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Chat log from R10 of 2016: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Chat log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R10 of 2016

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kangawalla: Ha! That’ the highest Z Dawson will ever be ona fantasy football list, in the pre match!
Chelskiman: Monsters from Neale (C), Joey and Steven please!
RooBoyStu: Got the C on Barlow, come on mate 130+
Maerzy: I need zac Dawson to get least 100+ here
tbrowne: joey and barlow please boys i will do anything for 100+
tamoz: Need Joey to have a quiet one
feralmong: Hehe maerzy. If u sort alphabetically that’s as high up as Dawson will get.
JockMcPie: joey and barlow, cmon bois
shaker: C on Barlow you must really trust Lyon
Chelskiman: Armo going off early.
nbartos: Barlow still on the Bench
dezlav: Also got the C on Barlow RooBoyStu. Had VC on Hanners. Mistake??
Chelskiman: Come on, Neale. I didn’t bring you in and make you C for this kind of start…
OnTheRocks: You crazy people with c on Barlow
poolboybob: Why put the C on any Freo players? They’re a dumpster fire
nbartos: Armo 40 in 10mins?
JockMcPie: do freo have a midfield today?
nbartos: Neale bandaid
dezlav: @OnTheRocks. Gotta try something
Mallon13: wow armo
Chelskiman: Jesus, Neale, wtf.
the worm: Barlow is a great C choice in the WAFL
tamoz: Power off Montagna!
Team Flog: Tanking much Freo??
Raspel31: Hmm-took the cap off Danger at last min and put on Neale-over the moon.
grossn: I told you to go danger xD
OnTheRocks: Freo making essendon look good
Stikman35: Montagna will go 120+
Raspel31: Was too late grossn, groan.
Chelskiman: Fisher +18. I need Neale to do that.
9th Again: Cannot wait for Fremantle vs Essendon
leorosman_: neale is coming hard he’ll be fine
CrowEaters: Bring in Neale & he plays like po0
Z. Dawsome: seriously stop complaining about neale. theres still 5 minutes until quarter time…
nbartos: Armo stopped
geoffmack: Where the f**k is Barlow????
Raspel31: Believe so leoro
the worm: in the Wafl
swannies05: Did barlow decide he rather play in the WAFL again or??
iZander: Arma was on the bench @ nbartos lmfao
King_Robbo: Lol at ppl who held Barlow
LuvIt74: How can the AFL not tell that Freo are tanking, even Stevie Wonder is noticing it.
Raspel31: Barlow been very influential-but very quietly geoff. Got him too.
Chelskiman: At least Neale got moving a bit
shaker: About the only good thing I’ve done this year trading Barlow out
nbartos: Essendon spewing they wont get 1st pick
Willymack1: Barlow die
the worm: i think mundy and fyfe are stealing all barlows touches
King_Robbo: Said it last week ‘premiums’ don’t get dropped
Vinstar: Rip Barlow
JockMcPie: oh barlow…oh no…why is he only 60% game time??
Chelskiman: Superman for Armo.
Yelse: where is barlow playing?
pies13: can i complain about barlow @zdawson?
snake_p: did Barlow think it was a 7.25 pm game?
dezlav: Just great watchin Barlow stink it up. Time for the mangnifying glass.
colmullet: where was this at the start of the year Roberton!
Z. Dawsome: yes pies, you may
frenzy: zac dawson can get a kick in the WAFL
Vinstar: @dezlav not even sure the magnifying glass will find him
shaker: Looks like he is playing with himself
LuvIt74: NOTE From now on anyone playing Freo make your elite premo VC or C because this is BS and lyons should be investigated.
9th Again: Is Zac Dawson the least supercoach relevant player in the AFl that regularly gets a game?
poolboybob: Dockers are lucky to be this close, they’ve been terrible.
pies13: thanckyou lift barlow 4flower sake!
nbartos: freo still in this playing sooo badly too
JockMcPie: barlow, more field time next quarter please…
swannies05: Trade stef and barlow next week? my rookies are doing better then this shit I’ve dealt with this year
Z. Dawsome: Dawson and Daniel Merret
Chelskiman: I’ll take 22 from Neale after he was on 0 for like the first 12 minutes.
SilverLion: To all those who captained barlow, are you really suprised?
Raspel31: I predict Barlow will influence the game even more in the 2nd quarter.
dezlav: @Vinstar. Break out the Hubble Telescope then.
Raspel31: Agreed Chels-phew.
hawkers123: neale lift!
Chelskiman: So glad I traded Barlow to Montagna last week.
LuvIt74: who would captain anyone from Freo with that jerk Lyons as a coach
dipstick: ouch barlows score. luckily 99% of those with half a brain traded him weeks ago
colin wood: Donut for Barlow!!
banners87: Barlow obviously still playing at WAFL pace, but in his defence its hard to get into the game with 50% ground time.
hawkers123: i am spewing barlow is useless
pies13: ive still got sheridan yay 22 a quarter time hasnt been that at half time 4weeks maybe he will get 60 tis week haha
shaker: mmmmm…… doughnuts
Raspel31: Sadly agree Luvit-Lyons should be history. Negative.
dipstick: @silverlion HAHAHAHAHAHA NO-one captained barlow buddy. thats ridiculous hahahahahahaha
hawkers123: at least barlow wasn’t captain for me gawn is just an absolute legend!!
Jaypa: Where’s that guy who had Barlow captain from last night hahahahahahahaha
hawkers123: hahahaha @jaypa
Chelskiman: That was dezlav. I feel bad because I told him Barlow would be good for 140+. Sorry, mate. 🙁
Raspel31: True Jaypa-wasn’t me,I promise. Ha.
pies13: barlow 2get 80 im calling it more i want that but lets see
dipstick: hehehehe noone captained barlow. who would be dumb enough to tank in SC?
heppelitis: take a risk he said…haha
Jaypa: Gee you threw him under the bus hahahaha
hawkers123: it’s a shame that parker did bad this week
Raspel31: Ha ha hepp
JockMcPie: hey, barlow got a kick!!
the worm: lets just all remember back to the days when we took barlow as a mature age rookie…
dipstick: perth media was saying 6 weeks ago barlow is done in the AFL.
OnTheRocks: Neale is the zorko of Freo
hawkers123: what really!!!!! @jockmcpie haha
heppelitis: dezlav going viral….poor guys ears are burning
Jaypa: It really looks like they’re tanking
nkoutsou: can anyone tell me where ross lyon is playing barlow!!!
Raspel31: Picked Freo to crack their cherry this week-might have to wait a week,sigh.
Z. Dawsome: Barlow has scored 3 more than last week, look at the positives barlow owners
oc16: @ the worm those were the good old days
OnTheRocks: I guess c on Barlow is as bad as the c on gawn against the dogs
dipstick: dezlav sees barlows final score of zero and thinks he will get his VC gawn 145 hahahaha
j-easy: early days yet, raspel
heppelitis: lol dippy
Sloaneyyyy: armitage is after that tackling record?
iZander: honestly i think captaining fawn vs the dogs was worse and i know there were a lot that did that! hahahaha
hawkers123: who had heath shaw as captain last week
Sloaneyyyy: Steven was s uch a cheap pickup this week, give the man the UP arrow already
Jaypa: I had heater C but loopholed Pendles 140 #spewing
hawkers123: it is because bulldogs get heaps of contested possesions @iZander
OnTheRocks: I did gawn c vs dogs :). Most painful c ever
heppelitis: keep gping capt jack sparrow
hawkers123: oh thats such a shame @jaypa
Torz: Steven as C is looking good
vamos77: I had J.Brown as Capt 520 weeks ago
hawkers123: haha yere @ontherocks
LuvIt74: how can half a very ordinary side in St Kilda have half their side on song to ton up.
heppelitis: grabbed him sloaney…and give him the huge responsibility of capt
iZander: yes i know hawkers…..thats why i laughed at people who captained him
nkoutsou: ross lyon hates barlow!
JockMcPie: barlow on fire
Yelse: keep going barlow see Ross lyon what happens when u put barlow on
hawkers123: ha yere @izander
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Neale. Need a 120 from you.
heppelitis: lol @Barlow
Raspel31: I capped Zac as Gawn, Mitchell and Danger all let me
dipstick: going by comments it seems those einsteins from the pies still have barlow
Raspel31: Hmm, game on.
Yelse: barlow in free start to score … and winning the quarter
JockMcPie: yeah i kept barlow. for now
pies13: keep going sheridan n barlow good comeback
hawkers123: shaw was a bit up and down at the start of the season but now he is starting to lift alot which is good so im happy
dipstick: my girlfriend gets more ball than barlow
frenzy: yin yang barlow
Chelskiman: Steven always looks like he’s grinning, lol.
Yelse: I’ve kept barlow coz I’ve had enough good cover. no need to waste trades so early. ppl burn trades to quickly
vamos77: yesterday I ate that much red velvet cake when I took a dump I thought my ass was bleeding
Raspel31: We are all very happy for you and Shaw hawkers.
Breezey: Steven on target for 150 +
Breezey: Who from Dipstick
nbartos: Umpires please be consistent
heppelitis: love trading early yelse…cant help it.
pies13: same kept barlow 4the same reason yelse
hawkers123: thankyou haha raspel31
OnTheRocks: Captain heater tonight?
heppelitis: lmao breezy
hawkers123: depends if you have gawn as vice captian ontherocks
Yelse: barlow on bench look the saints score last two goals lol
Raspel31: And ditto yelse and pies.
Breezey: I mean who does she play for
the worm: @breezey from a football team, who else?
Krispin_35: Keep on going Steven
OnTheRocks: Had Parker vc
pies13: was it you who said shaw wasnt worth 6ook @raspel? sum1 did few week ago hope they bought him in 4more than that da spud
hawkers123: defintely have shaw captain then ontherocks
Chelskiman: Come on, Neale! Push to 50 at HT at least.
tbrowne: why are people jumping on captaining heater all of a sudden? Yeah he’s a tank but don’t just jump on the bandwagon c’mon
Jaypa: Barlow couldn’t Mark that lol
tbrowne: infact make him your c, i personally have him in my side all im saying is don’t expect a repeat of last week
Raspel31: Not me pies-had Shaw since day 1.
Chelskiman: I have Steven running riot as VC in RDT. It’s good he’s scoring well, but sucks I didn’t make him captain
Jaypa: Uhhhh @tbrowne because he’s averaging 120 and scored 203 last week?
hawkers123: well he is starting to lift alot now and starting to rack up the score so why not
Rebuild: Will Barlow be at Freo next season?
tbrowne: he had 3 scores below 90 as well, defenders are always a risky c choice
jiggsy01: If you chase captaincy after a 200 you will get burned
frenzy: barlows going to the dees for hogan
heppelitis: its good to see armitage and steven going well…the were beasts a last year
the worm: @chelsk i had tom mitchell vc with steven C…starting to feel a little better about it
J_Herer: Sheridan is a jet
Jaypa: There have been few miss this year who haven’t had scores of 90 or lower 3 times or more?
hawkers123: that was like the first 3 or 4 rounds but he has lgot more consistent from then so???? why not
Krispin_35: Is anyone else receiving server break on afl live app or u all watching on Foxtel
Tigger5: @the worm did you take Titchs VC score?
pies13: apologese @raspel some spud said it cant remember who it was good comeback barlow keep going sheri!
poolboybob: Hogan to Freo for Barlow and the Dockers’ first round picks until 2050
Raspel31: Never ever capped a defender. But what would I know?.
the worm: @tigger talking about dt, i had goldy/gawn in sc
hawkers123: haha raspel31
Breezey: I don’t think Shaw will have it all his own way against the Crows in Adelaide
banners87: Barlow has chopped this qtr!
Sloaneyyyy: wow, Steven, Joey and Armitage going nuts!
JockMcPie: barlow on track for a ton almost the way he’s playing
a1trader: Nice job Blakely, Joey & Gilbert
Tigger5: oh ok
swannies05: If you captain shaw this week you’re gonna hurt
the worm: how many more points for a cape for barlow this qtr?
Raspel31: Will Freo pop the cherry. My thought at half time.
hawkers123: um not gonna happen were gonna be free of pain swannies05
Yelse: barlow 40 SC in one quarter. lets hope he tones up
JockMcPie: applause for barlow please.
Jukes82: barlow beasting it!
Tigger5: least Barlow redeemed himself that quarter
Torz: Fair comeback by Barlow.
SilverLion: Not that I’m complaining, but how on earth is Joey on 61 O.O
willywalks: lol @ barlow, donut to almost a cape, bet that hasn’t been done before!
Jackwatt$: Barlow back in the guts, Freo back in the game….it’s not rocket science Ross
Vinstar: All Barlow needed was a bit of a spray
RooBoyStu: Barlow clap clap clap Barlow clap clap clap
shaker: Lyon will stick Barlow back on the bench or they might win
Jaypa: 15 touches at 93% willy, not rocket science either
willywalks: also captained steven with tich, goldy & lewis might get much above 2200 for the first time
ScootD: keep going captain Steven!!!!
LuvIt74: RooBoy evening m8 not a bad effort by the Poo’s.
SilverLion: Liking what I’m seeing of Sam Collins, he’ll be a good defender for them in years to come.
blashtroko: @Jackwatt$ Exactly. When he and Blakely are in there they look twice as likely
nbartos: Ross the boss getting games into good kids
Stst1001: Bar low Bar low Bar low…
geoffmack: Barlow!!!! U beauty!!! Show Ross how it’s done!!!
SilverLion: Interesting how many people actually kept barlow despite incredibly inconsistent form and being dropped for 2 weeks…
Yelse: @silverlion he is averaging 90. not that bad considering ross has screwed him up
jiggsy01: why would you not keep barlow… 92 point average prior to being dropped and smashed it in the twos
Jaypa: Thoughts on throwing the C on JJK?
SilverLion: Barlow’s year so far: 61 60 99 81 128 134 67, 3 games above his av., 4 well below. Inconsistent to say the least.
iZander: i think that would be a very good move jaypa, not sure why a lot of people aren’t doing that
frenzy: I’m getting smashed already this week, my op 7/1000
LuvIt74: @frenzy bloody hell does that include his/her captain.
Jaypa: Yeah West Coast seem to be unstoppable On Sunday nights at Domain, JJK usually kicks bags
frenzy: yep jpk capt
LuvIt74: ok well thats about right
Stikman35: Go blakely
LuvIt74: my opponent is 6/789 captain was Gawn
9th Again: lol, everyone that was giving shit to Neale in that first quarter
Torz: Everyone jumped on Neale because he wasn’t on 40 after 3 minutes.
the worm: @jiggsy yeah, why trade out someone who plays in the twos?
Chelskiman: Actually he did’t touch the ball for the first 12 minutes. Either way I have him as C, so go!
9th Again: anyone else chuck the vc on Zac Dawson just to see if he throws up a good score?
JockMcPie: Dawson looked good as a ruckman…
Raspel31: Chels-a little more relaxed n’est-ce pas
blashtroko: Okay the statisticians certainly have jack steven… some dubious tackles in there
Chelskiman: Barlow taking out Neale now.
Raspel31: They’rean item Chelsk?
Chelskiman: Haha, yep. Barlow impressed him with that 2nd quarter.
TheMessiah: Swapped the C from Steven to Mantags last minute…. feeeling pretty dumb right now
Breezey: Dermott: Freo can smell the blood in the water. Please
TheMessiah: Freo going to win from here?
Raspel31: Iwould say messiah-but of courseyou know.
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Freo!
JRedden: collins just almost doubled his score in a second
TheMessiah: Haha yeah, I cant believe they are winning tbh. Thought saints were going to demolish them
heppelitis: nah…hes just a naughty boy@raspel
Chelskiman: We’re all individuals!
poolboybob: lol St Kilda
Raspel31: Funny Hepp.
Torz: Go massive captain Steven!
RooBoyStu: geez it would be hard being a saints supporter, only 1 flag and letting Freo have their first win lol
jake_nev: Whats Montagna done wrong to the CD clowns…
colmullet: hes been a cheap seagull jake
JockMcPie: joey for the scale
Choppy: And Heater isnt a gul?
Chelskiman: Keep plugging away, Neale.
Roksta: Montagna sc hasn’t moved for ages despite possessions
Tigger5: if only barlow decided to turn up in the first quarter
LuvIt74: Did anyone have Hanebery as VC and take his 126 or going with Danger?
Rebuild: Highest disposal efficiency I’ve seen from Neale in a very long time
thommoae: Heater has 1 or 2 pretty fair intercept marks to his name this year.
RooBoyStu: difference between Heath Shaw and Montagna is Shaw kicks it 20m+, Joey 5m
LuvIt74: Well bugger me dead, looks like Freo might not be tanking, will be interesting to see last quarter.
Chelskiman: I’m taking 126. No point playing with danger, no pun intended.
cold pies: will joey n barlow make a ton?
LuvIt74: @Chelskiman yeah I hear ya mate thats what I done. Only because his average score against Carlton is 96.5
dezlav: @Chelskiman. Wish I had taken the 126. Rolled the dice and put the C on Barlow.
LuvIt74: @cold pies, will Collingwood win the grand final?
Krispin_35: Why the hell would u put the c on someone who just came out of the twos
cold pies: @dezlav had goldy as vc and went the gamble with Mitchell. FAIL
TheMessiah: need a massive 4th for montags. Cant believe I Captained him over Steven 🙁
LuvIt74: @dezlav everytime i play greedy i get my alls bitten hard, so I opt to stick with anything over 110
heppelitis: haha dezlav…we all had a good laugh when barlow was 0 at qtr time
cold pies: @luvit74 you know it
Chelskiman: If it wasn’t for that 1st quarter Barlow would probably be equal with Steven to be fair.
chris7399: man some real newbies here. C on Barlow seriously? is your team really that bad?
Vinstar: Have Martin as vc and priddis as c, projected 2440
JockMcPie: im not gonna loophole goldstein as VC – danger is my C. good luck to him
9inch: If VC failed or under 120 then the only gamble with taking is Pendles
23rookie23: @Vinstar everyone is projecting 2400 plus mate so nothing special -> 80% of my leages are!
Vinstar: Not sure whether to take Collins sc score or go with Hartley..
Choppy: many lucky enough to VC Gawn?
LuvIt74: @cold pies well u answered your own answer Regarding “will Joey & Barlow ton” lol
hawkers123: shaw or gawn captain for today?
Roksta: I’d go Collins vinstar
Chelskiman: Let’s go, C Neale, 40+ point quarter!
TheMessiah: I think the pies will knock the doggies off tomorrow. Gunna back them in i think
ajconodie: Pav is past it.
chris7399: @hawkers take Gawn
the worm: in which part of the ground are you expecting the pies to beat the dogs?
LuvIt74: carn Barlow score a lazy 30 more in the last. Im gonna bet Saints to win this
Stikman35: Pies are about to start their line. Then we’re marching in.
LuvIt74: You watch the Saints will win this coz Freo will stop playing now.
Stst1001: Shaw, priddis or danger as cap?
Breezey: That’s what they said last week about Geelong
RooBoyStu: cold pie v hot dog at the footy = doggies win
colin wood: What the hell happened to montagna sc? Was 63 at half time and has since scored 7 from 23 dt… What a crock of shit
cold pies: All lines
Chelskiman: Jackie Chan, haha.
Stikman35: I mozzed the red wine. Tagna has gone vinegar.
LuvIt74: lmfao @ RooBoy
cold pies: Quote this: pies will take sydney in grandfinal
Stikman35: To start marching you need to form a line. All lines sound great @ cold pies
snake_p: have you been drinking pies?
LuvIt74: @cold pies are you sure you have a pulse mate?
thommoae: Don’t put money on that, pies – buy medicine instead.
9inch: Dermie is such a tosser. His long winded thoeries shit me. Bogan
Stikman35: Nearlie is a
LuvIt74: Riewoldt was a absolute bargain at the start of the year, just wish i had him.
Stikman35: Go cats
Chelskiman: He’s also called Steven “Stevens” all day.
Stikman35: Neale is all Australian.
JockMcPie: cmon montagna, get a touch
Breezey: I can see 0-10 coming
poolboybob: Gresham having a blinder, might reach $250k this season!
JockMcPie: why is ross tanking again, get barlow back on the field
sticky12: Come on saints…ou can’t lose to Lyon
banners87: Danyle Pearce killing us with his turnovers at the moment.
Chelskiman: So close to the ton, Neale!
JockMcPie: cmon barlow and montagna, ton up
Team Flog: Barlowwww!!!
Breezey: Oh when the Saints
LuvIt74: @sticky12 relax m8 the saints will win this buddy coz Lyon’s is tanking. I put money on it when saints were down by 15
Torz: C’mon Steven, put the cherries on the top.
heppelitis: exactly torz
nbartos: Don’t give up first round pick now Freo
ajconodie: I don’t think so many players spill blood when they’re tanking. Just saying.
LuvIt74: gonna go have a bite to eat and grab me a beer. back soon. carn Saits
sticky12: All good luvit…not Lyons style tanking for the future…usually he bleeds a list dry then jumps to another club!
TheMessiah: come on montags wake the fuck up mate
Stikman35: Not watching game. How’s blakely look.
the worm: as soon as i bring Riewoldt in he will get seriously injured…I just cant do it to him
a1trader: Blakely looks very good
Torz: Blakey playing well. Very good in the contest.
Stikman35: Took a punt on blake
blashtroko: @stilkman Blakely is legitimately freo’s 2nd best player.
RooBoyStu: what would LuvIt74 be eating? going by his posts i reckon 2 min noodles lol
nbartos: Good tabs
JockMcPie: Muppet for taberner!!
poolboybob: lol Craberner
Tigger5: good shot
Krispin_35: Muppet for tabener
swannies05: how many games has blakey played
Stikman35: Is his hair in a pony tail. Hate that.
Torz: Sums up Taberner: Work in progress.
Ninty: lol how bad is Taberner
Stikman35: Blakely. Yes
nbartos: Tabs reading the Ross script
J_Pinkman: word came down to taberner, “don’t kick it”. so he didn’t
Chelskiman: Ok, Neale, enough rest, let’s have one last burst please.
ajconodie: Double Muppet!!
JockMcPie: nah its flowing @Sitkman. the commentators love him
Breezey: Blakely looks good Darren Austin
the worm: ive never seen so many blokes take issue with another blokes hair than here
Roksta: I’m having pizza rooboy
Stikman35: Blakely was low 200s in sc. But I think with freos mids he’s relevant.
the worm: who are freos mids?
Stikman35: Barlow and fyfe
Raspel31: Snipping off my head knot in shame
iZander: there should be an icon for players who get heaps of tackles 😛
poolboybob: Steven star, Roo x-factor.
Stikman35: Ones injured and the other is going
northernstar: How’s Collins looked?
nbartos: Fyfe Mundy Neale Sandi
circle52: This Blakely’s 4th game
Fatbar5tad: Collins or Ruggles? Tough choice.
RooBoyStu: Fish ‘n’ chips in air fryer @Roksta
sonik79: worse commentary team?
Stikman35: Blakely played a few last year too. Racked up heaps of posisin wafl earlier this of Lyons lost late bloomers.
the worm: with fyfe mundy out who are the other ones?
Roksta: Nice… Are air fryers good?
Stikman35: Sandis out too
iZander: sandilands is there biggest out, mvp for sure 😛
Chelskiman: 101 as C isn’t the end of the world, but it sucks when you have Titch, Joey and Steven with monster scores.
Breezey: Neale’s a mid
willywalks: where the hell has steven and walters been in the 4th, barely sighted…
RooBoyStu: worth the $200 @Roksta
poolboybob: Massive Q4 for NRoo
nbartos: Hill Bennel Barlow
Stikman35: I’ve got freos only mids.
Torz: Good finish Steven.
Raspel31: And Tom Mitchell etc Chelsk-but liveable.
Stikman35: Not barlow
JockMcPie: not even mad about barlow’s score considering Q1…hopefully joey gets scaled
Breezey: Savage doubled his whole in the last qtr. Give him the cape in his 100th
SilverLion: Joey robbed in SC.
Breezey: Whole score
Stikman35: Feel bad for pav.

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