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Chat log from R19 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide, R19 of 2015

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Fletch91: No Hamling on the Dogs Team List
thedaveyb: he replaced Johannisen who was a withdrawal yesterday
Fletch91: Yeah, I know. His name wasn’t on here earlier, but its been updated now
meka100: No Murphy Dogs look shithouse
dipstick: @meka well technically 13-14 teams are shithouse. not that many good tams in the league
AngryRyno: should have changed my tip when murphy was ruled out
Jukes82: i upgraded hogan to daulhaus this week, my apologizes.
drapes15: forgiven Jukes my opponent has him aswell so doesnt matter
m0nty: ype, I bought Dahlhaus this week as well
drapes15: i had danger VC and sauce last night in SC so im miles infront already
iZander: far out guys, why you have to ruin his scoring for me
snake_p: geez umpires really poor
iZander: dalhous and ebert…. yep good start
dipstick: eberts a spastic. never again
iZander: not his fault dipstick, he always tears it up when he is put in the mid
Torz: Expecting a good score from Ebert these days is foolish. He’s been hopeless.
JRedden: stringer is just a gun
Jukes82: the package on fire
J.Worrall: stringer is the package
Torz: I’ve always liked the look of Darley. Could be a potential DT player, the way he plays.
J.Worrall: put his package out – need a fire hose
Jukes82: dollhouse back in business, need the bont to lift.
Torz: Wallis is lifting nicely this quarter.
Yelse: why wouldn’t my two opponents in paid leagues not have R gray.
deanie: On Ya Wallis!
Dangermaus: wtf Ryder & Gray… this Port needs to go home and have a good hard look at themselves
colmullet: Powerful from the dogs this quarter
Buzz67: Not seeing a lot of Kochie this year
AngryRyno: wallis what a recovery
iZander: if ebert has his normal second halves he should finish on about 120-130 lol, id like that
grossn: wow Port shut down
Dangermaus: how come Tory doesn’t play like this every week?
Roksta: Loving how the dogs are playing
gdshifty: port adelaide are pathetic
tamoz: Lift Bont!!
Jukes82: stringer tombstone
Torz: Lol Jukes. I copped it last week for the early tombstone call.
JRedden: nah stringers fine, should be back on soon
happylab: lol no stringer looks fine
Jukes82: he looked in all sorts at the time though
Torz: Great work Boyd, Wallis and Dahl!
J.Worrall: just needs his package adjusted
torres: When is Boyd going to get the seagull he’s deserved the last 6 years?
Torz: Don’t own him torres? 😛
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Pittard fumbles the ball on the kick-in, Ryder taps the resultant ball-up into the goalpost, charity goal Picken!
AngryRyno: star up in the air now
Jukes82: get some junk robbie gray
colin wood: Cherries for walkis
tamoz: Please ton up Bont!
zadolinnyj: Gray could ruin a possible massive score this week
LuvIt74: afternoon all carn the doggies
Dangermaus: looks like the Power didn’t pay their energy bills
zadolinnyj: Always pleasing when crows win and power get smashed dangermaus
Dangermaus: stringer faded out of this game… give him the yingyang
LuvIt74: These puppies will be a serious side in a year or two
LuvIt74: I thought it would be a close game especially without Murphy but they just keep finding
bigsandi: serious right now spud
Apachecats: The DT scores look really low ,only one over the ton.
ryanbob: Imagine if libba wasn’t injured, this is a seriously good side
Apachecats: Suppose there will be big SC upgrades.
Dangermaus: it probably took Libba being injured for a few of these youngsters to break the shackles… look out next year
dipstick: so far next year everyones gonna have kreuz,libba, stringer,
Torz: BS free against Wallis
AngryRyno: ewwww i stepped in port adelaide
Dangermaus: kreuz is poo
Roksta: What a game love the dogs!!!
AngryRyno: wallis 131 that is what i like

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