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Chat log from R13 of 2017: West Coast vs Geelong

Chat log for West Coast vs Geelong, R13 of 2017

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J.Worrall: GoYo
Apachecats: Same here @worrall ,how many on the paddock for you in SC?
wadaramus: Everyone got the V on Patty D?
Apachecats: yes for me @wada, how many players have you got in SC ,I’ve got the luxury of 19.
J.Worrall: On board with all that folks!
Donz: DC’s Dopers rolling with 17 this week
wadaramus: @Apache, I had a comfortable 19, but then the Steele bomb got dropped 🙁
Snarfy: Steele being dropped is good news. He’s been playing worse than me and my imagination!
PLACEBOPIE: he still in emergencies so you never know.Should of played resi’s not his fault he gets no game time
Snarfy: been happening for a few weeks PLACEBOPIE. Obviously Richo has a role for him and he hasn’t been doing it.
Apachecats: Yes wada I’m in 10SC leagues and 6 opponents had Steele.Bit tough for people in a bye round ,anyway good luck for me.
J.Worrall: Obviously?!
PLACEBOPIE: bit like newman and horse let him play and he will reward you
dipstick: has anyone got the Golden Gollywog in their team?
LMartos: I’m fielding 17 unless my players tonight stink it up
PLACEBOPIE: Jones dipstick?
whafc: Gaff to go huge tonight
Cleone: How bad are those suits that Nic Nat and JJK Have on?
9inch: Tip the Cats but never know this year.
circle52: @wadaramus was tempted to go Jelwood over Danger but mind got the better of me.
LMartos: swear Selwood always gets a free kick early
Lestat: I tipped Eagles in an upset
LMartos: Tom Stewart that was mint son, good onya
dipstick: @placebo no- Shirley Temple
blashtroko: Wouldn’t say its a tag from yeo on danger
J.Worrall: Where’s the Shirley temple – Bali?
dipstick: thats the one
J.Worrall: Bad Dad Jokes
circle52: Hope Danger and Yeo do not cancell each other out.
LMartos: Scott Selwood with a solid 3 minute stint
DrSeuss: Is Yeo seriously tagging Danger? I just traded Yeo in this week.
J.Worrall: a solid 3 minute stint – he can do that every ten!
PowerBug: let’s hope its one of those line up at the bounces then both players run fwd after it. Yeo and danger go big as a result
PLACEBOPIE: blame the doc for yeo’s bad score tonight :/
PowerBug: Because if Yeo is playing a tight role on danger, well there’ll be lots of unhappy managers, me included 😛
DrSeuss: Also glad I traded in Menegola so far…😳
TheBoy89: I got heeney instead of yeo cause of past experiences yeo does shit against the cats
lock98: Yeos going head to head most likely I reckon
Lestat: Nakia hammy?
LMartos: Cockatoo’s hammies are crap
PLACEBOPIE: everyone can relax danger vc for all
StuL: Dangerpig, does whatever a Dangerpig does!
cusch1: I got Bont instead of Yeo mainly because one has to work for his points, and the other gets them for nothing 🙂
Raspel31: Good point cusch. I’m just glad I’m the only person I know who has Danger.
boo!: parsons is a gun
Ash777: bought in mcgovern
J.Worrall: Riiiight, StuL
dipstick: LOL nice score parsnip 😉
Lodgy: This bloke Barrass looks to be a genuine, natural footballer
Lestat: Nice joke @ boo!
StuL: I’d get any of those guys over Yeo
cusch1: What is Parsons doing to not get dropped? Seriously someone in the 2s must be doing better
PowerBug: He started slow but Tom Stewart has done well the last few weeks! Hopefully he can continue this good start as well 🙂
Lestat: Is it Jim Parsons or Sheldon Cooper playing?
wadaramus: Yeo scoring well for just 25% DE.
chinkas: every week i come on here and every week Parsons is getting ripped a new one
StuL: Cusch Scott loves playing kids that aren’t up to it just because they’re kids.
Ash777: cats will get pinged more for holding now they’re not at SS
desafinado: Parsons must have some dodgy pics of Scott , else he will be in the 2s for sure
biggs2dujj: Scott Selwood Wall please
man0005: James Parsons is Geelong’s Josh Gibson. Undroppable
LMartos: Parsons you suck
PLACEBOPIE: Rising Sun Nuffie Parsons should be the award
proudyy: @Lestat brilliant call mate
Apachecats: Sorry everyone ,bought S.Selwood this week.
Yelse: steele dropped coz not in form… well 62 percent TOG aint gonna help him
DrSeuss: Looking like I should have grabbed Barlow instead of Menegola
JButcher: Cmon Scooter you should be on 10 tackles by now
LuvIt74: traded in Jelwood sorry all
9inch: Cmon Parsons one decent score in you surely
Brenno_173: nice parsons! haha
PLACEBOPIE: @Yelse Agree would avg 100 with more game time
StuL: Eagles will win. Coming off the bye and travelling to perth. Bomber said they were always sluggish after the bye.
man0005: Traded in Hutchings. Sorry all
PowerBug: @9inch, he got two 60s before we all traded him in! 😛
cusch1: Danger’s score cannot be right…havent seen him all night
StuL: Flower off eagles
J.Worrall: 0% tog this week y elese
Brenno_173: come on tuohy
Lodgy: @yelse and co, does he not have the tank? 62 percent seems low and like they would want more than that
J.Worrall: The Dish!
LuvIt74: used 3 bloody trades to bring in Jelwood & Dusty but will only have 16 players this week.
PLACEBOPIE: Petrie scoring 😀 Geelong also flat track bullies
Lestat: Danger had 6 disposals in the 1st 6-7 mins. Quiet since
poolboybob: Pumpkin watch for S Selwood
Ash777: expect swood to get a low score
Crowls: Parsons has not set SC scoring on fire but not a failure either, Just a slow burn
LMartos: Parsons touched it! no disposal but he touched it
colin wood: Zac Toughy’s SC score is laughable.
circle52: Loopholed Bolton and Parsons guess I want be taking Parsons.
9inch: A 60 would be good. PowerBug.
J.Worrall: Special planning, Luv!
Lodgy: need the frenchman to get busy. Sheed and Jetta may have taken his on ball time
wadaramus: Ahh…very slow burn Crowls!
aces-high: Easy money on the eagles tonight
pcaman2003: @crowls. More like the fire went out,not slow burn
TheBoy89: No wonder danger didn’t get a touch cause he was on the bench
JockMcPie: Lmao danger, getting points for walking
Brenno_173: colin wood your are a spud
LuvIt74: lol Circle not at this rate, he’s the ar$e end of a chicken mate.
casey22: A sc cape for danger
Donz: we’ll see about that aces…
J.Worrall: getting the games, wada – unlike Parfitt and Black …
PLACEBOPIE: danger is on Tilt 😀
boo!: Parsons!!!! cape incoming
LuvIt74: No touch for Danger ut his score went up 12 points just with 1 possession although im not complaining
hinsch: Parsons oing OK again tonight lucky he only needs about 25 to breakeven
Donz: you can cape the danger man before the game starts because he is superman
colin wood: Awesome comment Brenno. Ledge.
cusch1: Parfitt doesnt have a working hamgstring so its a bit tough for him to get a game
J.Worrall: you beaut, boo!
Donz: loving have the vc on the Danger… hopefully cats have plenty of friday night games towards the end of the year
J.Worrall: I’ve got one that works, cusch – still don’t get a game!
9inch: Nice for Stewart to show up tonight though…..look and learn Parsons
LuvIt74: @Donz you and 99% of everyone else mate.
PLACEBOPIE: cockawho is done
LMartos: CD don’t respect Scooter’s tackles
TheBoy89: Advantage… what the fuck is this umpiring
circle52: Cockatoo with track suit on so gone for the night
Beast_Mode: danger on pace for 44 contested possies LOL
cusch1: Worrall I have 2 working hamstrings and Parfitt could still probably outrun me
LuvIt74: @cusch at least we never have to worry about Parsons doing a hammy then hey.
J.Worrall: there goes that VC option!
th3rio: stewart is blooming into a confident player and SC scorer 🙂
Donz: LuvIt he isnt in 99% of teams so that is factually incorrect… Save your smarty bum comments for someone else
J.Worrall: @ LMartos – they do – one copy of Prospectus devotes a few columns to ana analysis of his pressure acts
PowerBug: @Dons, I’d say 99% of people still playing would have him VC this week 😛
cusch1: Stewart and Newman looking like keepers in my back 6 atm
JockMcPie: Chuck Shuey a TV he can have a break for a week, what a thug
PowerBug: It’d be cool if “live teams” stats were available like you can work out in FPL
cusch1: Can we begin a petition for Parsons to donate a hamstring to Cockatoo?
LMartos: need someone to explain Scott Selwood’s score to me
Crowls: strong sheperd from shuey nothing in it.
Breezey: Danger on target for 60 possies
casey22: Shuey should get a week, head high, deliberate contact
Donz: no one will admit it if they didnt have Danger VC…
J.Worrall: I reckon everyone is sizing up that same backline, cusch!
Ash777: not deliberate but danger is protected species
m0nty: Poor DTing by Danger there, 15 touches for only 44
J.Worrall: I could be a liar … who knows? I don’t have Danger VC
aces-high: When you go yeo as a pod vc option over danger oh dear
fonzie: i have vc on danger
m0nty: ah there’s another tackle
J.Worrall: @ LMartos – it appears to be 19SC – do I have a virus?
faisca7: yeah trade him out monty
Lodgy: it’s okay monty danger is getting more points during the QT break
Donz: @ LuvIt @ powerbug 99% of people in this chat dont have Danger VC. Sorry to point out how you were wrong. Again…
grechy76: Lets see if guthrie puts on the long sleeves at halftime.
J.Worrall: yeah trade him out monty
King_Robbo: bye bye shuey
LuvIt74: @Worrall u beat me too it. lol
DrSeuss: Tossing up between Menegola and Barlow all week, guessing I chose wrong
J.Worrall: Yeah, you ppl — again? so tiring
JockMcPie: Swood 5 tackles (20) 1 mark (22) 1 FA (19) 1 turnover (16) 2 effective handballs (19), nothing for ineffective kick
YBSHY: west australian bumps a victorian must be a week lol vic flogs
JockMcPie: And no points for clearances
Donz: @ m0nty he seems to have got +4 DT over the qtr break
BzBman8: Dangers history at DS and form = VC duh
PowerBug: 99% figuratively Dons 😉
Ash777: I suggest a green superman shield for SC 50 qtrs
m0nty: is this the slowest game all year or waht
J.Worrall: Hey, Donz – those stats from the ABS or what?
blashtroko: peter bell sounds like hed be fun at parties
9inch: Was hoping my cash league opp would forget its a Thursday night game and not VC Danger. Yeah right lol
Donz: I didnt start the 99% percent talk Worrall… lots of smart typers on the chat tonight
GOD: GOD has the C on P. Dangerfield tonight!
TheBoy89: @ash777 I agree It would be lovely if there was a green sc cape
J.Worrall: Thursday night footy is slow, m0nty – I have no evidence, soz!
LuvIt74: @Donz I bet your wrong & still believe everyone who owns danger has Danger as VC – If they dont they have rocks 4 brains
J.Worrall: Didn’t ask who strated it
TheBoy89: Yeo fuck off cunt
cusch1: Donz is a special snowflake by the looks of it
J.Worrall: If you reckon its wrong, why quote it?
m0nty: geez Mitchell with the roundarm on Jelwood, always been a thug IMO
J.Worrall: Yup, m0nty
Donz: LuvIt.. Someone just admitted to trying Yeo as a pod pick…
PowerBug: hahha monty, of course 😉 Just like Hodgey right? 😛
PLACEBOPIE: tongue in cheek monty 😛
man0005: You can take Mitchell out of Hawthorn, but you can’t take the Hawthorn out from Mitchell hey Monty?
King_Robbo: Jelwood doesn’t look interested. Very weak tackle back there!
Lodgy: @m0nty Jelwood is just lucky he didn’t find out how pointy SMitchells Knee is
Donz: how did I quote it Worrall?
DrSeuss: Is Menegola getting near it? Or Geelong not getting enough ball?
circle52: Believe it or not 2 of my oponnents do not have Danger in their team.
9inch: Loving Yeos SC.
PLACEBOPIE: selwood ducked 😛
m0nty: nah IIRC Mitchell played for Essendon or Collingwood, one of those bogan clubs…
LuvIt74: @Donz yeah so what that person is one of the 1% fool, give it up mate
Crowls: great night Yeo bombs drops in price and Danger 200
cusch1: Circle they are not opponents, they are friends in disguise
Raspel31: Monty-you’re uncharacteristically cheeky tonight.
King_Robbo: how do people not have Yeo? Has been an absolute jet
TheBoy89: Heeney > Yeo
LuvIt74: @circles I believe it m8, a few people expected Danger to drop to $550k yet they forget the game is about point generati
LMartos: love having two players who aren’t getting any reward for tackles
cusch1: M0nty in a good mood tonight because it is impossible for the Hawks to lose this weekend?
Donz: LuvIt with the numbers… Yes I am the fool. Was just pointing out the lack of accuracy with your inital comment
RooBoyStu: Hawks on the bye and m0nty on the turps lol
LuvIt74: not who’s team has the highest monetary value.
PLACEBOPIE: Monty must have red hair for his red name 😀
Ash777: dangerfield off for 20min for concussion test?
PowerBug: Don’t know about cusch, my side lost to the bye a few years ago 🙁
LMartos: don’t mind that jump from Yeo
J.Worrall: m0nty, you do seem especially into some abnter tonight. Iys been a little while!
cusch1: Dangerfield off for leather poisoning more like it
LuvIt74: @Donz how do u know that my comment is inaccurate? for every 1 person that states they don’t have danger im sure 200+ do
9inch: Plenty been burnt by Yeo in previous years. But think Im slowly being a believer. Lol
weca: scott selwood, cash cow. Gotta stay consistent.
Donz: @ LuvIt you are wrong. lets just move on 😛
faisca7: A bit of ducking karma there for scooter
Lestat: Muppet for Menegola?
thommoae: Cats’ heads not in this game at present. Not hard at it at all.
LMartos: Parsons on fire now
King_Robbo: who was saying that Yeo was staying low? lols…
DrSeuss: Picked up Menegola as a POD, turns out it was a POS
PowerBug: Joel Selwood in SC the only downer in this game so far for me. Hopefully that tag loosens up as the night goes on 🙁
wadaramus: Yeo just got 8SC for a handball, WTF?
LuvIt74: Gotta have Yeo the guy is the #1 forward based on Average
Apachecats: Don’t know whats got into Vardy.
9inch: Yeos SC DT ratio just took a big turn. 🙁
cusch1: Shocking decision
th3rio: scooter will pick up… i had YEO as a pod this week and my oppt brought him in at least second fml
wadaramus: Umps getting the blue and yellow whistles out.
StuL: Special perth umpires as always
PLACEBOPIE: Dr Suess hasn’t cursed us yeo supporters
Texwalker: Is selwood scared of the ball or something..
Lestat: @Apache playing former team who didn’t give him much of a go. Proving a point.
TheBoy89: Did he just say Patrick Cripps?
CamT: Yeo will pass Dangerfield’s SC the way things are going.
TheBoy89: I need yeo to drop a little bit
CamT: Jackovich and Langdon both called Jamie Cripps, Patrick.
Raspel31: He did TheBoy
Donz: Yeo spending time on Danger is doing wonders for those who have them both
J_Herer: Umpires on the WCE pay roll for sure
LMartos: No surprise Ling didn’t mention the throw on the slo-mo
wadaramus: I see players get crucified in SC every week for poor DE, but not tonight for YEo, Priddis, Darling etc.
HawkTalker: bloody hell, cats. Bad night to tip you
CamT: Jackovich just did it again :O
LuvIt74: @CamT maybe but Danger has had double Yeo’s possessions thus far.
J.Worrall: The should be a way to trade umpires in and out of your team!
Apachecats: True @Lestat ,hope S.Selwood is on the page as him.
PLACEBOPIE: can someone tell crisps how to kick a drop punt
Donz: @ wadaramus.. dont know about the other blokes but yeo has laid plenty of tackles
LuvIt74: Glad I chose Eagles at this point, only chose Eagles coz Hawkins is suspended
TheBoy89: I was so close to trading in Jelwood
Lodgy: Tuohy not getting many opportunities to kick tonight…
wadaramus: Even so Donz, poor DE usually affects overall score significantly.
CamT: CD are putting too much emphasis on tackling.
m0nty: Bews doing a good job on the Frenchman.
Breezey: Shut up Lingy. He ducked
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Dom Sheed but the ump doesn’t get sucked in, good job ump!
JRedden: tom stewart you beauty
cusch1: The ducks are out and the boos are roaring tonight
GOD: GOD is bored with this game, it’s over already
LuvIt74: @Boy don’t rub it in mate. I did & Dusty so expect Jelwood and Dusty to score crap
PLACEBOPIE: cats should save themselves for next week
Texwalker: So dom sheed shrugs a tackle high and gets nothing… jelwood does it and its a free every single time..
Donz: only if the disposal is a clanger really
colin wood: CD are loving Touhy tonihgt. Just got +8 for a handball back into traffic.
Lodgy: @m0nty but to what end?
TyCarlisle: West coast fans booing for free kicks not being paid for acted dives. but would be mad if it was Selwood doing it
TheBoy89: Stfu bt
LMartos: AFL this year is a cooked comp, tipping is so difficult
aces-high: Who bagged me for having yeo vc earlier?
pcaman2003: CD missed a S Selwood H/B from 5 mins ago.
th3rio: so glad i held stewart this long lol
PowerBug: errybody aces. Plus it’s still on Q2, still half a game to go!
Texwalker: I have yeo as vc, cos i forgot again to change my c and vc for the second week
NoneyaB: aces its almost half time you can brag once the final siren goes if hes doing well
PowerBug: But so far, Yeo and Danger both look like good VC choices in either comp 🙂
cusch1: Bit of floweriing yelled there by Smitch as the siren sounds
Lodgy: mitch got the handy point
StuL: Yeo just gets points for being in Perth
J.Worrall: dunno, Mr Aces, Sir!
TheBoy89: Free kick west coast
GOD: Stand by for the Chris Scott aftermatch sook up!
LuvIt74: Got em both so happy days
Ash777: I forgot to set my VC so it’s ended up on Libba with gaz as C
J.Worrall: Is Smitches SC score rightZ?
StuL: Umpires 3 votes.
wadaramus: Treloar would be on 25SC with Yeo’s stats.
LuvIt74: Stewart 2nd highest SC scorer on cats tam
YBSHY: disappointed to see ur boys stooping to selwood ducking again, thought we were over that
pcaman2003: Danger quiet that qtr. Needs a huge second half.
CamT: Brett Eddy is still in more SC teams than Yeo.
9inch: You know how sometimes your not sure if CD hascaplayer in their side… well nows the time to jump on Yeo its confirmed.
Ash777: lol salty cat fans
Lestat: Cmon Bangladesh. Flog India 🙂
boo!: cmon parsons, half ton uo
YBSHY: tom stewart tonne? dare I dream!?
StuL: As a dogs fan nothing you can say can hurt Ash.
The Hawker: @9inch yeah because we’re stuck with him forever until KEN give him a bloody game
StuL: OK, this. I held Mountford for so long. Ditched him a couple of weeks ago, and now he plays! Better not do anything.
cusch1: NM v StK tomorrow night, otherwise known as the clubs who talk the talk but cant walk the walk
LuvIt74: @StuL if your luck is comparable to mine this season, Mountford will ton up.
Lodgy: Who is best player on ground atm? i would still say hard to go past danger…d, i thought Sheed has had a good game too
Grasscutta: Calling it early Gov for X
cusch1: Obviously Parsons Lodgy smh
Lodgy: *obviously mitch and yeo have been good too
LuvIt74: The two clubs that talk crap and then walk straight in that dog doo-Doo
Grasscutta: Mitchell been fairly reasonable too
oc16: i would say yeo is best on ground atm
pcaman2003: Different game,but can’t believe Steele dropped. Something not quite right here.
Heizenberg: Hi guys, match day anyone?
YBSHY: @lodgy yeo best on ground by a mile
Heizenberg: How is everyone?
CamT: Mitchell on report.
MONEY TALK: all ready regretting trading out parsons
StuL: Yeo, world champion in Perth. Sort of just OK anywhere else. Like his team.
Lodgy: @YBSHY if he was trying to negate Danger i dont think he has done very well but he has been influential
Grasscutta: Mitchell nothing to worry about at all what has this game come too ffs
LMartos: Parsons cheeky GA
fonzie: eagles like geelong home track bullies
Grasscutta: Yeo doesn’t tag
PowerBug: Sam Mitchell is on report m0nty, add the icon in 🙂
cobrakai00: Darling’s kid.. ffs enough!
Grasscutta: Bullying the top team in the comp?
Lodgy: Current records considered PowerBug, Geelong arent in the same class as FTB
LuvIt74: Get the defibrillator on Jelwood ffs
YBSHY: @lodgy he isn’t a tagger, he is going head to head with the best and holding his own
LMartos: Dangerfield gaining no points for his work this quarter, 1 point for a tackle
MONEY TALK: jelwood needs a head knock usually makes him lift
Lestat: I think Vardy has been best on ground so far.
Grasscutta: Nic Nat a much better commentator than BT and that’s saying something
Grasscutta: Lestat yep he’s been pretty good
Lodgy: Yeah YBSHY i think thats a better description of his role tonight
Lestat: Wouldn’t take much to be better than BT
heppelitis: parson knows better than to handball that one
LMartos: that was Parsons’ big chance there
Texwalker: How does parsons get a game every week, he is awful..
Lodgy: @Lestat Vardy was very influential early although i feel he is fading from the game. Was unbeatable early
Sloan4Pres: when 2 flat trackers play each other… at geelong the scores would be reversed
GOD: I have just traded in my son
LuvIt74: Cats getting smashed all over the ground, they look flatter than a cow patty.
cusch1: Imagine these two flat trackers on the MCG come grand final day. Stuff of nightmares
spudaroos: Murdoch is a worse player in this team than Parsons.
fonzie: @luvit so true
Lestat: @cusch please no.
Ladbrokes_: Scooter, Stewart lift
PLACEBOPIE: both handbaggers away
Lodgy: Vardy just gave Yeo a spray…
circle52: Nelson with hamstring maybe gome for the night.
StuL: Come on, big comeback.
Grasscutta: Every team are flat track at home look at the Bombers ffs
PowerBug: yep, both sides down a rotation now
LMartos: Parsons is my favourite player now
shrtlg: The James Parsons Project
Texwalker: @grasscutta Brisbane arent
cusch1: Essendon matched GWS at Spotless 2 weeks ago Grasscutta idk what you are talking about
LuvIt74: Who blew up he cats there not as flat now
LMartos: Parsons I hate you
PLACEBOPIE: lol parsons
Raspel31: Hmm-Danger off the ground more than on?
9inch: Wtf Parsons lol
Lodgy: boy oh boy wowie. The Parsons kick project?
CamT: Who has a better career SC average, Zac Dawson or Jed Bews ??
Breezey: Should McGovern get more for that tackle.
StuL: Parsons was possibly the worst kick in history
MONEY TALK: is jelwood on?
Breezey: Bews easily. His Dad was much better
pcaman2003: LOL! Mitchell showing Duckwood how to play.
th3rio: something must be up with danger…spending lots of time forward
The Hawker: get in there Scooter!
pcaman2003: Danger only 28 pts since 1st qtr.
StuL: Lift scooter. Should know all about this dump.
LMartos: Yeo on Danger was great when they both played midfield, not ff vs fb
Raspel31: Shuey the thug hit Danger hard off the ball and since then-zippo.
Grasscutta: Hutchings wacking Jelwood with a massive magnifying glass
Texwalker: Sevens commentary is cringeworthy… why put all the hacks on the same night..
StuL: Basil is rubbish. Him and Bruce always cheering for their statesn
PowerBug: Considering his DT, loving Joels SC
LMartos: All my players have stopped this sucks ass
th3rio: i thought cometti did WA games
Lestat: Bring Denis back please.
Texwalker: Basil is rubbish, bt is just a muppet, and ling cant spend 5 mins without comparing every game to geelongs premiership..
th3rio: omg scooter…hammy
Patty19: BT: “Gee they love Thursday night footy here, here in Adelaide”
MONEY TALK: oh wow is scooter already injured
CamT: Scott Selwood’s hamstring is getting worked on.
The Hawker: Scooter hamstring getting checked out.. please no…
Grasscutta: Hammy for Scooter?
PowerBug: did he really say that Patty? hahaha
th3rio: hoping its nothing, he has more money to make
cusch1: Scooter and this stadium means injury
PowerBug: Just looking at his hammy at the moment says the ABC
NoneyaB: scooter is fine i reckon
Lestat: @ Powerbug yeah he did.
Grasscutta: Hope it’s not his tackling hammy
Lestat: That wasn’t a throw.
Breezey: Can’t see Selwood returning
LMartos: that was not a throw piss off
Raspel31: Think it’s his ducking hammy.
LMartos: LeCras is the most selfish footballer
Lestat: Selwood Gonski.
King_Robbo: Jelwood you have been fucking pathetic tonight
StuL: We have no good players other than Danger.
cusch1: #FreeKickHomeSide #VicBias
LuvIt74: The wheels on the scooter are about to go TWANG
DrSeuss: What are Danger and Yeo doing?
GOD: GOD has the C on N. Vardy tonight!
PLACEBOPIE: big ground 2 down no run wce are home
Patty19: @powerbug hahaha yep right after they spoke about Adam Simpson rewatching the broadcast or some rubbish
jfitty: Jelwood mare?
NoneyaB: hes walking ok no limp can someone plz hit bt for the love of god
MONEY TALK: at least when bont doesn’t have a great game he gets tackles , lift jelwood
Lodgy: Time for Le French Superman in the last Qtr… i wanna see some slalom Lecras!
Grasscutta: Traded Fyfe to Scooter this week woe is me
9inch: Parsons and Stewart stopped.
TheBoy89: Selwoods gonna be cheap
Raspel31: Basically marking eachother out of the game DrSeuss
DrSeuss: They were both killing it until that 3rd quarter though. Was Danger moved forward or anything?
Grasscutta: Gotta say though i’m not a WCE fan by any stretch but when JK and Nic Nat back wow wee in BTs words
MONEY TALK: @9inch perfect for me opponent has both
TheBoy89: When geelong gets t lynch and Ablett
9inch: Heres hoping Gelong have a big last and WC fail 🙂 ?
th3rio: danger spent most of q3 at FF @DrSeuss
King_Robbo: agree Grasscutta but only at home, they are a bottom 4 team away from subi
Hadouken: Good week to bring Sheed in 😎
PLACEBOPIE: yeo will get 120 danger 150
Grasscutta: Play a lot of games at home though and wil win a few away
TheBoy89: When Geelong get t lynch and Ablett we will be the best also maybe even
TheBoy89: We will be the best
Lestat: @9inch ummm nope. Hoping WC bury Cats from here.
th3rio: fuck i had TV on mute, is Scooter done for the day?
LMartos: how do you miss that pass Stewart
Lestat: @TheBoy T Lynch LMAO not a chance.
Grasscutta: if Geelong can fit them into their cap then drug test the AFL
TheBoy89: Also Higgins and Dahlhaus might be coming to geelong
frenzy: scooter right hammy cooked
Patty19: Stewart turnover city since QTR time
LuvIt74: @Theboy im afraid to tell ya, GWS have a more players out then any team & look at what their doing.
Grasscutta: Yeah boys and Dustin and Fyfe too hey lol
Heizenberg: Ahhh I don’t like
Breezey: What a lot of Shower Boy
9inch: 20 points Lestat.. here they come.
LuvIt74: No team will beat GWS for quite a while im predicting, they are going to be scary good.
LuvIt74: Dont forget Dusty also
cusch1: Lynch Ablett Dahlhaus AND higgins? with what picks? What salary cap? Get a life wow
LuvIt74: Welcome to the DANGER zone.
9inch: Stewart to Danger. Yes…
th3rio: lock and load danger for VC loop
PLACEBOPIE: and gibbs cause he dont want to be at carlton
cusch1: No one will beat GWS, except GWS who beat them last week
CamT: Danger will probably get 40 pts in the last 5 minutes again.
StuL: Devon Smith also coming home. We’re getting everyone.
The Hawker: Put $10 on geelong during 3rd qtr time when they were on $8.00 🙂
TheBoy89: And Taylor Adams
LuvIt74: Danger to score 147
Grasscutta: and Zac Dawson gun
Breezey: Zac Dawson looking for a farewell season at Kardinia Park.
Lestat: Kelly and Buddy also goin to Cats.
heppelitis: take JD too….so Harry Taylor can play back
Patty19: Think Motlop may leave end of year if he hasn’t signed on already.
Beast_Mode: Why hasn’t S.Selwood got the red cross? He hasn’t been on for 20 minutes!
Lodgy: @Stul yeah the huge crowd capacity of 34k at SS is a real drawing card
TheBoy89: Actually I should stop before monty bans me but… who are Geelong’s trade targets
LuvIt74: cmon jelwood ffs
cusch1: Nathan Ablett and Kent Kingsley going to help out Tom Hawkins up forward too?
LMartos: Parsons that was a cult hero manouver
LuvIt74: @TheBoy SFA mate. lol
TheBoy89: And who wants to come to Geelong
th3rio: that depressing moment when parsons passes scooter 🙁
Lestat: It’s round 13. Who cares about trades now.
Grasscutta: Do you reckon Zac Dawson was the last spud PIG ever to play the game?
m0nty: I have seen players in that situation return and go forward to free up a bench spot
StuL: Parsons refuses to die like Spartacus. More money to make yet.
LuvIt74: is scooter playing?
circle52: $ for Parsons had made his B/e
Ladbrokes_: Onya stewart, has had a great quarter so far
MONEY TALK: is scooter a red cross
TheBoy89: But on a serious note have u seen the pic with Fyfe, dusty, Ablett and danger
man0005: Why can’t channel 7 commentators think for themselves? Every comment is just a question for someone else lol..
m0nty: ah I see SSelwood in a jacket, he’s done
Beast_Mode: monty fair dinkum he’s wearing pants and a jacket. He’s done.
biggs2dujj: Scooter Red Cross. He is taped up with the trackie on
Texwalker: Congrats menegola ur greediness before has cost geelong the game..
feralmong: Taylor Hunt for cats first pick.
biggs2dujj: Looks like Stewart stays and maybe Scooter goes. High hammy, 8+
Lodgy: is he not allowed to take the field in a jacket?
Umpirespet: What happened to scooter guys?
StuL: Fyfe, Dusty and Ablett all coming home to Geelong next year
JButcher: cmon Duncan dont stop now
Grasscutta: Who is the biggest bizarro DT pig of all time?
heppelitis: I spy with my little eye something beginning with SS with ice
Lestat: Hammy @Ump
Breezey: Only if he’s cold@Lodgy
Grasscutta: Apart from Presta
cusch1: Ben Cousins hasnt been near Scooter in a while Hepp take it easy
Umpirespet: Frrruuuccckkk Thanx Lestat didn’t see
StuL: Danger, Duncan and Parsons our best.
Lestat: Cole has looked ok tonight.
NoneyaB: Hey ace hows Yeo going? lol u
9inch: Danger slipped heaps tonight.
fonzie: do i take danger sc score or gamble on martin
frenzy: how many weeks will Mitchell get?
TheBoy89: Fuck yeo got his be
Umpirespet: Dangers Fonz 130+ is ok
NoneyaB: probs none frenzy
pcaman2003: Hard to believe Smith only on 52 pts
RooBoyStu: 3 cheers for vc Danger….Hip Hip…..
Lestat: @frenzy should be 0 but likely 2 down to 1
cusch1: Frenzy he will get the same amount of weeks that Hodge gets for drink driving
heppelitis: true cusch1…I will be takng dangers @Fonzie..points are hard to enough to get in bye rounds
9inch: What,,, how’d Yeo skipp to a ton SC.
Grasscutta: 0 weeks and the ump will get 3 weeks for a shyzen report
fonzie: cheers lads
cusch1: BT should get weeks for pronouncing Menegola with an extra N
Lodgy: Men In Gola?
Umpirespet: Cusch BT should get weeks for being a commentator
circle52: Think Mitchell will be OK but Shuey may be in more strife
Lestat: @cusch weeks or years?
NoneyaB: BT should be a boundary rider at the very most
cusch1: BT should get years for the pronunciation of Yeo earlier, but weeks for menengola
Grasscutta: By being a commentator is a stretch isn’t it
cusch1: I want to see Sam Newman commentate a game. Would be interesting to say the least
NoneyaB: i should say a boundary ride for d grade footy match
Breezey: BT should get weeks for every time he says Oh rat zio in Essendon games
Grasscutta: Hutchings for X Factor cmon how about that tagging effort
RooBoyStu: If Geelong didn’t have Danger they would be shower.
Lodgy: @cusch im not sure anything Sam Newman gets his hands on can be described as interesting…
Lestat: @9inch 25 points now with under 3 mins. Fat lady singing.
thommoae: BT: “The ladder live … as it stands”. Sigh
TheBoy89: I should of went with yeo instead of heeney
Grasscutta: goes unnoticed
King_Robbo: I think we’re all in agreement that BT is a flog
th3rio: Ling praising west coast for the win but you can tell he’s burning lol
cusch1: Jetta x factor
TheBoy89: Jetta star wtf Dom sheed
Lestat: Vardy star
Beast_Mode: S.Mitchell the gun
StuL: Sick of Lingy trying to not be biased so much he cheers for the opposition
cusch1: Come on Danger 10 more
Lestat: No way Jetta gets the star m0nty
Lodgy: m0nty im in agreeance with the boy. thought sheed or maybe vardy star. Jetta an X or a cherry imo
Lestat: Jetta blue moon
Grasscutta: is there a flog symbol Monty?
Lodgy: Sheed really only 70 percent TOG? impressive fantasy scores
StuL: RooBoyStu as roos supporter you know about shower. We’re only 3rd, yes we suck.
m0nty: if Jetta doesn’t get it today he’ll never get it
StuL: Regardless it’s a Crows/GWS GF this year. Everyone else may as well go home now.
Beast_Mode: lol thats no blue moon game
TheBoy89: True just let Jetta have this one
thommoae: I’d agree with The Boy too … except he said “should of went” . Sigh
Lodgy: does he DESERVE IT tho? Not a bad game of footy
MONEY TALK: canwe some how round jelwood to a 120 ?
JButcher: 60 points above average is blue moon territory Beast_Mode
Lestat: Then he will never get it. Might as well give Bews the star for keeping LeCras quiet
LuvIt74: Danger VC i’ll take that. Yeo lovely, Jelwood disappointing but ok.
NoneyaB: bugger it ill take dangers 140 my opp has 6 players its gonna be a win when u have 13 against 3 lol
Beast_Mode: Im talking about who said jetta is a blue moon
GOD: GOD has the C on P. Dangerfield tonight!
kano: You guys are cooked. Shuey clear bog
TheBoy89: This year the afl has been random so hard to predict a dominant team cause there’s not
iZander: if you want to give the blue moon to someone give it to jetta, not even close to star lol

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