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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R12 of 2016

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poido123: Need 150 minimum Shaw. Still hurting by not having Danger captain
heppelitis: Same poido, Steven has helped but need a few more…big one from pendles tomorrow would help
poido123: yeah i had steven too :p probably have similar teams ha ha Let’s go swanners!
Barniclez: need stevie J to crack a ton
gunners23: good start williams
Maerzy: I need Smith to get a ton
seanfc99: Yes Hopper! get those 4 points
Rebuild: Good to see Parker starting well for once
JButcher: James Rose is proving to be a good investment so far
mattmac24: Parker to kill it ad make Sydney win to drop North to 2nd…
Thedude24: Well done parker,ward, shaw. Lift buddy!!
CrowEaters: Need Hopper to lift
Breezey: All it took is Gold Coast to get a few players back to be able to take on Richmond and maybe win
nbartos: Shiel most damaging mid then?
Breezey: Wrong chat and wrong game. Sorry watching the other one.
theuncle: i like pie
theuncle: That was my son sorry guys
Barniclez: buddy train coming through
JButcher: Tag Scully not Shiel thanks
Barniclez: followed up by mumford hahaha
nbartos: Tagging is Back Barlow Mitchell
Gott2Win: Please stay low Franklin. Low…like less than 50 low
DrSeuss: Scully still alive?
Jukes82: why isn’t hopper been on the ground much wtf
JockMcPie: hopper why
the worm: maybe because he’s about the 10th best on the team in his position?
JockMcPie: hopper just get ur breakeven and then u can go
Gott2Win: Kennedy…ur better than this shit
Barniclez: keep going shaw
happytimes: What is buddy doing
mattmac24: glad I left Hopper on the bench
Jukes82: if thats the case why play him at all…thats stupid
happytimes: Glad I didn’t trade hopper in.
Viscount: Shiel, break your tag, and get some game time!
the worm: what do u mean why play him? someone has to be one of the worst players on the team
CrowEaters: GWS lok the real deal, how far can they gto in finals ?
TheWarden : Cmon Shiel and Coniglio get the bloody thing
gunners23: i hate you hopper
gunners23: and buddy
JockMcPie: havent seen ward in a while..
JButcher: Why have all my Sydney players stopped?
mattmac24: Everyone with Shiel.. This is the pain any one with Neale went through yesterday
armalitemk: oh shaw 🙁 why you getting manned up??
JockMcPie: im sad for tippett, but thats great for my supercoach…
heppelitis: last week jjk…this week buddy…stuff big forwards
casey22: Bloody Buddy, when you havn’t got him he kills you, when you have him ……..!?
Willymack1: Never pick a key forward
Gott2Win: Kennedy and shiel for me. I’m expecting big second halves
heppelitis: I agree Willymack1..I dont as a rule…but one of my teams I did this year…never again
Choke: hopper and lee will lose me this week, even with captain danger. Unbelievable.
poido123: FRANKLIN…:/ guess this is why you shouldnt have key forwards lol
heppelitis: lol..suppose your team choked!
Choke: @hepp: maybe…probably… shut up…
heppelitis: haha
poido123: put franklin in the middle. fcking spud
heppelitis: cant poido..against the rules..not a dpp
Emmaw: Buddy 6 goal second half
Choke: Buddy 6 goals? Nah, need it from Hopper lol
vamos77: Thinking of trading out J.Smith for a donut so I can get Hickeys 139 on the bench
poido123: hahaha Hepp, I meant in real life, not fantasy :p
heppelitis: haha…like it vamos
dipstick: LOL vamos
9inch: 229 thanks capt Shaw
Breezey: Where you gone Scully
heppelitis: real life..whats that
the worm: is j.smith fwd eligible vamos?
poido123: Shaw about to kick it to himself a 100 times. great stuff
vamos77: move petracca to mids, will wait and see how much i need after this one
the worm: does anyone get really upset when their team loses?
mattmac24: Well.. Looks like North might be keeping that no.1 spot in GWS keep this up
dipstick: @vamos there’s byes next 3 weeks Einstein LOL
poido123: No worm, we are too busy worrying about our captain in fantasy. Are you kidding mate?
vamos77: yes worm I take it out on my Jack Russell, he’s not allowed to look at me
DrSeuss: Come on Scully – not much since the 1st Quarter
the worm: no, i just cant understand getting emotionally involved in a bunch of strangers kicking a ball
9inch: Is Franklin a late out? Ffs
the worm: caring about ur fantasy captain i can fully understand
Viscount: C’mon Shiel inspire me
heppelitis: pendles for 500 i can lolz at the spuds who took dangers 458
Choke: Hopper on 14! Go you little bastard!
dipstick: lift sheath has. 150+
9inch: Need at least fiddy from buddy or im screwed.
JButcher: Cmon Parker outscore Hanners plz
64frogs: can somebody check to see if zac williams isn’t still in the rooms after hrf time
vamos77: @dipstic Yeah and? R U running low on trades little fella?
mattmac24: Don’t think that’ll happen JButcher
dipstick: @vamos not at all junior. never heard someone trade for 50 odd pts
64frogs: he musta heard me
Sloaneyyyy: I think I only tipped Sydney because I didn’t want to see North on top anymore… bad mistake
wadaramus: Sydney, you are fairly pathetic.
dipstick: buddy in the mid and parker in the fwds. awesome
Emmaw: Come on Sydney GUNS
vamos77: Smith will be out of my side next week anyway, if it’s a matter of win or lose in a tough cash league I’ll cop the trade
Emmaw: Wasnt talking about Rose but that will do
JButcher: Tag someone else Mitchell its clearly not working with shiel
frenzy: don’t think CD like this Rose bloke
Sloaneyyyy: who is this Rose guy ?
Fury: That’s what I was thinking. Who the fuck is he?
Emmaw: Worked that time
Breezey: Get ball Scully and drop on to foot and kick hard. Stop hand balling champ
dipstick: rose is a flower. doing blooming well too
Bazza2014: cmon Titch, with C on and tagging, i need a score man above 100
Emmaw: Go Rose whoever you are
9inch: I was wondering wtf rose was too. Now isee his name at the top.
Emmaw: 1 down 5 to go Buddy
dipstick: parker won’t get a touch for rest of game
Bazza2014: Rose kicked 3 goals as sub last year with his first 3 kicks
PieBoy: onya rosy
Bazza2014: Kennedy 9 touches this qtr
willywalks: chose parker over danger about 5 weeks ago, ugh…
poido123: Keep going shaw!! 150 would be nice SC
Krispin_35: Lift ward u spud
Willymack1: Parker really isn’t that good
JButcher: Shiel and Parker have fucked up my score badly
dipstick: parker a into premo. just got him coz he was cheap
Emmaw: hannaberry close to brownlow
theoc: should i pick up greene or prides for the midfield? tough decision
Sloaneyyyy: Priddis is you want consistent 100’s, Greene has a higher ceiling but goes under 100 too often for me
JanathF: priddis
Emmaw: Priddis always 100
PieBoy: onya greeney
theoc: yeah might take priddis, already got hunter, neale, danger and duncan. made the mistake of captaining hunter this week
dipstick: zero point to parker sitting in fwd for whole 2nd half for no touched
JanathF: hopper kick the ball straight
JockMcPie: hannebery, parker or titch, which 1?
leorosman_: hanners
Emmaw: hanneberry
JanathF: not parker
w4lk3r: Hannes @Jock
Grazz: Move Parker for Gods sake
9inch: Buddy your the only fwd left. Arc up son
JockMcPie: yeah, hanners is my plan, titch is tempting theough
myteamsuks: My fault all these players gone downhill. Hall , Parker, s Mitch and I picked up Neale this week.
dipstick: @grazz hasnttouched it all 2 and half and won’t. he’s in the fwds
Yelse: how much mid time parker get these days?
9inch: Capt shaw quick 30 mate.
JockMcPie: ffs ward, can u please actuall not stuff around with the ball and use it?
Stuart88: Thank u Parker my Opp has u C great stuff 👍
Emmaw: 3 more Buddy
mattmac24: Shaw has made 3 points since 3 quarter time…
Barniclez: where is shaw
Bazza2014: keep pushing Tmitch
the worm: parker is almost as bad as gibbs and lachie neale
Grazz: Is Parker carrying something
dipstick: can’t wait to offload parker. been waiting a month
JockMcPie: ton up ward, hopper get 50
Gott2Win: Keep going Kennedy
Stuart88: Looks like your time is up hopper u donkey
CrowEaters: Like this bloke called Greene
9inch: Cmon shaw
Grazz: cheers @dipstick, any reason why he’s fwd
JButcher: Time to go Parker, sick of your fwd line shit mate
LuvIt74: Carn ward
CrowEaters: Hopper, Neale & Parker killing my team this week
a1trader: pretty low scoring fantasy game. Only 1 player over 100 with 10 mins to go
dipstick: fuck you shaw. 3pt last qtr you silly bogan
Emmaw: Shaw still biggest scorer
LuvIt74: what scores are u looking at on SC all? Im on 2507 with Ward, Shaw, Hanners & Pendles so should go 2800
Smithy1: when dipstick tries to swear
mattmac24: still roughly 300 points to allocate for Supercoach
CrowEaters: I agree JButcher, Parker got to go
a1trader: you will win by 200+ LuvIt with 2800
Sloaneyyyy: how about a nice YinYang symbol for Buddy
JIMMEH3: How can someone get a blue moon in their third career game
Sloaneyyyy: disappointing from Hanners this week
JockMcPie: lots of scaling this game as well
dipstick: someone will crack 3000 sc this week
bones351: Luke Parker where the hell are you?
LuvIt74: no i wont m8 coz another player in one of my leagues is projected to score 2900+
JButcher: This kind of game is a prime example of why tagging is shit
mattmac24: Anyone think Hanners will finish below 100 for the first time?
LuvIt74: yeah there will be 3000+ this week
wadaramus: Is Parker Hack?
dipstick: thanks for nothing this qtr shaw you lazy floggard
PieBoy: onya stevie
LuvIt74: ever since everyone jumped on parker he turned to crap, glad i chose hanners
w4lk3r: well played Stevie J
Emmaw: Parker is hack
dipstick: and you make me sick Puke Larker
wadaramus: Well played LuvIt!
FlagDog: Shaw got put on the bench for half the 4th qtr…
wadaramus: Lift your game Parker you HACK.
LuvIt74: dipstick what more do u want from shaw ya dipstick…lol
willywalks: stevie j deserves the x factor
CrowEaters: How far can GWS go in finals ?
frenzy: they just don’t want top spot somehow
dipstick: hack parker is
Emmaw: Rubbish all of them
LuvIt74: @matmac24 no dout it
the worm: maybe they know u dont win the flag at rd 12
frenzy: still a game clear, LMAO
LuvIt74: Gelong will be on top by round 15 mark my word
explodey: Hannebury & Shaw went to sleep in the last qtr.
Krispin_35: Is it time for hopper to go
wadaramus: Shaw lives up to expectation, Parker??? What the?
dipstick: NORF 1st 10 and zip team to miss GF lol
Bazza2014: fragile though frenzy
LuvIt74: @Crow all the way if there on song, if they dont win the flag this year GWS will win it a few times over next 5 to 8 ye
explodey: Geelong only gets serious 2 of 3, and even then, crack around goals.
LuvIt74: I give GWS a better chance to win flag then North
mattmac24: hanner’s needs to scale up 12 just to hit 100..
explodey: Esimates on Scale Up %? Guessing 15%
LuvIt74: @explodey next week will be interesting however i think you guys will beat the dogs but hope its a gr8 game
ronl: Parker should look at the replay of last night’s Geelong game. And take notes.
LuvIt74: And hope im wrong as a dogs supporter
Gott2Win: 62 up with only Smith for him left. I think I’m done
LuvIt74: i feel for all those who jumped off greene early in the year
RooBoyStu: @dipstick we were never 10 zip you flog

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