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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide, R8 of 2017

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J.Worrall: Let’s put on a show for ’em, Gazza!
myteamsuks: The stand is empty . Did they say it was sold out?
Costanza: the colours, GAJ = Buddha, GC to win
dipstick: herro all ander welcome to number waan footer-ball game in china blought you to by chopstick.
september: zzzzzzzzzzz
dipstick: keeper the eyes on dim sim head prayer galy abrett as he number waan prayer in this game.
september: This place unreliable for pre match info
CBeezDeez: No pressure GAJ but got the big c on u this week…
zadolinnyj: Ablett game off to abuse a team mate. Lol
CBeezDeez: So get involved son!!!
CBeezDeez: No zen or yen or whatever for the little Buddha then Zad?
zadolinnyj: No zen mate. Bit of Seinfeld serenity now, required
CBeezDeez: Is there anymore info on Murphy & Saints & what it was all about?
TheBoy89: wtf is that spp
DrSeuss: Let’s go GAJ – game has started!
dipstick: is that a real GAJ out there or a cheap counterfeit
zadolinnyj: GAJ missing a tackle at end
TheBoy89: neale is a must have
at_123: @cbeezdeez I heard Murphy was on the end of some personal slediging from Saints players, he took offense to it.
CamT: Last time GAJ hurt his shoulder his tackling numbers dropped big-time.
Raspel31: Ni hao everyone.
CBeezDeez: Thnx @123. Heard similar but was wondering the extent. He got stuck in2 Carlyle @ 1 stage there too didn’t he?
circle52: Thomson was a late out but not sure who replaced him.
Apachecats: kanitchywah Raspel
circle52: Think it must have been Brooksby looking at teams
Breezey: Definitely Brooksby
PLACEBOPIE: do mammy dao 😀
at_123: @deez yeah mate, carlisle is a grub tho, probably crossed a line, then snorted it.
Raspel31: sha zi Apache
AngryRyno: geez Lynch nearly KO’d by teammate
runt: Ablett playing it safe today
CBeezDeez: LoL @123. My exact thoughts also
duckky: Whats got into Ebert this year?
Raspel31: Ablett suddenly on fire.
dipstick: i say little player for this gary prayer and is mucher better score come now
Apachecats: I know who the idiot is Raspel ,its not me.Good try though.
poolboybob: Rory Thompson going well so far
tabs: twitter confirms Brooksby in for Thompson
Raspel31: Ha ha. Good work Apache.
circle52: Was replaced in warm up by Brooksby poopboyrob
poolboybob: Will be interesting if he stays on the fanfooty list. Give him a point for eating a pie during the match. j
TheBoy89: did daddy say
Migz: playing for a contract ducky
duckky: Come on SPP – need you to get near 200 for me to have a chance this week
PLACEBOPIE: shaggy what a goal
SilverLion: So the goal before was definitely Boak and not SPP?
Ladbrokes_: boys on sc, should I have melican or newman on field?
Raspel31: Newman for my money.
circle52: Newman for me as well
duckky: Newman
luke394: god i hate SC Newman would have been definitely on field if I knew he was in
BestCoast: Suns are woefully bad with all the concessions they have had the club will be folded in less than 10 years
Heizenberg: Hi guys
Solat: why is this listed as a GC home game?
Heizenberg: Anyone doing match day?
LuvIt74: Looks like Ebert will be my final midfielder in R10
Raspel31: Lot of Chinese restaurants up there Solot
fonzie: lift lynch
LuvIt74: Wish I had Pepper on field not as my (E)
Jolles: @Solat … home game because GC sold a home game to plat Port there.
Heizenberg: Fuckin Hartlett killing me
benzammit: @Week in week out I’ve watched him and Yeo wat
LuvIt74: @fonzie I got Lynch also, its one of those weeks most of my “premo’s have scored shit house.
circle52: Careful luvit Ebert usually tails off towards end of year,
fonzie: ya not wromg
LuvIt74: @Ben Watched who?
Solat: all i’ve heard about is how Port were hosting the match and making the money from it
LuvIt74: @circle he hasn’t had a season this good, if he does drop towards 2nd half I’m willing to take the risk considering.
benzammit: My pads gone mad…Ebert having a great year I think he has proved his consistency now agree good option.
fonzie: hope goldy and franklin have quiet game
J.Worrall: Gee Gazza – step up son!
LuvIt74: I’d love to get R Gray in at hiis price but he has been very ordinary this year can’t bring him in.
benzammit: Gaff n Zerret were cherry ripe this week.
CamT: GAZ on target to reach his BE
LuvIt74: @fonzie yeah Franklin will do crap coz i brought him in not long ago.
LuvIt74: I would luv to get Zerrit but it doesn’t suite my bye structure. Need more R13 playing players
circle52: Need Buddy to beat Goldie to secure a league win.
circle52: 2luvit I will be looking at a couple of Port and Suns players to trade Rd 10 and 11 to play through.
dipstick: @luvit you say strange shit all the time. enjoy missing 130 a WK from secret coz of your byes LOL
benzammit: Passed on them both, eyeing Parker but CP don’t rate him this year last week he was great I’ll look at him as POD
dipstick: *zerret
benzammit: He is a real 108 before this week dippy do da.
benzammit: I can’t comment anymore flopping auto correct is making it like I’m speaking in chink.
linusp: careful benzammit all the political correct left wing nancies will pop up.
dipstick: @benz lol China is largest English speak country in world but it called engrish
dipstick: is pal pepper done for the day?
linusp: anyone watching the game know why abletts not scoring?
dipstick: who’s kicking to the Nth Korea end?
Raspel31: Looks like Ah Chee at this stage Dip
CBeezDeez: Becoz i made him capt this week @linus!
shaker: Ablett’s scoring 44 in SC
fonzie: keep going dixon
benzammit: Bruce’s call lol…Boak getting on the end of
9inch: Abletts just spectator most of the time. Outside waiting for the easy ball.
J_Herer: Go SPP, get me that cash!
BestCoast: @benz Bruce getting on the end of Cyril
J_Herer: Rory Thompson must have caught the yellow fever last night
poolboybob: Sending Gold Coast to play in China could be considered a severe diplomatic blunder
Breezey: You know Thompson not playing hey.
Costanza: Shake ‘n’ Boak
zadolinnyj: That guy had a beer. Thought they weren’t selling beer
J_Herer: lol yeah
Breezey: Abrett Runior needs to lift
GJayBee: How strange that the aussie press is off the mark.
CamT: re GC playing with 21 or 22 ?
zadolinnyj: Does stuff in China say “made here” on the tag?
Costanza: who will get the chopchop this week?
Breezey: Brooksby brought himself in this week in SC and still can’t get a score even with getting possies
CamT: lol zadolinnyj
LuvIt74: Lynch has been good until today, all that smog must be stuffing him up.
fonzie: he will come good after the bye
zadolinnyj: After the game China can use the goal post as a tourist attraction. Giant chopsticks. Like the big pineapple in oz
dipstick: i know for a fact Chinese people call Chinese food food
zadolinnyj: Lol Dipstick
fonzie: lift dixon
TheOnyas: onya hally
J.Worrall: Rift, Gally!
zadolinnyj: Give Thompson the Greal Wall. That’s probably where he is
TheBoy89: is rory thompson even on?
TheBoy89: world record for worst score
zadolinnyj: Didn’t star TheBoy
Sloaneyyyy: Thompson isn’t playing, he was replaced after the warmup b Keegan Brooksby
zadolinnyj: Chinese burn before the game
AngryRyno: Thompson isnmt playing, stop whacking him
Costanza: if only GC executed like the chinese
dipstick: feeler flee to core me chopstick only this day
Ladbrokes_: opp has c on gazza, love it
myteamsuks: Thompson is late withdrawal
leorosman_: Thompson not playing, Brooksby is instead, not updated
fonzie: has that ever happen before
myteamsuks: Brooksby is playing but not on there
brodiejay: Not so sure about the casual racism here guys. Mods are comfortable with that?
dipstick: @brodie learn the definition you spud.
J_Herer: Gazza going big late
brodiejay: The definition of racism? Pretty sure I know the definition, champ.
zadolinnyj: Gazza birthday today?
J_Herer: SPP dominating yay! lol
CamT: Back in the day, GAJ would have 130 for a 26 possession game.
dipstick: pretty sure you don’t. and casual racism you say? hilarious
zadolinnyj: True CamT
Disco DB: Jonas great wall of China
TheBoy89: spp good risk for barret
fonzie: cmon dixon
zadolinnyj: Love to trade an afl match for an nfl match in america
brodiejay: I’m a Journalist buddy.”Feel flee to core me”???
Raspel31: I’m a lawyer-don’t see how your profession gives you omnipotence.
duckky: Ton up Harbrow!
zadolinnyj: How does being a journalist mean anything. Racism definition says directed at a person. All I’ve seen is facts and obser
brodiejay: You really don’t see anything wrong with that? My GF is Chinese and I’d hate her to have to read your childish drivel.
zadolinnyj: Observations
fonzie: 10 more points dixon
dipstick: @brodie just repeating an Adrian stand up comedian. is that racist now ya lefty tree hugger? back to your pipe journo
J_Herer: come on SPP 80 please!
duckky: Yay Harbrow!!!
brodiejay: I never said anything about omnipotence. It just means I know definitions of fundamental English words like racism.
dipstick: *Asian comedian. maybe go and wife a story on the comedy club
CBeezDeez: Ur nickname definitely isn’t scoop then! Takes U 25min mark last qtr of 8th round game to arc up
fonzie: everybody just chill
zadolinnyj: My girlfriends a spud and I take offence to your logo Brodie.
Raspel31: We love everyone here.
J_Herer: lol
JockMcPie: any danger of talking about the footy?
zadolinnyj: By the way a person who says someone they know is to do with the topic is also by definition a racist. I’m no journalist
zadolinnyj: Though. Game was terrible. Oval was very good. China if allowed to play would smash us
zadolinnyj: Sorry jock. I’m an upset crows fan who hates losing and hates port winning
benzammit: Gold Coast sucky sucky long time.
JockMcPie: @zado no worries, we all hate losing.. 🙁
shaker: haha 600K sucky sucky

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