AngryRyno: pleased with my Zorko trade in this week
SilverLion: So its a blue moon for Bastinac, but obviously Lester averages 130 SC haha
cusch1: Lions didn’t deserve to win by that much
Raspel31: Zorko isn’t Ryno.
circle52: PLeased with the effort pity the score blew out a bit.
Lestat: Happy my opponent went Rocky over Danger as C
kano: Weca for the burger

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