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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, R14 of 2015

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ReaperRage: Montagna, goddard,hibberd and heppell. great week apart fron daulhouse and adelaide out. keep it up!!!
auxDT: massive week for Fantasy, I wonder the par score would be
Raspel31: Should be a cracker-Goddard, Steven, Armitage and Z Merret.
Raspel31: Anyone with Pendles on the loop off to a flier
wadaramus: Missed the Pendles VC, but got Goldy.
Raspel31: Almost as good Wads
luked98: good steven, love ya
frenzy: I been smashed, 7 premos on the pine
the worm: jacobs, blicavs, stevie J, selwood, danger, tex and …enright?
Raspel31: Sc only counting your top 18
Bazza2014: floggard having a cracker of a start
Raspel31: Early days but who said Sainters wouldn’t win a game
snake_p: Essendon looking worse than Greece
Torz: Watson one handball? Inspiring stuff for the Bombers.
Raspel31: But Greece got the euro and at least that can jump
snake_p: yes Raspel..Greece need an injection of funds…Bombers?
Raspel31: We don’t go there snake.
Chelskiman: What’s blue and white and declining in value? North Melbourne!
frenzy: look at the wood grubs
Raspel31: Were they shocking or what Chelsk?
Torz: Gwilt you muppet.
LuvIt74: I didn’t bring Armitage in this week, it was Sloane out for Armitage, Mundy or Neale. Think ill go Mundy now.
Chelskiman: They were shocking, but I think it was more due to the fact they couldn’t handle the Great One.
LuvIt74: Armitage on 48sc
frenzy: holiday
colmullet: come on Montagna!!
Raspel31: Hppy with Pendles Luvit butI’d go Neale v Lions
mjdub: McKernan, full time ruck from now on
mjdub: And that’s why Hooker plays full back
jfitty: Cactus for Watson?
Chelskiman: Steven SC anyone?
wadaramus: Get involved Goddard U spud!
Derekcraig: Steven 42sc
Chelskiman: Thanks.
Hawks_15: can tanking start this early in the season?
Raspel31: Agreed Wads-wot you doin Goddard ?
Jmachete: Why does it say the Adelaide Geelong game is ‘soon’ at the top of the page?
Derekcraig: Newnes 44sc
wadaramus: Get out of the forward pocket Goddard!
Torz: I’d say that’s just an automatic thing based on the time of day @Jmachete.
LuvIt74: Armitage already on 70sc
Raspel31: All credit to Monty we all wear the Crows colours
Chelskiman: Need Hibberd and Goddard to stay low and Armitage and Heppell to slow down.
Derekcraig: Goddard 12sc
J.Worrall: How embarassment
Raspel31: The irony is, if you had a Saints mid field-you’d be doing okay
snake_p: How many weeks does Hird have left as coach?
Derekcraig: I got 8 cats/crows players. My mate has Nil. Can’t compete with that
Jmachete: Umps helping out
Raspel31: That’s tough Derek-lucky only 4
colmullet: lol Goddard, what the hell!
auxDT: atlas hepell
_wato: Why is Hird wasting Goddard deep forward? What a joke!
Derekcraig: 4 in defence and 2 in ruck. Only have 19 on field this week
frenzy: heppell cape baguley tv
Derekcraig: Heppell 88sc
m0nty: 67 DT to Hep-D that quarter.
Derekcraig: Heppel 91sc. Steven 59. Newnes 59sc
Derekcraig: Goddard 20sc
mjdub: Feel sorry for everybody that rage-traded Newnes to Tmac
colmullet: got the loophole wrong, gonna miss Newnes SC 🙁
Derekcraig: Key position defenders are not a good idea
Jmachete: quick jab in the closed rooms surely
Jmachete: @monty Hep-D sounds like a drug.. ironic hehe
Jukes82: surely heppell will demand to be traded.
mjdub: why would he?
frenzy: Capt. Heppell
Jukes82: why would he want to stay a part of this farce?
frenzy: cooney subbed, hamstring
mjdub: Because he’s easily going to be the highest paid player and guaranteed future captain?
dipstick: Hep-D clearly sounds like a bloodborne virus
Derekcraig: I’ve had HGoddard on bench all year. Can’t see him getting a game
luked98: why is cooney subbed?
the worm: captain of the titanic
krakamanis: how did u mess it up colmullet
dipstick: C stevens reviving my eliminator
colmullet: got newnes and hamling as E 🙁
casey22: My once mighty bombers now a third rate team. Disgusting to watch
mjdub: need to do a clean out, time to stop giving blokes like Stanton free games
Raspel31: Only have 3 Sainters-Armitage, Steven and Longer. Not happt-dropped next week.
casey22: Supported Hird through drugs saga but now obviously an incompetent coach
The39Steps: Bombers will be ok @casey22. Just need a “we” coach instead of an “me” one.
creeker: Any chance of a stat Mr Hibberd, just at your own leasure mate !
Raspel31: Sadly agree Casey.
heppelitis: We need another controversy…we need to tank to get good draft picks
frenzy: stand bye Hird for sacking
Sincity: Midas well give Heppell the Atlas now
the worm: more likely delist the club and keep hirdy so he can start afresh
mjdub: Hasn’t been a total loss, Heppell and Z. Merrett were good pickups. Laverde and Langford look good
WizMan: lol Frenzy
Derekcraig: If this was European soccer Hird would be sacked tonight
casey22: Commentators sound like they are discussing GWS or Suns as in things they have to learn
ronl: essendon board can’t be seen to stand still on Hird’s sacking
frenzy: 100 points would be divine
Raspel31: Goddard-feel the shame and show some guts
Jukes82: james turd won’t last the season
the worm: if only carlton had given ratten the latitude essondon has given hird 🙁
Derekcraig: Essendon should refund tickets. Sunderland did that this year after a home beating like this
ronl: Wonder if Bomber Thompson would come back if they asked him nicely?
johnoP: its ironic that goddard went to the bombers seeking more success. tough break for him
johnoP: and still got the wada stuff to come:(
Jukes82: who will the saints sub out?
Sincity: @Derekcraig – And Bombers player forfeit their match payment
casey22: Very sad to watch a team play with no passion or heart. Worst thing I can say about this effort!!!
casey22: Keep Heppelitis, sack the rest!
ronl: thumbing their noses at the supporters who pay their salary
RooBoyStu: Blue Moon Longer
heppelitis: thx for the support casey…lol
andy59: The Golden boy is looking a little tarnished!
casey22: Never made so many comments. I am one very, very angry bombers man
willywalks: as a dons fan with armo and needing points, carve it up mate!
heppelitis: word is Jobe to retire at the end of this season
danmaio: has bomber thompson made any “helpfull” remarks re Hirds posie
Raspel31: Heppel will be only Don to ton up. Says it all.
Cyberdyne: imagine if hird got sacked. he would take them to court
happytimes: Bombers won’t sack hird because they are shit scared of Tanya
jfitty: Can Armitage get the star AND the gun?
frenzy: supporters should take Hird to court
heppelitis: Essendon chooose Steinberg over Luke Parker….and Cooney over Lonie…lol
Raspel31: Thought this would be the closest game-wtf ?
casey22: How bad is this!? Hawks would beat Saints by same margin
Woosha 73: In fairness to Goddard, it would be hard to play whilst shedding tears for his old team. Tears of joy this time
dipstick: ton uo lonie
KelCO: Its hard to be a saints fan but its worth it on days like this
Bazza2014: saints may have as much as 10 players tonne up
auxDT: cmon Newnes dont stop
casey22: My new fear is that Malthouse is currently umemployed
RooBoyStu: Longer will get a HUGE sc score
heppelitis: spud for dempsey
heppelitis: haha casey22
west_coast: put a piece of shit next to goddard hahahaha
RooBoyStu: Malthouse and Hird fishing trip on the cards
frenzy: matty Knights
dipstick: that icon next to watson looks super tasty
dipper33: Dont stop Newnes!
Raspel31: They’ve put up their hands in surrender-truly shameful.
the worm: its half way thru the last quarter…i think newnes may call it a day
Buzz67: Couldn’t happen to a nicer club
KingPetrie: whats happened to goddard
Rebuild: When was the last time Watson had under 10 disposals? Wow
casey22: m0nty, I would suppot giving the whole team (except Hep) the spud icon
KelCO: Triple figure margin
Derekcraig: Newnes has stopped
the worm: or add james hird to the list and give him the spud
RooBoyStu: Riewoldt no target icon?
casey22: One kick to a brownlow medalist, wtf! Should be dropped or on injury list
the worm: this performance has absolutely no merrett
KelCO: The dons Gwilted under pressure
_wato: Lonie SC anyone?
auxDT: good newnes!
frenzy: give duddard a mare
gers: is lonie on the ground?
rosty63: the saints have been savage for longer
mjdub: Any teams want to trade us for Dempsey? Starting bid is a pack of doritos
Raspel31: Duddard showing no cojones at all.
J.Worrall: Sack Hird – Bring Back Bomber
vamos77: Essendon have been absolute baLonie
haaw: Goddard you spud
rosty63: bye bye James amazing you’ve lasted this long.
the worm: would everyone please stop taking jabs at essendon…
casey22: Bugger banning them for drugs, ban them for this performance
frenzy: saints played weller longer
haaw: Should of kept Bomber! Superior coach with runs on the board.
RooBoyStu: Billy Boy Longer!
vamos77: Bombers were always gonna struggle without their best player, Dank
the worm: they seemed to find a second geary
Raspel31: half of us Bombers worm-bring back bomber
fshow: top marks there frenzy
meka100: Piss off golden balls, champion to destroyer of the club
haaw: LOL @the worm
pies13: bombers are cookd who would have predicted this???
frenzy: come back bomber, all is forgivin
zazzman77: Bombers need more Geary
cripdogs: good game goddard you f wit
Hawks_15: give the bombers the cactus icon
creeker: no Ray of sunshine for bombers.
PLACEBOPIE: watch Lloydy somehow defend Hird on Footy classifed with his spin 😀
pies13: got heple stevns newnes good game 4 dteam
gers: i can baguely remember when esssendon were in this game
rosty63: the tide has gone out for bombers, peptide that is.
the worm: something along the lines of he has been admirable under trying circumstances…
frenzy: shut up BT
Dafty: James won’t last the year
vamos77: The Saints have shown a thic membreyne today
vamos77: The bombers suck like a Dyson

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