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Chat log from EF of 2015: Richmond vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs North Melbourne, EF of 2015

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RooBoyStu: Come on Kangas! Beat these Toothless Tigers. On my way (posted 1:50pm)
carlton_99: This is the first time i’m going for North. Carn the Kanags! Hope you smash these Tigers!
Beast_Mode: tigers by 60 plus, boomer is a sook
frenzy: At least tigers get their bet back, Lol
frenzy: C mon canners you need to lift
frenzy: Flower off auto correct* cunners
Beast_Mode: nth shouldn’t have rested players last week, they’ll all be rested nest week lol
rickyb80: carn the tigers
rickyb80: tankaroos should have stuck with the werribe side lol
ballbag: @ricky exactly. can you believe bscott actually thought roos players were good enough to rest. haha you never rest hacks
rickyb80: if ur freo its a good idea. if ur norf. not so much
ballbag: no jarrad waite- no norf. hehehe
RooBoyStu: if ya gonna have a dig, at least spell Werribee right muppet
ballbag: hahaha the same way Roos supporters spell NORF right
rickyb80: lol werribe doesnt deserve correct spelling
RooBoyStu: neither does Toothless Tigers
Beast_Mode: lol tarrant you spud, give him the muppet
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Martin goes short to Edwards just outside, Tarrant encroaches to give away 50m and a certain goal.
RooBoyStu: Kermit doesn’t know the length of 15m
RooBoyStu: Need a Spring Carnival Bank? Whack $ on us at $3.50 half time via tab, we’ll win.
desmondo: Thanks cotchi…why did i make you my game day captain??…you are now on my NEVER AGAIN list
rickyb80: may aswell put ur money in a pile and set it on fire
rickyb80: if u want real value. put money on martin for the norm smith
Beast_Mode: Thx to my multi i’m well on my way to $492. Good times.
RooBoyStu: @Beast_Mode you need to hedge
Beast_Mode: chappy muppet
RooBoyStu: chappy no muppet as not North, m0nty at his best
desmondo: is lambert dead?
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers
Beast_Mode: whos winning muppet?
RooBoyStu: final siren is it?
AngryRyno: i can’t believe it! vlastuin got two kicks in a minute!
RooBoyStu: shhh rickyb80 & Beast_mode quiet
spudaroos: How old is Boomer? What a fucking player.
circle52: Muppett for Thomas – allowing momentum to change to Tigers
Beast_Mode: thomas biggest flog since milne
RooBoyStu: half time North $3.50, now $1.70 fav
RooBoyStu: @spudaroos 37
RooBoyStu: all weekend Beast_Mode been talking shower
Dangermaus: Maric has been destroyed by Goldie today!
myteamsuks: Are you from Melbs rooboystu?
colmullet: cotchin disgusting when his team needs him
myteamsuks: Unpire was weak there that was holding the ball
RooBoyStu: was in Melb as born there, here today in box, but live in QLD
RooBoyStu: haha Vickery
myteamsuks: Time to celebrate I reckon
Dangermaus: game over
RooBoyStu: where are the tiger muppets?
Dangermaus: you’ll get demolished by Sydney next week so enjoy the win today RooBoyStu
RooBoyStu: where are rickyb80 & beast_mode? cry in your pillows
Woodie: Well done Roos, will be a good game next week.
RooBoyStu: @Dangermaus same with ur club
Dangermaus: yeah most likely
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers
spudaroos: PRETENDERS lmao, Boomer still has it, What a gun
Dangermaus: but we don’t have any injuries or report worries at least
meka100: Richmond is a nonstop comedy show
frenzy: Monkey tigers, you still got the monkey
frenzy: Sack Dimma
spudaroos: Boomer star surely

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