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Chat log from R7 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle, R7 of 2015

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frenzy: sunday carnage set to continue
desmondo: yep…only need Fyte and Dahlhaus to be late outs LOL
Costanza: Duffman has a cape
carlton_99: need a big game from fyfe have put him captain over gray and boak
carlton_99: fyfe, boak or traycaptain
carlton_99: or gray captian
Torz: Captain Mundy and Neale to go big. Doggies shouldn’t tag.
RooBoyStu: Go captain Barlow in sc
deanie: Hard to say carlton, im stuck myself, Gray would be POD and could wn me round but idk
carlton_99: i went fyfe
SaintsMan: good choice carlton
Drak: Hawks Freo Port and Sydney are in a different league to rest of the comp
deanie: I went to change it to Gray, it locked out 1 second before i could swap lol
spuditup: How is Fyfe going at 100%? His last kick went straight to a dogs player that dropped the mark…
colmullet: the next clean possesion was freo
Costanza: a yelp would help
Breezey: I’ve gone with Neale as Captain this week. Anyone else have a different skipper this week
Drak: Give the doggies a break, freo will dismantle everyone but the other 3 contentders this year
deanie: Man i have johnson as POD its never going to be in defence for him to get a touch..
auxDT: freo such a good team to watch
shaker: Doggies having there panties pulled down ATM
fshow: you’ll think i’m bullsh!ttin but i truly brought in Yeo this week as my POD
Drak: yeo full of poop fshow
man0005: I brought in Parker and Priddis this week; parker was my captain
fshow: Nice one drak. F-Shows F-Squad RDT.
Breezey: I nearly did fshow but i wasn;t brave enough
deanie: man fyfe getting none of it.
Torz: Get a kick Mundy.
colmullet: fyfes had 7….bet his SC is 25+
SaintsMan: hell still rack a ton
carlton_99: wats fyfe supercoach
auxDT: fyfe does not score well on this ground
SaintsMan: ill remember that auxdt
Cheannn92: Fyfe will be on 30+ sc
spuditup: Geez the uumps are giving freo heaps of time with the holding the balls
auxDT: @SaintsMan that DT wise not SC..i have him as cpt on SC haha
fshow: Clancee is like the best mistake ever
Drak: lol fyfe on 34
fshow: picken goes again and i am gonna have to get him in. Crazy game.
JRedden: its shocking umpiring, freo are just dropping the ball
Drak: yeo sure picken the ones who only score that week
auxDT: mundy quiet..
itsduftime: lucky i took the c off mundy
fshow: this would be like 4 massive scores in a row for Picken who has clearly got a new midfield role. Yeo is a gun
Torz: Where are you Mundy?
Drak: nice fyfe intercept mark and goal!
Preston007: is Mundy out there??
colmullet: fyfe is so amazing to watch in traffic
Costanza: Sundy I’ve got Mundy on my mind
Drak: fyfe up to 57 on my sc gold
auxDT: salem 12 and honeychurch 16 on ground fuck!
Bazza2014: lift ya game mundy
tamoz: Lift Barlow!
tamoz: Lift D.Pearce!
The39Steps: Edwards out for the Tiges.
Costanza: and they reckon Rance is better than Murphy?
luked98: Fyfe what a gun
madskill55: how much is fyfe sc?
FlagDog: I paid $600K for this mundy you dead shit
_wato: Fyfe 16 touches at 100% with 2 goals, wow what a player hahaha
willywalks: Opp has Mundy as cap this week, beauty considering i have salem, bella and cripps all on field…
willywalks: great week to pick up picken too!
shaker: What a half by Fyfe hope he can match it in the second half
Bazza2014: at least tackle him mundy
Bazza2014: ahhh wow he gets a hit out FFS
Bazza2014: luckily i have roughie, priddis and parker
tamoz: Why is barlow at half forward? Play him in the middle Ross!
_wato: Fyfe 85sc
KingPetrie: good micky j
Costanza: good game
uptoolate: gidday all …. Monty ur a muppett
m0nty: bit harsh IMO!
ryanza.123: Anyone please tell me Dahlhaus and Mundy SC????
luked98: Mundy 40 sc
luked98: Dahlhaus 47 sc
ryanza.123: Thanks alot @luked98
deanie: Picken looking really good, might get him in my side
uptoolate: have I mentioned what a great bloke Monty IS recently ?
frenzy: which muppet would minty be? groucho?
luked98: Fyfe lost his 100%eff 🙁
uptoolate: ooop..
carlton_99: what si fyfes updated score ahs he hit 100 yet
uptoolate: goooo Doggies ! woof … cmon …
luked98: He’d be on around 92
LuvIt74: fyfe 88 sc
carlton_99: free kicks 12-2
carlton_99: westen bulldogs 12 and freo 2
carlton_99: he was on 88 at half time
LuvIt74: Fyfe still on 88 sc
luked98: Luvit74 he’d be in more, his had a few touches since half time
LuvIt74: I’m only telling u what i see as a Herald sun + member which gives me live SC scores
LuvIt74: i hope hes on allot more as he is my captain
wadaramus: He went from 85 at HT to 90 then back to 88 now he’s 97!
luked98: Alright
LuvIt74: Fyfe 97 now
barlow4pm: just hit 100 sc now
uptoolate: I’d rather not talk about it …
carlton_99: do you think he will get 150
Apachecats: Lin Jong ill?
OnTheRocks: i hope Fyfe stays below Sauce’s 130 🙁
uptoolate: @Luvit …. please position pineapple where it fits …
LuvIt74: i put priddis in for Sloan this week and almost put the captain on him wish i did
RooBoyStu: that Wood icon is so wrong, Wood hasn’t been on Barlow for ages
homemade: paging mr barlow. have you fallen asleep out there? havent touched it since HT
OnTheRocks: Harris Andrews or McIntosh as D6?
carlton_99: cmon fyfe get to 120 by 3 quarter time
Torz: Mundy as captain. As if my week couldn’t get worse.
gdshifty: i wonder if anyone made Mundy captain today?
uptoolate: Doggies hang in ! …
KingPetrie: anyone have M Johnson SC?
LuvIt74: Fyfe 106 sc so likely to hit 120 by 3qt
LuvIt74: Johnson on 69 sc
Hawks_15: give picken the green dollar symbol. hes killing it
LuvIt74: bloody hell these young pups will be a gr8 side in 2016/17
LuvIt74: Dogs defence is lethal this season
Fletch91: C Pearce SC plz
uptoolate: agreez with Luvit …
man0005: 11 marks for Michael Johnson. A safe pair of hands #AFLDogsFreo #foreverfreo
LuvIt74: C pearce 69 sc
RooBoyStu: bye bye Brownlow Fyfe, get on Tommy Mitchell now
carlton_99: he cannot be reported for tht
luked98: No Fyfe don’t lose you’re Brownlow chances
carlton_99: nah he wont get reported he tripped
Cheannn92: Fyfe safe as a house on that report
gdshifty: wow reckon Fyfe will get weeks?
LuvIt74: @luked98 Mitchell from Sydney?
italeader: That’s juse a fine, no suspension
carlton_99: if fyfe gets reported i wont watch another game of football again
carlton_99: it was low imapct, reckless and no injury
LuvIt74: wont get out for that, he will get a fine though
_wato: Kicks his third straight after the report, lol
RooBoyStu: he’s in the book, going by fox footy
uptoolate: Fyfe a thug …. prolly go 4 weeks …. ?
Mcswains: I hope Johnsons SC is like his dream team?
FlagDog: Mundy you fuck bag, screw fixing my team you in the rage trade position #1
Apachecats: Prolly get off
gdshifty: cmon Mundy stop being soft
danmaio: ump told him he was reported
Dommy02: fyfe 110% will get off
LuvIt74: I’ll be backing Fyfe to win the brownlow Tomorrow morning as his price will go out
carlton_99: ye but he deserves to get off
theKid: Chances of Duffield not getting subbed on?
deanie: how the flower is that not 50?
carlton_99: if fyfe gets a fine is he still eligible for the brownlow
RooBoyStu: in the late 90s Archer got suspended for attempting to strike
danmaio: no you wont as they will suspend betting
Drak: Not enough Pearce in the Freo side imo
stocko12: deanie it wasnt a mark in the first place
uptoolate: Fyfe is routed … sad that …
Kenny27: you wont be able to luvit all markets will be suspended until Fyfe gets cleared
homemade: fucking barlow. just seems disinterested this season FMDT
Bazza2014: muday gone concussion and 6 stitches
Sunday2810: lol fyfe suspended…never in your life
Sunday2810: @uptoolate AFL corrupted if he goes for that shit
LuvIt74: @carlton yes they are still eligible for brownlow with just a fine
tamoz: Come on D.Pearce, Fyfe and Barlow! Need you guys to junk up
uptoolate: you should be back in Church Sunday …
Torz: Mundy survives the sub! Now for a superman quarter please.
drewy75: when was the last time 3 players with the same surname were playing on the same team that were not related??? Pearce
Sunday2810: @uptoolate you should be back in your sis cunt
danmaio: what a fucken ridiculous deliberate
deanie: some of this umpiring, very questionable.
Drak: He didn’t even try to NOT take it out…. how could the umpire not pay it deliberate?
fruity: fyfe s/coach score please anyone ?
danmaio: he was running full pelt and had about a meter to stop
uptoolate: Doggies are barking !
bombrblitz: Clancee good POD
Drak: fyfe is on 114sc atm. It goes up and down though
fruity: thanks Drak
carlton_99: fuyfe pls get 150
carlton_99: Fyfe i really need 150 from you please
Apachecats: umpires are picking on Fyfe
desafinado: should i put C on Grey instead of Fyfe ?
jvcfalcon: Wallis SC please ?
LuvIt74: Fyfe still on 115sc
iZander: will fife get weeks?
iZander: can give the wall to jong after he’s been injured… geez
dipstick: close game! plenty of SC pts on offer for fyfey and bonts… lets go lads.. you too neale
Crowls: bont sc pls
carlton_99: any chance fyfe will get 150
Drak: Bont on 70sc
homemade: hoping that the close game gives Barlow a chance to pick up some SC points
iZander: there is no chance haha he will get a nice score though
Drak: Fyfe could get anything, if he feels like it.
Crowls: 70sc?? grown men shouldnt cry
bombrblitz: Fyfie 115 sc
dipstick: lucky for useless lyon crowley got caught doping otherwise freo would still be playing lyons shit gameplan
dipstick: fyfe could easily get 160 with his CP’s and a couple sealer goals…easy 🙂
Crowls: dip well said mate
uptoolate: either way …. young doggies don’t lay down against the top side ! … woof
masterhc2: ffs fyfe neale and barlow have combined lost lover 30 pts giving away frees
homemade: happy times ahead for doggies supporters
Drak: happier times, they’ll be inconsistent for a long time yet
OnTheRocks: hat’s a lot of Frees against Fyfe
Paul105: carn picken break the ton
uptoolate: @homemade. yes …. long time waiting. @ Drak = thanks and suck an egg !
danmaio: way too much focus on Fyfe
carlton_99: fyfe supercoach?
tamoz: What on earth has happend to Barlow in the fantasy world
Costanza: a guy called Tory kicked 7 goals….
uptoolate: the Doggies are still INIT !!! and so get a rabbit into your equation Drak !!!
Drak: i dont understand, but ok
homemade: @tamoz – Lachie Neale is stealing the easy outside ball that Barlow used to get
Mcswains: Johnsons sc?
Bazza2014: Barlow has caused 3 goals
uptoolate: Doggies !!! woof woof woof !!!
J.Worrall: o Doggies
luked98: What happened to Fyfe
J.Worrall: Woof ark wark ark
Drak: watch fyfe come to lyfe
Drak: wow that mundy kick….
uptoolate: Shiet !
Drak: Hahaha, ross lyon always looks like he is arms up in the airing…. like his whole team is inferior
Woodie: Johnson 113sc
carlton_99: come one fyfe kick it
NewFreoFan: wish i could watch this on tele, only got a radio available. Intense stuff! Go dockers!
Drak: How is Nat Fyfe left alone…. in the fwd 50…
Drak: That Fyfe mark….
Mcswains: Cheers 🙂
Bazza2014: game , he wont miss
masterhc2: good boys fyfe and neale got the tons
tamoz: How long?
Drak: ok so… Nat fyfe is now up to 146sc
Bazza2014: slips catch walters
Bazza2014: 71 secs
Woodie: Fyfe 146sc
auxDT: good game my bad for doubting fyfe
Drak: 1 minute
homemade: barlow SC anyone?
Bazza2014: pavlich further sealer
Woodie: All af CD boys have him @Drak
NewFreoFan: Give em the old heave ho!
dipstick: told ya… plenty of pts for fyfey with game in the balance… need 160 son
Drak: game over
Woodie: Barlow 71sc
Apachecats: Fyfe no good at Docklands ?? That was a good call.
dipstick: good game puppies. playing with the big dogs now
willywalks: good spoil roughie…
deanie: to many fumbles in that last 5 mins, good signs from doggies though
NewFreoFan: god our song is shit hahahaha
carlton_99: will fyfe scale any higher
colin wood: Ibbotson goes from 66 to 56 in the last 99 seconds… Rightio CD
frenzy: thank flour for Fyfe

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