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Chat log from R20 of 2016: Geelong vs Essendon

Chat log for Geelong vs Essendon, R20 of 2016

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LuvIt74: $400 on Hawkins to kick first goal @ $8
CBeezDeez: Wow!! Hope it comes in 4 U! Think he’s due a goodun 2day.
cusch1: 3 weeks of pain left. come on lads
shaker: $400 who are you James Packer?
heppelitis: cactus on zaharakis already please
LuvIt74: Hardly Packer, if i was packer he would put more like $4 Million
CBeezDeez: Or Kerry reincarnated?
JockMcPie: cmon danger, under 50 please
CBeezDeez: Uh oh! Miss Kelly… Miss
LuvIt74: lol jock under 50 in the 1st quarter?
cusch1: jacko merrett has looked impressive early. if only his decision making was better
LuvIt74: oh well there she blows. Hawkins where is he
CBeezDeez: Sorry LuvIt. Wrong big man…
Hadouken: please keep this up enright !!!
cusch1: thank the lord dempsey has hurt a hammy
Bazza2014: goddard done
JockMcPie: Go Danger! Perfect start!!!
Hadouken: zaharakis has become so irrelevant
mattmac24: Bl
mattmac24: Blicavs was one of my biggest mistakes this season.
CBeezDeez: Geez Cats! If ur afta % U ain’t doin it rite!!!
theuncle: Is this the actual SuperCoach because that pretty interesting if it is………
9inch: Traded Blicaves out 3 weeks ago to Gawn. Such a relief.
DrSeuss: Worst round of the a year
Raspel31: Most of us can live with Danger down as we capped him-but stay down Jelwood.
sfmmp23: SC scores still seem down, hope they fix it soon
Apachecats: Come on everyones captain do something.
LuvIt74: these SC scores are up the creek surely
heppelitis: zerret goibg nuts
DrSeuss: The one week that I play someone with Enright – LOL
LuvIt74: not my captain
CBeezDeez: Not mine now either! LoL
colin wood: Selwood and Bartel stay down!
Vinstar: Went priddis over danger for c hope it pays off
Hadouken: opp has danger as C in elite. so stay down lol !
JockMcPie: neale or priddis captain??
RoyGee: accidently put C on Gawn,
Pokerface: neale especially with 211 back
LuvIt74: I’m not greedy was happy with Hanners 136
LuvIt74: Still early Danger should still score 120+
Kekkington: Mark Robinson has Grimley as Captain hahaha
Raspel31: Neale for my money-wish I’d gone Gawn or Hanners-but not alone.
StuL: Sc scoring is messed up obviously. Real professional HS. No way guys are all on 1
SteamHam1: What’s been up with the SC scores today?
CBeezDeez: Robbo is an Ess supporter isn’t he?
Nuffman: What happened to Goddard?
Pokerface: its from last weeks loopholing cbds
Kekkington: Yeah he is.
Chucky2010: Are CD on strike Monty?
tbrowne: And this is exactly why i don’t pay for supercoach gold #unreliable
CBeezDeez: Goddard hammy and a strained heart muscle
Raspel31: Gawd, I had Enright 2 years ago and superannuated then. Risen from the dead?
poido123: Dangerfield…ffs
Pokerface: way to pile on that percentage geelong …
9inch: Took Bont as capt last night in SC
benty691: is Danger playing on ball
mattmac24: Herald sun are just having problems. They’ll get it fixed.
JButcher: Stay down Danger I beg
colin wood: Go away Selwood nobody likes you!
heppelitis: i got zaharakis and kelly….vs danger and bartel plus 50…..i might win lmao
mattmac24: Also have seen Danger sitting up forward a bit
colmullet: Danger at full forward apparently
poido123: lol bartel and danger having a holiday
Dangermaus: fark me… Kelly and Zerrett have blased away any chance I had of a win this week
King_Robbo: Danger icicle
Raspel31: Danger exhausted after surfing too much on telly ads.
cusch1: dropped mark there from cockatoo?
Hadouken: heeeeey bartel has a pulse !!! niiice
ballbag: gawn vc. opps c danger. schweeet!
Hadouken: 3 votes dangerfield
mattmac24: That was idiotic from Cockatoo.
Raspel31: Well done ballbag-thought about it.
CBeezDeez: Will % matter much if cats win all their games?
Pokerface: cbdeez absolutely.. the differene between them and adelaide is tiny
mattmac24: CBeezDeez. % could be whether they get a top 4 spot or not
gdshifty: the week i bring in Dangerfield lol
Pokerface: actually its not tiny now.. adelaide got a heap of % last night
mattmac24: Pokerface, that is true but it was tiny before last night and if Geelong keep going this way, it’ll be tiny again
cusch1: McKenna playing his best game today i think. Looks impressive
colin wood: keep going zerrett
JRedden: ive had danger all year, this is the first week i’ve captained him.. how lucky
Pokerface: mattmac they want to be doing better than this youd reckon. its their best opportunity for %
Gott2Win: How the hell can you have him all year and only Captain him for the first time this week!
mattmac24: Well bombers are still at 3 points.. Cats will have their usual huge last quarter too
cusch1: where tf is the high fend off?
dezlav: New I should have taken the C of Danger after I had the VC on Sloane last night.
Pokerface: thats not unlucky thats terrible captaincy picking
JRedden: i mean in DT, for sc its different, cos rocky is better for DT
LuvIt74: Are SC scores correct?
Pokerface: true.. we’ll see how they end up mm.
Pokerface: rocky only played half the year
mattmac24: LuvIt, just updating very slowly. My guess is that they need to do it all manually at the moment
poido123: oh boy danger deicsion is killing me
LuvIt74: Lol Dezlav suffer im glad this happens to ALL you greedy fools, I was happy with Hanners 136
JRedden: i looked at the trend, the best mid for each team smashes ess each week
LuvIt74: bloody foolish not taking Sloane’s 137
dezlav: @Luvit74. Thought to chnage it this morning before I started work but forgot. DOH!!
LuvIt74: it happens 8 out of 10 times.
mattmac24: Also even after last night, Adelaide only 8% over Geelong.. roughly a 70+ point win would put them close to that.
ballbag: no way danger was gonna go full hack today. time for the minnows to star
poido123: Shutup Luvit fark. we get it you’re a legend ok?
Raspel31: Not that simple Luvit-depends who you put vc on. I’m obviously stupid as I didn’t Hanners or Gawn.
mattmac24: The only non playing player I had in my team this week was Phillips from Collingwood so I couldn’t loophole this week.
LuvIt74: @Raspel31 all my comments were in refrence to dezlav as he had Sloan as VC
poido123: be happy with a 100 at this point :/
Breezey: DT ton coming up for Enright
BoredSaint: its ok.. Ward was worse last week and made it to 94
BoredSaint: danger will be on about 35 at HT. plenty of time to ton up
mattmac24: All my opponents have Danger as captain so not that bad for me. Was looking at over 2500 though
CBeezDeez: Well I’m thanking folks here. Convinced me 2 vc loophole GawnS score!
LuvIt74: Actually it is very simple u put your VC on a player hoping he scores 120+ and if they do then take that VC score.
Raspel31: No offence meant or taken Luvit-should have stuck with Martin cap but all opp have Danger too.
Twatter: You’re a spastic for having to be convinced CBeez
BoredSaint: danger with 5 pos in about 2 mins and 2 marks and goal assist
mattmac24: What a goal from Motlop
LuvIt74: there are far to many greedy players and it ends up biting u on the ass, I learnt over the years
mattmac24: no one should have needed convincing to take Gawn as vc..
BoredSaint: not much i could do with VC on pendles.. had to C on danger
CBeezDeez: Ubreally seem to have issues Twat! I only though Danger would tear it up & ina close final!
frenzy: Oh Dang it
mattmac24: Agreed LuvIt.. I’ve done it once this season but it was only because I needed to risk it to win and I got lucky..
Raspel31: Exactly boredsaint-luck of the draw.
deanie: Bartel please lift!
mattmac24: Was the week Danger went over 200.. Almost took a vc of 132 but stuck with danger
LuvIt74: Prime example is CBeez who was contemplating going Danger as C after having Gawn as VC i mean whats the point.
Twatter: Cbeez, 168 is a huge score. Nearly always would be top score for the round. You’re a genuine f-wit
BoredSaint: danger a little bit robbed though atm.. 12 possies at 83%
BoredSaint: 2 direct goal assists too for danger #robbedlikelaird
Raspel31: Cbeez was a trawler and stirrer Luvit. No-one that stupid.
mattmac24: Max danger would’ve gotten today was 170-180 imo. Would’ve made and extra 15 or less
9inch: Any late sc scores in that qtr may not be updated yet.
JockMcPie: stay down danger, lowest score of the year right when it counts
mattmac24: @BoredSaint. I don’t think these are the correct scores yet
Twatter: @Raspel31, the bloke is actually serious though, that’s the real issue. “thought danger would tear it up”
CBeezDeez: And Your name fits U! U twat!
Twatter: Obviously Gawns 168 wasn’t tearing it up
BoredSaint: oh ok.. expecting 40+ for danger then
Twatter: My name fits me? All I’ve done is told you that you’re a spastic, and rightly so too
mattmac24: I’d be expecting the same BoredSaint
SteamHam1: Stay down Danger, you absolute flog.
Raspel31: I benched Gawn for Cox this week Twatter.
Twatter: Hahahaha yeah same @Raspel31
poido123: lol at people cheering for danger to stay low ha ha
Raspel31: Phew Twatter-thought he meant me.
StuL: Should have capt menegola and benched danger!
sfmmp23: Do some people still not have Danger??
mattmac24: Got Jimmy in around 6 weeks ago and Thought about Enright in stead who was cheaper.. Whoops..
LuvIt74: 30 points up Zerrett & Motlop vs Priddis & Neale OUCH think ill lose
Raspel31: Yep Luvit-thinking so.
poido123: ill be happy if danger can nut out a 100
sfmmp23: Couldve gone Libba to either Clay Smith, Menagola or Motlop. Went with Motlop 🙁 At least I didnt go smith
sfmmp23: Danger back in the middle it seems, been playing up forward most of today. Hopefully he gets going.
LuvIt74: One of my leauge games my opponent had VC on hanners and put the C on Grimley lmao
mattmac24: Oh boy.. That’s a real big stuff up LuvIt!
deanie: Did the same thing Mattmac
poido123: here comes danggggeerr
OllieC: danger coming back strong!
mattmac24: An 80 from both Jimmy and Blicavs and a 120 from Danger will put me over 2400 with Neale left.. Not sure ht’ll happen
JockMcPie: go away danger
Raspel31: Yep-don’tthink 100 a prob poido.
sfmmp23: SC scores still not working but Danger is going now.
BoredSaint: danger 6 possies in 10 mins. gun
TowelBoy25: Who here doesn’t have Danger? If so, why?
JButcher: I don’t towelboy because I am a spud
TheBigCats: @towel not as my captain
OnTheRocks: i don’t have Danger, a little bitter about him leaving, getting him in first next year
colin wood: Come on Zerrett!!
poido123: move kelly and zerrett ffs
LuvIt74: Danger will ton up
mattmac24: Fair enough OnTheRocks
LuvIt74: Carn motlop now its time to kick a couple
oc16: im not too sure about starting with him next year – will be very expensive and will probs go a bit down in price
JockMcPie: I wont start with Danger next year
mattmac24: Collins + 68 points vs Neale.. Who wins?
LordTaylor: Afternoon all.
OnTheRocks: GaJ was probably around this price for a few years
BoredSaint: yes Danger! now kick the goal!
JButcher: Not looking likely mattmac
poido123: dannnnggeeeerrr
TowelBoy25: Danger goal
mattmac24: Gawn and Bont will be my first two picked next year.. Maybe Danger as my third, really depends on rookie options
Pokerface: dont worry about the price when he scores you double most weeks.
JButcher: I have Guthrie and Blicavs + 125 vs Danger (C), Tippa, Gaff, Parish and Yarran, I’m gone aren’t I?
dezlav: After Paddy’s goal Geelongs % currently is 137.3. Need another couple of goals to Jump Adelaide on the ladder.
JockMcPie: Bad Danger. Naughty Danger.
Roksta: Hang seen rooboy… Hope he’s not suicidal
BoredSaint: bont, and cripps are the same players and will both be first picked in my side next year
TowelBoy25: If that really is the updates and recent scores, Danger getting the Laird treatment. Robbed like or a mofo if it is
sfmmp23: Doesnt matter about the price of Dangerfield the blokes a gun and scores 130+ almost every week.
Roksta: Has anyone *
mattmac24: @JButcher not looking good, Think Danger will take out the extra 125 and one of the other players
OnTheRocks: Gawn + Danger will almost be 1/10th of your starting salary
BoredSaint: nah its not completely updated. only updated to halfway through 3rd
Dangermaus: Danger will be a guaranteed starter for the next few years in my team
mattmac24: Agreed @BoredSaint. Would rather Bont but would like both
sfmmp23: Danger hasnt scored anything from his goal.
mattmac24: @OnTheRocks. It’ll be more than a 10th
mattmac24: @Sfmmp23 HS/CD is down so scores aren’t updating regularly
StuL: How tf is danger only on 52? 21 at 81% and a goal. Even with a few clangers it doesn’t add up
OnTheRocks: @mattmac it’ll be a big chunk all the same
sfmmp23: Gawn and Danger locks no matter what for me, can rely on them for big scores almost every week.
LuvIt74: its SC scores on FanFotty playing up as they have all day
LuvIt74: @sfmmp u got a lot to learn if u play SC mate your #1 ruck should be Goldy due to his massive price drop
StuL: HS is a joke
sfmmp23: SC scores havent been working all day, we will probs just have to wait until after the game for the correct scores.
BoredSaint: yeah bont is better than cripps because of more outside run but cripps is a monster in clearances
TowelBoy25: Mark Robinson has Grimley as C in SuperCoach!
Coutzy: @StuL Did stuff all in the first quarter when it was less than 40 the difference
LuvIt74: Bont is a absolute gun, will win a brownlow within next 3 years
Hadouken: wow enright kinda hit a brick wall. still not complaining though 🙂
PieBoy: Onya browny
LuvIt74: one of my opponents had Hanners as VC and C on grimley also.
mattmac24: Here’s hoping Bont becomes Fwd/Mid again next season.. Gives an option to have both Cripps and Bont..
heppelitis: joey d ripped off by umps…disgraceful as this game is
Pokerface: absoltely no way bont will be dpp. as much chance as fyfe
mattmac24: Pokerface, I can only hope!
King_Robbo: bont wont be dpp but he is a lock next year. will go 120+ next season imo
Pokerface: lol mm. id be surprised if dusty kept it even
JButcher: I need a cape from either Guthrie or Blicavs, or both, dire scenes
9inch: Haha the habit of loopholing with Grimley. That would really stuff ya first week of finals.
Hadouken: well really all mids could be forwards also, the all run forward and jag goals lol
iZander: Willing to make a bet that he does pokeface 😛
LuvIt74: omg its king robbo he only shows up when doggies win…lol
mattmac24: I don’t think Dusty will keep his. Montagna will lose his two or go to MID/DEF
jeddies22: cmon jimmy
Pokerface: izander nope, but i dont think he will. agree mm, montagna picks up def
Pokerface: lol luvit74
JButcher: Fuck off Danger!!
9inch: Pendles spent a bit of time fwd this year
LuvIt74: I was expecting cats to win by 100+
BoredSaint: none of zorko, zerrett, wells, montagna, martin will keep their fwd status. montagna maybe def
mattmac24: Wouldn’t mind Montagna going Mid/Def next year
9inch: Give danger the bin.
Gott2Win: Danger more chance of DPP than Bont
LuvIt74: motlop stop smiling ya flog get a couple of goals ffs then smile
LuvIt74: How long b4 these SC points get upgraded
mattmac24: @BoredSaint, Zorko will keep his
PT74: Will zerrett keep dpp?
LuvIt74: Daniher 1970’s porn star look
sfmmp23: Wonder what Fyfe will be priced next year? Could be a great bargain.
colin wood: Come on Zerrett!!! Get near the pill son!
9inch: Cmon Jelly stay with danger
sfmmp23: I dont think that Zerrett will be a great pick like he was this year, all the other bomber players.
Pokerface: no way zerrett keeps it. been in the guts all year
BoredSaint: yeah zorko maybe gets it cause hes kicked on average at least 1 goal a game
mattmac24: @Sfmmp23 played 5 games so nothing different to what he is now
LuvIt74: zerrett cmon mate start to go BANG i need u to ton up
BoredSaint: zerrett surprisingly has kicked more goals this year than last
Dunlop: @PT74 – Highly doubtful been pure mid 4 2yrs now
mattmac24: A player drops in price between seasons if they play less than 3 games
poido123: cmon few goals danger
Hadouken: wow, bartel got a kick. wowwweeee
Pokerface: mattmac its based on your average for the year
spawnrzc: so who went Danger for C….
Roksta: Zerritt won’t be a fwd next year
poido123: keelly been super quiet since the half time
sfmmp23: Fyfe left the season when he scored a season low 40 odd and has a be of 170 odd, wouldnt that make his price go down?
TyCarlisle: I went Sloane C
mattmac24: Well Fyf’es current average is 105.4 so maybe 550k?
Jukes82: danger bin
Pokerface: average not your BE sfmmp
mattmac24: @Sfmmp23 not he if doesn’t play again. Will be reset at seasons end
swannies05: are danger or zerrit on field haven’t seen either this quarter
BoredSaint: where is danger.. been missing for the past few minutes
Pokerface: they make allowances if someones average is too low when playing only a few games
han solo: Questionable umpiring against us again. What a shock
mattmac24: I just know that if a player plays 3 games or less in a season, they go down in price quite a bit for the next season
spawnrzc: don’t think the scores are updating atm..
boges11: He’ll get a discount for playing 3 games but will get scaled up for his avge the year before
mattmac24: @Boges11 He played 5 this year. Won’t get any discount for games played.
sfmmp23: What about Swanny? Surely he will be super cheap, not sure if he is a good pick though?
poido123: good boy danger 🙂 tons up!
boges11: Guess it depends which format we are talking about. AF he will get a discount
Pokerface: mattmac theres varying levels of injury discounts.
Hadouken: wtf is enright doing, 99 halftime. unbelievable crap second half
mattmac24: Yeah Swan will Drop very far in price but whether he’ll be a good pick with Treloar back in.. I dunno
9inch: Danger gun? Bin would be more appropriate
frenzy: junk it up Blic
Gott2Win: Swan won’t be playing, will retire
swannies05: need danger to score 13 more to win my league
TowelBoy25: Halfway through last quarter scores in SC?
Pokerface: nic nat could regain forward status
9inch: Jelwood handed the last qtr of to Danger and went home
mattmac24: 11 contested possessions from danger is worthy of the gun
TowelBoy25: Need Selwood to scale up to 90 in SC for the win :/
sfmmp23: Shouldve taken Mathos 83 over Motlop, missed out on 20 points.
LuvIt74: are these the final points?
Twatter: A lot of scaling has to happen @TowelBoy25, should get an extra 6 easily
m0nty: Scaling done.

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