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Chat log from R7 of 2017: Western Bulldogs vs Richmond

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Richmond, R7 of 2017

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Gotigres: Nankervis will come back refreshed next week.
Gotigres: 3 goals each please Dusty and Butler.
hinsch: need Macrae to go huge this week
Chelskiman: It has been a round of upsets. Let’s hope it continues!
GJayBee: I’m with you GOtigres
LMartos: How has Bont got 0 SC when he laid a tackle
DrSeuss: Come on Butler
Ben_Gogos: Congrats to Jack Riewoldt on his 500th major!
Chelskiman: Lmao, yep, that was deliberate. Good decision ump, you wanker.
CBeezDeez: Cmon Doggies end this tipsters nightmare! I’m beginning to think I’m the Kiss o Death reincarnated!
Raspel31: Go Soldo-cheap buy in for Nank.
Texwalker: Do something bont…
circle52: I broke Bont by making him C so do something
cusch1: Soldo is only doing well because of the dogs odd ruck strategy. Fantasy trap i think
Chelskiman: Good start. Now let’s not die like we did against the Crows.
Grasscutta: Hold tha door is dominating
ballbag: soldo for nank? lol
preki1: really needed that butler. cheers
9inch: Traded butler this week so I expected this.
LuvIt74: doggies are rushing, if they dont compose themselves they will get smashed
Torpedo10: So happy I benched Butler…
dashurg: @9inch you traded a playign rookie in this week of carnage? Madness!
LuvIt74: @9inch why did u trade butler? For Parsons?
Grasscutta: Bullies on a major GF hangover, West Coast in WA next week so another loss
heppelitis: butler probably wont score anymore…did it last week
poolboybob: Million dollar Tom Boyd getting destroyed in the ruck by a first gamer
LuvIt74: @poolboy actually million dollar man didn’t play in the ruck 1st quarter, bevo was using diffrent combo’s
LuvIt74: Including Ling Jong believe it or not
Grasscutta: Maybe Dunkley vs 7 ft Holdoor isn’t working coach?
Ben_Gogos: The ruckmen in order of attendance was T.Boyd, Dunkley and Jong in Q1
poolboybob: OK well let’s all agree that Tom Boyd still sucks.
LuvIt74: Very unusual to experiment like that considering your opposition best ruckman is out
Chelskiman: Wtf, how can an ump call that from 60m away. Umpires are fucked this year.
poolboybob: When’s Caleb Daniel’s turn in the ruck?
LuvIt74: @poolboy if it wasn’t for boyd i doubt the dogs would have won the flag, what he done in the prelim & GF was worth all $
roshanetw: Jong injured
roshanetw: Nvm fine
Ben_Gogos: @pollboybob Boyd had a fair grannie if you had forgotten mate 😉
LuvIt74: That being said dogs need to start converting to have a chance
LuvIt74: is jong ok ?
Ben_Gogos: Jong stayed out on the ground. Assume he’s fine.
LuvIt74: wtf is Adams doing in forward
LuvIt74: cheers Ben
ballbag: agreed! bye almost paid ff his debt with those 2 finals. owes them nothing for next 8 years
DrSeuss: Macrae? Get a touch?
LuvIt74: Bevo is having fun trying all types of shit
cusch1: not elton john but elton and jong HAHAHAHAH that was great
ballbag: *Boyd paid off debt
cusch1: Bit of rocketman in there as well basil
Texwalker: Darcy, and basil… weres the mute button again???
LuvIt74: at first i thought u were on the turps ballbag, glad u clarified that.
TheBoy89: stay down macrae
LuvIt74: unreal how Adams is playing deep in the forward line
TheBoy89: oi boys what do i do with treloar since he keeps getting 70’s
Chelskiman: If we had a 70 point lead at 1/4 time we would still get run down by the top teams.
TheBoy89: come on bont lift
LuvIt74: hold him boy89 wait until bye rounds to do corrective trades now mate
LuvIt74: is it just me or does it seem bevo was just trying different stuff, its as though he doesn’t respect tigers tonight
Ben_Gogos: Dunkley and Jong played ruck last week @LuvIt74?
LuvIt74: I am ranked top 800 and this week i decided to take the donut by not bringing martin in via DPP & bring nank in my fwd i
TheBoy89: treloar is a lazy cunt playing afl evolution
LuvIt74: lucky if ill be top 5000 after this round coz i brought in VW & Parsons
ballbag: no more touches til Q4 butler as always
TheBoy89: dusty! i love you
LuvIt74: @ben i missed last weeks dogs game m8. but bevo seems to be having a ball trying these differen tactics learnt it from
LuvIt74: @ben did Adams play deep in forward last week also?
LuvIt74: Butler has reached his B/E
intergaze: Tigers deserve a few frees
hinsch: Macrae needs a Mc cracker up his b##t WTF
GJayBee: Bevo is the magic magnet mixer. Getting them ready like Clarko did post Buddy. Many with multiple roles.
GJayBee: Macrae need’s to show me more respect.
Roksta: I hope Dustin Martin runs into the post and dies
TheBoy89: come on bont i’ve got you as captain
circle52: I’ve got Bont as C and also moved Macrae to mid field to avoid donuts in forward line.
circle52: and Have SPP with 60 on bench so Macca that is your immediate target,
ballbag: me three. pull ya darken finger out bonts
LuvIt74: same here after Sloane done jack poop as my VC
Gott2Win: Circle don’t know how that works…move a scoring player to your mid to avoid donut in forward??!
ballbag: butler is useless in the 2nd & 3rd Q’s. never does anything the lazy fool
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 he started there and switched late in the third iirc.
BC__: Bond -3 for clanger handball?
Breezey: Fair dinkum Macrae. What’s doing son
LuvIt74: interesting conception, once roughead & wallice gets back dogs will be back to 2016 form
LuvIt74: maybe the BONT heard us
DrSeuss: Macrae? Butler? Do something
MONEY TALK: wheres that guy who said butler would do nothing again like last week after he kicked a goal
circle52: @ gootawin had Parfitt in mids so moved Macrae forawrd and went Parfitt to Parsons.
LuvIt74: acl stringer
Beast_Mode: stringer tombstone
heppelitis: that was me Money Talk
LuvIt74: hope its not acl
MONEY TALK: good call
heppelitis: wish he would though…in my team
TheBoy89: come on marcus!
LuvIt74: ship creek kick
hinsch: T. Boyd doing OK where are the guys bagging him now
LuvIt74: jong having a great game
LuvIt74: stringer looks ok
Texwalker: Richmond trying to snatch defeat trom the jaws of victory
heppelitis: LuvIt. I think he has had a good year. Strong overhead
LuvIt74: nice Adams
Chelskiman: That was the softest 50 I’ve ever seen. You wouldn’t pay that in under 8’s.
LuvIt74: boyd influential 2nd half
LuvIt74: @Chelskimm that was a 50 every day of the week m8
heppelitis: lift dustin..need you to beat the bont
Roksta: Jroo flog symbol
LuvIt74: if dogs converted in this game it would be over
Chelskiman: Yeah, if you play under 8’s girl’s footy.
LuvIt74: Butler scored 5 points in that quarter
Jackwatt$: The key to this year was pay extra for rookies. Anyone with Witts, Marchbank & WHE would be laughing.
LuvIt74: @Chelskimm thats what happens when your players do stupid crap like that, they gave away two 50’s in a minute.
Jackwatt$: Also start with.nobody over 600k.
LuvIt74: I have Marchbank & WHE last week is where i killed it
Chelskiman: No, that’s what happens when the game is run by umpires who grew up playing netball.
runt: Riewoldt needs to get the eyes going
LuvIt74: but this week I went with what i thought would be cash generation @ SACRIFICED a donut but its gonna killl me
runt: bright eyes…burning like a fire
cusch1: how did bont get 30 points for 5 touches that quarter
Brown*Dog: Bashar is well past his prime – puts teammates under pressure with hospital hand passes
Beast_Mode: lol tiges getting reamed by the umps
BC__: Bont gives away free gets +4
thommoae: Fiorini to ANB to Bont in the least 3 weeks; at last a result!
poolboybob: Butler playing just the first quarter again
thommoae: Mind you, I’m talking anything 50 + = result!
circle52: Stringer red cross as well gone for the day
cusch1: there is a small chance that stringer could come back on circle. No ice on yet
Hoot: Bloody soft umpiring
Roksta: Freekicktigers
cusch1: Roksta the tigers are getting robbed if anything here
LuvIt74: dunkleys shoulder popped out
tankin: freekickdogs
hinsch: picking Brisbane LIONs to beat Swans tomorrow may not have been that far off the way this round is going
Hoot: Tigers head starts at the hips.
Roksta: Die Martin
Roksta: Adams dragged down without it
Roksta: Haha Martin flog
LuvIt74: good boy martin
TheBoy89: Fuck you dusty
Hoot: Bomb with some party tricks the tigers have never seen.
LuvIt74: that was just supurb play by the dogs
hinsch: mccrae kick the last two goals get it ove with
Hoot: Bont*
Chelskiman: Once they hit the front it’ll be over.
LuvIt74: poetry in motion the dogs are when they are fluent it just looks effortless.
Roksta: Haha dustys goal
JockMcPie: Hey I might get a tip right this round!
at_123: I flowering love you Bont
Chelskiman: The Dogs have unlimited stamina. They never get tired in the last quarter.
LuvIt74: @roksta im a dogs supporter but mate with all due respect take it easy
TheBoy89: monty, star for clay smith.
Roksta: Apologies to Richmond supporters but I don’t like your team
cusch1: X Factor Smith
LuvIt74: @Chelskimm its never over mate still plenty of time
chinkas: tiges showing true colours
heppelitis: chocolate star fish for my capt dustin
JockMcPie: Wait theres a dogs supporter in chat? They must be winning…
cusch1: Tthat was a throw jesus
hinsch: Get the feeling Roksta does not really like Dusty thoughts???
at_123: X Factor Smith. Star Bont
Gott2Win: Bont loves the second halves. I’d like to know his average SC scores from the second halves this year
ballbag: just got a pulse in the jocks. thanks for a captains ton bonts after last 2 weeks 😈
the worm: i doubt anyone likes dusty
TheBoy89: good job bont covered up sloane’s dirty job
Roksta: True hinsch
Roksta: How is that not holding the ball
LuvIt74: gr8 play there by the tigers
TheBoy89: come on dusty ton up
fonzie: time to get rid of martin
Chelskiman: Lol, all the Dusty haters. If he was in your team you would all love him.
Zeratul: As someone who forgot to do their tips… cmon tigers!
cusch1: Dusty was incredible there
CBeezDeez: Star to Dahl for me…
the worm: my only rule is never take dusty
cusch1: Tom Boyd should play in the ruck permanently.
LuvIt74: gr8 mark by boyd htf wasn’t it paid
Roksta: Boyd mark?
Gott2Win: Macrae was on 24 at half time wasn’t he?
cusch1: clearly touched
at_123: I’ll say it again. I flowering love you Bont
LuvIt74: heaps of time
cusch1: Dahlhaus has had 4 touches and his sc hasnt changed whatsoever
LuvIt74: bont saved my a$$ although i’ll still score crap
JockMcPie: Butler for winning goal? Or Dahl?
cusch1: tiges got robbed
LuvIt74: well done doggies
TheBoy89: i vc’d bont last week done awesome. vc’d sloane done shit now bont has done it again
Beast_Mode: frees 24-13, lol ump scum at its finest
JockMcPie: Was a good call that deliberate
Roksta: Cusch clearly doesn’t like dogs
cusch1: martin robbed as well for sure
LuvIt74: @cusch u need to be sponsored by OPSM mate. Did u see Boyd’s mark in the square not paid?
SilverLion: Ying Yang Macrae
boo!: die bont
at_123: Did the same thing @theboy just consistently delivering!
TheBoy89: bont averaging the highest now. i think?

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