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Chat log from P4 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, P4 of 2017

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JockMcPie: This game is somehow SC relevant, last year was not
vamos77: No Monfries
pcaman2003: No Birchall
AFL Blues: Monty? Can you put disposals as a stat that one can see? It’s kind of the most important thing… O_O
JockMcPie: Powell-Pepper looked good there
m0nty: You can see kicks and handballs.
shaker: What you can not add up ?
pcaman2003: Most would have him locked in Jock
Fizzy343: afl blues a bit dense
JockMcPie: Wow Hawthorn with the yips
JockMcPie: Free kick Hawthorn still going…
King_Robbo: Hamish Hartlett is a trap this year
Jackwatt$: I reckon Essendon are a m0nty to beat Hawthorn Round 1. What u guys think? M0nty, Jock, anyone? (Crickets chirping)
JockMcPie: Well they beat Melbourne rnd 2 last year, anything’s possible
m0nty: just worry about the Saints, JW
ajconodie: Port are getting a reputation for recruiting kids with two dads.
JockMcPie: Absolutely pissing down now, DE will drop
JockMcPie: SPP not liking 6 Frees Against…
shaker: Ryder playing much better this game
morgs640: Thats because he’s against Mcevoy
pcaman2003: Hawthorn very ordinary. Coach can’t be happy
snake_p: eddy ready for round 1
JButcher: Locked in bench fwd
StuL: Titch looking a beast. Hawks might regret trying to do a Geelong and letting your best players go early.
StuL: Not that I like Geelong doing it either.
penguins00: If you can get Mitchell and O’Meara in I like it
penguins00: Eddy just played his way into everyone’s side
m0nty: 8 FA for SPP. That is terrible DTing.
StuL: And Vickery!
snake_p: gee SPP 8 FAs should be close to 60
hinsch: Bonner could get a run RD1 ??
hinsch: K. Stewart for the fwd line F6??I got Taranto at the moment
JockMcPie: Stewart’s BE is 127, not a chance. Wait for the drop
pcaman2003: Stewart a bit pricey.
JockMcPie: Joe Atley the Handball Machine
happylab: @jockmcpie, Thats from last season. He wont have a BE that high to star the year
JockMcPie: Realised that now happylab, BE of 50 this year
morgs640: lol was just going to say this myself 127 wtf

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