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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Chat log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R4 of 2016

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J.Worrall: Push them hard, Sainters!
spiggs: That lee is a potato
Xephyrise: O’Brien played 4 games in 2014, monty, no need for the L’s
Sloaneyyyy: what? Riewoldt hasn’t got concussed yet? still three quarters to go I suppose
NoneyaB: Arma with the 16+ !
poolboybob: Mitchell magnet
Sloaneyyyy: Steven doing sweet-f-a at the moment
september: C’mon Mitchell step it up
LuvIt74: bloody hell where is Rioli
frenzy: Hodgey will be cheap in the coming weeks
Woodie: Lets go sainters…bring it home
Zeratul: mitchel really wants a brownlow!
FREODUCK: carn the sainters
Raspel31: Mein gott- go Sainters !
Zeratul: Mitchell really wants that brownlow
Woodie: Umps going to give it to hawks FFS
poolboybob: Umpire comedy of errors
OnTheRocks: c’mon VC Mitchell, hurry up and score big before the GC game starts
AngryRyno: carn sainters!
Solat: roo is a hero
OnTheRocks: 40 Touches for SMitch, going for 50
AngryRyno: booooo not this flog team again
AngryRyno: 34 handballs would give SMitch the new handball record
Breezey: He took the advantage. That’s bullshower
The Barn: mitchell is such a dirty player
The Barn: zero chance at the browlow. will get rubbed out before season is done
BestCoast: Go Saints were are all the Hawk flogs going on about Umps now
Raspel31: Bit ofan unexpected cliffhanger this
Gebs: could do with a few more points from newnes .. winning goal perhaps ??
OnTheRocks: go Saints!
Breezey: Come on the Saints. Find another goal somewhere.
Jackwatt$: Wow! Lucky the Hawks have the brown shorts on today because I reckon a few of them would be that color regardless!
Raspel31: Bummer.
feralmong: go saints.
Mash: Mine are Jack!

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