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Chat log from W2 of 2017: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, W2 of 2017

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frenzy: no sandi, no freo?
shaker: Ha ha eagles have not won a hit out
m0nty: Dawson still on bench, he’s the talisman
penguins00: Freo just look like repeating last years effort
shaker: There serious over in the west tagging in the JLT
JockMcPie: Just give the eagles players downhill skiers already!
gloryboy: Where’s sheed playing? Anyone else relevant in this game?
shaker: Not from the Dockers
JockMcPie: If anyone is looking at JJK he plays north at Home R1. Expect him to kick 10
poido123: Jock, JJK is up and down. KPF’s are risky to start with. I’d rather wait til drop in
poido123: Jock, KPF’s are risky to start with. Kennedy also has a high variance
JockMcPie: I wont go anywhere near him myself ;3
frenzy: Lol Jock, they best book a flight for round one, they play away
poido123: im pretty sure Lyon told his players to take it easy.
shaker: Well they are following the coaches plan to a tee then
StuL: Dockers, boo! Where’s Ryan
frenzy: the dish and vardy was a masterstroke
poido123: posssibly the most snooze inducing pre season game ever
JockMcPie: Eagles won’t do much this year if they’re relying on Petrie for ruck duties..
shaker: Redden is a good pick up to
JockMcPie: What are fremantle even doing…
poido123: Looking at that list, Freo desperately needs more talent. Too much deadweight
StuL: Browny nailed, yet to see a list built by Ross. He doesn’t do builds

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