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Chat log from R6 of 2017: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, R6 of 2017

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heppelitis: Murph definitely in?
JockMcPie: Go VC Buddy, Newman, Hanners, JPK, Marchbank and Fisher
Karlpov: Is anyone having problems viewing this game through the app?
SC_brAh: JPK, Docherty, Newman, Fisher!
Karlpov: Aside from the app being horrendous
man0005: Fanfooty has an app?
luke394: the SC app is the worst
Karlpov: Nah the AFL app
cammo92: @Karlpov – Yep, only showing 2016 matches. Don’t know why I pay for this shit
Crowls: thought about benching marchbank….
PLACEBOPIE: hope newman spuds it up 😀
Hinchy: I am Karl, the app has seemed to forgot there is a 2017 season
cold pies: Yep me to.. can only view 2016 game info. Bullshizzle
SilverLion: I’d take 100 from Murph this wek
m0nty: The way Zones runs and kicks reminds me of Stuart Maxfield.
SC_brAh: jpk lift…
PLACEBOPIE: is any app good? for scores besides here?
PLACEBOPIE: true monty
pcaman2003: C’mon Murphy you soft kok.
breadly: I was watching other game in the app but when I tried to change to this game it shit itself now I can’t watch either
Ladbrokes_: fisher and jpk, christ
SilverLion: Newman you legend
Hinchy: dream stats is a decent app
pcaman2003: Go Newman. Show Murphy how to play will ya?
SilverLion: m0nty, $ for Fisher and Newman?
circle52: Gee Hanners and JPK what are you doing,
Crowls: who has jpk vc?
Rush: Wish i stuck Newman on field
luke394: punted March for fisher and Florent for balic, next week swallow to pendles
JButcher: I understand that JPK has slow starts to the season but this is atrocious
ballbag: @placebo iuse footylite i think its called
SilverLion: Has there really only been 1 free kick?
PLACEBOPIE: cheers ballbag
tbrowne: Buddy has gone into the rooms- source Triple M
SC_brAh: spewing i went fisher over parfit
pcaman2003: 2 shockers in a row for Murphy I think. Dud!
9inch: Stay down Murph and Cripps
SilverLion: Lift Murph
SC_brAh: good boy JPK!
SilverLion: Just like that Murph gets 2 kicks haha
Torz: Jake Lloyd would have to be my best pick at the start of the year.
luke394: Murph 8 touches for 12 lol
Karlpov: Murphy get up son
luke394: 19 now haha
JButcher: Thank you JPK
sfmmp23: Come on Hanners, Buddy and Newman.
ballbag: are my comments censored? LOL its OK to recommend FF to others but you dont what mention of other sites here?
Ladbrokes_: Nic Newman you precious, precious being
SilverLion: Lloyd getting 2 touches at qtr time fair enough.
StuL: Lloyd! Go boy.
ballbag: @placebo ofniytoof
SilverLion: My oppo has Docherty and Lloyd, oh boy.
Karlpov: Keep going Murph!
ballbag: lets go blues. i p put money on you for 1st 6 behinds you pathetic flogs!!!!
BzBman8: Be the first time lloyds had a decent first term. Glad i started with him
frenzy: well Fisher will be a money spinner
BzBman8: that a boy murphy!
SC_brAh: Fisher lift ffs, need to generate $
DrSeuss: Come on Marchbank
LMartos: triggered that I fielded Marchbank over Williamson
BzBman8: talked a mate in to play hampton over marchbank this week, due to syds fwds
SilverLion: Cape looming for Murph at this rate…
boo!: cmon murph, 120sc+
luke394: love it Hanners lost no points for that FA
poido123: off murphy you soft
SilverLion: Gotta love being in the Murph and Bonti camps. So much hate towards them haha
BzBman8: lol
poido123: murphy is a sof i would never have him based on that
wadaramus: Newman gone missing this quarter?
anthsill03: You’re soft poido bugger off
SC_brAh: jpk fix your efficiency and fisher do something…
StuL: Marchbank might be just about cooked.
poido123: antshill. why do you think he gets aimed up nearly every game? he doesnt have dodgy shoulders for nothing
ballbag: marchbank is good for 70 each week
SC_brAh: Newman going backwards this QTR 🙁
9inch: Not liking the SC JPK but can get better.
SilverLion: Gotta be unbias in SC to have the best team
shaker: Marchbank is gone next week Carlton Spud
SilverLion: @wadaramus Sydney as a team have stopped this quarter
luke394: id love a marchbank 50
ballbag: marchbank will get 50 without a sweat
GJayBee: murphy should get massaged first if he tons up
luke394: he’s right on track Ballbag
GJayBee: Today Ballbag, I hope you are an oracle
StuL: A bit clangery this qtr Newman
poido123: what would a ballbag know?
9inch: Cripps should be on 30sc hack.
frenzy: argh Newman
luke394: Newman has scored -1 this quarter love that 🙁
fonzie: Fu Reid lift
Ringo4567: where all the marchbank haters gone?
sfmmp23: Shocking qtr from buddy and Newman.
StuL: Go marchbank! Love him now.
GJayBee: lets prey for Newman, to every imaginary man there is
luke394: love it how march bank got points for that clanger handball that resulted in Sydney goal
SilverLion: Cape quarte for Murph/Dock? Were huge
colin wood: Bloody Newman. Was worried about Cripps and Marchy now its the opposite. Gotta love SC!
PLACEBOPIE: newman muhahaha might take melican better and cheap too never pull the trigger early
Erich1036: @luke394 a clanger is an UNFORCED error, can’t be a clanger while you’re getting tackled…
the worm: 50pts in a quarter earns the cape
shaker: If the Swans cant over run this mob in 2nd half might be time for a new coach and a rebuild
ballbag: jpk really turned into a sc hack this year. his sc was always higher than his dt
Pecks: Fisher looking like a great pick
SilverLion: Fisher lifting…
poido123: cmon sydney. please dont ruin my multi ffs
luke394: Newman wow get a touch
Pokerface: zombie simpson
pcaman2003: Newman only 58% game time. WTF!
TheBoy89: looks like docherty was a great trade
poido123: off sydney. this is pathetic
StuL: Doch and some back. When they go big they go massive
duckky: Newman on bench. Spending least time of anyone on the ground.
luke394: I think Gary Rohan is dead
Demons15: ffs newman call back horse’s daughter so you can get on field
poido123: why the is newman on the bench!!!
anthsill03: Sydney r soft like ur multi poido
GJayBee: Why is his name Newman? It’s bad ju ju
travo: shizern .. ouch hope hes ok
luke394: get Newmn back on field Horse u fuckwit
TheBoy89: franklin is dead
PLACEBOPIE: rohan will score more on a stretcher 😀
wadaramus: FFS Horse, get Newman back on the ground.
rebird: Maybe Newman will get on the ground now
GJayBee: My dream is that Newman and Murphy play kick to kick. Actually, in SC that wouldn’t be worth it
FREODUCK: newmie should get more gametime now
TheBoy89: am i the only one who didn’t fall for newman’s trap
GJayBee: Murphy needs some injections, not performance enhancing, just pain relief
TheBoy89: instead i stayed with hampton
GJayBee: Newman has made me $80,000 and Hibbard looked dead
BzBman8: that goal
StuL: Losing to a rabble Swans
luke394: a rookie averaging 86 isn’t a trap Boy 89
TheBoy89: so glad i traded out murphy
wadaramus: Newman trap?? 80K first price rise!
FREODUCK: well hes averaging 80 with a lowest score of 71 and had 135 in the neafl last week and is playing carlton
FREODUCK: your probably stupid for not playing him. Sometime things just dont go your way in fantasy
TheBoy89: true
TheBoy89: lol freoduck at the moment everything is going in my favour but your right newman is good
penguins00: May have to spud up the swans later if they keep this up
CamT: Newman wasn’t a trap … Zac Fisher on the otherer hand …
PLACEBOPIE: melican trap is next 😀
pcaman2003: FFS Murphy,you plow.Useless as …. on a bull.
luke394: Newman average will obviously drop after today but his b/e is -64 and he’s 208k already
TheBoy89: oh wait… what i mean it was a trap trading newman for hampton. other wise for hiberd etc its good
luke394: simpson feasting like a pig here
Sloaneyyyy: Parker will be awesome next week after I trade him out – lost patience
TheBoy89: true im a fuckhead for trading in fisher
9inch: Move JPK, at least out score Murphy in SC.
luke394: yeah agree Boy89, I’ve got em both making good $$, I was hoping Simpson wouldn’t hit his usual 150 yet wanted him cheap
willywalks: did murphy and newman come out after ht, going to flower my score this week…
TheBoy89: i traded out murph for treloar
luke394: happy I loop holed Newman at this stage
Sloaneyyyy: not a good sign that they’ve taken off footage of the Rohan incident ?
TheBoy89: simpson is good but doc is probaby better
luke394: stay down Buddy want u in a few weeks
luke394: swans still win this
TheBoy89: greene is suspended, buddy is in bad form, lynch isn’t a bad option but im probably goona trade in macrae
cold pies: @theboy stop trollin. Your team and trade moves change everygame. Your dribblin poop
SilverLion: Newman was 27 at 1/4 time
cold pies: You must have 30 extra trades than everyone else
SilverLion: Up arrow for Sinclair
sfmmp23: Come on buddy, need a big last qtr
FREODUCK: imagine owning simo doc and lloyd
the worm: yep, his points are going up alright. good boy newman
Sloaneyyyy: Newman is sufferring from lack of game time, its not his fault
TheBoy89: cold pies want proof?
SilverLion: cmon murph, all I want is 100 🙁
cold pies: Dont need proof.. youve already proven what a dietcoke you are.
luke394: Newman comes back on and swans are going better no coincidence lol
TheBoy89: fuck off you salty pie supporter
SilverLion: Nice 2 minute patch here from Newman
luke394: newman 12 possess at 83% for 38 robbed?
Sloaneyyyy: Hopefully Marchbank can get to 80
ronl: murphy having a prolem running out games?
willywalks: magically 46 for newman now, need a decent 4th from him…
colin wood: Come on Cripps. Currently failiing to live upto your standards son big last Q please.
SilverLion: Blues won’t win unless at least one of their mids tons up surely.
DanBlack: Is this FREODUCK from the Purple Reign?
wadaramus: Carn NEwman and Murph, big 4th quarter boys.
sfmmp23: Hanners, Buddy and Newman. Big last qtr please
9inch: Long break?
GJayBee: Kick it to Murph, that is all I have.
JRedden: ill be happy with 70 from newman
colin wood: Patty atta boy!
SilverLion: Murph 100 and Newman 80 and I’ll be ecstatic
poido123: i hate that over the mark rule. so stupid
poido123: this is disgraceful swans. f.cking lose to these hacks
SC_brAh: come on fisher get a 50!
luke394: nemwan aint getting 80 silver lion
pcaman2003: Murph ya spud…get the bloody pill mate.
GJayBee: Murphy, the other’s don’t matter, I believe in you.
poido123: carlton cant play any better than this. betting sucks sometimes
SilverLion: @luke He might 🙂
luke394: Fisher lifting for a 50
PLACEBOPIE: Melican beating newman 🙂
anthsill03: Would you like some salt with your chips
Migz: Was 50 anyday of the week poido don’t be salty at that. Paply did it twice this game
colin wood: Right come on Swans fight back now and Newman kick 3.
ballbag: @poido noice isn’t it heheheh
FREODUCK: can we just take a moment and appreciate what Macrhbank has done for us this season
SilverLion: Do somethin Murph
Pokerface: blue moon sinclair
poido123: Migs, the players often play for that free, sometimes its no more than half a step and the ref cant wait to blow his nut
PLACEBOPIE: need march to cash in now get over 80
chinkas: murph is scared of the sherrin
pcaman2003: Murphy avoiding the ball.Might hurt himself.
the worm: @pcaman he’s saving himself for finals
Migz: And the man on the mark needs to play to the umpire. So again don’t be salty
mardyb: id take 65 from newman at this point
Karlpov: Comon murphy junk time
poido123: cmon swans!!
Zeratul: Cmon buddy, never to late to kick few quickies!
the worm: does salty mean annoyed?
poido123: Migs, you sound like a ref. Go get yourself a nice yellow Tshirt
ballbag: % blues. go for the kill 😠
Migz: Aha I do goal umpiring. Pretty sad you’re complaining about basic rules you learn at auskick
Pokerface: my gf says i taste annoyed
shaker: About time the heat went on horse give Bucks a rest
luke394: fair goal Parker lol
poido123: Btw Migs, Ive seen ref blow play on early,the player on the mark thinks its playon then gets done. need benefit of doubt
TheBoy89: murphy on 13 since half time pfftt thats why i traded him out
poido123: Migs, take your pompous elsewhere. typical ref knob
SC_brAh: jpk 100 minimum please
SilverLion: Murph might scrape a 90 with scaling, maybe
pcaman2003: Murphy hovering packs looking for cheap possies.Won’t go in.
luke394: ur pathetic Sydney losing to a bottom 2 team like Carlton
Migz: Read what your typing poido. Only one person here sounds like a knob. Ps. It’s you
luke394: Murph is a massive sheep dog
chinkas: midge , podia zzzzz
chinkas: wow autocorrect dogged me hard then
poido123: off murphy looking for his cheap possies at the end
Beast_Mode: 3/3 so far in the tips, pretty happy.
PLACEBOPIE: if newman can get to 58 i’ll be happy 😀
Sloaneyyyy: knew I shoulda put some $$$ on the Blues
ballbag: loving this game @poido! and you? 😂
luke394: do I take Newman’s 60 or risk Stewart?
shaker: Hang your head in shame Sydney
Sloaneyyyy: Parker has redeemed himself for one more week
SC_brAh: probably go /w newman
poido123: josh kennedy looks tired. been a hard couple of weeks for the swans
SC_brAh: jpk weak…
luke394: Newman robbed at the end
poido123: ballbag, id be towelling you up in DT and SC. no crying here ;P
CBeezDeez: I’ve argued 6 weeks for U now JPK… But U gotta go now matey!!
ballbag: @poido yeh? I’m top 10 overall in DT ATM

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