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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs St Kilda, R10 of 2017

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tbrowne: Roughy in Clay Smith out
JockMcPie: I don’t have him, but I reckon Bont’s gonna go massive
boo!: stay quiet bontapletil
m0nty: good start for Saints small forwards
brentz: opponent doesnt have dahl’s for some reason, so need him to go big
AngryRyno: Wallis might be a popular get in a couple of weeks
faisca7: Lets go bontapletil
Apachecats: Definitely goes on the watchlist @Ryno
AngryRyno: hopefully he is forgotten a little with the bye
pcaman2003: I have Bont,Dahl andSteele.Fingers crossed
Costanza: doubt on Wallis is getting rested here and there. Old fav though for sure
faisca7: DreamTeam is so unpopular these days
LMartos: back again for my weekly Steele robbed comments
brentz: @faisca7 thats because all dream team requires is to choose ball magnets regardless of their ball use or off ball help
dipstick: @faisca all fantasy sport is dying in australia. most people in sc never log in after byes where as AF most team keep on
pcaman2003: Great win last night Lmartos.
LMartos: Roberton has turned into a deadset gun now
AngryRyno: DMac is dirt cheap too, i’m interested
LMartos: it was pcaman
Torz: Steele tackle on Hunter wasn’t counted..
LMartos: @torz, was about to say that, caused a stoppage so very weird it wasn’t counted
circle52: Afternoon all
frenzy: seems like everyone has Steele, bar me
DrSeuss: Macrae? Not this again
Ladbrokes_: Dahlhaus, Bont & Macrae. Woeful so far
Costanza: how many Saints tons today?
JackRipper: Rolling lockout for SC means you can make changes to ur team and stayed involved all weekend. DT doesn’t allow that.
chinkas: the week i get rid of Longer… unbelievable
tankin: this looks like a game of 2 bottom 8 teams
pcaman2003: My opponent doesn’t have Dahl,Bont or Steele,so hoping for big scores.
Raspel31: Has Lloyd been upgraded from 2 points yesterday?
circle52: Should have tanked Rd 11 byes and got Robo in. Hopefully will not go up too much.
The Hawker: +7 for 4 disposals, 100% DE, 3 marks… please sc
Ben_Gogos: I think I’ve seen every rebounding Saints defender inside F50 at one point, bar DR.
PLACEBOPIE: anyone today wearing other jumper numbers?
faisca7: Remember when Goddard was first picked in every team as a defender
Ben_Gogos: Saints lead disposals by 40 and marks by 28. Contrasting styles on display.
circle52: Looks like rubbish again this week from Macre and Dahlhaus
Raspel31: 3rd week with the bont-3rd week of zip-hmm
pcaman2003: Happy with Steele.C’mon Bont and Dahl.keep up.
PLACEBOPIE: how this team won a premiership is laughable
circle52: I have Bont with Maca and Dahl going to be a long afternoon
Torz: Steele’s had 3-4 tackles. Not sure what the stats guys are watching.
DrSeuss: Steele – amazing. Dahl and Macrae – time to catch up.
Spam004: Obvious tackle by Steele missed…
pcaman2003: @circle52. Long way to go yet. Patience!
Raspel31: Timely comment Torz
frenzy: LeMon cheapish atm
LMartos: Steele tackle added, SC points imminent
The Hawker: Hopefully Steele doesnt die down too early as he always do!
heppelitis: geez i wish i had roberton instead of shaw
circle52: Dont we all hep
brentz: get steele on the bloody ground richo
LMartos: Steele has spent 10 minutes in a row on the bench, from late in first to now
tankin: wats ppls thoughts on jj? will he come good
Torz: Steele on 55% on ground. Imagine if he was allowed to play more.
The Hawker: 54% TOG steele, pleaseeee
PLACEBOPIE: heard hes going to bombers
LMartos: 55% TOG and robbed SC score
Yelse: wtf steele stay on the field! dal raise your game
banta: hunter also the free kick for the high which was advantaged
heppelitis: does anyone know if dahl has kicked a goal this yeare. I cant remember any…kind of dissapointing
pcaman2003: Cracker in the clacker for Bont and Dahl.
luke394: yeah wtf Steele only 37 in a quarter and a half what a spud
heppelitis: cheers all gotta go
Raspel31: McRae-you live. Yippee.
brentz: richo keep steele on for the rest of the quarter now you muppet
Yelse: who calls the rotations? coach? or planned prior?
The Hawker: where is roberton…?
LMartos: Steele off again :o, his tank is seriously atrocious
faisca7: the midfield groups usually call their own rotations with a three man swap, the forwards and backs would have planned ro
LMartos: Bont’s goal kicking has turned to spud level in the last few weeks
circle52: has only had 2 possesions this qtr hawker –
Ladbrokes_: Bont can’t do a thing right gee whiz
chinkas: wheres doll house
Costanza: Saints had 10 tons and a 99 in R6. On track again
Yelse: is steele back on?
thetank: Lift Darlhaus
The Hawker: Steele still on the bench having a spell
AngryRyno: Stringer or bust at the moment
LMartos: Steele has only had one game where he played 100+ minutes this season (105), only played 90+ 2 other times
Torz: Newnes that was so so dumb. Steele out all by himself and he kicks it way over his head.
luke394: Macrae getting robbed
DrSeuss: Steele you were saving me from Macrae and Dahl – dont stop now
pcaman2003: Steele 1 stat and 3 pts for the qtr. Crap!
banta: when did johannisen get so crap?
Manowar: McCartin passenger, shit 1st pick
SilverLion: Really hate how Steele comes in and out of games…
Ben_Gogos: @SilverLion just highlights his potential to be an uber. Still a young footballer atm.
Apachecats: Agree @banta,won’t be buying johan or heater next year .stuck with them now ,big $$$ burners.
pcaman2003: @Apachecats. We all feel the pain there.
DrSeuss: Steele starting on the bench of course
SilverLion: I spose Ben, butwould just like some continuity in his game.
pcaman2003: Steele on the damn bench again. This is BS.
Ben_Gogos: He’s rather irrelevant anyway as the vast majority of the top k will own him.
Torz: No one is irrelevant these days with things like Moneyball/Draftstars.
MontyJnr: @Ben_Gogos Irrelevant? Plenty of people in the top 1k don’t have him, myself included
DrSeuss: Hey Dahl maybe take a few marks and make a few tackles?
Raspel31: Good to see Johanissen on the bench-not.
luke394: The St Kilda scoring is a bit excessive
Ben_Gogos: Within the contest of SC/DT @Torz. @Jnr always exceptions to the rule, but I suspect 90% do.
LMartos: Steele is actually taking the piss, spent like 8 minutes on and is off again
LMartos: also got no points for his kick to the goal square which effectively led to a goal
Torz: Steele can’t seem to last more than 18 seconds on the ground at a time. Then has a 10 minute spell.
banta: what has happened to hunter this year? he was so good last year. a hack this year.
DrSeuss: Is Steele taking himself off? This is beyond a joke
poolboybob: Maybe Steele has man flu. Or the runs.
LMartos: did Steele get no points for 2 tackles, please I need as many points as I can
MontyJnr: @LMartos Steele lucky to be on 67 at all. Champion Data love him
luke394: om Hickey still injured?
poolboybob: Dahlhaus you should be ashamed of yourself
pcaman2003: C’mon Dahl,get off your butt man.
AngryRyno: only 1 tackle and 0 marks for Dahl, poor
LMartos: you looking at his stats Monty? warrant 80+ at least
circle52: Lift Roberton you have done nothing for 2 qtrs
CamT: Is Dahlhaus carrying an injury ? hasn’t scored well for a month.
MontyJnr: @LMartos Steele has had no more impact than Macrae or Bont IMO
Ash777: probably is injured
PLACEBOPIE: mccatin muppet
The Hawker: Roberton… lift last quarter please
luke394: geez McCartin looks like a shtdog
LMartos: @Monty if you have CP and clearances like Steele has your SC score will 9/10 exceed your DT score
luke394: Macrae no points for the handball in the Stringer goal chain fair
SilverLion: Macrae, Bont and Dahl all doing nothing.
Ben_Gogos: McCartin struggling to drop those extra kegs. Think the Saints are struggling to overcome his diabetes issues.
luke394: could all easily tonne up @silverlion
SilverLion: @luke You’d think so, be strange to see the dogs win and their only ton is Stringer hah.
SilverLion: Roberton just looks for cheap possessions out the back, wouldn’t know what a hard ball get was.
luke394: yeah the saints scoring is huge @silverlion I think CD will even it out this quarter
Ben_Gogos: @SilverLion have you been watching the match? Bont has been very influential.
luke394: he’s kicked 3 points @Ben_Gogos he would be way more influential if he’d kicked straight
dipstick: dahlhaus is a fantasy stench with only 3 tons this year
luke394: get 100 Macrae
JackRipper: Plz tell me steele is starting on the ground in the last ?
Raspel31: Eddy-does he know to say anything but he’s been excellent today
Ben_Gogos: We have now officially entered junk time.
luke394: Macrae had a FF inside 50 kick and then a handball before the goal and gets 5 points? lol
AngryRyno: in that case, Dahl and Steele need to junk it up
poolboybob: Dahl is 5th among forwards in SC average, if you don’t count guys who have played less than half of the games.
Raspel31: McRae edging to the ton
luke394: he’s been massive @Raspel he should
Apachecats: Johannisen I take it all back.
Raspel31: After losing Lloyd yesterday need any ton I can get luke94
Apachecats: While I’m typing he misses a gimme from 30 metres ,spud again.
pcaman2003: SC really does suck. Bont,Dahl and Steele too hot and cold.
poolboybob: Montagna is the king of uncontested possession
colin wood: Not watching the game guys but what is up with Steele’s TOG?
JockMcPie: Dahl just get in there and have a crack mate
Ben_Gogos: Dahl has had 25 touches fellas. Not like he hasn’t done much. Just down on tackles.
luke394: if Sandy Roberts says “from whence it came again” ill spew
JockMcPie: Dahlhaus stop playing soft footy and quit getting cheapies
Apachecats: Saints winning nearly every stat category and DT points and almost SC points but not on the scoreboard.
tbrowne: Steele doesnt seem slow moving or anything, just can’t get out there colin
banta: lachie hunter is pathetic. soft as. should be dropped
Beast_Mode: dahls habdballed too much and has 0 tackles
Beast_Mode: i mean 0 marks
The Hawker: momentum has shifted
MONEY TALK: cmon steven lift mate, and need a bit more dahlhouse
Ben_Gogos: Thats exactly what he fails to do @Jock. Limited in his outside ability.
luke394: dogs big win and one bloke tonnes up what garbage
MONEY TALK: plz CD give steven some love
Bulky: Start spewing @luke394.
tbrowne: Sandy just did it again #fromwhenceitcame
Raspel31: Doh-where you gone McRae
colin wood: perhaps some scaling?
pcaman2003: Dollhouse BE this week will be huge.
banta: missed jong tackle
AngryRyno: what happened to Bob?
Apachecats: yeah @ lukenever seen a side get thrashed and still get the most SC points
SilverLion: Yup as I said at 3/4 time, would look strange to see Dogs win and Stringer only ton…
The Hawker: Dahl will be at 430k or under in two weeks, good pick up for others
luke394: its amazing @Apachecats
MONEY TALK: bob did a high hamstring apps or something
frenzy: a cheap Bont coming soon
Ladbrokes_: not a single bulldogs player firing week in week out
luke394: everyon else keen on Mitch Wallis after the bye? mid/fwd 470k gonna play a lot of mid time
Beast_Mode: stringer blue moon surely!!
MONEY TALK: surely steven gets a bit higher than that
luke394: Macrae 85 fuck off

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