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Chat log from R5 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Carlton

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Carlton, R5 of 2017

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kosduras: even lads!
BaxterR: evening
frenzy: evening all
Costanza: isn’t Anzac Day next Tuesday? loses impact
wadaramus: Tipping Port but go Carlton!
mardyb: how did Carlton even get a friday night game?
ballbag: I may have to close your account PayPal PepperPig if you do NOT lift!!!!
chinkas: predicting a blowout here
Oli_hawks: docherty vc?
frenzy: rookies everywhere now
JButcher: evening chaps
feralmong: Hehe watch the blues win it cos we don’t expect it.
JockMcPie: Murphy for 50!
PLACEBOPIE: pick newman they said he’s cheap they said 😀 rookie move no job security 😀
wadaramus: If he can’t score well tonight ballbag, he’s goneski.
JockMcPie: Song is spine-tingling every time
frenzy: alpsholed ryder last week, watch him go big
wadaramus: Murphy for 150!
fonzie: howdy gents
KOSY: already looking like its gonna be a long night for carlton supporters
Grumpman: Gee already looking bad for the blue baggers.
chinkas: may as well put the traffic cone on simon white now, saves doing it after
JockMcPie: Good night for Marchbank!
Chelskiman: Carn Docherty! 120 would be nice.
StuL: Go Pickett. Big money! Give us a 40!
JButcher: If marchbank can do that 5 times a quarter ill be very happy
runners47: Curse you, Hartlett – “no late change” to teams – except for you!!!
StuL: The AFL didn’t really think this through. Port training run on a Friday night?
wadaramus: Carn Carlton, man up and give a contest!
zadolinnyj: Gents
Chelskiman: Is SPP even on the ground?
Chelskiman: I think I see him. Now just get a touch.
circle52: SPP Just got a touch –
Chelskiman: Picked Port by 60 in the tipping. Thinking I may have gone a bit low now.
circle52: Come on Carlton give a contest – Do not want to face a relative fresh Power next week.
zadolinnyj: This is just the prelude to the after game fight club
boo!: lift power pooper
JButcher: Robbie Gray automatic trade in after R6 position update
Kernahan: Evening Gents. This one is going to get ugly for the Blues
m0nty: come on rookies, make this game interesting
zadolinnyj: Correct monty
fonzie: very true monty
JockMcPie: SPP already a Clanger…..
Chelskiman: God dammit, SPP. You’re going to give me about a 35 tonight, aren’t you?
Pokerface: doesn’t murphy have a bandaid yet?
feralmong: Fortunately only a loophole E on spp.
JockMcPie: I’ve benched SPP for the loophole so it’s all good.
Chelskiman: Got SPP + Docherty vs SPS and SPS is nearly beating the both of them with one kick, lmao.
JButcher: Poor skills hurting us again
runners47: Poor skills hurting us even more…
Pokerface: wall for SPP
PieBoy: onya picky
ballbag: welcome to my team Polson. Now 80+ please
boo!: no duigan no carlton
Heizenberg: Hi guys
feralmong: Heya heize.
Heizenberg: Bolton doing the longmire hand elling
Heizenberg: Yelling*
zadolinnyj: Hey Heiz
Heizenberg: Sup feral?
feralmong: I’m ruining Murphy. Brought him in.
Chelskiman: SPS legit has more points than two of my players put together. WTF
Chelskiman: And my opp obviously has SPS.
ballbag: his name was Robert Polson.. his NAME was Robert Polson. HIS NAME was robert Polson
StuL: Murphy can’t pump out 130-150 every week. Due a quieter one.
Heizenberg: Fuck silvagni too slow
Chelskiman: Docherty and SPP, hang your heads in shame.
Heizenberg: Sick Agni should have kicked that goal earlier
Heizenberg: Silvagni*
man0005: his name was Robert Polson.. his NAME was Robert Polson. HIS NAME was robert Polson
Heizenberg: Who the fuck is Robert poison?
the worm: yeah keanu was great in that movie
PLACEBOPIE: march doc tick tick
Heizenberg: Polson*
Heizenberg: What movie?
m0nty: enough Fight Club references, back on the game please
shaker: Haha keanu was not in it
zadolinnyj: Monty you are the oracle
Heizenberg: Ahh cool fight club
PieBoy: what movie u talking about?
Heizenberg: First rule of fan footy, don’t talk about fight club 🙂
zadolinnyj: Lol Heiz
zadolinnyj: Williamson looking good
feralmong: Lol Heize.
Heizenberg: Thanks zad xD
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Petrevski-Seton. Seriously, the little fucker is everywhere.
Heizenberg: Thanks boys 🙂
feralmong: Flames on Heizenberg. He’s on fire.
Heizenberg: Yes cassoulet!!!
Heizenberg: lol thanks feral
Heizenberg: Casboult*
Pokerface: Yeah m0nty is right. This game is gripping.
LuvIt74: evening all
boo!: lift white wines and plowman
runt: just finished watching fight club
Heizenberg: Carlton looking much much better since first 15
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Pokerface: That description for murphy should be changed. He is not leading anything, let alone the inside midfield
runt: Amazing hoiw many teams use rebuilding as an excuse to be shit
Heizenberg: Hi dirty
Raspel31: And ditto Dirty-evening all.
feralmong: G’day dirty.
runt: A team full of complete rookies is a rebuild the rest is just coaches buying time
zadolinnyj: Dirty
StuL: We have a problem Houston AND SPP!
LuvIt74: 100+ point win to Port?
circle52: Hi Dirty
Raspel31: What we have here is a failure to communicate.
mardyb: Polec one of the biggest downhill skiiers in the game
fonzie: spud for spp
NiKsTa92: Believe Carlton do fit the rebuild category
elroy67: Houston WAS going to be Balic this week…..
zadolinnyj: Massive spp throw there
LuvIt74: glad Pepper is on my bench
GJayBee: Mardyb, what do you think outside players, finishers, are meant to do?
Chelskiman: SPP starting to get involved a little bit more. Need him to be 45+ at half time.
runt: When did Carltons rebuild officially begin and what the hell were they doing before that?
elroy67: Ooops! i meant SPP
DanBlack: Only watching this game for Fantasy and betting
Tommo2909: Simpson tackle, handball receive and kick. +3 SC points
FlagDog: Houston bye bye you POS.
StuL: Ok should have got williamson.
Raspel31: Pepper doing fine Luvit-but I brought in Murphy-bubble bound to burst
mardyb: Gjay – he only plays well when they are beating up on teams
mardyb: when the game is hot – no where to be seen
GJayBee: Tommo, the more I learn about the SC the more I like DT. SC should have a few judeges and average them out
GJayBee: Marbyb, that’s his gig though, kinda like Cyrol in my opinion. They need the in and unders to feed it to em’
runt: Aidyn Johnson came in and is having a huge laugh
Ringo4567: murph should still break 100
Tommo2909: Is there even a system for scoring now, GJayBee? Like SC a lot but scoring confuses me
mardyb: i know what his role is, but what im saying is in big games he goes missing
StuL: Simmo get back to form but keep shedding cash.
GJayBee: Tommo, you know they have a great system. but there are humans involved and speculation
LuvIt74: yeah Murphy looking ordinary and his bubble will POP, Dr Pepper not doing fine IMO
boo!: cmon murfee
zadolinnyj: Carlton can’t afford these misses
GJayBee: Tommo, finding the SC scoring rules would be way harder than finding KFC’s recipie
LuvIt74: Williams looking good
LuvIt74: Houston looks shot to the Ship house
sfmmp23: The people who traded Fisher in early would be kicking themselves
circle52: Agree Luvit and played him on field over Butler
Heizenberg: Feral did you do match day?
Heizenberg: Exactly zad
Raspel31: Trading Williamson in one of the few good things
mardyb: same here circle
feralmong: Yeah I did heize
Heizenberg: Fuck Carlton 2.8
LuvIt74: i have both Butler & Houston on field
Heizenberg: Cool, how you going?
SaintsMan: No one cares luvit
feralmong: Going ok. C on murph. But 5 port players.
LuvIt74: Yeah there comes a time when ya just gotta bite the bullet and my m8 traded out Marchbank for Williams.
feralmong: Overall rank 770.
KOSY: if SPP can finish on 70 and houston on 60 ill be stoked
circle52: Carlton kicking themselves out of the game.
Breezey: Gone the VC on Wines. What do ya reckon people
zadolinnyj: Houston starting to work
LuvIt74: To go Roughy out to Stefen Martin via DPP so Nank gets back in his fwd line might be smart move
Heizenberg: Fuck carlton dominated last ten mins for nothing
Raspel31: Carlton defenders a premium-they do a lot of defending.
Heizenberg: Okay cool feral
JButcher: disappointing performance so far, against a top side we would be punished
Pokerface: what have been his other trades this year luvit
Heizenberg: And then that from Dixon and it just kills your clubs morale
LuvIt74: @feralmong u got the C on Murphy and your going ok?
mardyb: 35 from houston. would take a 70 from him!
feralmong: Hehe match day AFL fantasy.
jaxx: murphy doesn’t get that kick off the ground?
Blaknight: I’m.not kicking myself for going Fisher early. He’s on 35 at halftime and with a BE of -79 why would you be.
DirtyDawn: nice half Marchbank
LuvIt74: Houston pulled his head out his orifice and went BANG last 10 minutes, now he’ll score 10 points in 2nd half.
J_Herer: Williamson going well for a cash cow this week
jaxx: a.johnson needs a l plate
circle52: Got 2 loopholes SPP going bad so may not be used – Williamson if he keeps going could be used over Hampton.
J_Herer: Poweel-Pepper could be a trade this week, disposal a bit off and a touch slow
LuvIt74: personally going Fisher early is a absurd move.
LuvIt74: Circle if Williams scores 70+ take it over Hamton
LuvIt74: I have Newman on field, E on Hampton and if Hampton does crap then I’ll swap Newman to Stewart
JButcher: Like the idea LuvIt but even if Hampton does crap, stewart might be crapper
Pokerface: don’t encourage him JButcher
LuvIt74: @Butcher Its the only way to improve your point generation, that opposite can be said also in that case
JButcher: The beauty of fantasy football LuvIt
Pokerface: picking high scoring players. that improves point generation.
Heizenberg: Cmon blues!!! Clean it up second half
LuvIt74: @poker and u have 22 high scoring players at round 5 right
Pokerface: yet to see how the rest of my team does this weekend luvit
LuvIt74: If Hampton scores a 40 odd, then sure Stewart may score less however it’s worth taking the risk, it can’t get much wors
spudaroos: Curnow seems handy around the ground, looks a star for the future.
LuvIt74: The rookies this year are very inconsistent, everyone thought Dr Pepper was going to be the most cash effective rookie.
feralmong: I have the same def loop luvit.
The39Steps: On the other hand @spudaroos, how did Ed ever get to mid $500 price?
bones351: I think a lot will Feral. Myself included.
LuvIt74: @feral ya can’t go wrong that way, at least it gives u a 2nd chance if Hampton stuffs up
LuvIt74: Think i just gave a few people ideas lol
bones351: Charlie Curnow has a hell of a lot of potential Spud. Big body and agile.
Breezey: Got no idea Carey
feralmong: Well done bt ugh most hyphens playing since who gives a toss
McRooster: Points wise, if If Zac Dawson was cloned with Sam Rowe DNA, the result would be Tyson Vickery
Pokerface: wtf was that? oh ok he’s not robbies little brother. but he plays like a little brother
JButcher: Jesus Carey butchered that call @Breezy
Jukes82: is williamson worth getting on next week?
zadolinnyj: Lol feral
Breezey: Ya not wrong JButch.
LuvIt74: @jukes82 No way
feralmong: Duck just called him lesser gray. What a flog.
JButcher: I have a lot of respect for Carey as a player, but as a commentator he is deadset flog
bones351: I don’t need a def downgrade. That’s where I need an upgrade!
Breezey: Finally caught a break did Robbie. No marks, lost a brother. Finally kicks the goal
the worm: lol at people suddenly surprised that carey is a flog
zadolinnyj: Lol breezy
Chelskiman: Can’t wait to start Gray in my forward line next season.
zadolinnyj: Lost a brother in that line cracked me up @Breezy
The39Steps: Whatever possessed the powers to be (excuse the pun) to put this game on a Friday night?
LuvIt74: Same applies for the Greater & Lessor Kudu (African Antelope) R Gray Greater & S Gray Lesser WELCOME
feralmong: It’s the first game I had loops luvit. All my rookies were playing.
IKnowALL: Doch has kicked it himself 7 times now from kick ins, how is he on 60, CD making shower up again
JRedden: polson hasnt touched the ball for an hour..
zadolinnyj: Releasing the inner David Attenborough @ Luvit
McRooster: @ The 39 – It’s probably coz every South Aussie has the Power Blues
JButcher: I agree 39Steps I love Friday night footy at Adelaide Oval but I would have loved to face a Geelong instead
IKnowALL: Not mention doch is getting destroyed by gray
Breezey: It’s the Gray show at the moment. That’s Robbie not his delisted brother Sam
bigblain: Spot on butchy
circle52: @Chelskiman will not be alone in that one.
JButcher: Love your work @Breezy
zadolinnyj: Simpson in next week.
tankin: glad i didnt touch fisher or polson. ive got enough rookie that are allergic to the pill
DrSeuss: Polson and Fisher are both around the ball – but the Carlton players seem to ignore them; and they cant hit a target
Kernahan: HIT a target blues
pcaman2003: Wonder if Murphy will lay a tackle? Soft as butter.
JockMcPie: Boak done for the night
Snarfy: Boak going to bed early tonite
JRedden: murphy 9 marks, so annoying how cheap he is
Kernahan: End of Murphy 120+ run
LuvIt74: What poxy ink work does wingrd have, get a leave done otherwise work from the top downwards…
Breezey: Murph plays for Fantasy scores. He loopholed himself tonight
zadolinnyj: I hear the game in China is sold out. Not bad
pcaman2003: SPP only 57% game time. Being managed??
Raspel31: Thanks Breezey-as did I
Gotigres: Keep going Ryder
Jaypa: Probably don’t need the Red Cross on Boak, just because he’s sitting off..
circle52: Was announced early today zado.
Jaypa: Makes it seem a lot worse than what it is for those not watching the game
JButcher: Should ramp up now pcaman with Boaky done
9inch: Junk time SPP. Man down.
zadolinnyj: Ta circle52
LuvIt74: I was really hoping to see pittard score 100+ so i get him next week but unsure now
Breezey: The first choice ness AFL player will be in attendance @Zado. Kick sum gol.
pcaman2003: Hope so jbutcher
Breezey: Auto correct bloody hell. Chinese AFL player
LuvIt74: Both Simpson @ Docherty might be worth looking at post bye
JButcher: So do I pcaman perfect junk scenario
sgriff5: Come on blues my points margin needs help
zadolinnyj: I want to go to the China game. Take a meat pie and eat it with chop sticks
Breezey: How many goals will Carlton kick. 2 or another one.
zadolinnyj: Probably sell fosters unfortunately
LuvIt74: @sgriff5 your points margin should have been 103
Breezey: Any sauce @Zado.
zadolinnyj: Carlton back line will be quite good in the years to come.
LuvIt74: Just Soy
Chelskiman: I swear 80% of my Friday games end up with poor scores.
DrSeuss: Saying that, Polson also hasn’t laid a tackle or done much else since quarter time
zadolinnyj: Straight up @Breezy lol Luvit
The39Steps: Has the filth scored this qtr?
LuvIt74: what a Goal
zadolinnyj: Wines is a bull
Breezey: Port are playing with them now.
Pokerface: geez, can’t see eddy making it back in a hurry with the way johnson is going
BOMBRBLITZ: give Carltank the witches hats
PLACEBOPIE: doc had 4 possies in 20 secs and a tackle all with in a metre 😀
sgriff5: Lol luvit74 Blues punished me again
LuvIt74: carlton look like they should be playing under 16’s
StuL: Man Carlton suck. They make the Isotopes look half decent.
circle52: agree Pokerface –
LuvIt74: They aren’t tanking they are just that ship im afraid
sgriff5: Don’t think blues kicked a point
circle52: Only caution is how many times have we soon rook score big then spud it second game.
bigblain: Carlton’s got a serious case of the puberty blues!
sfmmp23: SPP has almost reached his BE, now for him to reach 65+
IKnowALL: 4 pos that were all ineffective
StuL: Lift SPP. The axe looms.
Seb78: Cmon Ryder do something
JButcher: Brett Eddy is a brilliant pickup for the Port Maggies @Poker, just doesn’t suit our game style unfortunately
LuvIt74: Marchbank making cash for another week
bigblain: Eddy will squeeze his way back in adter a bag against the cocks.
carlton_99: We are playing 7 teenagers and 13 p[layers under 23. Give us a break. We will be much stronger contenders for final soon
JButcher: For who is the only question @bigblain
standog: Traded Ryder in thinking he’d have a decent game against average opp.
standog: I was wrong
LuvIt74: The players Carlton had and got rid of is just unreal, there selectors should be shot
Ash777: after this rnd it looks like I’m trading out marchbank n spp for adams n fisher/ johnson
Raspel31: Well said carlton 99-on the right track.
thornz23: They gave docherty 3 point there where he should have had at least 10 maybe 15..
LuvIt74: @carlton “soon” care to define soon? Not prior to 2050 right?
carlton_99: @Raspel. Finally someone who understands what we are doing.
tankin: yeh i noticed that too thornz
carlton_99: @LuvIt74 u must be a two year old if thats your comeback. We have the youth to build a great team in the future.
circle52: @carlton_99 Fully understand as Brisbane are the same in fact we have a younger list than you.
thornz23: I’m with you 99.. first time in a long time Iv been hopeful
carlton_99: @circle52. Yes but the differnece is we are debuting people every week so it takes time for them to settle.
DrSeuss: Marchbank has stopped
carlton_99: @Thornz23. Exactly im very hopeful with what Bolts is doing.
The39Steps: No one is doubting the filth strategy is right. Just why put them on TV on a Friday night. Everyone deserves better.
Gotigres: Murphy showing his true value now
sgriff5: Can Robbie gray kick more than blues only 6 points down
thornz23: Gotta agree with that 39. Couldn’t work it out last year either where we musta had 8 Friday games
Pokerface: pepper has crossed the $ threshold
carlton_99: last yr we had no friday games.
Breezey: The first 8 weeks of Friday nights are pre determined at the beginning of the season unfortunately
The39Steps: It also puts too much pressure on the kids, the club etc.
runners47: Am hopeful too, 99 – it’s the blowouts that can discourage, if we let them…
runners47: Yes, thornz23 – no Friday games last year for the Blues – and Brisbane, if I’m correct
Raspel31: Go Carlton-least you won a game and rebuilding-unlike Hawks.
carlton_99: @runner47. Exactly but we shouldnt let it.
Monfries96: Time to upgrade SPP?
thornz23: If not last year it musta been the one before
StuL: Murphy still on 22 touches. Too much hb.
JockMcPie: Still don’t think Carlton should get a friday night game unless its against a lower team
circle52: Brisbane did not request a friday night game and none this year.
carlton_99: @Raspel. Exactly we are clearly rebuilding and losses are expected, but letting the youngsters play is fantastic.
The39Steps: But everyone knew the Blues were going too struggle. Tonight should be reserved for blockbusters.
mardyb: take SPP score or risk parfitt?
JButcher: Definitely @Monfries he’s done his job
circle52: All you Carlton supporters should be a great game on 23rd julky when the 2 young teams go haed to head
Breezey: Stop handballing Ollie.
carlton_99: Honestly we need Kreuz. Phillips is underdone and has dudded it today.
Pokerface: $ for marchbank too
runners47: You’re right, 99 – I think Bolts is helping them keep perspective
Monfries96: Cheers Butch love your work
circle52: Time for Newman on field I think with Williamson 70+
runt: Good thing the Blues put inb a good performance with the eyes of the nation upon them. Time for another rebuild ?
zadolinnyj: Whoever is on pittard needs to man up
Breezey: Gibbs is thinking “if only I was traded”
carlton_99: @Runt what other rebuild?
pcaman2003: Murphy has caved in.Can’t get the ball and no tackles. Weak as !
runt: rebuilds are just another name for recruiters screwing up.
runt: How long until the end of time?
JButcher: Junk it up Houston, PP and Marchbank
zadolinnyj: Carlton should have taken Lyons and dear for Gibbs. Dear kicked 60 odd in sanfl last year. A gun
carlton_99: @Runt. Its called fixing up Malthouse’s mistakes!
carlton_99: Lyons and Dear not enough for Gibbs who is contracted.
feralmong: Murph is so slow and can’t put any pressure on.
Raspel31: Everone jumping on the Murphy bandwagon-still 24 touches? He’s a champ.
zadolinnyj: McGovern will go to Perth next year and Dear will show how good he is for the crows
Breezey: And Gibbs would’ve held up a key defensive post in the Reserves for Adelaide
AngryRyno: Lyons wouldn’t come to Carlton, that was never going to happen
LuvIt74: Once Carlton “rebuild” the select few players they will have that are above average they will cull for more youth.
luke394: thanked Murph is finally having a bad one
luke394: thank god Murph is finally having a bad one
Pokerface: @zad they would have only traded Dear out again zad if he is a goalkicker
feralmong: Murph looks sore
Gotigres: Pickett would be more useful if he wasn’t playing
carlton_99: @LuvIt.That makes no sense, but if thats what you believe.
zadolinnyj: And a pick carlton_99? I’m pumped we kept The Deer. You needed a tall marking forward and he’s under 20 and already play
m0nty: MM could still go 120, don’t go too early
LuvIt74: Carltons list managers wouldn’t have a clue, kindergarten kids could put together a better list with finger panting.
zadolinnyj: Lol poker
benzammit: Still plenty to share in points pool.
runt: Murphy is a marking machine.
carlton_99: @LuvIt Silvagni is now our new recruitment manager. So he wont make old mistakes. He was the person who set up the GWS
JButcher: Jeez Robbie got robbed
J_Herer: Murphy gets a lot of cheap mark/kick in link up play
pcaman2003: @runt.Getting mostly easy touches. Hardly any cont possies and no tackles.
luke394: dont think so Monty
zadolinnyj: The afl set up GWS.
luke394: powell pepper is becoming a spud
Pokerface: think m0nty is looking at DT
AngryRyno: the AFL set up GWS, not Silvagni, overloaded them with picks
anthsill03: @luvit 6 teenagers playing tonight.
Breezey: Of Sam @JButcher. Last time I promise
Tigger5: really don’t think it was too hard to set up GWS with the amount of concessions they got. @carlton_99
Pokerface: powell pepper was 4.50 for rising star before today…
Raspel31: Trengrove was miles off side.
zadolinnyj: Lol
luke394: does anyone even play DT anymore?
carlton_99: And look what Silvagni has done with Carlton. Great recruuiting so far. And that is my point
frenzy: c’mon Plow-Pepper
anthsill03: Didn’t the afl set up GC? What happened there.
JButcher: Don’t know how Ebert has become so fantasy relevant but I love it
sgriff5: Carlton Giant Blues
circle52: Got to decide whether to take what SPP ends with or rely on Parfitt to beat it.
luke394: a spud for SC Pokerface prob end up being a good player
sfmmp23: How has pickett not been dropped?
LuvIt74: @anthsill03 your point is? Dogs often had 6 teenagers playing in 2015 & to a lesser extent last year.
carlton_99: We just need one more big forward with Cas, and time to develop pur young kids and we will be a solid team.
carlton_99: @Sgriff5. IDK get why people bag us for getting GWS players they are overflowed with talent. Why wouldnt u get them.
zadolinnyj: GC used picks to get too many old established players. GWS got two guns then all kids. People were bagging gws for it
JButcher: #RobbieRobbed
The39Steps: @sfmmp23 – Carlton has never about talent. It’s your bloodlines.
zadolinnyj: Dear is a tall forward. Hard to come by.
carlton_99: @LuvIt we have had like 7 debuts in five games this yr did the Dogs do that as well?
zadolinnyj: Gray could have kicked 14
BestCoast: Blues are on the right track that had to go backwards to go forward
carlton_99: It wasnt a mark Butcher
LuvIt74: GWS = John West they keep quality. Carlton pick up what John West reject.
zadolinnyj: Nothing wrong with Carlton taking gws players. Taking crows who couldn’t get a game was wrong
zadolinnyj: Lol
LuvIt74: @carlton YES they did
sgriff5: I don’t blame them. Better than spuds like Vickery
Raspel31: Murph still off-damn.
carlton_99: @LuvIt 74. So Marchbank and Plowman are duds then?
JButcher: Honestly just like the hashtag @carlton_99
AngryRyno: Wright and Kedge have been great pick ups
runt: rebuilding or not 90 point thrashing is pretty average
BestCoast: As long as the Blues don’t squander future draft picks they will come good
zadolinnyj: Butcher was hot property in year 2. Port should have traded him. Richmond wanted him bad
Ringo4567: Honestly Robert Polson probably would have done better than this spud
anthsill03: @luvit Who do you support
carlton_99: @Runt. A 90 pt thrashing is expected in a rebuild.
Pokerface: hows kristian jaksch panning out?
BestCoast: @runt that is the nature of the beast unfortunately
zadolinnyj: Rather be carlton then hawthorn right now. They traded their 3 future picks to go bottom
LuvIt74: Wish Wines played like this last season.
LuvIt74: Bulldogs
LuvIt74: not quite a 100 point loss but i was close
runt: I’ll say.
JButcher: @zadolinnyj unfortunately we convinced ourselves that JButch was “the future”
Breezey: Good final qtr Paddy
AngryRyno: Carlton get the GWS guys for nothing, it doesn’t really matter if guys like Jaksch only play VFL
sgriff5: Blues rebuilding for the last 11 years
BestCoast: @zandolinnyj you guys are definitely the team to beat this year looking very solid
BestCoast: @sgriff5 dockers rebuilding for 25 years
carlton_99: @Sgriff. No we havent actually we have made finals and won finals in the last 6-7 years. This is our first TRUE rebuild
zadolinnyj: Problem is early form makes you a target. We will be worked out at some point. Happy B Crouch is back in.
zadolinnyj: Would think west coast will do damage if they kick straight
sgriff5: Dockers sux mate
zadolinnyj: Essendon ban got carlton finals one year from 9th
LuvIt74: @carlton Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt
cammo92: @Sgriff – at least they’ve won a final in the past 15 years
Ash777: blues list looks like shit against a wall at this stage
calboye: whats the symbol on wingard?
StuL: Picketts dne
BestCoast: @zandolinnyj the crows will improve mark my words any team that constantly kicks 20 plus is right there
Jaypa: No magnet/gun for Wines? Stiff
Pokerface: does robbie get the anzac medal icon? or just for games on the day?
carlton_99: No that was the year we beat tigers in the elimination we also made it another yr when we beat ess
carlton_99: Its ok LuvIt you sound like a 3 yr old.
HappyDEZ: Peter Badcoe VC Medal I reckon Pokerface.

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