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Chat log from R8 of 2017: Richmond vs Fremantle

Chat log for Richmond vs Fremantle, R8 of 2017

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PLACEBOPIE: anyone 😀
m0nty: come on Son Son, don’t suck today
duckky: Hi Placebopie
JRedden: fyfe in for a big one, owes us
Raspel31: Select club.
JockMcPie: Anyone else looking forward to the China game?
m0nty: Looking forward to the inevitable big fight in the GC game. Always seems to happen overseas.
Gott2Win: Fyfe everywhere at the moment!
duckky: Don’t care about Fyfe – my opponent and I have them. I C’d Danger (OK) they C’d Slone. 😀
PLACEBOPIE: hi ducky
PLACEBOPIE: little trouble in Big China 😀
duckky: Skills in this game are awful.
poolboybob: Nankervis decided to take this week off too.
Hoot: Cant wait to see how many players are on respirators whilst on bench
m0nty: this is the sort of game only fans of the two clubs and fantasy coaches care about
intergaze: @monty like 3/4 of all h&a afl games?
JMC23: GL today fellas. Anyone have the Fyfe/Dusty Captain choice? I went with Dusty
Raspel31: Lucky to cap Rocky but new cap next week methinks
JRedden: how many fyfe tackles they gonna miss…
poolboybob: Get the pill Fyfe
Rebuild: yes fyfe. due for a big one methinks
Apachecats: Cheers LMC ,I think you got it right ,but will be close between the 2 of them
CamT: I put Walters in my team this week. The most obscure pick I’ve ever made.
luke394: anyone think Dan Butler will hit a decent score for once?
Hadouken: that lady on the right with the remote waving at me is really getting old…
Apachecats: No Luke 394 ,time to trade in for the new model.
luke394: get going Sandi and Butler u rats
luke394: i wish @Apachecats but other issues force your hand sometimes
JMC23: Hope so for Butler. I have him on field
Apachecats: I know that feeling @luke 394
m0nty: Eddie and Dwayne are trying to talk this up but they keep running out of good things to say as the players stuff up
JockMcPie: agree m0nty, kudos to the commentators, there’s only so much they can do
Apachecats: The lady calling on 774 is as enthusiastic as ever ,not one of her fan club.
PLACEBOPIE: 1116 is bagging the hell out of the game
Apachecats: Pretty keen on Daisy though.
luke394: husband must have let her out of the kitchen @Apachecats lol jks too
DrSeuss: Butler, Nank and Fyfe – Yay
CamT: As one of the 0.39% who own Walters, I pretty happy.
9inch: Rance 6 points for every touch.
shaker: With a AVG. of 66 yes you are CamT
Gott2Win: Poor call to pay Martin that mark
circle52: Rance keeping up his SC/DT ratio – Why I pick him in SC but not others
CamT: Put him in this week shaker. He was honestly the last player I ever thought I would have.
Migz: shaker. he gets a lot of spoils and shepherds which gets rewarded
Migz: sorry 9inch not shaker
shaker: Trade is looking good so far CamT that’s all that matters
CamT: thanks, Shaker 🙂
Zeratul: Nankervis and Butler making me sad 🙁
LuvIt74: Nank doing jack
LuvIt74: when does the final list come out for the Sydney game?
LuvIt74: @Zeratul
LuvIt74: @Zeratul same here mate.
CamT: No ruckman have good SC games against Sandilands.
shaker: Tiges need to lift this half otherwise there good start to season means zip
Apachecats: Touch of genius on Walters @CamT,hes going beserk.
JockMcPie: Nankervis? Are you OK?
Apachecats: Got Nank but so does everyone I’m playing tg.
CamT: haha thanks, Apachecats 🙂
luke394: wow Nank is stinking it up lucky everyone has him
Preston007: Amusing that peeps thought Nank would go well today…
LuvIt74: bloody hell i hope the sydney game final team relase comes out before the GCS vs Port game
duckky: It waas either Nank or Parsons… easy choice
PLACEBOPIE: newman isn’t playing 😛 muhahaha
Gott2Win: Eddie has is a shit commentator…almost feel as if next goal wins! What a flog
LuvIt74: @placebopie yeah i know that but i gotta trade out Houston to bring in Heeny & just wanna make sure he’s still in
myteamsuks: Luvit. Sydney team should come out at 3:10
PLACEBOPIE: i thought houston was out?
luke394: @Preston007 obviously Sandi would dominate hitouts but thouhgt Nank might try and expose him around the ground
JMC23: Dusty gone so cold
Rebuild: freo look like they’re running away with it
JRedden: fyfe gone soft this year
PLACEBOPIE: and heeny will be playing
JMC23: He is out
JMC23: Houston
willywalks: cant keep fyfe any longer in afl fantasy, shadow of himself
myteamsuks: Nothing wrong with Heeney he will play
shaker: Disgraceful Tigers
JMC23: Haha yeah Eddie is shithouse
PLACEBOPIE: dont wait for fan footy 😛 afl twitter will tell you if there were changes
LMartos: nank has been robbed
JMC23: Anything he calls early. Doesn’t happen
JMC23: Ha wtf. Shit house
cold pies: Guys stop baggin Eddie, he is actually a really nice man with A1 commentary. Hehe
poolboybob: Walters must be playing only midfield, 31 touches already!
Gott2Win: Elton currently playing his last AFL game!
9inch: Ha have a cry Jack ya flog
DrSeuss: Fyfe gone by the byes if not before.
BestCoast: The Tigers bandwagon has officially slammed into a concrete wall
Torz: Walters was everywhere that quarter.
fonzie: wall for buttler
BestCoast: @DrSeuss sideways trading in a year if uncertainty very game indeed
LuvIt74: Had Newman on field but had the (E) on Stewart he only scored 46 so swapped Newman with EVW & will roll the dice
LuvIt74: Bloody hell I was doing great until last night, what a crap round this week, wont even score 2000
Torz: Neale has been poor today. Can’t get his hands on it.
the worm: you burned a trade in the hope a rookie might score more than 46?
LMartos: Nankervis should be on 175 by now this is bullshit, been intercept marking all day, getting no reward
PLACEBOPIE: if you need the ton get heeney but if you need the money then maybe EVW
the worm: im guessing you had newman and evw on the bench…nevermind
shaker: Same boat LuvIt that crows game killed me Sloane C 🙁
PLACEBOPIE: and what does that mean for houston fwd score?
luke394: get a kick butler u spaz gonna cost me my league match
LuvIt74: i had Newman on field & Stewart & EVW on bench but had the (E) on Stewart seeing he was playing b4 EVW but seeing he
LuvIt74: Stewart only scored 46, I now took Newman off & put EVW on and hope he scores higher hen Stewart’s 46
m0nty: typical Ross Lyon game, Freo never get far enough in front to prevent a barnstorming finish by the opposition, esp. away
Raspel31: Umps not helping Tiggers
luke394: fair call @LuvIt74 cant ever take a 46 loophole, but i suppose this year you never know
myteamsuks: Nank on fire
luke394: cmon Sandi & Butler storm home
LuvIt74: Neale looking like a must have post bye
fonzie: ton up martin
Raspel31: Butler could have deribbled that through-dang
DrSeuss: Trading Fyfe wouldn’t be sideways at the moment. Unless you trade him to someone very average!
LMartos: impact points suck, good for Nank, Dusty’s lost 10 points though
myteamsuks: And who said nank was gonna spud?
LuvIt74: @Luke yep worth the risk considering there is more to gain then lose, even if EVW stinks it up & only scores 20 no biggy
JRedden: newman late in 🙂
dipstick: Nic Newman IS playing wohever said he wasnt
Breezey: Dusty magic.
Raspel31: If Rocky gone we welcome you Mr Neale
circle52: LATE CHANGE Oliver Florent is the late out for the Sydney Swans against North Melbourne. Nic Newman comes back
JockMcPie: Nank wow…nice second half
PLACEBOPIE: afl twitter florent out newman in
Apachecats: Put that black and white thing on Nank pls Monty.
LuvIt74: If Newman is playing then stuff it I’ll put Him back on.
CamT: Might make the Top 50 weekly score this week 🙂
BestCoast: Dorkers can never kick enough goals to be safe Ross Lyon and his defensive strategy is a f joke
JockMcPie: Ying Yang for Nank
LuvIt74: Thanks circle well Newman now back on ground
duckky: Time for Butler to kick the winning goal???
Ladbrokes_: Should I play Melican or Newman?
Apachecats: Any one use Newman as their loop.?
luke394: kick the winner Butler for god sake
circle52: Newman better outscore Berrys 71 then
luke394: what a finish from Nank
PLACEBOPIE: everyone in WA said no one scores when up against sandi. awkward 😛
JockMcPie: Someone’s got Newman as captain somewhere, hahahah
JockMcPie: Winning goal for Dan Butler? Surely
LuvIt74: Why would u think of trading Fyfe now? He’s doing ok
duckky: Sniff… blinkin Ellis
LuvIt74: omg what a game
PLACEBOPIE: mundy can he do it
LMartos: Mundy’s third goal after the siren attempt
zadolinnyj: Wow
PLACEBOPIE: mundy +50
carlton_99: Only Richmond could lose from there
myteamsuks: Lol tigers
LMartos: how do you lose that
luke394: Sandi just lost points for the winning hit out
runt: a shit game of footy will always be saved by a close finish
GJayBee: can’t wait to see the jump in sc, i’j thinking twenty six points
LuvIt74: Mundy was on 87 points on SC prior to his goal
GJayBee: Mundy on 97 what will it be?
poolboybob: Richmond still a chance for 9th
JockMcPie: Didn’t Mundy miss one year against Richmond? Got one back
shaker: Tigers no different than the last 8 years
LuvIt74: butler gotta go next week he will lose cash now
myteamsuks: rance should have got 250 sc points based on previous scores, robbed
jgilf: Lachie Neale is a god. Had him captain last three weeks and he is yet to let me down.

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