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Chat log from R1 of 2017: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R1 of 2017

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J.Worrall: Is it the year of GWS?
heppelitis: most likely J.Worrall
JockMcPie: Praying my rookies do something this game
Chelskiman: I picked the Crows, but with Walker a late out I’m kind of regretting that decision.
Chelskiman: This says the game starts at 3:20 but it’s already about 4 minutes in.
heppelitis: strange
J.Worrall: odd indeed!
Velo: Start time was changed yesterday by AFL for heat
Brad_J: nick haynes 102 supercoach 8 minutes in
GJayBee: Gotta love the effort
StuL: OK so maybe Josh Kelly is the real deal. Still have to think there will be weeks where his mates share it around tho
heppelitis: had josh kelly all preseason and not in my team now lol
JockMcPie: Gee harsh on Shiel xD
Chelskiman: @Velo, bit weird. As if starting 5 minutes earlier is going to make a difference, lol.
heppelitis: vics doing well in shield final 0/155
Chelskiman: Loving Hampton’s SC score. 😛
Brad_J: these scores are way off i reckon
Velo: It’s so they can have longer breaks at 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 time.
Viscount: C’mon Tiny Tim! Your in d6 today!
Viscount: Let’s try f6
GJayBee: I am not praying for Tinty
PieBoy: onya lairdy
GJayBee: ‘now’
Velo: LOL Laird on 1 sc point.
StuL: Laird is on 1 and Kelly on 5 now!
Viscount: @GJayBee a prayer for some reliable sc scores?
BeastMode: are people honestly still commenting on SC scores.
pcaman2003: All this time to get it right,yet SC scoring a joke still.
pcaman2003: @beastmode….YES!
GJayBee: the numbers move around and are inaccurate until later. end of.
Pokerface: lol beastmode. they never stop. each game is a fresh outrage
GJayBee: but I will be winging about them in ten minutes.
GJayBee: Let’s all get back to praying for Little Tinty our cow.
BeastMode: Rory Laird set for a huge year
Velo: here fishy fishy fishy. yes caught a beastmode fish.
circle52: Great to see SC still playing up – Laird is on 52SC according to SC but showing – 2 here.
mardyb: it is frustrating
Chelskiman: Come on, TT, get amongst it!
Pokerface: he’s not all our cow. too expensive for someone whose position isnt safe
heppelitis: @ve3lo my passed dad used to say that out in the tinny fishing for flatheads lol
mardyb: mzungu hammy
cusch1: I’ve had greene all pre season. And I got cold fee ts and trade Deals him
GJayBee: Pokerface, how dare you insult the Tinty
Velo: Tendai done string.
ballbag: i only bought TT in for swallow coz D swallow aint gonna play for the rest of the year
westy501: laird on -2 fml
Buzzard75: any other place to see live supercoach scores other than this or the Herald Sun?
Velo: +2 now westy
Pokerface: GJB not only do i insult him, i add Stay down Tinty!
GJayBee: Little Tinty is showing that he is a bad person deep down.
cusch1: Buzzard if you randomly smacked the number keys on your keyboard you’d get more accurate scores
Thedude24: what you mean rest of the year ballbag?
westy501: lol
DrSeuss: Let’s go Hampton & Otten..
ballbag: the kid is made of glass. only and idiot like me thought he was ever gonna make an AFL field again
GJayBee: Do you guys think I could be Tintys spiritual coach?
Jukes82: lol he’s back next week
Thedude24: I held onto him. Could be a week injury only
Chelskiman: Has Hampton been near the ball this quarter?
DangerousD: Whats going on with David Swallow, not out for more than one game?
cusch1: Tarantos js just skyrocketed with mzungu getting injured
heppelitis: slow start by sloane
GJayBee: I am Tinty’s actual father and I disown him right here and now
ballbag: @jukes yep. and he was named to play this week too LOL
Velo: So how is Texas GJB?
Chelskiman: Adelaide kicking themselves out of it. Should be a couple of goals up.
GJayBee: You mean Fitzroy
Velo: No I mean Texas since Taranto’s father is American and lives in Texas.
bunyips: anyone know what kellys (gws) SC score?
Velo: Will let you know in approx 2 hours bunyips
cusch1: Adelaide showing that perhaps the giants aren’t invincible
HappyDEZ: Someone dropped like a sack of spuds there. Zac Williams maybe.
Nuffman: Surely Laird SC is completely off?
cusch1: I think but is trying to say that the ball is drifting to the right
Jukes82: it’s round one, upsets always happen in the early rounds.
Raspel31: SC crazy Nuff- well off
Nuffman: Phew! Thanks Raspel!
Chelskiman: Would be over the moon if Hampton and Otten get 70’s.
the worm: why chelski when every single team in the comp has them?
Oli_hawks: how is laird only on 21 sc
Oli_hawks: how is laird only on 21 sc?
HappyDEZ: Got Devon Smith in AF. 14 in a half. unreal.
PureSwag: @Oil_hawks sc scores have been very broken this rd1 scores will fix after the game is done. next rd the scores will work
eg6914: sc scores are still off, just ignore them for now
Jukes82: ppl are either retarded or trolling in here. I’m out be back in the 2nd half.
penguins00: I feel like they’ve got a bunch of work experience kids doing the supercoach scores this weekend
Azphyks: These scores can’t be right, Laird on 21 has to be incorrect
the worm: i feel like all the work experience kids are here complaining about the scores
westy501: mostly trolling
Pokerface: is laird 21 sc?
PureSwag: @penguins00 people don’t do it, it’s all computer and stats based off champion data.Hearld Sun will fix it for next week
J.Worrall: how is laird only on 21 sc
JockMcPie: Laird was on 52 at quarter time 🙂
whafc: are these sc scores right lol
Oli_hawks: would andy otten’s score be accurate?
Pokerface: not sure laird sc is correct?
cusch1: What’s more inaccurate? Current SuperCoach scores or Jarrad waiters goalkicking
whafc: otten on 764 laird on 1011
PureSwag: @Oil_Hawks cant be cause 6 touches at 83% efficient has to be on at least 20.
Kenny27: i can confirm that the sc scores are CORRECT…. currently for the Dockers V Cats game
Velo: hahaha. That’s gold cusch1
the worm: or cusch’s spelling?
J_Pinkman: 19 possessions @73% efficiency. Impossible Laird’s SC score correct
cusch1: You’d think autocorrect would be on my side but no
ballbag: @cusch jared waiters goalkicking
J_Pinkman: and Atkins on 96sc. I don’t think so
Apachecats: Hope HShaw SC is accurate
J.Worrall: Rory Atkins score is correct – he’s long deserved this!
mardyb: happy with TT @ 32 SC (if right)
Velo: What planet have you been on Pinkman?
J_Pinkman: planet reality
Kenny27: Hope Taranto’s middle name is Nathan. TNT will blow this second half apart!
korza: *Velo Your now the no 1 slagger. Your the best
Velo: Obviously not. Because if you were you would know that SC score have been wrong for every game this round.
facebook23: I need a 14% rise in my 3 left over players to get on top of my ladder, isnt this interesting to the rest of you? l
facebook23: Watching the two GF teams here today, males under 18
J_Pinkman: The question was asked, and no, I havent watching every game in front of the computer all weekend. so your right there
Velo: WOW. Charlie Cameron just said his shot at goal was touched. They still called it a goal.
J_Pinkman: been
Raspel31: If anyone else asks if Laird’s SC is real I shall kick mnd’s cat.y girlfrie
facebook23: What you mean @Velo? clearly was not touched
Raspel31: Stuffed keyboard-girlfriend’s cat.
cusch1: Is lairds SuperCoach wrong?
Carnster: kennedy having a mare
Raspel31: Don’t think so cusch
facebook23: Why play SC when the scores are always wrong? seems a bit silly to me
Smurf_x: Cusch the majority of them are wrong
J.Worrall: Why are ppl asking about Laird’s SC?
cusch1: Well that went straight over your head smurf
DrSeuss: What’s up with Otten & Hampton? Just nowhere near it? Or playing roles?
Velo: He was saying the Giants player touched it.
cusch1: Was a remark regarding raspels cat
PureSwag: facebook23 they always get fixed after the game and it’s just for the first round or two
Kenny27: wait a minute, are you telling me that Laird’s score is incorrect?
facebook23: No he didnt @Velo
Chelskiman: I’m facing a guy with no Danger, Treloar, Rocky, Dahlhaus or Macrae and I’m still losing. =/
Raspel31: Girlfriend’s cat cusch
facebook23: SC seems very frusterating IMHO
shaker: Lairds score looks dodgy
Velo: Yes he did facebook. You must be watching free to air tv. Foxtel doesn’t have ads so they showed him saying touched and
Velo: he was tapping his hand at the same time.
facebook23: no he didnt @Velo, I know what I saw, he was celebrating the goal, you need to work on your lip reading m8
Breezey: Lairds DT goes up and his SC goes down. Methinks there’s an issue
facebook23: incorrect
Velo: whatever you flog
Chelskiman: Somebody needs to make aglobal message saying SC scores are wrong because it’s starting to get annoying.
facebook23: lol good come back, are you living in 2013 too #flog ???
m0nty: back on the game please
Breezey: It took 8 games to get the first flog comment. Normally it’s way earlier
breadly: Velo and Facebook just kiss already
Brad_J: Rory Laird’s supercoach and dreamteam are way out of whack. Something happening that i don’t know about?
Raspel31: Agreed Chellsk-and that cat getting mighty sore-but people keep logging on
Jukes82: otten and hampton look like duds.
Velo: bye bye facebook. enjoy your ban buddy.
cusch1: See ya later Facebook lol
Raspel31: Hey guys-pleez. Don’t get banned round one.
shaker: stop trolling facebook
Jukes82: flog
Kernahan: Fight Fight!
Breezey: We have an upgrade on flog. Gone to the F’s and C words.
Kernahan: Minty will deploy the ban hammer boys!
cusch1: giants would be in a lot more trouble had Davis not been playing
m0nty: I said back on the game.
CamT: Rockliff had the same problem as LA
chris7399: took a bombers supporter 1 win before he turned into a Centrelink bogan
breadly: Does anyone else find it odd that the Herald Sun/Supercoach haven’t addressed the scoring issue this weekend?
Chelskiman: Hampton is killing me.
CamT: … Laird. It works out in the end.
Chelskiman: At least Laird is keeping me in my match up.
Velo: Great to see the umpires are paying more incorrect disposal frees this year.
Kenny27: in all seriousness though i reckon Laird is pushing 110 sc atm
Chelskiman: @chris, haha
Stuart88: SuperCoach have been bad this weekend locking the bris GC game early costing ppl trading been bad
Apachecats: Chels I have 1 good one on the bench and 7 complete fizzers.
AngryRyno: swear Facebook ‘barracked’ for Carltom last year
Kernahan: How good is Laird. Amazing only 35% ownership in AF
Raspel31: Yep-25 at 80% agree Kenny
Velo: At least 90 I would think Kenny.
Jukes82: fire up Tarantino!
colin wood: Lads relax on Lairds score. He would be on around 90-100 at present. CD are having a horrible weekend with their scores
Velo: They did reopen it though Stuart.
Carnster: What the flip are my boys doing
Chelskiman: Laird was a no brainer for me.
pcaman2003: GWS Giants,more like dwarfs
Apachecats: My other bench was J.Smith -racked up 20 SC in 12 mins then did his shoulder FFS
Stuart88: They did but way to late for me I was swapping him for McGrath before Essendon started but thanks to them I couldn’t
heppelitis: gws been spanked here
Velo: Crows very tough at Home Carnster
Raspel31: Time to come back pcaman
Stuart88: Wow this is fast becoming one sided
the worm: I’ve always said “No Deledio, No GWS”
Carnster: @velo i agree but thought we would put up more of a fight
Kenny27: im worried hampton and/or otten wont make the cut next week with Smith already out and Hibberd being a spud
colin wood: Douglas so underrated. Good little footballer
Chelskiman: After a horror tipping day yesterday thI should have 2/2 today.
Pokerface: lol the worm
Stuart88: lol worm great call
Apachecats: Hamptomn working his way to the bottom of the deck
Kernahan: Wondering what a player icon for Taranto could be. Tarantino? Tarantula?
TheHawk: David McKay setting the place on fire lmao
zadolinnyj: at the game. surely laird score wrong
the worm: stevie j to kick 5 and win the game…I’m calling it now
PieBoy: onya lairdy
feralmong: Tarantino
cusch1: M0ntry can you please put up a permanent post about supercoach scores if possible?
Raspel31: Think 50 dedeucted from Laird for bad haircut. Yep, wrong Zado.
cusch1: Autocorrect is really killing me this afternoon isn’t it?
Brad_J: Rory Laird has the gun symbol, over 110DT and only 73SC? somethings up
Yelse: take josh kennedy 135 or captain danger?
Apachecats: bird in hand rule yelse
Kenny27: Monty you should use this to your advantage and open up the “what whill Laird
Raspel31: Stuck with Danger as cap-135 any day Yelse
Kenny27: s sc score be at fulltime
circle52: I usually work on 125+ for VC Yelse as if Danger scorers 110 you would only lose 15 points,
benzammit: Glad I switched Greene to Kenno, Not so glad I went Hampton from A.Mcgrath
zadolinnyj: there is going to be a lot of goals last 1/4. everyone looks stuffed and opened up last 15 min
Velo: Yes Brad we know.
Velo: I am calling Laird 122 at end of game.
circle52: Amd doe those worried aboout SC scores how many times do we have to tell you to ignore until scaling is applied
StuL: At 1/4 8 crows were on 0. More screwed than just scaling.
Kenny27: everytime Otten gets the ball its like he is in super slo-mo in getting rid of it
Torz: Laird is a machine. Will be #1 defender this year.
Chelskiman: I’ll be happy if Hampton gets a 60.
Raspel31: Laird’s SC seems low-gotta head. Cheerio.
circle52: Thought I would be kind Stu but appears to be major issues with live scoring by SC
Chelskiman: Over Taylor Adams? He’ll be top 3 for sure though.
Pokerface: yes i agree raspel. not sure laird is correct?
Thedude24: Guys just confirming, is Laird’s sc definitely wrong? If so, by how much
Carnster: Shaw gone missing this half
StuL: OK circle. Come on TT. Looking like mistake.
DragonLass: uh oh Laird just had a clanger, must be -40 SC points
J.Worrall: eddie! Doesn’t Bruce love him! Is his SC correct though?
Velo: Betts keeping Shaw quiet
Vinstar: Cmon shiel, 4 more touches please
Velo: It will be +30sc points dragonlass
AngryRyno: J Cameron deserves more SC
BeastMode: i reckon you can dump that devon smith superman now
Carnster: game over
HappyDEZ: Missed tackle for Shaw. I reckon he will get that +4 post game.
pcaman2003: Otten you spud..4 clangers
Zeratul: How long since Taranto scored a point? geez
J.Worrall: Atkins still being recognised for an outstanding performane – he’s getting Bruce love!
Thedude24: Laird better have 150+ sc by the end of all this.
Velo: Been very quiet today Zeratul
kano: The most ridiculous SC score in this whole game is that pack skirting seagull mackay having 111. Comical
Breezey: Loving the silent achiever M.Crouch
Kenny27: @Zera 23 mins and 17 secs since last score
Pokerface: anyone who didn’t start with Laird should really hit Delete Team.
Carnster: Great call umpy!!!
Velo: Talia really can’t argue with that call.
Chelskiman: They’re dropping like flies out there at the moment.
the worm: well, all i need is a nice 60 or 70 poits from Dangerfield and i will be happy
Torz: He’ll probably have that in the first quarter Worm.
JockMcPie: I’d take 200 from Danger
zadolinnyj: that would be great worm. i put C on gawn so danger can get 100 for me
PieBoy: onya lairdy
LuvIt74: Sloan with 8 clangers ffs, what a ordinary start this season
Carnster: flower me, we have given up
mattmac24: I’ve told so many people to steer clear of Laird.. Yet I still have him!
Velo: Sound on Foxtel gone for everyone?
m0nty: 8 clearances, 3 clangers
DrSeuss: Anything happen to Josh Kelly? Or just stopped getting the ball?
Kenny27: Laird 160 sc anyone?
Bazza2014: sold me rory laird brownlow pred.
JockMcPie: Laird is just about my favourite player in the AFL
Velo: Damn BT is back.
proudyy: sc scores this year are weird
Pokerface: thats 8 clearances, not clangers luvit…
frenzy: clearances @ LuvI
scrappers: 8 clearances 3 clangers! LUVIT
penguins00: Sloane had 8 clearances and 3 clangers
LuvIt74: sorry yeah 3 clangers & 9 clearances
mattmac24: After this game, swapping Shaw for Adams seemed like a good move
Fizzy343: laird only 115, SC is trash
Pokerface: zac smith out! captain sandi sounds tempting
mattmac24: Laird ended on 147. Great work sc, your live scoring is trash

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