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Chat log from W1 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, W1 of 2017

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m0nty: Those Cat warmup jumpers are okay, can’t wait until they put the real jumpers on.
JockMcPie: This is weird…
Carnster: not a fan of the long sleeves
StuL: Hope the Golden State Cats never takes off outside of pre season.
m0nty: Cyril in midseason form!
StuL: Disco Stew doing it easy. Lock!
frenzy: nice to see you bring your VFL form Black
JockMcPie: Good to see roughy back
penguins00: Roughead looking awesome out there
Sloaneyyyy: is Dangerfield just handballing and kicking to himself ?
JockMcPie: Anyone not picking Danger is kidding themselves
Jogrrr: cheers m0nty
JockMcPie: Any rookies doing anything?
StuL: Stewart looks good for a bench spot. Black just got his 3rd for the qtr
PieCannon: put that down for goal of the year…wow hawkins
Yelse: is omeara worth the gamble?
StuL: I do my know if JOM has been on this qtr. He was 47 at 1/2 time. I’d say so.
PureSwag: @stul i think he was sitting on bench all of the qtr
StuL: Definitely mothballed. Get him in.
StuL: T Stew has to play r1.
JockMcPie: God I hate Hawthorn…

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