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Chat log from R9 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Gold Coast, R9 of 2015

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Gloryhound: Hawks: Lewis (bruised shoulder) and Schoenmakers out. Replaced by suckling and Litherland (Debutant Howe to sub)
Gloryhound: Hawks: Lewis (bruised shoulder) and Schoenmakers out. Replaced by suckling and Litherland (Debutant Howe to sub)
Pecker: Lewis out!
deanie: Lewis out
iZander: lewis late out
desmondo: Howe …related to Melbourne`s Howe?
Rexys Lads: suckling better kick wel 2day
Rexys Lads: no relation
SaintsMan: cmon gibbo!
OnTheRocks: touk or cey
OnTheRocks: i can never pick the right Rook
SaintsMan: do a heads or tail
Rexys Lads: its been a wet day here in tas
frenzy: touk, cey may be sub yet
Tw1tch1n: I’m laughing at all those that’ve bought Lewis back in the last two weeks haha
Andrew37: Need hawks +39.5, lets do it
Rexys Lads: easy money andrew
OnTheRocks: at toss of coin CEY wins it but can always change to D.mcKenzie if he turns into sub
Andrew37: had syd and hawks 39.5+ and freo -15.5 for 2.90. chucked 1k on it.
Tw1tch1n: Yeah, agreed! Easy money there….I’d be confident in saying +60
Rexys Lads: whats it paying mate
Andrew37: was paying 2.90 on tuesday. thats when I made the bet.
Yelse: omg u got to be joking me. why is lewis out.
Rexys Lads: sweet, freo could be a tough call
Torz: Martin lasted one contest and subbed off.
SaintsMan: Yes!
SaintsMan: martin subbed
willywalks: so glad i didn’t trade in lewis and brought in rocky and have plenty of cash leftover!
Rexys Lads: oh man come on i have j martin
JRedden: will trade saad this week, still got a good BE
MontyJnr: Bennell got a handball that wasn’t recorded!
Torz: Can’t fault the suns effort at the moment.
casey22: prefer the blue background to the red, monty
Ben_Gogos: The Hawks look bereft of confidence early.
frenzy: Touk you star
SaintsMan: This is the god coast that we have been expecting this year
Jukes82: C’mon roughead you muppet
AngryRyno: nice start from the bun
ben31215: Hey bigtone
jalapenoh: Is anyone watching? Is gibson playing loose down back?
AngryRyno: played CEY over touk thinking he’d have a tough ask against the hawks. regretful decision thus far
Ben_Gogos: Gibson is playing loose, hover your mouse over the icons
OnTheRocks: phew, thought saad had gone home already
AngryRyno: wouldn’t that mean a +1 icon instead Ben?
jalapenoh: Awesome thanks man 🙂
Torz: Good work Duryea 🙂
Maches: So happy I kept Jack Martin through his last injury. Tons up or gets injured in SC
frenzy: Dixon doughie
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno a couple of technical difficulties, hopefully the icon will be up soon
Jair: Saad and Miller you lovely cows keep mooing
Brown*Dog: Great, I picked up Lewis and made him captan for nothing
AngryRyno: touk 27sc and hallahan 45sc
jalapenoh: What is actually happening :-/
AngryRyno: just a normal day in tassie then Ben?
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno the rain is coming
OnTheRocks: Gold Coast and Hawks players haven’t swapped jerseys for this game right??
Perry95: needs hawks 25+ for my multi… thought this was my only sure thing. lift hawthorn! get in gear
Derekcraig: Tackles 27 to 10 in fav of Suns. Hawks in 1st gear
JPem36: Looks like the Hawks are starting to get going.
Jukes82: thats because hawks have 30 plus more possessions
jalapenoh: come on gibson want at least 80 from you
Ben_Gogos: Dixon still enjoying his donut.
AngryRyno: can’t see the hawks getting close to freo playing like this, very average
Ben_Gogos: Lynch has gone back again
Derekcraig: Hale is Hawks ONLY forward who can take a mark
JPem36: @Ben_Gogos Yes with sprinkles 😜
RooBoyStu: Hawks will be lucky to win over 10 points let alone 39.5
SaintsMan: good gibson!
Dangermaus: more kicks please gibbo
mijg: get that de up Harley
JPem36: Ok Dixon, I will have a donut served on a platter please😉
frenzy: Touk has stopped
Jukes82: give roughy the icicle
RooBoyStu: Breaking: Krispy Kreme have just announced that Charlie Dixon is their new ambassador
luked98: Anyone got kk sc?
Jukes82: dixon needs the donut superman cape
Derekcraig: Saad 42sc
RooBoyStu: Magnifying glass Rioli and icicle Roughy
RooBoyStu: oops I forgot FF never gives negative icons to Hawk players
frenzy: c’mon Touk
matthius: touk miller absolutely stopped dead
Ben_Gogos: Dixon has finally given up his donut!
gusjojo: Dixon is on fire!
matthius: lewis out has killed me.. miller on field
Jackwatt$: Breaking News: Krispy Kreme has just fired Charlie Dixon as there new ambassador and appointed D.Howe instead
Chipsy_DT: lol @tripleM “dixon couldn’t find a footy in rebel sport right now”
matthius: this is horrible to watch.. typical rodney eade style footy
Dangermaus: shit, I had Lewis as captain, gotta go check who I had as Vice now
frenzy: touk must be injured surely
gards: get a move on roughy!
luked98: Kk was on 20 acres at the half, has he had a good qtr?
matthius: bennell and saad stopped too. get involved lads
waldeckr: Dixon mare
frenzy: icicle roughy
RooBoyStu: Roughy 2 touches this qtr and still no icicle
Jukes82: give roughead something. A mare/icicle whatever! This site is so biased smh.
matthius: bennell 6 pt qtr.. back to his lazy ways
danmaio: Ton up before half time Hodge
yeah_nah: icicle roughy
roshanetw: what is harbrow doing…
colin wood: matthius i feel your pain mate have bennell and saad. Looked promising at 1/2 time.. but now turned to rubbish..
matthius: yep, this game started bad with lewis out and has gone worse since then.. terrible scoring
Andrew37: Just need a winning QTR from Hawth
Yelse: why is Saad jogging so slowly… so some fight
gards: need 5 goals from roughy this quarter to salvage a good score…..
matthius: woeful bennell.. can be such a lazy player in games
colin wood: gards dw CD will ensure a bulked up score for roughy. How hes on 46sc is a joke hes had 4 clangers..
mijg: Harley ran out of fuel.
colin wood: someone chuck bennell in the bin please this is rubbish.
colin wood: Bennell should be leading these guys… no heart
matthius: yeah bennell aint even trying out there.. plenty of ball watching.. 6 points since h/t
colin wood: hes lucky hes at the gold coast because hed be dropped from any decent side the way he plays so frustrating
drapes15: Whats gibbos SC anyone?
Costanza: permission to Boo Bennell – Booooo!
SaintsMan: drapes i think its about 10 more
bigbaddasa: Bennell -3….what a half
drapes15: thanks mate
Jair: Dont tell me Hodge makes his crazy BE?
danmaio: Bennell dropped off since they stopped him having a pint at half time
matthius: bennell deserves to be dropped for this. no effort at all
gers: howe looks pretty keen on a cape
SaintsMan: omg howe
Drak: howe keen?
colin wood: bennell 60sc… goes well with parkers 58 last night…
drapes15: Howe would be a good downgrade if he could get a guaranteed game
Hinchy: Puopolo sitting out the rest of the game?
kangawalla: D Howe outscoring J Howe handsomely!!
Hinchy: is puopolo done for the game?
Ben_Gogos: @Hinchy yes
fruity: Thats it.. No more. Roughie you’re out next week. THis is the 2nd week you cant even score a goal…
drapes15: @Hinchy hes icing up
colin wood: bennell laid a tackle.. get out of town!
colin wood: dont worry guys roughy is on 61sc.. CD guys have him
matthius: @colin wood – i cant believe they paid it. he just punched a ball out the opponents hands. not really a tackle
Tony9668: @fruity, don’t worry he’ll kick 6 when u trade him
danmaio: How is Brooksby 60, 1 kick and 7 handballs, couple marks and tackles
Ben_Gogos: Howe capes on debut!
frenzy: flower you Suckling, you shower me
Jukes82: howe bin
matthius: bennell 16 pt half.. nasty
luked98: Onya howe, you bloody legend
fruity: Tony9668, roughies out and Franklins in. Just a shame l couldn’t bring Franklin in last night..
ballbag: see ya lewis. you can fuck off! how many games you missed this year already???????
luked98: Good to see some xavs out there
Fletch91: Howe only 24 SC for that effort. As if!
luked98: far out kk and saad, and touk

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