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Chat log from R10 of 2017: West Coast vs Western Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2017

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m0nty: Looking forward to this. Some great match ups.
m0nty: Yeo to inside mids, heading for a big ton!
SilverLion: What happened to Shuey?
Bull8: calf !
Pokerface: mohr for scully is not exaclty like for like
Breezey: I reckon we’ll see the flat trackers at their best today.
duckky: Where did Yeo-yo go?
SilverLion: Holy Shaw…
SilverLion: Zombie for Shaw on the cards haha
toddyelton: lift greene
luke394: settle down Yeo
Viscount: C’mon Taranto. Just a little more.
Viscount: Yeo great effort. Keep it up
Apachecats: Rip it up Yeo!!
Breezey: I’d reckon Yeo might be coming to my team very soon. Checking the wallet for some extra $$$ as we speak
Ladbrokes_: Heater’s gone back to being a statue
colin wood: stay down JJK
LMartos: Yeo robbed surely
PLACEBOPIE: voss took brissy backwards 2 decades 😀
LuvIt74: @Breezy whats took ya so long to bring him in mate
Roksta: Gun players don’t always make good coaches
SilverLion: P Plate for Perryman m0nty?
runt: Buckley has taken the Pies forward? ok.
boo!: mom jjk, 2 capes next 2 qtrs
LuvIt74: @Bopie personally collingwood’s biggest mistake was what they done with Malthouse, if Eddy didn’t have such a man crush
LuvIt74: on Buckley things would have looked a lot brighter for the pies.
MONEY TALK: cmon shaw and greene win me my games
SilverLion: If Shaw and Yeo tonne up, I’m extremely satisfied with my weekend.
PLACEBOPIE: dont agree Malthouse made carlton look worse than with britian or pagan.And Buckley hasn’t had a flogging this year
Tommo2909: Kennedy you better lift. Otherwise I will end up with sub 2100
LuvIt74: It’s not IF but when, regarding buckley getting the ARSEophagus
LuvIt74: @Silverlion what are you looking to score if they ton up?
luke394: Shaw due for a good game anyone else pushing 2300?
Tommo2909: Sorry sub 2200
Gott2Win: Unless a big turnaround happens I’m shot…need to get 309 from Yeo, Greene and Taranto
boo!: pushing 2480sc if jjk hits 140!!!
SilverLion: @LuvIt, looking around 2350 🙂
LuvIt74: @luke great score if Yeo & Shaw ton up i’ll score 2220 ish
LuvIt74: @Silver great score mate
LuvIt74: @boo not sure I believe you, but even if JJK scores 0 then thats a huge score
boo!: @luvit, i lie its 2430 after goldy and murphy spud it
luke394: 2220 would be solid @LuvIt74, I’m about 2240 atm with Shaw still going 2300 might be asking a lot
boo!: at 2290sc plus jjk
shaker: 2097 with Kelly and Yeo
boo!: cmon jjk, cape up
MONEY TALK: about mid 2200 depending on shaw and greene to go big
Ladbrokes_: Onya tobes
MONEY TALK: its been a long day without you my friend (shaw)
runt: Nice goal greene
boo!: touched
runt: nice point greene
LMartos: didn’t look conclusive
CamT: 2,300 if Yeo & Shaw get 180 between them.
LuvIt74: 2029 excluding Shaw & Yeo’s current score so should hit around 2200 but doubt that’ll make par in top 2% of SC
Raspel31: But for Lloyd I might nudge 2350-pooh.
PLACEBOPIE: cmon yeo ton up but GWS win 😀
colin wood: 100 from Shaw nets 2200 for the week.
Raspel31: 300 from yeo and I’ll hit 2600
MONEY TALK: 100 plus from shaw and greene would get me 2200 plus
Straffo: traded in Kelly this week
jfitty: Superman Kelly!!
sfmmp23: Need a 77 from Taranto to get to 2300. Not looking good
boo!: cmon jjk outscore greene
wadaramus: jjk looking sore,
colmullet: jjk injured
LMartos: Yeo has been completely robbed
luke394: cmon Shaw u pleb
MONEY TALK: shaw died after getting our hopes up
poolboybob: If Kennedy is significantly injured Eagles should forfeit the season
Ash777: jjk done 🙁
LMartos: how dare you take advantage on a Yeo free kick Vardy
King_Robbo: JJK done
boo!: jjk never again…im picking a sc team without beards next year
luke394: just so something Heath, lucky I had a 100 point lead with Shaw vs Yeo
pcaman2003: Just over 2200 with 3 players left in Kelly,Shaw and Taranto.
wadaramus: Haven’t seen Shaw for 1/2 an hour, what a hack.
LMartos: WA umpires
King_Robbo: A lot of people own JJK – huge turning week in SC
PLACEBOPIE: will he miss weeks? hope so
CamT: Looks like Shaw is finished fantasy wise.
m0nty: It’s been a ding dong battle, wonder who’s going to end up with the biggest dong.
LuvIt74: Shaw has done jack since half time
The Hawker: i miss you mitchell 🙁
CBeezDeez: Dean Cox m0nty?
pcaman2003: @TheHawker.Me too!
LMartos: that goal was all Toby Greene
wadaramus: Cracking game of footy 🙂
m0nty: my tip is Mummy, you won’t find a bigger one in the AFL
luke394: I trading Heath Shaw to Lloyd when his price drops
pcaman2003: My players Kelly,Shaw and Taranto have put the cue in the rack.
9inch: Wow shaw about 10 points since HT. Gotta go at some stage
wadaramus: He Shaw is disappointing.
poolboybob: Shaw is really not looking like a keeper.
poolboybob: Mumford star
LMartos: Toby you sexy human
runt: greene is a quality player. Pavlich is a monodrone
runt: Top ex-players don’t necessarily make interesting commentators
LuvIt74: 2 week ago I was regretting bringing in Buddy over JKK i wont be if he’s out for a few wees
MontyJnr: Not many contenders would actually own JJK I bet
CamT: Kennedy has done an achilles apparently
pcaman2003: 2236 and climbing. About time!
duckky: Yeo gets a from for being crunched?
LuvIt74: WCE players dropping like flys
LMartos: If’s Yep’s injured I give up
runt: yoghurt hurt
wadaramus: Wow, the Toby Greene show.
runt: auto correct claiming a few
SilverLion: Am back, bloody predictable Shaw…
LuvIt74: well there goes my chance of tipping 8 this week.
TheLegend6: Toby Greene what a player
LuvIt74: What LMartos?
9inch: 9 more from Shaw to hit 2300
LMartos: Toby only got 10 for that, #disgrace
LuvIt74: What happened to Yeo bloody missed it
SilverLion: Is Yeo ok?
King_Robbo: Yeo has been fucked in SC – nice work CD you flogs
runt: Yeo ok. Just winded
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Whitfield kicks across the backline but Jetta intercepts in the square and goals from the line! Massive calamity!
duckky: Dang Im going to be beaten by 5 points unless Yeo can score
SilverLion: Still no P Plate for Perryman m0nty…
pcaman2003: Whitfield! WTF was that?
LMartos: Yeo got crunched, played on
Raspel31: Yeo cool-still playing
poolboybob: Jetta zombie?
luke394: Could happen to a better bloke than Yeo
LuvIt74: At least Yeo is ok
PLACEBOPIE: yeo 100 gws win ch ching 😀
LuvIt74: Shaw has to go post bye’s
LuvIt74: Imagine if GWS had no injuries bloody scary
9inch: Shaw got bugger all for that intercept mark.
frenzy: play their song plows
pcaman2003: Ended up with 2251.Happy with that.
toddyelton: I love you toby greene
LuvIt74: Shaw sure doesn’t deserve premo status this season thats for certain.

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