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Chat log from R23 of 2016: Essendon vs Carlton

Chat log for Essendon vs Carlton, R23 of 2016

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JockMcPie: Docherty…not like this mate
nbartos: God stealing Zachs points
DrSeuss: Let’s go Cripps – don’t take it easy just because it’s the bombers
GJayBee: and satan gave his points to Goddard
nbartos: at least we can see he wont be relevant next year when all guns are back
King_Robbo: Piss office Cripps stay down
GJayBee: when he stopped being a Def, I stopped loving him. Everything he says is douchy.
Jukes82: fire up zach merrett, don’t lay an egg today
nbartos: cmon bombers hundy on yas
nbartos: Zach being looked after by SC 20pts??
King_Robbo: How is Dohertys SC more thanDT when he has chopped up the ball on 2 occasions?! Mystifying
nbartos: agreed Rob
GJayBee: Every SC scoring mystery = human error / bias
GJayBee: we all know inside 50’s and scoring chains and clutch goals and clearences and contested marks and the lot score well
nbartos: Cripps LOCK next year
King_Robbo: Ok so docherty another turnover by fit and then a Clanger handball.. +8…
DrSeuss: Keep it up Crippsy
Roksta: Keep going docherty redemption is at hand
J_Pinkman: Cripps one of those players that just keep racking them up even when unsighted
Roksta: Like priddis and Mitchell pink man
nbartos: Kade has stopped dead
Roksta: Bombers tank for 1st draft pick?
nbartos: Freo could end up with the Spoon if WB belt them up again
colin wood: Yeah good one Roksta.. God some people are dumb.
Roksta: What you mean Colin? If they win could go off bottom
nbartos: Shiiiit Zach!
RooBoyStu: Look at the bloody % Brisbane better %, if Essendon win they will be equal bottom on pts & still last on % unless big w
Sloaneyyyy: Give Mitch Brown the pumpkin – had 2 cracker weeks, but now back to his former self
SilverLion: @RBS Right. But Brisbane could still lose by 10 goals to St. Kilda and come last…
Roksta: Only 3% difference
shaker: Correct Roksta still a chance if Bombers win
Pokerface: there’s no standout no.1 pick this year. no point
shaker: If Blues win and Tiges get flogged Blues can lose a draft spot as well
heppelitis: Sloaneyyy…2 great weeks down back….is he up foward this week?
PieBoy: Onya zachy
Raspel31: Indeed Pieboy- he’s a champ.
GJayBee: simpson, peddle son
Sloaneyyyy: keep going Zerrett you’re my replacement for Sloane this week
m0nty: how many changes from this Essendon side to the one the Dons run out in R1 2017?
Number 8: That Dea fellow goes OK. Wouldn’t mind him at Tigerland
J_Pinkman: sums up the day for carlton
BallHog: don’t you wish you had Dea in your team
Jukesy: 9 changes or so from a brief count
heppelitis: super tipungwuti
Number 8: @BallHog, he’s a bit unfashionable but seems to get the job done… very solid fantasy numbers too
Sloaneyyyy: noone would have Dea, we all would have upgraded him by now
shaker: Who said Carlton’s improved they are still rubbish
pies13: is zeret on the ground the radio saying he was getting worked on?
BallHog: Yeah as we all know he can be quite deaficient
poolboybob: Lions need to tank hard tomorrow. Have Zorko and Rocky come down with the “flu”
heppelitis: I wish the season was longer m0nty
DrSeuss: Come on Cripps, don’t let Simpson and his cheap possessions overtake you
m0nty: enjoy this quarter hep!
poolboybob: Liam Jones should start every match with the potato icon
colin wood: Give Liam Jones’ direct opp a peeler icon. He has peeled that Spud well today.
PieBoy: Onya simmo
RooBoyStu: not over yet
Costanza: will be for the Roos soon enuff
Roksta: Roos starting a rebuild a week before the last game Constanza
Costanza: us too – few All Aust’s, a brownlow, a few B&F’s
DrSeuss: Simpson is going nuts – not surprising since the game is over already
nbartos: SC will get sucked in too Dr
Pokerface: hasn’t jab given that brownlow back yet?
heppelitis: happy days….its over!
shaker: No wonder he won’t come back from overseas
Costanza: ah Poke
Pokerface: hello cantstandya

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