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Chat log from R13 of 2015: Brisbane vs Adelaide

Chat log for Brisbane vs Adelaide, R13 of 2015

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casey22: Another game & another sub, that makes three so far this round
RooBoyStu: Rockliff will be back next week I hope
eski_liddr: Ellis-Yolmen nooooo
drapes15: i captained Cutler 🙁
RooBoyStu: Sam Mitchellmay be in trouble with his jabbing action towards ess players
RooBoyStu: source fox footy
heppelitis: cant get into trouble for that
RooBoyStu: he’ll cop a fine, ask Kevin Sheedy and Marc Murphy
heppelitis: wont bother him rooboy..he was just being a bit of a smart…
SaintsMan: He’ll be fine
eski_liddr: nothin in it… just a boring game n something to commentate on
FishMonger: need sloane to rip my opponent a new one
SaintsMan: stay down zorko
heppelitis: common b smith…get involved
eski_liddr: devo i missed out on beams
Monger: I need Zorko to bust a nut Kelly style!
Chelskiman: Picked the Crows but would much prefer a Lions win.
RooBoyStu: Crows are a joke
Monger: Cmon Sloane… keep getting those Hit Outs instead of Sauce!
Monger: Yes Leuie! 7 hitouts for 7 points! =/
RooBoyStu: plenty of chat happening
colin wood: at a boy brodie!!
zadolinnyj: Hopefully that gets smith back on his game
LuvIt74: my opponent has beams as captain and hes killing it in first quarter 43sc
Monger: half of the crows and lions teams on track for 100
Derekcraig: Sam Mitchell is annoying
heppelitis: Wow…some good dt points on Brisbanes team…right down to Clarke
heppelitis: hit some targets brodie…please
LuvIt74: Zorko is starting to look bloody good
Grazz: omg
mijg: Should of gone Laird over Houli
LuvIt74: hope beams slows down even though i have him
LuvIt74: @mijg I hear ya
drapes15: why on earth would you want that luvit
LuvIt74: Coz my opponent has beams as his captain
drapes15: ahhh same, but i had fyfe so not all that bothered
mijg: Should of know Houli wouldn’t go well. Didnt eat breakfast.
LuvIt74: I got fyfe also as my VC so used the loophole and put my captain on Blicvas
luked98: NVB please, just play well this one game
LuvIt74: Stringer $11 to kick first goal tonight, thats way to juicy to pass up
mijg: Some piss poor DE happening for Adelaide
LuvIt74: Just wanna make sure he’s not a late withdrawl
Torz: Wouldn’t you just get the bet refunded in that case?
luked98: good beams
Windyhill: go Cap Sloane!
mijg: Need Danger to stay well below C fyfe and will be in with a chance
Grazz: Flower me
LuvIt74: At least 1 trade is working in my favour CEY out to Sloane for now
LuvIt74: At this rate Zorko is looking a nice forward option, much cheaper then Goddard
mijg: Danger been in the Fwd line yet? Adelaide cant score.
AngryRyno: trust me, you do not want zorko
heppelitis: zorko might be fwd when rocky comes back…output might go down
frenzy: Wish Hanley was 200K cheaper
creeker: Got Lewy Taylor a few weeks ago at 301k. Got scores of 92, 98, 103, 84. Nice stepping stone.
NewFreoFan: I picked up Laird after round 5. Loving him.
NewFreoFan: Plus so happy I stuck to starting with big Stefan this year. Legend!
AngryRyno: Laird a much better buy than smith, even with this price gap
Breezey: Methinks the Crows are starting to gain control of this game
Carnster: Anyone know Douglas SC
frenzy: Get amongst it danger ffs
AngryRyno: douglas 55sc
AngryRyno: agreed, can’t see the crows losing from here
Carnster: Thanks @angryryno how do you find out
tamoz: Lift Hanley!
mijg: Not even watching an I can’t see crows losing from here hope they do tho and danger finishes on 90
LuvIt74: Zorko a great POD up forward his last couple of games have been quite impressive
AngryRyno: don’t know if the site will allow, but i shall try with my message to follow this one
meka100: Fuck me that’s it, Sloane gone
LuvIt74: Zorko on 80sc already
carlton_99: is sloane actualy playing
Woodie: Sloane to be subbed 🙁
heppelitis: Zac Merret LuvIt…doing for weeks now..great pod
carlton_99: why?
Carnster: ok @angryryno
LuvIt74: WTH there goes the 3rd player i put in this week and he’s subbed
Yelse: throwing away SC this year. every week i am replacing injured players and overtime i pick someone up gets subed
LuvIt74: Concussion Carlton99
luked98: sloane subbed, but why? will he be out for weeks
BennyCuzzy: What happened to Sloane
zadolinnyj: Sloane subbed. Is it fracture cheek again?
RooBoyStu: lol to everyone that got Sloane for Rockliff
colin wood: zorko great POD pickup? lol
AngryRyno: wow, ive traded in sloane twice this year and he’s got injured first week, twice
m0nty: not a concussion sub, straight red vest which suggests jaw injury for Sloane
Woodie: Knock to the ribs from Robinson
Brown*Dog: OMG how bad is the injury
zadolinnyj: Zorko will go back down as soon as rocky comes back. Very risky
LuvIt74: Thanks m0nty
colin wood: exactly zado..
AngryRyno: sloane finishes with 61sc
Grazz: what option did Talia have there
J_Pinkman: How about someone traded Selwood for Sloane. Lol……me!
LuvIt74: Zorko’s a risk im willing to take after his past few games.
Breezey: That should’ve been against Robinson
mijg: WTF just traded him in
AngryRyno: as did i mijg, and its happened twice this season for me now
Carnster: troll to the guy on the twitter feed who said sloane was in for a big one
luked98: vanberlo pls
Carnster: Need Douglas to lift
frenzy: Not watching Sloane get stretchered off.?
colin wood: Brodie get a kick FFS
Grazz: omg
Derekcraig: CEY gets on early. I had Sloane in this week
Yelse: got sloane in for rich FML
mijg: Adelaide are well and truly screwwed now
Grazz: of course
sticky12: If Adelaide kick straight last quarter they’ll win.
DTmuppet: leuenberger blue moon
Breezey: It sems i might be wrong about the Crows getting on top here.
sticky12: I still think crows will win. Had 9 shots on goal this quarter and the longer the game the more gaps for their forwards
nick2397: Stop pulling your pud Danger!
kangawalla: Don’t be fooled by Leunberger blue moon score. He is a BURNMAN
frenzy: Danger shower house QTR thanks bud
zadolinnyj: Danger still smoking after last weeks take down by camps
Carnster: douglas SC
zadolinnyj: Sooking
pies13: wonder if walsh still sees beauty in that van gough?
RooBoyStu: what a joke crows are, Danger should leave
RooBoyStu: zombie leuy
Grazz: ball
sticky12: Rooboy u have bagged out crows a number of times tonight…north have been the punchline of a few jokes too
frenzy: Danger disappearing act again
pies13: wow wee boy oh boy could they win? who cares? haha
sticky12: Bang cmon crows
Carnster: Agreed @pies 13
pies13: rooboy bags out every team but his own spuds
LeFtBehinD: Kick a goal ffs Walker
gdshifty: raise the bat Martin! Solid as a rock
Carnster: come on douglas ffs
Drak: north are the joke for every punchline sticky. Don’t worry.
bangerz: what happened to Sloane?
Torz: Keep going big Stef. Need you to make up for Edwards’ terrible score.
mijg: Cmon bris. Dont need danger to go bang now.
tamoz: Ton up Redden and Zorko!
sticky12: Haha drak, I’m a saints supporter just thought it interesting he kept paying them out
RooBoyStu: @stick12 had $ on them for flag after rd3
goes: Van berlo sc please
sticky12: So you take it out on them after your bad judgement? Not too logical mate
sticky12: Crows could kick away here
Carnster: need douglas to kick the winner to get a massive sc boost
Roksta: Cey goin bananas
monkebuket: cey to kick winning goal – no more sub!
sticky12: Shows how badly both teams have played. Crows only needed 15mins of good footy to be in a winning position
Roksta: Stef m sc?
DTmuppet: cey almost cape
zadolinnyj: Crows landed on chance and got a get out of jail free card
sticky12: Thompson great pod, always racks up the possessions
RooBoyStu: 2stick12you are queen? i think not
zadolinnyj: Hats off to cey. Not in my team but won’t be sub next week
sticky12: What does that mean roo?
mijg: Bugger off Dangerfield.
meka100: Is Kelly’s 4 the lowest score for a full game
RooBoyStu: re having a go at me mate
SubOptimal: carn Danger get ya head in that bin
mijg: Danger sc anyone?
AngryRyno: take CEYs score or bostons tomorrow?
LuvIt74: Is Sloanes injury confirmed to be a broken Jaw or Cheek?
AngryRyno: danger 106sc
gdshifty: Stefan you are singlehandedly trying to rescue my score this week you gun!
LuvIt74: Id take the Boston buns score tomorrow.
sticky12: I get that, what does “you a queen I think not” actually mean?
RooBoyStu: means you do nothing wrong
goes: Martin 213 sc
Roksta: Shifty don’t get too excited for his sc score
RooBoyStu: seen you slag more on here than Joe Hockey does
Grazz: Flowered by the Fairies we are
colin wood: good last Q Danger!
frenzy: unlucky stef, that’s ripped off compared to danger
mijg: Danger sc champion data man crush. Wankers.
zadolinnyj: Sloane looked alright after game. Be surprised if a break @LuvIt74
sticky12: Haha stu…just a boy!
frenzy: sauce111 is frog shat
mijg: Hang on too many Sc points been given out. Need some down scaling forvdanger

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