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Chat log from R6 of 2016: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R6 of 2016

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kangawalla: Come on Demons. These are the matches we need to WIN!
kangawalla: Good luck to CPet too!
snake_p: looking forward to seeing Petracca – the hype has been huge
Kenny27: lets go CP5!
desmondo: And he (petracca)is straight into my SC team AND on the field 😉
Daboo: hoping for a big debut from Petracca
Daboo: had him in my team from round 1
snake_p: me too des, so he’s guaranteed to spud it it up 🙂
Jair: Petracca on field, and just in time
zadolinnyj: Same daboo. Great to see him playing
J.Worrall: Earth to m0nty?
Fletch91: Gawn for a big one against Hickey.
poido123: why would you start with a guy who hasnt played til now? amateurs
poido123: in other words, you have no idea what you are doing daboo
facebook23: its a fine line between heaven (Saints) and hell (Demons)
Ben_Gogos: Sorry guys, we are working on fixing the issues as we speak.
Apachecats: good afternoon to all.
AngryRyno: cheers for the update ben
zadolinnyj: Captain loophole player poido123. He was going to always eventually play so great way to save a trade
SwaggyP: I’m probably the only person left with Bennedy, here’s to another underwhelming 45.
AngryRyno: also got Bennedy, but he’s promised me a 90
zadolinnyj: Bennedy always stars slow.
zadolinnyj: *starts
poido123: petracca quiet. must be nervous
Mallon13: cmon wagner
shaker: What 90 cents
Stikman35: Kennedy bench. Goldy what a capt choice.
j959: truck has more than Bennedy already…
uw0tm8: Scores seem wrong, would of had gawn and steven on alot more
AngryRyno: scores were wrong last night too, goldy should have had at least 120
poolboybob: Lynden Dumb
grossn: Thank god I put Kennedy on the bench this week
zadolinnyj: Lol @Angry
Pokerface: with his disposal efficency of 50% and all the sharked hit outs Ryno?
AngryRyno: it was a joke, keep up
poido123: weird game. melbourne look sluggish, even though they are winning
Gordo450: Lyndens career is Dunn
Pokerface: does anyone still have gresham?
zadolinnyj: Pee tractor looks good
PureSwag: me? his still gonna make me heap of money
Mallon13: i have gresham
Fatbar5tad: Bennedy + Gresham. Checking in.
Pokerface: if he holds his spot i dont doubt that swag
Pokerface: was just curious if anyone had the patience to hold and wait for him. i didnt have the patience. tradings too much fun.
AngryRyno: Gresham could have spent the year in the twos based on his first 2 games
poolboybob: Kennedy do something you dud
benzammit: Petracca n Bennedy hate to say it recon room for 1 but not both last week for Beennedy!
Apachecats: 15 SC for Petracca not a bad start considering nerves.
RooBoyStu: are there any men in the St.kilda cheer squad? Always sound like a bunch of girls.
Fletch91: Gawns SC pretty low considering his DE
Apachecats: Gawn just the one CP
poido123: petracca going to be awesome when nerves settle. demons need to pick their energy up, they look a bit flat from last wee
cusch1: I think im going to regret trading in Ziebell over Jack Steven
poido123: steven is so consistent.
Gordo450: @cusch – I hear ya!
cusch1: I’ve had Steven almost every year, one of the first selected, but this year i thought i’d change it up…fml
poido123: melbourne are not working hard enough.
poido123: stop fcking giving away frees!!!
korza: Need Bernie in this one BIG time
Fatbar5tad: Greshgoal
poido123: melbourne serving up dog doo. this is lightyears apart from last game.
poolboybob: Gresham looks like he’s 13 years old
AngryRyno: Bennedy starting to get a little involved
Apachecats: That icicle has got Kennedy going.
RooBoyStu: Melbourne shower at Etihad, won 1 of last 58 there, the last time Melbourne beat St.kilda at Etihad Petracca was only 6
Fatbar5tad: Reiwoldt on his own again.
poido123: so many damn fumbles. grab the fcking ball melbourne. playing with absolutely no confidence
poido123: melbourne cant buy a free. took harmes high there
poolboybob: Freo will have to pay through the nose if they want Hogan
Gott2Win: I’m cooked this week. Goldy and Gawn and opponent has neither of them plus has Hogan.
Yelse: Whats with this round. No love for the ruckmen. Shocking SC scores
MerleDixon: kennedy atleast get 70-80 u spud no wonder collingwood traded you ffs
Yelse: Vc goldy now C gawn 8 (
poolboybob: Bennedy can’t kick it 45 metres?
Fatbar5tad: Used to be the Paul Hogan Show…
Fletch91: Hoping Steven and Gawn have a better second half
korza: Vince gets my missus horny. l love the bloke
Dangertime: Lift Gawn
poido123: wagner, kent, petracca on field. dog crap
poido123: and where is steven?
Fatbar5tad: Lol @korza
AngryRyno: give Bennedy that icicle again, perhaps it will get him going once more
RooBoyStu: Petracca’s mum what a MILF
poido123: fck this game and fck melbourne. you useless fcks are ruining my day
poido123: i cant believe how many fumbles are out there. its not raining ffs
Snarfy: I wonder if Gawny can get another 54 hitouts in the second half to get to the ton!!!
Zeratul: Slow down gawn 😛
kangawalla: First world issues poido
Lecras: yess!! got rid of stringer this week for riewoldt
wolfheart: c’mon Kent, get yr glasses off and yr cape on. You’re so hot and cold
kangawalla: Just heard R.Griffin out for GWS. Nick Haynes in.
frenzy: Watts the problem this week, Lol
poido123: saints getting all the 50 50 calls. wtf is melbourne doing?
zadolinnyj: Source kangawalla?
Viscount: on fan footy listed as back
kangawalla: ABC radio & GWS twitter page Zad
Mallon13: cmon gawn start racking them up!
zadolinnyj: Afl site confirming Kangawalla. Thanks for the early info
benzammit: Too is putting on a master class for Watts
poido123: none of those lazy fck melbourne players running back to cover. abyssmal effort
Kenny27: touch the ball Steven ffs
poido123: Kent has vanished. fck that inconsistent hack
benzammit: Even Roo
RooBoyStu: with all the publicity Hawks cannot possibly win the free kick count today.
frenzy: lift ya game max
cohzee: montagna been awful recently
poido123: there is a clear bias in the umpiring in this game and the crows game. trying to help saints and dockers win
benzammit: Cut that out Roo free kick to hawthorn!
poolboybob: NRoo is amazing, does so many things well. He should play until he’s 50
Torz: Montagna did his hammy last week, not surprising he’s not going well today.
benzammit: That’s our great game rigged as all get out from the draw to game day
Fury: i agree, pooboy
cohzee: didnt know that. seems silly to play him then
Kenny27: saints dont need help from the umps this game is done
poido123: i cannot believe what i am watching. melbourne hang your heads in shame
RooBoyStu: rubbish the frees are even poido123 if you backed melb with their shower etihad record no sympathy
poolboybob: Classic Melbourne, get up a little momentum the last week or two then crap the bed
Raspel31: Thought Gawny would hammer Hickey-surprise, surprise
benzammit: The count means nothing it’s where they pay free kicks on the field and the basis that they don’t pay
Ben_Gogos: This has been pathetic by melbourne
poido123: Roo, a field should not affect the effort of the team. If melbourne showed the same effort and stopped fumbling the ball
kangawalla: Story of my sporting life poolboy bob
poido123: they would easily beat the saints. the umpiring has been pretty bad too
uw0tm8: steven never seems to be apart of it when saints play well
frenzy: Roosy, thanks dees for mill and a half a season and changed nothing
Apachecats: broken record Poido
Gordo450: Ive got Billings in Draft, can never pick the weeks he is going to turn up
kangawalla: poido..The right Melbourne has to turn up. That’s how bipolar we are
Kenny27: cmon poid the umps have cost the dees 6 goals?
poolboybob: Witches hats for Dees defenders
Fatbar5tad: You’re right frenzy. No improvement at all LOL.
poido123: ouch. that was pretty funny though by viney :p
poido123: Kenny, saints have simply capatilised on the fumbling and frees at the right time. saints are winning on effort and run
snake_p: witches hats for the whole Dees team aside from Hogan
Fury: These scores from Melbourne players v. disappointing
cusch1: Before today i said who the fk is blake acres and why would my oppt have him
Apachecats: remember Sainters were unlucky to lose to hawks
J_Pinkman: bit of fine tuning neede on those deliberate out of bounds me thinks
mark621: is nroo needed to get in
Tim Tam: @Apachecats, I know right? don’t get why people pick Demons over Saints…
poolboybob: I was going to say it seems like Gresham is not on the ground, but 58% TOG so I guess he really isn’t playing
korza: Vince has killed me. Thank you
ballbag: the demons are always going to be a joke. they are pathetic
Costanza: Hogan lacking heroes
poido123: another wet the bed from kent. wagner and kent has killed dreamteam for me.
Coen: Kennedy 2pts off his break even.
Apachecats: good one Costanza
poolboybob: Why would you have Dean Kent in fantasy footy, lol
Zeratul: high fantasy scoring game!
zadolinnyj: Did they end up changing the rule about blood rule and interchange numbers?
frenzy: Max, these +1’s are killing me
poolboybob: Membrey, Dane Swan and Dustin Martin should compare tatts
GJayBee: I haven’t been watching, how’s Jesse hogan’s ball drop going? hahahah
poolboybob: Dees trying to set a record for uncontested marks allowed inside defensive 50
heppelitis: has Petracca been good today?
Stikman35: Kb. Hope he’s watching. Next hundred kicker??
Ben_Gogos: Lumumba’s awareness has been horrible today
GJayBee: sounds like a good Dees record. Typical of their last ten years.
Stikman35: Not enough team spread by dees.
scaryness: Atlas for Hogan
Apachecats: Petracca will end up 60+, SC good debut.
kangawalla: Not the worst Hepp
cusch1: 7 goals and still cant get bog
heppelitis: cheers apache
kangawalla: Agree scaryness
Apachecats: Come on Max ,still time to ton up.
Fletch91: Dont hav a quiet spell now Steven, lets go!
man0005: Gun for Tim Membrey
korza: J.Steven needs a fribulator
Stikman35: Good game acres.
Fatbar5tad: Bacres Delight
snake_p: korza is that some type of sex toy? defribrillator?
Raspel31: Gawny and Joey-sigh.
Costanza: who did the Dees defeat anyway?
deanie: I think 90+ for a shit week for gone is not a loss lol
RooBoyStu: Hornless Demons!
cusch1: fatbar5tad you arent bill browbless by any chance are you?
uw0tm8: jack steven always robbed in supercoch
Stikman35: Are we all so dumb. Not yo have Hoges and roo:(((
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha donuts anyone?
Fatbar5tad: St Klda equal thier bitching record
korza: Nice junk Bernie
uw0tm8: will there be scaling?
jaxx: 13 in a row for st kilda over melbourne lol

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