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Chat log from R15 of 2015: North Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Geelong, R15 of 2015

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OnTheRocks: if Joelwood doesn’t go big tonight he’s officially on the downhill slide
ReaperRage: wow harvey the sub?
Chelskiman: Damn, was hoping SJ would be sub.
Yelse: goldy or fyfe captain?
meka100: lol Norf, the sub is there best player
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on Gazza was Ballbag 138 ,shaker 137 and drapes 125.Well done !!
frenzy: lol cats,the sub is their best player
zadolinnyj: What was the actual Apache
AngryRyno: carn macmillan
circle52: 144 Unscaled
wadaramus: Surprise surprise Selwood tagged.
zadolinnyj: Ta circles
Bazza2014: i have Jelwood on the bench
wadaramus: Can you loophole if need be Bazza?
happytimes: Traded selwoods sorry arse a month ago
happytimes: And God it feels good
Bazza2014: can but not expecting to do so
ballbag: as per mentioned apache- just make the cheque out to ballbag. cheers 😉
wadaramus: Well i hope you do!
Apachecats: No worries BB the cheque is in the mail.Well done.
heppelitis: ok motlop..please start
Chelskiman: It’s Steve Johnson’s turn to ruin me this week.
Apachecats: Ablett 153 sc final ,Ballbag still wins
circle52: CD must have Ablett!!
tamoz: Lift Higgins!
fshow: hilarious circle. officially the 100 000th time that line has been used on ff
Chelskiman: Sub off SJ, please!
Redraptor: SJ conc sub
ballbag: @circles and obamas wife is a man. google it. i heard that 100,ooo times too
colmullet: ffs stevie
heppelitis: well fark me,,,motlop had a tackle..dipshit
ballbag: is SJ off?
Redraptor: SJ has concussion and is off for 20 min
poolboybob: Do something Ziebell
dipstick: @heppell i never said he didnt
Apachecats: Selwood rs again
Yelse: gold better lift…. the first time i put him this year C flowers it up
heppelitis: lol..motlops the dipstick
dipstick: @apache traded him after 10 rnds. best choice ever. hes been owned this year
circle52: Because of injuries have not been able to trade Selwood.
dipstick: RIP higgonbothams Higgos songs 🙁
frenzy: Garner was a masterstroke Mr B. Scott
Carnster: need 80+ for macmillan in sc
dipstick: has Jake King got aggits in his mouth when he commentates?
meka100: Selwood is just a dud
Redraptor: SJ back on
lozdaleg: pathetic selwood
Raspel31: Never call Jelwood a dud meka-traded him out but he a hero as far as guts go.
luked98: selwood please
dipstick: Jelwood 4 tons in 12 games. aint premo yet 22% still have him
happytimes: Jelwood will never be fantasy relevant again
daniel87: Wouldn’t right of Joel Selwood right up there with the posies
auxDT: so Selwood still scoring shit
LuvIt74: I can tell u now that 22
AngryRyno: blicavs soft tonight, no tackle intent
3rdstriker: Unless it comes out he’s carrying an injury all year like swan last year selwood is finished, can’t handle a tag at all
daniel87: He’s down on confidence that’s all
LuvIt74: I can guarantee you that 22% that have Selwood will be changing him to GAJ next week or week after
dipstick: yeh- if they have trades and 200k laying around
luked98: please stop higgins
luked98: luvit thatss what im ging to do
Dommy02: stevie j to get subbed later?
Fletch91: Cmon Blicavs!
LuvIt74: @daniel87 Jelwood is getting tagged every game & cannot cope, there shutting him down each week
LuvIt74: Its great to see Harvey as Sub
LuvIt74: Jelwood 27cs
Raspel31: And who has trades to spare?.Agree Dipstick-glad I offloaded-but still a hero.
LuvIt74: 21sc blicavs
Steelers7: Stokes is not his best player tonight
Steelers7: North*
Redraptor: Keep going Jelwood, I still believe in you
dipstick: Jelwood is a great man but clearly struggling. id never call him a dud. he welcome in my trench!
daniel87: I reckon the extra week will have helped sellwood get back to his best
Chelskiman: Stoping kicking it to SJ, ffs.
LuvIt74: carn Blitz, pull ya finger out and release some methane son.
LuvIt74: extra 2 weeks not one
Jukes82: life ban
Drummo: Cmon Blicavs, he’ll be the difference between me winning and losing this week
Chelskiman: Somebody please knock SJ out again. No doubt he’ll ton up because I’m playing against him.
LuvIt74: Now those who hold jellwood will be forced to get rid of him, he should get 22 weeks for that.
LuvIt74: SJ already on 47sc
Tony9668: First Adams and now Selwood, idiots
LuvIt74: Jellwood getting frustrated and about to explode like a volcano.
spiggs: Cape for goldy
ryanbob: I don’t think it was that bad. The only bad bit was the north guy pushing selwood which made him bring the arm with him
meka100: Selwood will be fine, he’s a protected species
jfitty: The Super Jew goes Superman!
LuvIt74: i put my C on Danger so far im happy
AngryRyno: jelwood has a shit season so takes it out on others, shit role model, shit player
Fletch91: VC on Goldy. Might have to take it if he keeps this up!
thommoae: See ya jfit – no class.
frenzy: my god has Dal Santo ever laid a tackle
LuvIt74: who watched the doggies great come back from being 37 points down in the 3rd to win by 22 points? Amazingame
ryanbob: Lol angryryno calm down mate. Great player, tackle wasn’t as bad as people are making it
LuvIt74: yeah goldy on 68sc
LuvIt74: Selwood will get at least 2 weeks, down to 1
circle52: Not alone there Fletch
OnTheRocks: Taylor needs the burger icon, looks fast and slow and not interested
LuvIt74: I think selwood could do with a shit….lol
luked98: bilcavs 47 for 7 handballs and 6 tackles going at 57%????
frenzy: they’re mighty handballs
frenzy: probably the 6 tackles buddy
mijg: Im confused is that a shit or real shower
auxDT: just when Selwood finds a bit of form…
dipstick: Blicavs is a machine and will push for brownlow in his career. just watch
LuvIt74: bartel doing awesome, might bring him in for edwards in 2 weeks.
Drummo: I’m stating away from Bartel to much risk
ryanbob: Why do reviews if you’re not gonna call the correct decision lol. Poor decision
dipstick: not watching. can anyone confirm if chelsea is looking good as always
LuvIt74: This camera crap needs to be alot better othherwise get rid of it. Its a joke with todays technology.
AngryRyno: it’s either a goal or a mark, it can’t be a behind
LuvIt74: @drummo…High risk = high reward
mijg: Carn Goldy keep going cpt
Yelse: where is goldy he gone quiet
Drummo: @luvit74 true but it has killed me in recent years
LuvIt74: was that goal paid as a behind? Not a mark?
dipstick: agreed. camera reviews from the top of the rialto are inaccurate
Redraptor: Turner concussion sub
LuvIt74: cats will win this
Jukes82: north will lay an egg in the 4th like usual
dipstick: Jelwood leading DT?? how the??
Raspel31: Jelwood gone from my team but politely insert up your bottoms Jelwood haters.
Jukes82: whats goldy’s sc?
LuvIt74: @raspel is jelwood currently in your side or not?
LuvIt74: goldy 91sc
Jukes82: his second sc ton in 7 games, yeah Selwood has been great lol
auxDT: might hold selwood depending on how long he may be out for
Jukes82: cheers thxs
Raspel31: Nope-traded Luvit-but much respect.
carlton_99: cmon taylor pllllllllslssls
LuvIt74: Selwood 71sc top scorer in cats so far
poolboybob: Bartel will be a bargain in a couple of weeks.
LuvIt74: @Raspel, gr8 player no doubt but tis year he is really struggling with the tags. Not worth having in SC for a top pric
Pokerface: do we know why boomer is sub?
3rdstriker: i reckon selwoods broken hand from the pies game is better, finally tackling again
mijg: Another week off for jelwood would see him nice ad fresh for sc finals
ryanbob: Missed a selwood tackle after that dropped mark
Raspel31: Totally agree Luvit-ergo no more. Just hate to hear him sledged.
LuvIt74: @poker becoz trainer said so…lol
dipstick: gees rooboys heart would break like a pre LED lightbulb if cats win this
Pokerface: luvit… thanks..
LuvIt74: got on he cats while 6 goals down
LuvIt74: Sorry coach not trainer, im not doing the form guide now. lol
poolboybob: Bartel magnet
LuvIt74: goldy 105sc
ryanbob: Lol missed another tackle for selwood on gibson
Jukes82: Selwood KTFO
Pokerface: oh that clears it up then…
casey22: No report for that hit
LuvIt74: ouch think he might of seen stars but he’s a tough cactus
Jukes82: damn he’s back, he looked dead lol
mijg: Goldy would have to be the best Sc scorer of late. What a champion.
spiggs: Goldy what a beast
colmullet: Glad i went Goldy C
Raspel31: Ironically Max Gawn wasn’t half badin a losing team.
ryanbob: So what happens with the missed tackles for selwood? Just gets nothing ?
tommy10: Cmon Tayor ffs
dipstick: C goldy last 3 avge 146
Raspel31: Had Bartel, Rockliff and Gablett in opening game. How bad did that go ?.
sticky12: I’ve found a flaw in the tab, as impossible as it is Geelong paying 13 to win but 1-12 pays 51 and 13-24 pays 251
mijg: Goldy would have to pole well in the Brownlow no?
Pokerface: all these tvs, its like a harvey norman showroom
dipstick: @sticky yeh to tempt. put a dollar on each and youll be 2 dollars down. it is just a gold coin but
Fury Ride: Goldy 114 sc
Raspel31: Tarrant- I hate you. 5 injuries this week so you on the pitch. Touch the frigging pill.
sticky12: I did it for Bulldogs put 2 on 13-24 paying 51 at 3/4 time and 8 1-12 paying 11 sweet
sticky12: Oops 51 to 1 and 11 to 1 not paying 11 haha
lozdaleg: your a jerk ziebell
thommoae: Got off the Tarrant train in Rd 13. Course, now I’m stuck on the Thurlow/taylor train to nowhere.
poolboybob: Time to dump Ziebell, too many ordinary scores and poor ball use.
thommoae: So hard to find scoring defenders …
tamoz: Come on Goldy, beat Gawn’s 146DT
Raspel31: Defenders and good forwards are hard to find. Why I think our midfields are stacked with guns.
dipstick: cmon higgins. more goals
Raspel31: Bartel-first game back. Not a Cats man but well done lad.
Tony9668: This games got more TV’s than a JB HI-Fi store
auxDT: selwood 6 FA..wasting points
ryanbob: I think north must have done some sucky sucky to the refs today
dipstick: ya fucken ballbreakers taylor and motlop!! you hear me ya flogs
The39Steps: @dipstick. On your second bottle of red?
happytimes: How good is bartel
LuvIt74: Goldy 137sc
cusch1: If you could take BJ or NDS. who would you take for your team?
mijg: Love it Goldy perma VC-C atm
cusch1: Talking player wise, and not fantasy wise
Jukes82: harry taylor sc?
auxDT: raise the bat higgins
The39Steps: Hawkins the AFL’s most over-rated? Three good games in five years.
Slashers: Raise the machete goody
goes: Taylor 65sc
Raspel31: The39steps-I speak on behalf of dipstick who is offended as now onto fourth bottle of wine.
Jukes82: thanks mate
Slashers: *goldy
Jukes82: hawkins 3 good games?LOL. He’s an all-australian and B&F winner
The39Steps: Thanks @raspel. Question then is it cheap Dan Murphys cleanskin or good stuff?
goes: That fine mate
sticky12: Maybe 39 but one of those games was a granny that they won because of him!
Solat: hawkins took the most contested marks in 2014
goes: I mean that’s fine mate
The39Steps: Agree @sticky12. Lifetime contract for that is probably fair?
ryanbob: blitz got robbed big time
runt: 30 handballs?
dipstick: @ryan LOL refs? we have umps. like cricket. the only teamsport like cricket to have umps. refs are professionals
happytimes: Cloke takes a lot of contested marks and he’s a spud also
Raspel31: Definitely Bulgarian clean skins Step
dipstick: great golf game there by ernie eels

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