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Chat log from R5 of 2015: St Kilda vs Essendon

Chat log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R5 of 2015

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frenzy: first again
SaintsMan: no one cares
David: I care
SaintsMan: cmon saints
bigsandi: go watt
roshanetw: weller tagging jobe
tamoz: Tag Stanton, not Watson
Dommy02: tag heppell not watson
p_terg: I chose to field Acres, instead of trading him, when he was named. Is the EMG activated or am I unlucky?
Jwow: armitage POD
Torz: He’s playing, so you’re unlucky.
p_terg: Projected score= 23. Have bigger fish to fry, for example: why did I hold on to Burgoyne?!
p_terg: Have had Mackenzie and Acres on my side all year. Haven’t cost me anything yet
David: St Kilda has 5 Jacks playing today – Newnes, Steven, Billings, Lonie & Sinclair
homemade: @ david – great pick up
thommoae: Sounds like a Cheat’s Poker hand …
OnTheRocks: All the Jacks have lined up for Saints…..
ballbag: wonder who’ll be the first jack off for the saints
banta: insipid so far essendon. as bad aas carlton
banta: no hardness at essendon, that left in the early 2000s
theKid: cmon melky
shaker: Don’t think that is allowed on field
thommoae: Thre’s a Jimmy. a Jarryn and a Josh there too. St Kilda the J-boys!
Torz: Yep, Melksham still useless.
thommoae: I thought about Bennell for Melksham 2 wks ago – glad I gave myself an uppercut then.
homemade: whats the penguin icon on langord mean?
danmaio: masterstroke by me, went Bennell to Heppell
runt: Essendon play better when under investigation
Roflcake: schneider…
Ben_Gogos: He was in negatives, I changed it after the late stat update
Viscount: Any chance Savage Shane??????
johnoP: best ive seen newnes play this year, actually hitting targets
pcmaniman: need a huge one from newnes to win
spiggs: do you even want the ball geary?
pcmaniman: what role is newnes playing?
runt: Comparing Rance and Fletcher it is clear Fletcher has no other interests outside football
Ben_Gogos: Newness half back and pinch hitting on the wing
pcmaniman: ty Ben
Fletch91: Cmon Merrett, do something
banta: pathetic essendon. should be ashamed. saints worst team in the comp and at least they are having a dig!!
runt: Tell pinch to stop hitting players on the wing
Fletch91: Good Merrett, some more possessions plz
Torz: That was advantage taken. Bad call.
pcmaniman: Hooker you derelict — just dry Bruce up please !! LOL essendon
meka100: Get involved Hibberd, the fucken ball has been down there a lot
Ben_Gogos: Bruce has been such a find for the Saints!
luked98: suprised with newnes DE
SaintsMan: Yes boys! Great stuff
Affliction: This is a repeat of last seasons game
pcmaniman: agree he is good
banta: pathetic coaching this week and last week. hird should never have been accepted back. dumb.
runt: Has Dank snuck some performance unenhancing supplements into the Bombers Lattes?
ajconodie: how did this side beat Hawthorn?
roshanetw: clutching at straws runt
Bazza2014: saints look way too quick
dipstick: @runt seeya you’ll get banned for that. gogosos bans everyone for nothing. where m0nty at?
dipstick: nice dollars lonie
buttox: im purple. like andrew swallow this morning
runt: @dipstick No worries. Like the Bombers I am guilty of nothing.
Ben_Gogos: @dipstick I don’t ban mate…
bombers04: except being a wanker
runt: Once Joe slips into gear the Bombers will win this
Torz: Joe only has one gear. Neutral.
m0nty: but I do
runt: @way too sensitive mate. Something on your mind?
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
dipstick: cmon newnes. continue on and ton up
valkorum: lets get back to talking about the game
Jwow: @roshanetw – welldone
spiggs: bj doing me a solid here, keep it up mate
frenzy: somebody explain to me how Bellchambers gets a game?
Roksta: Tbc seeya later… Spud
roshanetw: @Jwow for what?
Torz: He’s tall @frenzy.
Roksta: Giles is a better ruck than tbc
frenzy: he brings nothing else
DanBlack: So many heroes posting here today
bombers04: if you didnt know already essendon were denined draft picks , ryder left so tbc it is
bombers04: hes fine doing his best
runt: Apparntly Bellchambers is a good swimmer.
bombers04: better player than you @frenzy
GJayBee: rucks killing me this year. TBC i wouldn’t go near, Minson sucked me in. Saw him in VFL yesterday, he was not interested
desmondo: Jobes SC any-one?
roshanetw: 63 @desmondo
desmondo: tx roshanetw
desmondo: how long since Hibbo tonned up?
frenzy: gee bumbers are a touchie mob
desmondo: Sounds like Minson is sulking, instead of doing what he needs to do to win his place back, and that is work his ass off
GJayBee: Minson got dropped last year to, spewing
Carnster: hibberd, Dunstan, Bruce, Longer SC would be much appreciated
Carnster: Stanton and Heppel to please
runt: Minson has other interests outside football. Wouldnt surprise me if he has had enough
GJayBee: he’s just running around getting the bucks, thinking about his tailor made shirts in german
roshanetw: Correct, almost finished his masters of engineering at university of melbourne, very smart lad
GJayBee: sc scores for everyone in afl please
roshanetw: fletcher hurt
frenzy: penguin Daniher
runt: Daniher seems flustered
roshanetw: fletcher concussion sub
runt: Getting knocked out 4 days before your 40th birthday isn’t ideal
masterhc2: fucks sake hibberd do something
Ben_Gogos: Hurley now gone to Bruce
dipstick: newnes ceiling is well under a ton
Ben_Gogos: Lol that’s wrong, he’s already scored 105 this year
pies13: got suckd in 2getting newnes as alot of us did never heard of him b4 this season must have apparantly???
dipstick: as far as i know he hasnt scored over 90 and cant see him scoring it again
pies13: slow down goddard 4flower sake your making my $league game closer than it should be
banta: how does dempsey get a game?
banta: pathetic joe. flat tracker
Tw1tch1n: The heck is going on with hibberd?
banta: get involved colyer. ned that pace
Fletch91: Merrett no touches in 20min, cmon mate!
masterhc2: hibberd what the actual fuck
banta: go back to the vfl dempsey you hack douche
masterhc2: lonie goes bang! carn the sainters
runt: Daniher will kick 3 in this final term
desmondo: daniwho? hasn`t been near it today sofar 🙁
mossssssy: Daniher wont kick 3 of he’s subbed
masterhc2: lol stop giving heppell points at 3qtr time, hes my opponentns captain.
runt: Daniher will not kick 3 in the final term
frenzy: will be gob smacked if belly tons up, couldn’t could he
Tw1tch1n: Gotta feel for Daniher coaches lol
banta: wow some of these umpires need to get sacked
Ben_Gogos: That was clutch by Bruce!
Heater: Hibberd you are out of my side forever. Useless.
masterhc2: fuck, not starting oxley absolutely destroyed me this week, will lose 5 league matches by under 50 points
ben31215: Hibberd lifting!
ReaperRage: HIBBERD i would be so gone if I was using trades this week but no rage trades this season 🙁
Fletch91: Come on Merrett, you are killing me here!
ben31215: watson sc?
dipstick: how does newnes constantly go missing for 10 min stints? where does he hide week in week out?
qiu333: colyerrrr
Jukes82: steven gun, armitage magnet
dipstick: thanks newnsey. not 1 pt since 4 min mark
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert: Schneider misses from point blank range!
pies13: how long left?
tezzer_j: game over, schneider 2 easy misses will be kicking himself
DropBear: tough being a saints fan
_wato: 150 points yet to be added, bulk scaling
frenzy: well done belly shame U play for them tossers
The_Kid_05: Armitage BOG

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