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Chat log from R3 of 2016: St Kilda vs Collingwood

Chat log for St Kilda vs Collingwood, R3 of 2016

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carlton_99: Any chance Hickey beats Hickey in Supercoach!
carlton_99: Any chance Hickey beats DeGoey in Supercoach!
IHateChat: Pendles for a sneaky VC?
Yelse: freeman got 46 possessions in 3 quarters woahhh
Yelse: going peddles VC today. ribs had an extra week to recover and will be in the mid more
Ben_Gogos: @Yelse I know, what a massive start!
pies13: carn pies!
gdshifty: pendles not attending centre bounces… sigh
Steelers7: Junk time has started early
Yelse: pies skills better this week.
Viscount: Hi Monty, will we get supercoach scores today?
RGriffen: Billings playing midfield for the first time
gdshifty: you were saying Yelse?
Jackwatt$: What’s going on with SC scores Ben? Does only m0nty know the formula?
NewFreoFan: Hope all the people frothing over Hickey round 1 traded him in
malteaser: already 15 CP for collingwood, what crap
circle52: 2jackwatts just wondering wheter m0nty’s server issues may be the problem here.
Kenny27: cant believe we kick the ball to Brown his disposal is shocking
NoneyaB: Sc scores?
heppelitis: pretty good disp Eff from Saints….lots of 100s
Yelse: peddles best pie clearance player. put him on the ball
m0nty: there we go
Viscount: thanks Monty
Raspel31: This a Collingwood team that will frighten nobody-go Sainters.
snake_p: rubbish free kick to pendle-wood
frenzy: break out the duck ben
Steelers7: Ducklebury
pies13: a bomber supporter bagging another team wow long year ahead 4you @raspel
JDolling69: Adams did not give away that free? WTF
uw0tm8: Ffs steven get some touches
Raspel31: That’s the spirit pies13
Kenny27: pathetic defense
Yelse: @kenny pies defence this year horrible
pies13: thanks @raspel??
Kenny27: @yelse they have free blokes on the wing, half forward and on the goal line noone near them lol
frenzy: Howe’d he get a game
Fletch91: Steven such a low SC? How? He has done nothing wrong!
Dangeroo: Roo and Cloke top of each team? Are we in 2010?
frenzy: pink doughie ben for howe
LuvIt74: Collingwood are deplorable
Rob K: Oh my goodness. Just logged on and I have 6 frees against!
LuvIt74: thankfully i dont have any saints or pies players, traded gresham out for papley today
Raspel31: Only got Joey Luvit and that’s one too many.
LuvIt74: @raspel yup they are very ordinary
circle52: I still have degoey and Pendles
LuvIt74: First year i didn’t pick Pendles he isn’t right and will score poorly against decent opposition
Pokerface: add a pumpkin to fasolos icicle
pies13: same @luvit
man0005: same @luvit
Yelse: @luvit peddles is fine is bucks is playing him wrong
LuvIt74: All those idiots who jumped off premium rucks to put in Hickey after round 1. lol
iZander: Cmon Arma! i know its not your type of game but get going 😛
poolboybob: keep it up DeGoey
snake_p: blue moon for Cloke?
circle52: SC Gods are kind some time was forced to keep degoey
gavy J: Cmon Pendles super tough sore ribs and all
Pokerface: good call snake
Raspel31: Where you gone this quarter Joey-come back pleez
Torz: De Goey finally starting to do what I though he’d be capable of.
GJayBee: Round 3, Saturday, Thank F!
LuvIt74: @Yelse he is far from fine mate, he is carrying a niggling injury.
LuvIt74: Yeah I heard his ribs also but not sure how true that is.
Yelse: montagna just gets the cheap handball receives maggot
LuvIt74: Only got Rance & Laird this arvo
AngryRyno: Goodyear not going to have a good year at this rate
Raspel31: Who’s stuck with $600,000 on Heath Shaw but can’t offload-sheesh.
circle52: Me Raspel Still reckon he will be top 5 defender so thats why I started
Raspel31: Here’s hoping circle-but looking slow
Ben_Gogos: Voldt is done for the day
gavy J: Shaw will be number 1 defender just held off to get better price
Rilian: McCartin gone for day confirmed on MMM.
MIJG: Roberton stopped do something
Raspel31: Wow-picked pies but go you Sainters-and Joey.
Stuart88: Dam St nick didn’t seem like a big hit was on track for a ton again 🙁
gdshifty: pendlebury gone for me next week
willywalks: glad i traded pendles out for titch…
poolboybob: lol Collingwood, not a top 8 side at all.
Stuart88: Wish I traded him don’t seem himself
Fletch91: Steven and Joey need to keep moving!
Raspel31: Roo a hero Stuart88-but you picked him ?
PureSwag: I’m starting to get worried for Scott
uw0tm8: Why cant steven heat up with the rest of his team cmon
Torz: De Goey has vanished.
uw0tm8: Lol as soon as i say it
Raspel31: After last night thanks for keeping me in there Joey
MIJG: Today is a bad day.
BeastMode: Collingwood are a disgrace, im off ’em absolutely no pressure. Greenwood has the worst kick in the AFL.
kangawalla: Keep it up Howey, you one trick pony!
ballbag: pendles is clearly 3rd in line behind adams and treloar. and NO pendles is not suffering from rib injury i hear
OnTheRocks: what the hell have i just walked in on……Pendlebury 🙁
MIJG: What happened to Roberton?
macvinnie: Pumpkin for Fasolo
OnTheRocks: Bucks, get Pendles in the mids you hack
Ben_Gogos: @MIJG he’s struggling with a knee injury
Yelse: you watch bucks will put peddles in the middle last quarter like against tigers
MIJG: Great
Stuart88: Rasp31 yeah I picked him normal starts strong figured might make some $$$
ballbag: LOL hardwick and buckley are hacks… just like their clubs who resigned them
Yelse: peddles started in the guts told ya
Kenny27: that coming from a carlton fan named ballbag
OnTheRocks: Does Bucks have so little faith in his def that he has to dump Pendles back there from the start?
Yelse: that tells me bucks is the issue no an injury to pendles
pies13: you do realise your team icon is next 2your name @ballbag? the blues the biggest haks! haha
ballbag: hahaha bucks genius leaving pendle out of mids til your 5 goals down. and at least blues admit theyre rebuilding.
Stuart88: Pies13 would hope u guys get up they have 1 one the bench were re building ur meant to be top 8 lol
DanBlack: At least Carlton gave a good coach a long term contract
Rilian: Roberton off for the rest of game also according to Triple M
pies13: how long it take 2 rebuild? a good club can rebuild and still be round the mark and botttom out like your club
pies13: and not*
DanBlack: Well as long as Treloar thinks you’re close to a flag
DanBlack: I guess I can’t talk, the view isn’t very good from the bottom atm
Stuart88: Haha lol Dan love it good call
uw0tm8: Dont know about steven star
NewFreoFan: Lol Dan that’s why I’ve been staying quiet 🙂
LuvIt74: The pies are shot unbelievable how crap they look. Would kill to be sitting next to Fatty McGuire
Dangermaus: At least Gresham might come back now that Roo and McCartin are injured
LuvIt74: @DanBlack spot on m8 – Buckley totally stuffed collingwood but McGuire is in luv with the guy,
colin wood: Comfortably our worst loss under Bucks
OnTheRocks: looking like bad round for me 🙁
GJayBee: dreaming of a sacred boil over hahahah
Torz: Great work Steven
uw0tm8: Ok take it back stevens earned the star
LuvIt74: Dependlebury not so dependent any longer.
uw0tm8: Steven absolutly robbed in sc though, should be 120+
Stuart88: GAME OVER great win saints
LuvIt74: He will be very cheap in 5 to 6 weeks
Fatbar5tad: And there go the Pies fans…
Fletch91: I agree uw0t. Great numbers all round, but crap SC.
Fatbar5tad: Pendles goals…
frenzy: charity pendles
OnTheRocks: junk it to 100+ pls
Rilian: Monty – Roberton & Williams need a red cross, both long gone from the game.
MontyJnr: good effort from pendles to hit the ton considering where he was at
LuvIt74: Cannot wait to see what the Dogs do against the Hawks.
Fatbar5tad: Pendles SC ton!
gdshifty: Thanks luvit for getting Pendles +25 in last 5 mins 🙂
uw0tm8: Pendles cheapest ton of all time
LuvIt74: Well done Saints made my weekend. lol
uw0tm8: 30 touches 3 goals for 112sc is a joke
LuvIt74: @gdshifty welcome. lol
cobrakai00: Pendles .. Cheap ball n diving for free goals
OnTheRocks: He’s fallen so far

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