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Chat log from R2 of 2017: Brisbane vs Essendon

Chat log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R2 of 2017

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colin wood: tempted to take beams as capt here just have a feeling
boo!: i concur colin. I have him vc..
colin wood: i used my vc on Treloar Thursday night 🙁 having a shit round trying something diff
m0nty: Barrett tagging Zaharakis?
zadolinnyj: Ta monty
feralmong: Nice start jobe
Snarfy: Beams looking good early Colin Wood
pcaman2003: 9 tons so far with 8 players left.Hopefully few more to get yet.
DrSeuss: McGrath or Barrett on field yet?
cusch1: McGrath is
pcaman2003: Barrett is,not sure on McGrath
faisca7: Fml why did I put Hurley captain
Bulky: McGrath is a second gamer not first gamer Basil you knob jockey.
shaker: Hurley C yeah sure
zadolinnyj: Meow bell. Weak
cusch1: Essendon isn’t even playing Jesus no pressure whatsoever
cusch1: That’s better
Raspel31: Very early days Cusch-have faith
Velo: As if you have Hurley as captain.
cusch1: I know it is but we have been very poor tonight raspel
cusch1: So undisciplined wtf
Raspel31: It’s starting to come together-go Merrett.
colin wood: Good start Beamer
cusch1: At least four of those frees against us have been holding the man behind play, poor defending.
cusch1: Hopeful we improve and give an effort like last week
CBeezDeez: Is Zerrett a better player than GAJ @ the same age? Impressive!
PieBoy: onya beamsy
wadaramus: Well Merrett is a gun, carn Jobe lift mate!
feralmong: Gaj wasnt that great in his first few years.
cusch1: Gaj played froward early, Merrett more midfielder time so unfair comparison
cusch1: Watson to Daniher how is that for the oldies
jaypeee: half time?
StuL: Too bad if you knee jerked McGrath in.
CBeezDeez: Maybe Gogos needs a break?
wadaramus: It’s early but still a good call StuL.
pcaman2003: Other game…Steele minus 3 for those who have him.
cusch1: Oh he is the only hooker I’d give money to
sfmmp23: go beama, would love a 120+
JButcher: Cmon Rocky, Pig up
StuL: I did think of it, just need playing rookie defenders but most of the evidence is avoid exy rookies.
PieCannon: muppet on McStay after the kick
Kernahan: Stats stream dead?
feralmong: Reality sets in for the Lions den.
Ben_Gogos: Sorry guys. Clock is out of my hands. Up and firing now!
shaker: New coach but Lions still shower
Snarfy: Barrett is going pretty well
StuL: I thought it was half time. Just logged on. Yea that makes more sense.
feralmong: To be fair on mcgrath its not going into D50 much.
zadolinnyj: Terrible call
cusch1: A soft 50 evens that up then hahaha
carlton_99: Tippung
feralmong: All the scoring is reflective of being in bombers half more.
OnTheRocks: Stefanie, at least get 100+
Stuart88: Barrett gone missing this Q
pcaman2003: @Stuart88..Often the way with newbies.
boo!: oh yeah vc beamsy
wadaramus: Beamer making up for shortfall elsewhere…STEELE!
pcaman2003: @wadaramus…Beamsy needs 200
feralmong: Ooh ahh that hurts mcgrath.
wadaramus: I will accept no less than 175 pcaman2003!
J.Worrall: Merrett, Daniher, Zaka and Tip the futrue of the Bombers!
cusch1: Don’t forget parish, who might even be better than them all but serrett
Nephrite: Cant forget Fantasia either, he is a jet.
heppelitis: you boys aint seen francis yet
cusch1: I don’t think i have been this excited for an Essendon team in my life. Keeping a lid on it of course too
CBeezDeez: Baby Bombers were special…
Apachecats: Cusch feels like 1984 to me.Same excitement in this side ,same spirit.
StuL: Zerrett and Heppell seem to be unstoppable beasts
J.Worrall: These are the new “Baby Bombers”! Lets go!
Monfries96: Good to see Brisbane making a game of it
Monfries96: Also how bad is Basil
J.Worrall: Zerret or Zaka for Captain nik year?
Ben_Gogos: So not getting carried away yet @ApacheCats 😉
cusch1: Wtf is happening
Velo: Basil better than BT
J.Worrall: We’re trying to keep a lid on it down at Bomberland, Brn!
Velo: JW why would Ess change C from Heppell?
DrSeuss: So glad I traded in McGrath this week – Lets see if he can outscore Steele in the other game
coldog: Go lions!!
Bayno82: pull your finger out Bombers. I need this tip
J.Worrall: Why not?
J.Worrall: Time for youth
JButcher: I reckon co-captains maybe JW
cusch1: Because Heppell has done a very good job ni his 6 -!: a half quarters of captaincy
cusch1: Heppell is also younger than zaha isn’t he?
3rdstriker: put the petrol gauge icon on standby for beams again
Velo: Time for youth??? Heppell is 24, not 27 like Zaka
cusch1: In his 6 and a half quarters8
Blaknight: So glad I picked Martin a few weeks back.
J.Worrall: No knock on Hepps or his obvious ability. Just think an attitude slanted towards the Young’uns will be appreciated by fa
DrSeuss: Why are they letting Cutler kick-in? He makes terrible decisions
Velo: So 24 is old nowdays?
cusch1: Taking the captaincy off him after a year will discourage the fans if anything
J.Worrall: I didn’t come here for an argument – just wnated to put a point of view and perhaps get feedback …
J.Worrall: I’m 60, so old is still undefined territory to me!
Velo: Heppell is the best man to lead Essendon for at least 7-8 years.
StuL: A big rocky score coming. Glad i picked Treloar. Doh.
J.Worrall: Hard to go past Watson, velo …
Monfries96: Welcome back to fantasy relevancy, Stefan
DrSeuss: Where is Zorko?
cusch1: Not arguing mate, just offering a different opinion
zadolinnyj: Great 1/4 by Martin. Carrying the team forward
StuL: JW. Cool. I thought everyone here would be about 16
sfmmp23: Go beama.
J.Worrall: Heppel is, in many ways, the new James Hird. I’m not sure what to make of that …
wadaramus: Come on Bombers.
J.Worrall: Akll good, cusch!
zadolinnyj: Most people here a
Velo: Agree to disagree JW. Watson was good, but Heppell IMO is better.
J.Worrall: I love Stef!
Velo: Cmon Lions. I need this to keep perfect tipping going.
zadolinnyj: Most people here have been on fanfooty for 10 years so older then you would think
J.Worrall: Fair
J.Worrall: I was the first mod on FF!
J.Worrall: Its how I got this name, … thx m0nty!
StuL: I played with hirdy, all the bad stuff they say is bs. Hes not like that.
zadolinnyj: I miss the purple name game
StuL: I was exaggerating
StuL: I was exaggerating re age
DrSeuss: Umps keeping Essendon in front at the end of this quarter
zadolinnyj: Could be Lewis Taylor’s best game
J.Worrall: zadolinnyj: I miss the purple name game too!
J.Worrall: I meant, “Fair call Velo”, btw
Velo: Jird great player, terrible coach etc. Just like most great players make bad coaches.
J.Worrall: Beams repaying some love here!
Velo: Beams is a gun.
J.Worrall: Off to the other game now, cheers folk!
feralmong: Nice beams
zadolinnyj: Ta J.Worral
runt: Hames Jird
kangawalla: Pumpkin for McGrath or too harsh too early?
cusch1: Way too harsh wow
GJayBee: Go Barrett, do it for Johnny!
Scratchy: yeah I think his 2nd game would be too early to call him a pumpkin lol
zadolinnyj: Massive pumpkin. Pumpkin patch even. 🙂
cusch1: On second thought pumpkin the whole team hahaha
The39Steps: Got to luv the Lions as a DT/SC team!
StuL: We’ll never know Velo, he got them up until Dank.
Velo: I still don’t see what Essendon saw in taking him with pick 1.
kangawalla: Any opinions on D. Rich? Pick 7 in draft a while back, now just an ordinary player who may need a change of scenery
zadolinnyj: Amazing you guys were way in front when you said it feels exciting at Essendon.
zadolinnyj: Come from nowhere since then
cusch1: Think we jinxed ourselves zad
zadolinnyj: Rich needs a change.
cusch1: Beams in trouble
sfmmp23: no beams dont be injured mate.
Jukes82: beams gone
Stuart88: And there goes beams FFS
zadolinnyj: Jebus. beams injured
3rdstriker: beams off, looks sore
Pokerface: this week testing week for the boys is it?
J.Worrall: Bombers better get up …
Velo: Too much pressure put on Rich as a kid, now needs to get his confidence back.
runt: Whatever Fagan said at half time about the Bombers worked
3rdstriker: sore foot
zadolinnyj: Think so mate
Velo: Oh flowers. Beams injured.
3rdstriker: boot back on, should be ok
3rdstriker: jogging on sideline now
zadolinnyj: You still got this. Brisbane dont know how to win.
runt: Im sure I wrote Fagan but somehow became heroan? wtf
Fatbar5tad: Come on Beamer
3rdstriker: back on
sfmmp23: Beams looks ok. Mightve just got his foot stood on. Back on now
J.Worrall: Beams injured? Oh nose!
Velo: Yes Beamer. Get in there mate.
StuL: In hindsight rich isnt pick 7
3rdstriker: cant type the first three letters runt
J.Worrall: Beams back – all good 4 use
Fatbar5tad: Go Lions
runt: I am writing the name of the Brisbane coach and heroan keeps coming out
Pokerface: you can’t write fa gan runt…
cusch1: Mckernan plays 1 good game every 5.
Velo: And it still says heroan runt
J.Worrall: CarnaBombers!
feralmong: Its a rewrite for lbgtiq slang runt.
sfmmp23: Lions seem much better this year
Breezey: I wrote his last name and Gaga kept coming up
Monfries96: Good boy Barrett
Velo: Fagan. There you go runt.
runt: ok understand now…
zadolinnyj: Praying mantis needs to kick these
cusch1: Hipwood looks like he belongs in the women’s league. Good talen though
JButcher: Cmon Rocky please keep going
Pokerface: Velo?? what sorcery is this?
J.Worrall: lgbti? I’m sure it recently got longer?
zadolinnyj: Yes he does cusch1
J.Worrall: Love it when we are ahead, but they have more SC points!
cusch1: Parish yin yang
Velo: Black magic at it’s best.
J.Worrall: Yep, that Parish kid is a star in the making too!
cusch1: Zad Brisbane supporters should be more excited than they have been in the last 10 years too
pcaman2003: Has Beams put cue in the rack?
feralmong: I added the Q.
Fatbar5tad: Silly Zork
Velo: was off with injury pcaman
J.Worrall: .. and I love seeing Tippa go on a un – actually, I like everything he does!
runt: Lions supporters just look at the 3-peat dvds when we get a bit flat
J.Worrall: Oh Steff, why did I lose faith?
runt: My favourite is 2001
mace485: Didn’t realise Malcolm Turnbull was coaching Brisbane
cusch1: Ouch runt
pcaman2003: Thanks Velo. Just came back from other game.
J.Worrall: Only around 15 years ago, runt! What’s the now and the future?
Pokerface: runt did you convert them from vhs?
J.Worrall: Classic, mace!
Monfries96: So much useless information Basil
feralmong: How long before a commentator says Fagan’s paddock.
J.Worrall: PoFace – a gazillion programs and hardware to do that.
pcaman2003: Fat lady singing.Bye Lions
Velo: Or you buy a VHS/DVD player and transfer them.
runt: Im not sure how Fagan will deal with his first loss. Probably make the players watch the Hawks 3 peat
Pokerface: i know worrall.. i think you missed my angle
Velo: Flowering Lions cost me perfect tipping.
mace485: Wasn’t there supposed to be a cyclone in Brisbane? Conspiracy
feralmong: Dont think he meant that jworrall, hehe.
runt: I just wish Oliver played for the Lions. Then Oliver can say..more possessions? you want more!!!
kangawalla: I only have sepia images of Demons flags 🙁
J.Worrall: Yeah, I guess! Still, I have copied a lot of family VHS and even Betamax to DVD and mpg!
Costanza: they don’t call him Pokerface for nothing
feralmong: Dont they get their vhs out and pull out the tape and hold to the light to watch.
J.Worrall: Like me, PoFace, the remark waas about how long ago that 3peat was!
cusch1: It’s either Gleeson or McGrath in the 22.
Pokerface: oh. hello cantstandya
Monfries96: Heart for Beams if he still gets 120
J.Worrall: So what happened at the Doggies when tehy said “When did we last do this?” Anyone got a video from their phone?”
J.Worrall: Go the sameolds!
DrSeuss: McGrath having himself quite the quarter
Fatbar5tad: Job done but Lions not disgraced.
runt: I enjoy the Bombers black arm bands in 2001 Talk about smashed by the Karma bus
Breezey: Strong finish from McGrath
cusch1: McGrath has been incredible when it counts
Costanza: now for the Blues
cusch1: Fantastic fantasia
DragonLass: Bin for McGrath is a bit harsh, the game was on the line most of the time
Apachecats: Oratsio the new Joe Misiti
J.Worrall: They say McGrath will be managed all year – is that a problem?
J.Worrall: Yes, ApacheCats
runt: Go Lions!!
StuL: No because you’ll cash him in in 6 weeks JW
J.Worrall: Zerret is special!
J.Worrall: Interseting and smart call, Stut, but how much management will be needed? Every 3 weeks, or every 6?
J.Worrall: Love when they interview the pornstar!
J.Worrall: *Joey Daniher!
J.Worrall: Get rid of that mo, son!

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