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Chat log from R21 of 2016: Brisbane vs Carlton

Chat log for Brisbane vs Carlton, R21 of 2016

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J.Worrall: Huge game for the final ladder
Lawls: Afternoon fellas
Carnster: game of the year
m0nty: definitely huge for fantasy
casty46: afternoon gents.
Carnster: need archie smith to snag 80-90
happytimes: Go blues
Vich: @carnster – Highly doubtful with stef in the same side!!
sfmmp23: Have a big game Zorks, Simmo and Matho. Can loophole Matho in with good score
Carnster: @vich what do you reckon he will get
Vich: Cant believe they wouldnt tag gibbs yet run with an inside player… L plate for cunners
Vich: i reckon bout 60!
Torz: Rocky looks on.
PieBoy: Onya richy
Vich: Possibly even less than 60
Carnster: @vich that was a big mistake by me
Vich: Not yet mate but could certainly prove to be 🙁
lukefield9: risky to put rocky as captain this week on super coach?
Vich: and i feel your pain – i held stef now have to watch him run around with Archie in the same side!!
Carnster: ahhhh devo
sfmmp23: Not really Luke i reckon he will dominate today, VC is a great move.
lukefield9: @sfmmp23 this is for Supercoach draft (no VC loophole) – I had the options of pendles, dusty, steven, selwood and rocky
Zeratul: Coz Jacobs is out, I have to field both Archie and Marty…. theyve scored less combined then either would solo 🙁
SteamHam1: Attaboy Zork!
sfmmp23: Yeah Rocky good pick out of those options. Going great so far.
lukefield9: and a goal to top it off
DrSeuss: Grrr tag Gibbs not Cripps
SteamHam1: Zorko, you gun!
BOMBRBLITZ: Rocky and Zorko my heroes
Carnster: Vich I have decided that Smith was definately a bad call
Thedude24: Ro
Thedude24: Rich copping a hard tag by kerridge
heppelitis: @thedude…its killing me when I have both
lukefield9: anyone know why rocky isn’t copping a tag yet?
Vich: hehe yeah not lookin good dood..Until he kicks the goal! Could get to 60 now youd think.
PieBoy: Onya jonesy
Carnster: one can think
Carnster: one can hope***
Dunlop: @lukefield9 – General theory on Rocky is his touches don’t hurt much – so most teams content 2 let him run free
Vich: Even still youd think tagging cripps would be no different to tagging rocky, barlow, priddis.. Blokes that cant kick!
lukefield9: @dunlop so in other words, serious captain option every week?
Smurfman: Come on Cripps!
ben4444: Why does Mathieson still make my team 🙁 LIFT!
Mex13: Cmon Simmo and Doc
Ben_Gogos: Zorko to Zorko!
SteamHam1: Zorko is saving my SC season.
BestCoast: Zorko magnificent
Smurfman: Was gonna VC zorko, then thought I’d go cripps because I’m a proud Carlton supporter. Shit.
sfmmp23: Yes Zorko!
Mex13: Doc and Simmo please get the pill
circle52: 100 afl goals to zorko
lukefield9: @smurfman never play super coach with your heart, play with your gut
Jukes82: I’d rather you do thid next week zorko, I have the week off now!
heppelitis: cripps been great last few weeks..i did it too…lol
Ben_Gogos: This has been ridiculously good from Zorko
Smurfman: @lukefield9 yeah i know. I lost my cash league last week so I’m not really taking it seriously atm. Cripps down now.
SteamHam1: Zorko has beaten his projected score and it’s not even half time.
BestCoast: Half time ton Go Zorkinator
PieBoy: Onya jonesy
Smurfman: Does anyone in supercoach NOT have Zorko though?
Fizzy343: only 34%
Ben_Gogos: Two thirds of SC sides don’t have Zorko…
SteamHam1: @Smurfan fortunately the guy that i’m playing this week doesn’t.
Thedude24: I dont and im copping it lol. Get curnow or kerridge on him carlton!!!
benzammit: Same 1 I’m playing don’t an I have VC on him
DrSeuss: Is Cripps still on?
BestCoast: Zorko might have a mild case of leather poisoning
Ben_Gogos: @DrSeuss not currently. Knee issue.
sfmmp23: what’s going on simmo?
Vich: simmo goes from a 135 last week to on track for a farken 40 vs the easiest team to score against!! wtf
benzammit: I,lol be back just setting my loophole at halftime , well done Z
stoo: Cripps looked gone but was back on the bench for the last 2 mins
Carnster: Archie Smith is gonna cost
Carnster: me big time
stoo: Logged in for purple name game?
sfmmp23: Come on Zorko get a double ton
theuncle: Zorko is an absolute Maniac……..This would nearly have to be the biggest Half Time score in history!?
Mallon13: Close was a good pick up this week!!
stoo: this game saves Leppa
casty46: rocky is an absolute beast
Dangermaus: who the fuck is michael close
stoo: This week’s split is Rocky captain or not
heppelitis: kerridge useless as tits on a bull
Ben_Gogos: Huge role change for Kerridge has hurt him fantasy wise.
Vich: 60 looking generous now carnster.. That’ll prolly be what stef ends up on !! 🙁 🙁
DrSeuss: Let’s go Crippsy. Get near it
heppelitis: you are too nice ben…bag the crap out of him lol
mattmac24: Need cripps to get at least 100 and Kerridge to stay below 50
Ben_Gogos: Hahha serves no purpose. Very happy with how SK has served us this year!
Ben_Gogos: Rocky 12 touches in Q3. Next best Lion has 4! #nodepth
Apachecats: Good one Carlton ,tagging rich and leaving Rocky and Zorko to run riot.
Thedude24: Zorko just gave away a 50. How many points do you lose for that
J_Pinkman: it really does amaze me that one @Apache
J_Pinkman: can alays rely on Casboult to kick that pressure goal
Smurf_x: How impressive is patty cripps though, 16 Contested possies!!
cadelcamac: my matchup and I have only 6 unique players.
cadelcamac: …and one of my unique player is Rocky. I have the VC on him. Delicious.
J_Pinkman: he’s a beast @Smurf. just needs to improve he’s kicking and he’ll be ok:)
stoo: Kerridge not so bad, close to Simmo/Doc. Still good not to have him!
Carnster: Vich i am screwed, + my opponent has Zorko
dipstick: @carnster how can you not have zorko
Apachecats: Carnster mine has Rocky capt AND Zorko,mothballs for me.
dipstick: @carnster how can you not have zorko??? there are only 5 LOCK fwds that any decent team has
Carnster: i am playing draft dipstick
Carnster: apache that sucks
dipstick: zorko, dusty, zerret, wells are must haves
Jukes82: lol kerridge, he’s losing money for 5 weeks straihgt. dropped 105K. you should have traded him a month ago
dipstick: oh that makes sense!!!
Dangermaus: thanks for the 300+ Rocky – although you are made of paper, you bring it when necessary!
Dangermaus: Dale Thomas should go to Essendon
Raspel31: Oh Rocky-why didn’t I vc you?
Ben_Gogos: Not Riewoldt @Dipstick, he’s been better than a few of those names.
cadelcamac: Cripps is a contested beast
J_Pinkman: have Zorks but not Rocky, could be in trouble if my opponents have him. too scared to look
Smurf_x: @cadelcamac Absolute jet. Gonne be so good in a year or two when him and the bont are fighting for a brownlow!
Dangermaus: go Rocky, you’ve got 200 in you son!
stoo: Riewoldt not Wells dipstick
OnTheRocks: Docherty + Simpson = 🙁
TowelBoy25: Slow down Simpson
Dangermaus: rocky needs to crack 177 to get another spot on the top 20 records list
TowelBoy25: Rockliff: Made of glass when I have him, made of cement when I don’t have him. Can never win with this bloke in my team
Ben_Gogos: With 7 minutes left that looks likely.
cadelcamac: so true smurf! Unbelievable he is basically a promo in his second year.
Jukes82: this is an epic tank job by the lions
OnTheRocks: at least 100 each please Simpson and Docherty
Pokerface: he is 3rd year
DrSeuss: Lions trying to lose so Leppa is fired??
TowelBoy25: Slow the eff down Simpson!!
stoo: bye bye Leppa
Smurf_x: Both Bont and Cripps are like young Fyfes. Both Hard, tall midfielders who can really change games.
Dangermaus: just realised I tipped the Blues… Go Carlton
Apachecats: Brisbane will lose this
LuvIt74: how long to go
feralmong: damn i can’t loophole rocky. captain grimley won’t do.
Jukes82: what was brissys biggest lead?
casty46: cmon brissy
feralmong: at least i put him C in dreamteam. awesome rocky.
Dangermaus: another record DT score for Rockliff (2000-Present)
Mallon13: cmon blues keep my multi alive
BestCoast: Lions lions lions dear oh me
LuvIt74: Criips is great but no where near the quality of Bont
TowelBoy25: Zorko getting scaled back big time in SC, lol
stoo: Cripps tougher and fitter than Bont, Bont more gifted and likely to show the sublime
TowelBoy25: Opponent’s POD’s getting scaled up, mine getting scaled down
Costanza: 2 shite teams
Carnster: Smith was definately a bad move
Jukes82: cripps the hulk
J_Pinkman: blues losers…30 scoring shots to hell, i’m sad
Dangermaus: rocky misses out on the leaderboard after all
Dangermaus: he scored nothing for th elast 11 minutes

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