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Chat log from R9 of 2017: Essendon vs West Coast

Chat log for Essendon vs West Coast, R9 of 2017

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JockMcPie: Pre-game Prediction: Eagles to go for an early skiing trip at Etihad
desmondo: Good Jock, maybe Mitchell can break a leg 😉
9inch: Ton from Myers to save my match up. Yeo to go back to last years form. JKK to kick 1.
9inch: Not asking too much
cusch1: I get the feeling that Smitch will be booed all game
9inch: Z Merrett or Neale to trade in.? SC
cusch1: Win-win 9Inch. Both players are relatively under-owned in SC
9inch: Ok Merrett in and saved 70k. Go son!!
m0nty: go umpire Glouftsis!
m0nty: hmm bit of a low bounce but at least it was straight up lol
9inch: Trade him in M0nty.
Pokerface: when does this daniher bandwagon start influencing supercoachers
CBeezDeez: Wonder if they’ll hav Glouftsis, Chelsea & O’dea in the same game during womens round?
frenzy: YOyoYOyo
duckky: Muppert for Goddard
9inch: Oh *her
arbel: wow umps trying their best already to give the game to essendon
9inch: Bluey and woosha would love a win here
circle52: Agree Arbel can not believe in 22mins of football Essendon have not infringed.
JockMcPie: Go the dons
AngryRyno: myers needs a lift already
CBeezDeez: WC Dukkers don’t work in Melb…
korza: Oh Myers why ?
frenzy: Zaharukus blue moon already
arbel: how is that a free to daniher. .. no push In the back on mcgovern
frenzy: Yeo get ya act together muppet
JockMcPie: Yeo and Myers ruining a good weekend
LMartos: McInnes has had 3 stints on the pine already, annoying for me
SilverLion: Yeo, McGrath, Mutimer, Myers. Going fantastic so far.
korza: According to C/Data Vardy 4th best on ground
Yelse: common yeo please need you to beat watson and stewart together
9inch: Nice +6 to Myers during the break
Raspel31: Has Gaff made some gaffes-10 points on 5 possies at 199%?
TheBoy89: Come on kennedy Also lift Myers
9inch: Daniher is a bit of a brute like Buddy
StuL: Come on Yeo, just imagine it’s Subi
StuL: Myers needs all the help he can get. 9inch
scrappers: myers been on the ground for less than half the game
AngryRyno: Myers has awoken, nice
poolboybob: Daniher star
Pokerface: what’s the name of the random medal Joe gets this week?
duckky: Myers has given a handful of 100+ games in his career but most of his games have been 50-60 SC
poolboybob: Eagles guarding a lot of empty space. Maybe actually try defending Bombers players?
shaker: WC are seriously shower in Melbourne at any ground
JockMcPie: West Coast are actually crap lmao
9inch: Wow wee
Brian: Oh boy wowee, the Dons are sizzling!
Costanza: Fantasia Mecuri whatever
poolboybob: Is there a molasses icon to represent how slow most of the Eagles players are?
AngryRyno: not too early to bring out the spuds and traffic cones
NoneyaB: when you have danger zorko Slone titch Beams and Priddis and Merret as a Capt Im finially having a good week
9inch: Parish looks like a player of the future.
NewFreoFan: Daniher doing his best Pele impression
Raspel31: Merde-Gaff yet to touch the pill this qtr
AngryRyno: incorrect, gaff just had a kick
poolboybob: Witches hat for Barrass
9inch: Can Watson work his way back to be fantasy relevant?
willywalks: possible zombie for jobe, wellingham is spud worthy with this performance
StuL: It changes game by game. We were rubbish after last week. Not looking so bad again.
m0nty: 10-0 flame count. Didn’t think that was on the cards.
drumfoot: what has Joe Daniher kicked since his 1.6?
J_Herer: Gaff having to earn them today
HappyDEZ: Zerrett getting his upper right leg strapped in the rooms at 1/2 time. Hopefully nothing serious.
9inch: Hopefully Myers can scrap together 60 sc
cusch1: 9 goals 2 Drumfoot.
StuL: No late changes. NM-M. Damn was hoping for a Preuss call up.
Hooks: Yeo hahahaha
jgilf: Yeo has been scoring the majority of his points in the second half in recent weeks. Haven’t given up hope yet.
HappyDEZ: Zerett def has a problem. Running at 3/4 pace.
colin wood: Eagles will come back here. Won’t win but will get close.
luke394: Myers is a shit dog
Chelskiman: At least get a 130, Zerrett. I have all these massive scores in my mids, so I need something big from you too.
NoneyaB: zerett is fine hell he got dacked before he wouldnt be out there is he wasnt
HappyDEZ: I hope so NoneyaB
runt: Zaharakis has certainly improved after getting a rocket up the backside
brentz: Why is myers being shafted so hard in SC at 60% DE wtf
runt: The Bombers will continue this blitz as they have no love for the Eagles
shaker: Eagles smashed in everything but tackles
poolboybob: Give Darling the meat cleaver
circle52: This game siliar to ours last night – Goal shots deplorable.
circle52: and team generally too slow to recover,
TyCarlisle: What are people expecting with Myers? He currently averages 52…
dipstick: really disappointed zerret. i was expecting a 1 fitty
circle52: Hopefully Myers makes cash up to Rd 13 bye.
frenzy: Zaka bluemoon
poolboybob: 5 touches for Redden, what a spud
JRedden: dont count out a zerret 150 here, hes insane
faisca7: Give Bags the birthday cake icon
mark621: spud redden? spud wce more like
luke394: get a score Myers you pleb
Beast_Mode: Jobe zombie
StuL: Potatyeo.
duckky: Muppett for Goddard x2
duckky: Goddaard seeing red
m0nty: Jobe already averaging 90 and had a good one last week as well, zombie would be disrespectful
Beast_Mode: i was looking at his SC average, but fair enough
m0nty: nominations for star please
TyCarlisle: Joe star, dominated when the game was up for takings.
JockMcPie: Daniher star
luke394: stay down Yeo please
willywalks: daniher for star, worst case an x factor, set the tone early
Chelskiman: Daniher for Star, surely.
m0nty: hmm I thought more love for Jobe, but Daniher it is
willywalks: blue moon for baguley, cherries for BJ
amigaman: Hello World
Chelskiman: If star is who we think will get the 3 votes then Daniher should with 5.0.
amigaman: Daniher
dipstick: god almighty LIFT zerret!!!
LuvIt74: Bloody hell WCE are the biggest joke in the AFL, they will never win a GF unless the AFL change the rules for home GF
LuvIt74: Which I hope never happens
the worm: i thought the eagles had already won a few grand finals at the G?
Strskes: More of a victorian hoodoo for WCE, They play fine in SA 🙁
m0nty: that was back when they had the WA state side
willywalks: need an icon for the type of performance walla has produced
9inch: Zerrett stuck on 98
jimmyboy: Tippaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
m0nty: E Glouftsis, 3 votes
luke394: theyve missed 2 of Myers possies
LuvIt74: @theworm they did but im not talking about the past im talking about the future
banta: don’t knoww how hurley scores so well. so many cheap mark and kicks in the back pocket
the worm: did perth get further away or something?
willywalks: u just answered ur own question banta…
jimmyboy: @the worm – lots of intercept & contested marks
LuvIt74: Hurley & hibbered were two cheap defenders worth getting this season. Scoring like kepers
banta: is there a downhill skiing sybmbol for all eagles players? front runners
m0nty: C Roffey, 2 votes
man0005: T Mitchell 0 votes
Beast_Mode: bagley blue moon
Chelskiman: Normally a 126 would be a great score as captain, but not when you have Danger, Titch and Beams sitting there with
Chelskiman: monster scores.
9inch: My two players got SC ripped.

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