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Chat log from W1 of 2016: St Kilda vs North Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs North Melbourne, W1 of 2016

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LeFtBehinD: What does the MB mean?
snake_p: moneyball
circle52: Moneyball is another fantasy competition. Entirely different to others though
Brown*Dog: Where is Jed Anderson playing
Yelse: looks like in forward pocket @brown dog
kilbluff19: why is Clarke not in the stats
kilbluff19: why is Clarke not in the stats
Brown*Dog: Lindsay Thomas hasn’t gotten into the game yet
snake_p: he’s dominating frees against Brown Dog
m0nty: all North players showing up now
Jogr: why are the stats, game blog and the twitter feed covering players?
circle52: Think it is a problem getting 26 players on the screen for the NAB cup
Jogr: k cheers
m0nty: try it again now with a shift reload, should be better
Jogr: cheers monty working great
thorgils: Is the disposal efficiency real time accurate?
m0nty: yep
thorgils: Perfect, thank mate
thorgils: Where is Luke McDonald playing? HB sweeper?

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