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Chat log from R10 of 2017: Geelong vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Port Adelaide, R10 of 2017

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Gott2Win: God I hope Preuss gets a game this week!
Bothy: evening all
Apachecats: I’m in 10 SC leagues .Everyone of them has Sandi.
colin wood: Evening gents, hope we have all survived this weeks carnage!
dipstick: unlucky if you have the little sook gary ablett
duckky: Pulled the trigger on Preuss this week Strank for the DPP
Apachecats: *every opponent has Sandi I mean
duckky: Go Parsons!
JockMcPie: Calm down Parsons, bit too much for you early
casey22: Another big one from danger?
Apachecats: Hope so Casey just used my spare cash on him
TheBoy89: Duncan is so underrated
frenzy: wish my danger cost $150K less
casey22: Good signs from cunico
dipstick: @apache their trades wont show until lockout
Gott2Win: Danger on the pine for 6 minutes!
duckky: SPP & Scooter should give some fireworks by the end of the night
zadolinnyj: Evening all
Apachecats: Yeah @dipstick ,I reckon a few are sweating on Preuss getting a run.
Ringo4567: Dont see at all why anyone would have jumper on scooter after one game back
zadolinnyj: Common Robbie. Kept you because of Ablett out
casey22: Time to change the red print to blue
TheBoy89: Wtf is this in accuracy
Heizenberg: Hi sad
dipstick: preuss wont get a run. he played the first 4 and missed the next 5
TheBoy89: My mate traded out Dangerfield for Robbie gray lol
duckky: Is that a football or a greasy pig?
Gott2Win: Parsons feeling right at home now…
runt: Cats taking this one point at a time
dipstick: great to see parsnip doing his job down there fricken hack
TheBoy89: What a goal that’s why I traded him in
LuvIt74: @Theboy your mat needs his head examined.
Breezey: Not even the dumbest person in our league would trade Danger out for anyone.
runt: The Zac pack will get the Cats back
DrSeuss: Danger gone a little quiet
zadolinnyj: Hey Heiz
Costanza: kick it to Tom
TheBoy89: I know why Taylor doing shit it’s because the snob wouldn’t take a pic with me and some of our mates
Jackina: Traded in Danger this week, looks like I should’ve gone with Duncan…
duckky: Wines – zero kicks same as Parsons
Apachecats: Danger only on ground 60% ,hope nothing wrong
duckky: Apachecats – Danger got stuck on the bench for 7 minutes – interchange stuff-up
King_Robbo: Good to see Parsons filling in well for Sandi …..
runt: Shanghai air still in the Powers lungs so there is no way they can run out this game despite a rest
casey22: Pop up Jag ad: thought we were more a Valiant type site
runt: Geelong air on the other hand is rich in all the necessary elements for healthy lungs
Breezey: That’s nearly a DT cape for Ebert
boo!: can’t wait to ditch parsons, knobjockey
Costanza: Top 6 all play eachother, 7-10 the same, 11-18 the same
Pinkman: great minds think alike @boo
King_Robbo: Well, Eddy gets a game next week
Costanza: best thing I’ve seen Dixon do
casey22: one week for that
Breezey: Dixon could not have pulled out of that.
runt: This round will sort the shit from the clay
H A MM E R: Gez the Cat’s are missing the Kitty Litter again 🙁
Ash777: he’s not going to get let off because it’s jelwood
Pinkman: thats crap Parsons
runt: The box-on has been replaced by the mêlée, the bounce soon to be replaced by the dainty toss
dipstick: can you just delete parsons name from the list so we dont have to see it at all
TheBoy89: Finally danger
Heater: Parsons = worst downgrade option ever!!!
JockMcPie: Not sure if Parsons or Jarrod Pickett…
Yelse: why does robbie grey play so much more forward now days
Heater: Toss of the coin, Jock…
LMartos: Powell-Pepper please
luke394: traded Selwood in this week going good so far
TheBoy89: Good Dangerfield
H A MM E R: Yelse because he’s a ‘shade’ of his former self
Costanza: hate Parsnips
runt: Cats ready to kick straight now
frenzy: does that make the ump tossers @ runt
JockMcPie: Nice Danger
Torz: Injured Yelse.
bjones38: Yesss Danger
casey22: Danger on the move!
PLACEBOPIE: Danger 😀 hello boys
luke394: SPP 3 FA and 4 clangers lol
Heater: VC on Danger. Nice 130 plus would be handy
Umpirespet: Figjam finally getting going
thommoae: Broadbent Muppett
bjones38: Why is Roberto Gray such a spud these days?
dipstick: female umpires for 1 week, now after 150 years the umpires want the bounce banned and called it OHS issue.. LOL
TheBoy89: Dangerfield great tuohy good tom Stewart shit
CamT: Does Parsons qualify for a Rookie Wall icon ?
H A MM E R: ‘Grey’ has ‘Shades’ of brilliance in the forward ’50’
zadolinnyj: Would think everyone including Kim Jong un would have danger vc
runt: As long as the Afl still call them quarters and not periods Ill be happy
H A MM E R: Agree Dipstick, they actually need to visit their sponsors and get their eyes checked
duckky: Parsons hit the wall 4 weeks ago.
PLACEBOPIE: danger 80+ ht
thommoae: We get it, Hammer.
Jackina: hammer killing it right now lol
TheBoy89: Dangerfield cape
H A MM E R: Haha Kim Jong Un would shoot anyone on the opposite team if they touch the ball
H A MM E R: Thommoae thanks mate! Glad you got it!
gunners23: @zadolinnyj dunno, i heard on north korea tv that kim jong un averages 232 in supercoach this season
runt: In the blink of an eye the Cats will be out of here
LMartos: Hamish Hartlett is actually a disgrace, had such great potential
feralmong: Yet u come across the odd team that doesn’t have him zado.
whafc: pull your finger out r gray
preki1: parsons, stewart and spp all emergencies this round, and all to remain unused it seems
Apachecats: Ay odds Danger 100 by 1/2 time?
Jackina: *23200 you mean gunners
H A MM E R: Danger is killing it right now! Could be another big ton
dipstick: playing a team in SC with only 2 rookies on field predicted to get over 2380 WTF?
Breezey: @gunners. He normally has the VC on himself in Friday night games
Costanza: Hartlett trade bait
luke394: CD wrong that wasn’t a FA for Selwood it was paid a mark
Breezey: That’s horrid kicking from Dixon.
zadolinnyj: I heard he once scored 1 million in a week and got bored because he was too good
Bulky: Powell-Pepper lucky to still be in the side. Hasn’t played a decent game since Round 2.
LMartos: Ryder has been robbed
boo!: might uograde parsons to vickery…..
TheBoy89: Dixon muppet
luke394: hes a first year player @Bulky got a fair bit of talent
Apachecats: S.Selwood gotta go on the watch list $281 k in SC
dipstick: DPRK reported that after 6 hole in ones in a game of golf, Kim Jung snagged 22 goals straight in the Chinese AFL match
H A MM E R: Jared Polled West off Brad Ebert… where the sun is only shining so far on the Power. Grey and Dixon suck!
poolboybob: Parsons is a complete dud
Umpirespet: Geez geelong fans are feral…Worse than West Coasts
Breezey: Better Robbie. Much better
zadolinnyj: My favourite is North Korea beat the dreamteam and won Olympic gold
H A MM E R: Oh, spoke too soon on Gray
Bulky: Houston was a more consistent contributor than P-P @luke394 and he got dropped. Not saying P-P is a bad player.
TheBoy89: I need one more premo Pendlebury or Selwood
feralmong: Hmm I tipped power this week. Thought they might upset.
fonzie: id go pendel
runt: Grey is 50 shades of shizen hausen I was to write and then he goals
Breezey: I remember the time all Kim Jong team mates donated all their DT and SC points to him after the game.
bjones38: Lol to anyone who followed Roy and picked up Pittard
JButcher: @Bulky they play different roles, but I do miss houstons rebound
H A MM E R: Niether… get Lachie Neal. Only in 8% of teams and killing it
dipstick: seriously hurting my eyes and making me sick now parsons
TheBoy89: Stewart wtf cunt
duckky: Parsons SC BE is 16. Wanna run a sweep on how much he goes over/under?
Ash777: quack
wadaramus: Another long spell on the pine for Danger
runt: Parsons is the reason Stevie J, Bartel ,Stokes, Kelly etc got moved on?
myteamsuks: Selwood getting away with the dropping his knees again
Breezey: Selwood you ducking flowerwit
Umpirespet: Quack Quack Selwood
JButcher: How does Selwood still get away with it?
dipstick: no dangerfield no geelong!!!! FUCK you parsons!!
LMartos: 2 HTA all game not sure how Zac Smith is so high then
LuvIt74: Pepper isn’t doing much better then Parsons ffs
runt: Murdoch and Parson. Remember those names. Parcel,Mrdkin. Parsley, Muurgoo….Already bloody forgot
wadaramus: Glad I looped SPP.
TheBoy89: Menegola is also underrated
runt: Power making a point or 2 this qtr
LuvIt74: I’m in a RUNT this week bloody hell
luke394: me too @wandaramus
Costanza: Polec’s forehead leading the way
Umpirespet: Picked up Ryder this week miss Sandi already
Jackwatt$: I just had a shit and one of my turds had Parsons face on it. He was saying please don’t trade me. True story
DrSeuss: Wonder if Menegola gets FWD status later in the year…
SilverLion: New recruit Paddy doing what he does…Playing Parsons on field, but not worried coz my oppos have no cover for Sandi
Umpirespet: U turd in the shower Jack?
circle52: Glad I loopholed SPP and Parsons – Surely Barrett and Greenwood will score more
boo!: wonder if Parsons gets NOB status later in year…
Umpirespet: Hope so Circle did the same thing as you
wadaramus: At this point you would think so circle52.
runt: When your turds start talking it’s time to ease of the mushrooms.
Umpirespet: Jacks gone missing Runt
Jackwatt$: How to kill 2 birds with one stone? Trade out Eddy so I don’t have to ever field Parsons ever again!
wadaramus: Word runt.
SilverLion: Parsons deserves the perma rookie wall, maybe time for SPP to get it too.
LuvIt74: @circle tey cant score much less… The only way is UP
DrSeuss: Parsons already has NOB status 😉
StuL: Our bottom half a dozen or so terrible. We’re leaving out guys better than some of these spuds.
LuvIt74: @Jackwatts Just Trade Parsons and kill a flock of chicken arses with the one trade and make more cash b4 Parsons loses $
runt: The definition of an understatement….
feralmong: Sheldon Cooper copping it big time.
runt: Parsons is not setting the world on fire.
bones351: 11 of the Cats 22 with 50+SC at half time
StuL: Parsons will struggle to get his BE is 12.
Costanza: the parson at my church gets more touches
runt: Maybe parson will come out in the 2nd half and go BANG!!
runt: Even the Pope gets more touches than Parsons
feralmong: Sheldon is in his spot.
Umpirespet: Maybe Daisy Pierce could go on for parsons
feralmong: Parsons: knock knock penny…
feralmong: Interesting theory runt.
runt: Parsons is providing magnificent fodder for us. May long he continue to flounder and amuse
feralmong: Mind you I’d be knocking on Penny’s door too.
runt: If Parsons stood behind a horse and grabbed its nuts i doubt even then he would get a kick!
feralmong: Parsons is at the cheesecake shop.
feralmong: Would be nice to enter her front door.
Apachecats: Runt you are in top form tonight ,
dipstick: ooi!! stop talking bout Parsons already. I’m sick of that flog
Costanza: I choose to Pass On
Apachecats: How dos Parsns get a game and Black can’t.
frenzy: parsons is a chicken chute
Apachecats: Harry back to his regular form
Costanza: Motflop
RooBoyStu: would rather Relton Roberts than Parsons.
luke394: Selwood getting absolutely robbed points wise this quarter
feralmong: Thx roo now I want a hamburger.
runt: Cats making hard work of this
JockMcPie: cmon Ryder
Umpirespet: Newsflash Parsons got a touch
feralmong: Ha parson 2 handballs in a row.
9inch: Parsons on fire now
pcaman2003: Where is the Danger man?
RooBoyStu: I see Relton is back in Vic playing, TripleM posted an article today.
Pinkman: hendo giving Ryda a bath. shoulda kept WHE
Raspel31: Boring-two hours off applying for job on line-now to footy. Good game?
LuvIt74: I’m now forced to trade out Sandilands to avoid Parsons score which is effectively a donut.
LMartos: why did Ryder gain 2 kicks but no SC points, please give my players points
JRedden: do something danger ffs
runt: Parson has won 3 lost 2 with the Cats. he has kicked 3 goals 2 behinds. If he kicks a goal they win.
jxxxxk: Anything wrong with Danger?
Pokerface: $ for Parsons.
Umpirespet: Ran out of Figjam jxxxk
Raspel31: My question exactly jxxx
duckky: Come on SPP – need you to beat Parsons
Jukes: Anyone else want to quit SC with me
wadaramus: Danger spent first 7 minutes on the ground for no touches and is now on the pine.
LuvIt74: Was hoping to trade WHE & bring in Goldy or S Martin which would then bring NANK to my FWD when sandi is back. OMG
jayrox: They have missed 3 pittard tackles! He is doing shot enough without them
Jukes: Ive got Parso, Pepps and brought in Pitto
jayrox: Missed tackles – pittard????
Umpirespet: Boom peppa pig
jxxxxk: He’s only played 71% of game i sense an injury for danger
dipstick: @jukes lol. I heard after 7 years of fantasy people get sick of it. I’m getting close!
Apachecats: Not a great start @Dukes ,can only go up from here
Costanza: Port should win this.
luke394: Danger playing deep forward
Apachecats: Back on now for danger
wadaramus: Not sure why but hes had long spells on the pine jxxxxk
luke394: why would u move Danger deep fwd when the game is in the balance Scott u idiot
kangawalla: @jukes. You should know that poor prior planning produces p15s poor performance; )
H A MM E R: danger hasn’t touched the ball all quarter… gez
Umpirespet: Selwwod divews forward are we watching a doggies game?
Pinkman: i’ll join ya @jukes. lets go and get pissed. stuff this SC caper
LuvIt74: Port will win it if Danger decides to park his butox on the pine for extended periods
luke394: scooter Selwood looking like a common trade in next week
LMartos: I genuinely hate Scott Selwood, what a flog, all his frees for are dives/ducks
pcaman2003: Touhy as quiet as Danger this term
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Scott Selwood, he drops the knees when tackled to draw a free on Ebert for a goal.
wadaramus: Pull your fuckng finger out Dangerfield fair dinkum.
runt: The Cats certainly kneeded that one
DrSeuss: So glad I bought Danger in this week. Do something FFS
luke394: Danger is deep fwd everyone
myteamsuks: I genuinely hate Chris Scott massive sook
LuvIt74: Donger to score a total of 103 SC is my prediction
JButcher: Robbie Gray is a real spud….
Raspel31: Hmm-now 7 gun midfielders-and Powell Pepper. You gone lad-even with that goal.
runt: Its a ding dong battle as a legend used to say
Hoot: There he is
3rdstriker: I first checked the scores at the 6 min mark of the 2nd qtr, danger was on 70sc then…
kangawalla: Freudian slip Luvit?
luke394: funny that Danger goes into the middle and what do ya know he wins a clearance
Stu7: Wooo hooo go Scott Selwood!!
zadolinnyj: R gray from nowhere
dipstick: stars tripping the light fantastic danger and parsons
LuvIt74: Danger rotating Mid to Forward
TheBoy89: looks like gray was a good trade after all for my mate
Hoot: Could be a strategy to give his legs an advantage over the rest
Pokerface: should i upgrade hartlett to stewart?
9inch: My Opp has Danger straight up Capt so its going to be one of them scores to loop or not
casey22: Why is harry taylor still playing?
LuvIt74: @Theboy it seems like that in this game but it wont be long term
Raspel31: Didn’t know he was Casey
boo!: cmon parson get winning goal…yeah right
m0nty: dare I give Harry the pumpkin? I feel it would be a bit cheeky.
StuL: You’ve still broken Taylor Scott. One good game in 10 doesn’t mean it’s working.
myteamsuks: And again he ducks
luke394: parsons
TheBoy89: parsons!
LMartos: That goal will keep Parsons in the team for the next year
feralmong: Hehe parsons just hit the ATM.
LuvIt74: wtf would Scott play a gun midfielder deep in the forward makes no sense at all.
casey22: But well earned, m0nty
Roksta: Parsons knows
Apachecats: I’ll tip 125 SC for danger.
LMartos: Think Bruce is highly overestimating Ryder’s game, around the ground ok, ruckwork poor
runt: Cats will win. Parsons 4 goals 2 now. As long as he stays away from the ball from now
DrSeuss: Danger back in the middle? Geelong back in front?
TheBoy89: 100 3qtr danger?
jimmyboy: so Ryder is dominating? Not on SC, only brought him in this week – has equal highest CP yet low score ?!?
luke394: good quarter from SPP
LMartos: Has been robbed big time Jimmy, should be at least 50 in my biased opinion
SilverLion: PARSONS, what a quarter!
Apachecats: 50% eff disp killng Ryder @jimmy
Raspel31: If anyone friggin touches the pill-Bruce says they’ve been impressive. Vocab deficit?
DrSeuss: Time for a big 4th quarter Danger. You have had enough rest tonight
dipstick: big Bruce loves indigenous players
Apachecats: Danger will go beserk in last quarter ,tight game,bring it on.
runt: Is the ghost wind blowing this week?
jxxxxk: Anyone reckon Scott Selwood is a good option to go for as a downgrade?
jxxxxk: With this type od tackling pressure he’s going to produce big scores
Apachecats: Absolutely @jxxxxk
CamT: I’m wondering about that too, jxxxxk
Raspel31: Nup jxxx
runt: The way Scott Selwood tackles I can see him holding his spot and ticking along nicely
jxxxxk: I was gonna downgrade Marchbank for Scott Selwood and then use the 100k to upgrade someone like Sam Pepper
dipstick: no. s selwood likely to snap in half a crumble into a pile of shit on your bench for 2 months
Umpirespet: has a bye in 2 weeks Jxxxk
LMartos: CD trying to tell me Parsons is playing a better game than Ryder
frenzy: jump on jxxxk
LuvIt74: @jinxxxxxk No way mate, ya really need to be upgrading to ultra premo’s now
LMartos: @apachecats you usually still gain points from ineffective disposals if they are contested
Hoot: Yes jxxxxk. Ill be looking closely at him
MONEY TALK: looks like selwood will be making a appearance in my team tomorrow
boo!: parsons time to go nuts
aces-high: Ryder can’t score well unless he rucks by himself
Pokerface: Martos his taps are negative points. he doesnt HTA
jxxxxk: My midfield is all premium beside Pepper its my backline and Forward line which only has 3 prems each
MONEY TALK: but jelwood looks better so meh
LuvIt74: What a weird kick for goal that was
Raspel31: Brought in Cunico this week Luvit-and Pendles. Almost there.
Hoot: Imagine hawkins on the agility run
runt: How are the umpires backs holding up?
jxxxxk: I reckon I’m just gonna tank on the bye rounds I’m already on top of the ladder in all my leagues
StuL: Give Harry the horses head. Its Scott’s fault though.
H A MM E R: That was some desperation from the Cattery there
TheBoy89: tom stewart has done really good today
m0nty: that play reminded me so much of Ablett senior
m0nty: except Gazza would have dobbed it
luke394: @TheBoy89 Stewarts best game for us I recon been really good
travo: #freekickgeelong
Raspel31: How old are you Monty?
LuvIt74: @Raspel what made you bring in Cunico in nhiss first game why not Greenwood?
LMartos: please Paddy Ryder
runt: I think Parsons may have audio dyslexia. He thinks it is Dont DO, THINK!!
luke394: fuck off Ryder
JButcher: Thankyou Paddy!!!
H A MM E R: Selwood stood on a jack in the box
Ben_Gogos: Gazza dobbed a similar one down at Skilled for the Suns once upon a time.
m0nty: 44, I saw Ablett play… was there in 89… what a player
LMartos: booyakasha
dipstick: parsons is like a fart that lingers for hours and won’t fuck off
Raspel31: He’ll sit on the bench Luvit-and I lied -I actually brought in Lloyd from GWS
Umpirespet: M0nty’s an ancient treasure
LuvIt74: Lloyd i understand as he’s on the bubble but not cunico
boo!: parsons parfetic
pcaman2003: Tuohy really quiet second half.Only 16pts.
LuvIt74: My 3 rookie players in the mid still have low B/E in barrett,, Fisher & Myers
LMartos: SPP decision making so questionable
TheBoy89: Guthrie is underrated
Pinkman: ryder doing more in the last 5 minutes than the other 95 minutes
frenzy: Lol, parfetic
Yelse: danger not looking good anymore for captain
pcaman2003: Glad I only had the V and not the C on Danger.
TheBoy89: don’t loophole danger
Manowar: Tuohy gone missing, returned to Ireland?
runt: Taylor hit by the Karma finger. That will teach him for not stopping for a photo
LuvIt74: Now that Parsons score 40 its ok, I will stick with option 1 & trade WHE to SMartin & that brings Nank in my FWD line.
kano: Geelong getting a ride at skilled. Who could’ve called that ?!?!
JockMcPie: Couple more goals Ryder, gotta get at least 90
luke394: Danger quiet
Umpirespet: Could power get a free in the forward line?
Raspel31: Which is actually what I did Luvit-and only $117-bargain
H A MM E R: Me too pcman
LuvIt74: Ryder = Dud
Yelse: any one seen danger this quarter
Sloaneyyyy: Robbie Gray really being robbed by the umps… 2 blatant free kicks in a row
runt: The old flick pass is well and truly alive
TheBoy89: runt ikr lol
JButcher: Polly bloody brilliant!!!!!
luke394: happy I loop holed T Stewart
JButcher: @UmpiresPet & Sloaney, I’m happy Im not the only one annoyed by the umps
Raspel31: Guess 50% of us will be choosing another cap tomorrow.
Tommo2909: Will be getting S.Selwood in next week
Manowar: 7 commentators are shocking really bad!
duckky: Ditto Luke394 – McGrath can have a rest this week
Umpirespet: Unusual for a crows supporter to support power but umps are screwing u guys over
travo: brewce has een on permant chub about the ts all
Raspel31: Don’t think about it Thommo-one good game and always injured.
JButcher: We may be rivals but we both know trash umpiring when we see it
LuvIt74: @Raspel not a fan of lloyd from GWS, his job security isn’t good but no doubt u have plans 4 greenwood next week?
travo: brewce has been on permant chub about the cats all night
pcaman2003: C’mon Touhy.Beat Ryder at least.
LuvIt74: port deserve to win this
m0nty: Jelwood without a head bandage, that is notable
TheBoy89: tom stewart beast ton up buddy
JRedden: stewart has significantly improved
frenzy: stewart u legend
boo!: cmon parsons winning goal
casey22: Port haved played in front all night, deserve win
Sloaneyyyy: I agree LuvIt74
myteamsuks: Had to put tom Stewart on ground. Awesome
Costanza: more Ryder
frenzy: big SC on offer
Raspel31: But GWS so many injuries-to bring in Pendles for two mid rankers seemed good to me Luvit
LuvIt74: Glad I put the E on Stewart I now don’t need to worry about hampton
Pokerface: seen the GWS injuries luvit?
9inch: Loop stewart in for Shaw at this rate.
TheBoy89: incuntsistent cats
frenzy: keep peddling m0nty
TheBoy89: dixon for the win
travo: shut up brewce
jimmyboy: Ryder not getting any pts for HO to advantage
Raspel31: Carn Pussycats.
TheBoy89: good umps
LMartos: that was so weird
Sloaneyyyy: WTF umps
Pinkman: what happened?
TheBoy89: fuck dangerfield 133 now its time to loophole
LMartos: Touhy will kick this
travo: #robbed
CamT: What did Dangerfield do to get those points ?
kano: Maggots
LMartos: trust Ryder to get no points for his elite HTA
dipstick: danger for 160+
luke394: Danger going massive
PLACEBOPIE: danger 180+
LMartos: of course
JockMcPie: #noloopdanger??
Raspel31: And Danger now on 133 SC-the eternal cap question?
TheBoy89: danger!
9inch: Danger and umps winning it.
luke394: Danger unbeliebvable
casey22: Danger, again
theoc: @CamT tackling pressure
fonzie: is danger score for real
Raspel31: Whoops-scores changed quickly
pcaman2003: Did Danger win the lottery?
All Reds: thanks man
Costanza: good game 2 avge teams
jxxxxk: What the fuck danger
TheBoy89: is this even real life
mookie: SC cape for Danger
travo: queue the jizz fest about the cats when it was the umps who won it for them
jxxxxk: too be fair he had like 4 tackles, 5 disposals and a goal in a matter of minutes
LuvIt74: bloody hell i missed it but know dangr just kicked a goal but why has his score jumped 60 points
jimmyboy: I have Danger but this is ridculous
TheBoy89: fuck me im axious
Raspel31: travo-negative and untrue
Roksta: Gray raped
LuvIt74: The winning goal score from dangers goal hasn’t been factored in as yet surly
Pokerface: scores were on lag here luvit. sc site had him 134 when he showed 112
TheBoy89: omfg what a game cheers umps
runt: Parsons 4 wins 2 losses 4 goals 2 behinds
casey22: Let me guess. Gun for Danger?
Apachecats: Wonder what the real SC scores are?
PLACEBOPIE: he should get more now that was winning goal
Breezey: Deadset Dangerwood and nothing else
gunners23: umps won another game for the cats
Costanza: evens the ladder up even more
frenzy: thank you tommy stewart U legend
SilverLion: Stewart, Danger VC and Parsons. Bloody stoked.
MONEY TALK: what a shame that i have danger as VC and sandi as captain
theoc: 8 touches, 6 tackels and a goal in the last quarter, dangers score is accurate
LuvIt74: I agree and Danger is my VC this is utter /S
myteamsuks: Danger 2 massive tackles and frees and 6 effective disposals in last 5 min
luke394: Paddy and Joel massive when it counted
TheBoy89: omg dangerfield 60+
MrGmax: Port so hard done by there.
Pokerface: *i was referring to selwood there
LuvIt74: I agree and Danger is my VC this is utter B/S
daniel87: cheating umpires
bernieV: port raped by the umpires. AFL needs to sort out umpires giving home teams BS frees
TheBoy89: danger i love you mate
TheBoy89: mate im throat hurts now
JButcher: This hurst badly
MONEY TALK: kinda hoped parson got over 50 so i wouldnt have to trade rooey probs have to now
JButcher: hurts*
TheBoy89: tuohy, stewart and dangerfield fantastic
TheBoy89: good cats
StuL: We were lucky. Never doubt the Dangerman though. C, set and forget.

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