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Chat log from R13 of 2016: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R13 of 2016

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desmondo: Hmmm..who does Robinson tag?
Pokerface: i wonder if west coast are happy they traded sinclair away for jetta
tbrowne: Come on Martin brought you in this week and slapped the vc on you #yolo
J.Worrall: Go Zorkliff!
JButcher: Cmon JKennedy big 10 goal, 180 point game today
J.Worrall: Hello mint0
GJayBee: i have Robbinson in SC. I don’t know how.
Chelskiman: 180 from captain Rocky would be nice.
GJayBee: Op has Robinson to hahahah
poido123: +40 at home with a team under the pump i thought was generous start
Pokerface: cmon keays, the byes have given you a starting berth
Rebuild: Le Cras first goal? Is the game over already?
SaintsMan: whats up with the super coach scores
snake_p: do Yeo and LeCras think they are playing at home?
mason2016: when rich doesn’t get tagged.. he makes the most of it!
ademase: whats the symbol against LeCras
snake_p: blue moon ademese- it’s risen early today
RooBoyStu: 13 rounds in and we still have the grey box
PieBoy: onya crippsy
poido123: Josh Kennedy lol should be cheap in a few weeks
Nuffman: I understand no clearances and cp’s hurt somewhat.. but surely CD are being a bit stiff with Zorko
Nuffman: nvm… wrote that when he was on 16 SC lol
Torz: It’s not the blue moon, it’s the downhill skier icon. Feasts on the weak teams/at home.
ademase: thanks snake_P I used to be able to see the icons menu but not anymore
Fletch91: Kennedy going nuts…
M0rgs: Well I had a great idea last night to bring in JK and put him as captain 🙂
JButcher: Cmon Kennedy at least take a mark
Carnster: Whats that symbol on lecras
snake_p: no prob ademase, icon list is further down the page
Torz: Stef is back.
snake_p: blue moon canster
vartic: West Coast’s structure is abysmal, absolutely rubbish team atm. Regretting VC on Kennedy
ajconodie: LeCra’s symbol is downhill skiier.
ademase: Yeah but i cant get lower that the reported symbol – wont scroll down
ajconodie: No it’s not @snake_p
gunners23: onya zork
Thedude24: Wtf? Give rich and zorko more sc points!!
ajconodie: ademese – it’s a downhill skiier.
Preston007: $$ for Cutler…
snake_p: ok ajconodie – both are applicable to LeCras
magic007: zorko down in the rooms with foot problem
ademase: thanks ajconiudie, got it
JButcher: Its days like these that make you regret having a key forward in your team…
ajconodie: true @snake 🙂
ademase: agree Thedude24
poido123: Kennedy nice and cheap for me. stay down big fella
cadelcamac: love having Butcher in this chat, haha. Onyx mate 😉
oc16: 16 hitouts in 1 qtr….nice
bachi: noo please tell me its not too serious @magic007
colin wood: come on Rich fix you disposal up mate.
Gott2Win: Priddis to keep up with zorko would be nice
Fletch91: Barrass, no stats, still with 10SC? lol
JButcher: @Cadelcamac, we’re much better company than Crows supporters
cadelcamac: If Rich had a good DE..he could be doubled in his SC score
M0rgs: Yes JK went from -3 to 0 that quarter, exceptional work
Fletch91: Thats beter JJK
crazyet23: come on jjk, another 10 goals please
Thedude24: Why is rich only on 29 sc??? Omg
ajconodie: Surely LeCras gets a week.
Fatbar5tad: Keep burning it Rich
poido123: ffs brisbane. do you know hiow to mark up? twice leaving jjk alone you idiots
kosduras: how has tom barrass earnt himself 10 SC points without registering a stat…
Nuffman: any news on Zorko?
magic007: seems he back on the field bachi
gunners23: fucking hell brisbane, focus
Tigger5: what happened to zorko?
carlton_99: zorko isnt injured just saw him on the field
jdt1111: @kosduras AFL website says barass has done 5 1%. SC give points for shepherds & spoils.
Nuffman: phew! thanks guys
magic007: did something to his foot was limping and went down to the rooms before qtr time
bachi: yeah looks fine now brisbane just cant get their hands on the ball
Nuffman: just got a kick! huzzah! keep pushing Zorko!
Chelskiman: Really need Zorko to slow down and for Rocky you go on a scoring burst.
bachi: elliot yeo is so inconsistant
kosduras: @jdt1111 thats fair cheers for that
Tigger5: knew i should of gone with my gut and gone nic nat to stef with west out
pattymass: how tf is rich only on 33
bachi: yeah i was thinking the same @tigger5 ended uo just going goldy
Tigger5: I had 19 playing so just held, was out of goldy,stef and jacobs but with goldys high BE and stefs low price just waited
Chelskiman: Zorko is pretty much killed me at this stage.
Fatbar5tad: Dreadful goal to give up Brisbane
tbrowne: Stef i got you in this week and you’re making me very happy right now xoxox
nbartos: Reddens been disappointing for WC
Gott2Win: Go and get the pill Priddis!
Thedude24: Brisbane’s defence is just horrible
cadelcamac: someone tell Priddis to grow a set..?
JButcher: And kennedy has stopped once again
cadelcamac: hey @JButcher, the real Butch is playing well in the SANFL. 2 goals and a hanger in the 2nd
dipstick: @cadel LOL Priddis is a Unic… hes never had a pair. more focused on his perm.
Chelskiman: Lift, Rocky!
Fatbar5tad: A unicorn with no horn?
poido123: stay down priddis and kennedy
poido123: Kennedy getting so many gift possessions
Nuffman: surely Zorko is being hard done by now? Not watching game
nbartos: Umpires shizen call
tommy10: Cmon Priddis ffs
Mardals_: what’s the symbol next to MLC?
vartic: top kek at people telling priddis to grow a set, like he isn’t one of the biggest contested ball winners of all time
GJayBee: Blue Moon mate, he plays this good once in a . . . .
ScootD: MLC = downhill skier
cadelcamac: Prides touched it!! haha
ScootD: dunno why downhill skier isn’t in the icons legend…
King_Robbo: Zorko and Hanley have been seagull-ing it a fair bit
mlakmlak: Solid quarter by matty
poido123: Zorko’s SC? that’s absurd
jesseboy: its not the blue moon
Gott2Win: Kennedy gets the Cape but hasn’t even had the 50 for the quarter?!
Generalsor: Hmm, I get the feeling I should have put the C on Heater
banta: jack redden is legit a spud. such a hack. don’t know why they picked him up he’s useless
ScootD: a 120 from your C isn’t good enough for ya Generalsor?
banta: yeo is painful to own. he’ll have a 40 points quarter then have a 5 point quarter. consistency mate!
Fletch91: @Gott2Win 3 goals in a quarter = Cape
Mardals_: thought it was a skier, wasn’t sure though kek
Chelskiman: Rocky two possies less than Zorko but 26 points behind. Need to start taking some marks, son.
desmondo: Rocky needs to kick the bloody thing and not handball 🙁
9inch: Why is Kennedy projected 129 in SC. How do they come up with those?
poido123: Kennedy is lucky to be on 43 SC. gifted 3 goals
Chelskiman: Because Brisbane are terrible and they assumed he would kick a bag and take a few marks.
Pokerface: has hipwood been purely forward?
Torz: Yes pokerface. Walker doing the backup ruckman minutes.
Pokerface: thanks Torz. off my watch list then.
Generalsor: @Scoot I want another 180ayyyyy
Generalsor: Go on with it Stef! Lift
bachi: whats up with zorkos sc?
dipstick: never again priddis you fairy
JButcher: 6 more Kennedy cmon mate
banta: do something yeo you spaz
poido123: lets go rocky. pig it up
Yelse: omg priddis pleassseee need you to get to 100
Generalsor: C’mon Rocky, lift!
Thedude24: Wce playing terribly and lions still getting destroyed lmao. Their coach is gone *sigh*
myteamsuks: Yeo sc generous
dipstick: @yelse he aint scored for 30 mins.. put a fork in him
Yelse: @dipstick why? what happened to him? not in the mids? where is he
poido123: you are lucky priddis is on the ground. bad nose break
AngryRyno: Lions dominating possession, SC points, but getting dome by 6 goals lol
Mardals_: “Fine finish by IQ” top kek
mlakmlak: Priddis had a touch 😮
Choke: just came home to see Zorko’s scaling, what happened?? Did he cut CD’s lunch or something?
PieBoy: onya zorky
poido123: Keep going lions and rocky :”)
Tigger5: Prid just isnt getting first use of the footy without Nic Nat in the side
Gott2Win: Rich 5 touches since quarter time
heppelitis: love trent west for pissing off
sfmmp23: All the people with Martin will be happy
lachlan.w: what is lecras symbol next to his name???
cadelcamac: Eagles getting very little hitouts..they’ll really struggle against top teams without NicNat
poido123: how can you still have martin after all those bad weeks? i understand if you just brought him in though
JButcher: Downhill skier Lachlan
Chelskiman: Push to 140, Rocky, and I’ll be happy.
heppelitis: guys..i really important for advice..i got 110 vc smitch…got heater, danger, hann, ward..keep 110?
sfmmp23: I dont have him, I feel sorry for the ones who do though
oc16: dont keep 110
Gott2Win: Captain Danger
m0nty: nominations for star please
ScootD: poido, I had more important things to do than sideways trades. I banked on martin regaining form. Goodbye Trent West!
AngryRyno: got Martin in this week, so far so good
ScootD: dont feel sorry for us sfmmp, we could have had NicNat or Tippet instead!
Torz: Robinson star.
heppelitis: so many players can score big cat/doggies…might affect danger
blashtroko: whichever eagle has the best last quarter, no standout yet
poido123: Keep going jansen, rocky, zorko
mason2016: hanley at the moment!! could easily change
Fatbar5tad: Yep, Robbo. Keeps winning the hard ball for a team mate to lose
Rush: Pretty sure everyone is still going to feel sorry for those still with Martin
cadelcamac: Hanley star.
Fatbar5tad: Schache goal prevents more Demott Hawk drivel
PieBoy: onya richy
ScootD: Martin was doing ok until the last 4 rounds, hopefully this is the round that gets him back into form.
poido123: how did rockcliffs accuracy go down for kicking to a guy who maked it??
mason2016: m0nty possible the star for cripps? had lots of scoring envolvments a ands score alone!
Rush: Martin has been rubbish for far longer than 4 rounds
JButcher: Cmon Kennedy a few more goals would be nice
m0nty: Cripps firming up for me but it’s up in the air
heppelitis: wc sc low for team winning by a fair margin
banta: lift yeo should tonne up here
ScootD: Martin was avergaing 93 prior to the last 4 rounds, that’s hardly rubbish
poido123: ffs merrett stop giving kennedy possessions you big ape
ScootD: there’s only 2 rucks that have averaged over 93 for the year so far…
Kekkington: ehhh my opponent has Kennedy and Stefan
Pokerface: the ghost for stef! that’s a bit harsh isn’t it!
Rush: He was averaging less than 93 in SC and 6 blokes have averaged more than his average prior to the past 4 weeks.
banta: one more goal cripps you little cherry picker
Pokerface: *zombie
Rush: If you include the oast 4 weeks then that jumps to 14
ScootD: I don’t play SC, in RDT he was doing fine.
mason2016: Crippa or lecras for star m0nty
JButcher: I have to say, Schache will be a top top player in a couple years, especially if Lions can get back on track
tommy10: Get a touch Priddis u douche bag
cadelcamac: Might be a tight one on whether I take Rocky’s score as VC…
Zeratul: I was gonna trade harwood out this week, decided to leave him for one more week… lost some cash 🙁
sfmmp23: Zorks and Yeo can
Chelskiman: I have Stef and Rocky (C) but opponent has Zorko so I’m kind of annoyed with this game.
banners87: Who kicks goals for Eagles here in the last 10 will determine star I’d say.
sfmmp23: Zorks and Yeo can ton up here would be nice
banners87: Would say Hanley or Robinson best on, but margin is probably too big.
GJayBee: Hanley is was cooler than Robbo so, Hanley
Mardals_: If you were just looking at the stats, one would think Bris would be winning
poido123: junk it up fellas
cadelcamac: Hanley has played absolutely excellent in a loss. Deserves the star in my opinion.
bachi: this game shows stats do lie
dipstick: a sissy performance again from you priddis. im over it shirley temple!!
GJayBee: i was thinking the same thing Mardals
GJayBee: Thirty two posies and counting, two goals, and he’s cooler than Robbo
poido123: ffffsssss mark kennedy up you dumbasses
JButcher: 1 mark from Kennedy is shocking by his standards
GJayBee: hahahah dipsttoick I was soooo close to getting Priddis,. His only chance is a hair cut
heppelitis: get that sc tonne zorks and jjk
poido123: Rockcliffs SC should be higher. lots of contested ball and decent accuracy
kangawalla: Hi guys, just logged in. Is that a downhill skiier icon next to LeCrap? Please say it is
casey22: Welcome back, Stefan
AngryRyno: good news Kanga! it is indeed
OnTheRocks: Essendon has an excuse, what’s Brisbanes’? Just shit?
JButcher: Fuck, the crows fans are back
Chelskiman: 125, Rocky, let’s go. No messing around now.
pattymass: zorko robbed
kangawalla: Thanks Ryno. Never a truer icon in FF:)
GJayBee: Queenslanders like cane toads more than AFL. I lived there during the Brisbane three peat. Hardly made the news!
banta: lift cripps one more junk time goal!
GJayBee: ton up Zorko the Great
bachi: how can zorko nearly be 40 ponts less than DT in SC
poolboybob: Josh Walker needs to look into Ashley & Martin
tommy10: Stop tagging Priddis Lions..ur getting smashed! Clearly the plan hasn’t worked out.
poolboybob: Elliot Yeo is another one who enjoys a bit of downhill skiing
dipstick: NSW and QLDers are only smart enough to play rugby. run in a straight line and thats it. AFL too tricky for them 🙂
Fatbar5tad: Wouldn’t mind a Zorko goal
Torz: Well done Stef!
J.Worrall: Oh Stef, you magic, magic man!
OnTheRocks: I lived in Brisbane for 2 years and i agree
tommy10: Need a late Zorko goal
cadelcamac: credit to Priddis this last quarter..has regained some touch.
Jukes82: there is over 80 ways points are scored in SC, it’s complex
dipstick: another 10 and im taking your score Martin
Fatbar5tad: zombie
poido123: hmm. should i take rocky’s SC?
nbartos: Cmon m0nty give em all the downskier 👍
dipstick: @jukes no its not complex. its an algorythm. quite simple
blashtroko: Yeah gotta give yeo the star
dipstick: ohh a heart for priddis? wheres the haircut and nose?
Yelse: prides at least get to 80 and ill be happy
OnTheRocks: @dipstick good thing there’s no Thugby fans here
cadelcamac: hard call on Rocky podio. I’m facing the same dilemma.
kangawalla: Agreed @ pool boy. Certainly not wasted on Yeo either😀
casey22: Credit where credits due, Robbo you are a legend
Fatbar5tad: Walker fighting it out
ScootD: true dipstick, but it is an algorithm based on subjective quantifiers
ScootD: in fantasy/dt the only subjective is whether a tackle is effective.
nbartos: Lecraps been BOG
casey22: Nothing for Robbo, m0nty?
Gott2Win: Robinson best on for me, kept priddis quiet and racked em up himself.
poido123: dangerfield can go big. but will he back up last week @Cadelcamac
J.Worrall: how do you objectively rate a pressure act?
sfmmp23: Zorko has been ripped off in sc
pharace: Thks Rocks, explains why the average IQ dipped for two years then
J.Worrall: Agree, Scoot
Smithy1: Monty question – Why is it when in other games Kennedy gets 5 or so goals he gets around 130 – 140. But this game only88
JButcher: @Smithy1 he’s only taken the 1 mark, in those games he’d take 6-8 marks
poido123: @SMITHY, he has barely impacted the game. he mostly got cheap goals from nothing
casey22: Give Robbo a heart symbol at least
Pokerface: most afl decisions are subjective.. whether a tackle is high, time to dispose before HTB.. its all subjective.
Torz: No marks Smithy.
heppelitis: not enough marks would be my guess smithy
cadelcamac: Rocky will have to scale to 130 for me to take his score as VC
Chelskiman: I really wish Zorko didn’t get so many DT points today. Really annoying that.
Smithy1: Oh ok i see, thanks guys
banta: junk by brisbane
OnTheRocks: ouch
Generalsor: Gotta take 130, cheers Rocky
cadelcamac: I’ll only take Rocky’s score if he scales to 130 in SC. would kick myself if Danger killed it later tonight.
poido123: 122 rocky? hmm. dangerfield worries me and so does shaw
sfmmp23: Having a look at the lions dt scores you would’ve thought they won by 80
poido123: i like rockys score but worried about shaw and danger
Chelskiman: I’m in the same boat, cad. 120+ I usually take and be done with it, but with Danger in the type of form he’s in, I just
Chelskiman: don’t know.
JIMMEH3: Hutchings deserves the X factor shut down Rich
Kekkington: Well no a high tackle is not subjective. If you grab above the shoulders it is a high tackle as stated in the rules
Pokerface: brad scott disagrees kek. and its clearly stated in the scoring rules what an effective kick is.

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