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Chat log from R4 of 2015: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, R4 of 2015

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iZander: please hibbard, be my first and only back to ton! :/
OnTheRocks: Pig or Pendles for captain
Hawkster: Your servers are rooted m0nty
TendoJones: any word on pies sub?
iZander: pig, he always goes big in big games like this
m0nty: there is a disk error on the forums server 🙁
Jwow: oink oink
Roflcake: should i have adams or blair on the field?
Roflcake: should i have adams or blair on the field?
mijg: Going Pendles VC over Swan
wadaramus: Pendles VC for me too.
carlton_99: im sticking withs wan VC
Bhack87: pendles or swan vc?
wadaramus: Got any idea on the forum server fix m0nty?
OnTheRocks: i’ve gone Pig
OnTheRocks: locked in so too late to change now
m0nty: waiting on my server host to figure it out
NewFreoFan: Go Bellcho!
qiu333: which radio station is best for commentry
ballbag: sen 1116 am with kb etc
kangawalla: Gerard Whateley put succinctly. Elliot has taken the mark of the year when it wasn’t a mark & kicked the goal of the yea
kangawalla: * kicked the goal of the year when it wasn’t a goal.
ballbag: @m0nty fanleague database error… also go swanny.. fatten up today sunny jim
m0nty: it is being worked on
meka100: Good one Hurley
Torz: Get a kick Melksham.
ballbag: 10-4… fanleague back… we have connection… over
Perry95: goddard needs to crack the ton today… hasnt got one yet this season in sc
wadaramus: Up and running, thanks m0nty.
poolboybob: Seedsman blue moon quarter
alekstah: that stupid essendon player missed Watson, flog
theKid: cmon melky
ballbag: can swanny beat cripps 172sc?
iZander: no tags? thats the kind of footy i like
OnTheRocks: VC Swanny better match or beat Cripp’s 172
theuncle: swan 31 sc pendles 34 oxly 19
Roksta: not at 66% eff he wont
AngryRyno: carn pig
Pokerface: who won anzac medal in nz?
Sloan4Pres: Why do I always hope Heppell gets nailed every time I watch Essendon play
Slashers: Thats odd, because Cripps ended with 66% eff
NewFreoFan: Jeez Hurley did well then
wadaramus: Murphy Anzac Medallist.
Pokerface: thanks Wad
Torpedo10: Because you’re weird Sloan, shouldn’t hope anyone gets dumped.
wadaramus: Exactly what I thought Slashers, plus 20 handballs?
ballbag: cripps had 20+ CP but swaany doing likewise
Pokerface: cripps was there when the game was to be won. surprised he didnt win medal
AngryRyno: deliberate, still the worst umpired rule in footy
Sloan4Pres: @ Torpedo10 i am pretty weird
Pokerface: m0nty give murph the medal – the icon only gets used one day a year
Slashers: C’mon Swanny, get up there with Pendle
carlton_99: is swan off?
Slashers: A sloppy pig goal would be nice
Grumpman: come on watson you flog
AngryRyno: get a kick ox, donuts this quarter
Tim Tam: haven’t seen swan much, but bombers doing all the attacking
eski_liddr: I love u dusty
Tim Tam: melksham on swan though, but don’t think it’s a tag
AngryRyno: dusty? ah dustin martin, didnt know he was playing
eski_liddr: if I age half as well as dusty fletcher I’ll be a happy man
Torpedo10: The real Dusty Ryno, not some tattooed fake.
eski_liddr: fletcher was called dusty since dustbin martin was in nappies
casey22: Chappie, poor decision maker
upweydons: zaharakis not right
Jukes82: Fletcher has been juicing for 10 years
ballbag: dmartin is only young. fletcher celebrates his 78th bday this year
alekstah: flowering Watson, what the hell
Grumpman: watson a premo? I think not, looks old and slow.
casey22: The week I bring in Watson, wtf
eski_liddr: @Jukes82 – you must be fun at parties so funny!
colin wood: Same Casey…
cusch1: Careful Zac Williams is quite experienced at (bar)fights
casey22: I’ll blame you, @colin wood
jddd: png?
RooBoyStu: exit Jobe Watson and enter Jaba Watson
Dangermaus: Pies never pay any attention to Stanton
Dangermaus: and it looks like my Wines to Watson trade wasn’t so genius… shoulda gone Heppell
Antony: Watson will not turn into Wines. I’m glad i went Pendlebury so far!
ballbag: so i guess oxley got donuts in Q2?
ballbag: i’ll tell you what. all my DEF can go and get fucked!
Yelse: swan playing forward today no wonder he struggling
ballbag: heres a secret. buckley hates swanny and doesnt want him to poll any brownlow votes
JRedden: get to 70 thanks oxley
Yelse: then bucks will get sacked. swan can win him games in the mid
Dangermaus: ballbag, that’s not secret
Tim Tam: yeah, ridiculous swinging swan forward after he played well in the first quarter…
Heater: If Seedsman could fin some consistency he’d be SC gold.
Slashers: Looking like the Swan VC experiment failing.
ballbag: @danger +1 buckleys a cower towards swanny.
ballbag: @yelse with mcguires favourite dish bei being the buckleyng the Buckley pork sword i doubt it
Slashers: Would still be good if he could unleash the fury!
Havacrack: Swan quad strain
tamoz: Spear it in to Cloke!
Dangermaus: Hurley looks like such a knob with that hairdo
Slashers: Swan does look lame.. But when has he not?
Dangermaus: i should have gone Wines to Goddard…
Slashers: Swan not Hurley… LOL although, yes… He looks lame too
gingjok: Swan is carrying an ankle or calf… or early in the 2nd qtr.
Dangermaus: Swannie – great goal
gingjok: swan is lame… after an incident early in the second. he was in for a big one
Tim Tam: finally swan!
Torz: Ox subbed. Noooo. Why not gault?
Yelse: oxley subbed whyyyyy
Tim Tam: oxley subbed….
Dangermaus: oxley subbed !
AntoRyan14: No, Oxley subbed
ballbag: ouch… oxley subbed- is that ominous? PS totally screwed my def line
danmaio: why not white
Dragon88: phew! Oxley subbed. I played McIntosh over him
colin wood: We should have subbed Gault terrible move Bucks…
Tim Tam: chapman subbed
AntoRyan14: Chappy subbed
Dangermaus: chappie subbed too
Slashers: Did Oxley cop a knock or something?
ballbag: all pies fans know bucks is wrist up wrist up wrist down…he’s a pure flog IMO.
teachrtony: Dragon88, same
Dangermaus: is there anyone at Collingwood who thinks Buckley is a decent coach ???
colin wood: Jack Frost that was brilliant
Tim Tam: bucks makes some ridiculous decisions….
LuvIt74: McIntosh done nothing on SC scored same as Oxley
Dangermaus: could have been worse… Watson could have been subbed
colin wood: You can take the scope off Watson now he’s upto 20 lol
Yelse: sub is the worst rule in the AFL
Torz: Gault cramping. See Bucks, you spaz.
ballbag: heppel is a DT beast
Dangermaus: stanton is one of the most ineffective players i’ve seen. He’s a ball magnet but does nothing good with it
danmaio: dwyer same score as Gault in 3 less qts
m0nty: 35 DT for Watson that quarter
Crowls: buckley makes malthouse look good and happy. Two major sadsacks
Dangermaus: here’s how the last quarter will go: bombers to come back and get in front, then Blair to sneak a weasel goal to win it
ballbag: ima blues fan. love malthouse. but carlton- well its j pratt and that pokie flog with their fingers in the pie.
AntoRyan14: Oxley got 41 sc
AntoRyan14: And swannie 70sc beating pendles 62sc
Woosha 73: Flamin hell
Grumpman: watons you dud
Dragon88: I’ve got Swan as captain
colin wood: lol magnet for Stanton? Gun for Heppell? Who’s winning again?
djbics: Could be worse Dragon, I’ve got Pendles 🙁
poolboybob: Gault is terrible, why leave him on?
qiu333: why is the time left wrong everywhere
Woosha 73: Shower game really
feralmong: Same dragon. Haven’t found a set and forget captain yet.
gdshifty: slobe watson not getting any quicker with age
Dangermaus: Heppell is a freak
feralmong: Junk it swannie
Tim Tam: heppell deserves the gun…..
Wingard001: Very happy with Hibberd and Bellchambers
LuvIt74: Was oxley subbed out just to give Dwyer a run?
gdshifty: sucked in drug cheats!!!
Wingard001: Tipped Bombers what a let down 🙁
Torpedo10: Piss of gdshifty, go back under your rock
tamoz: Should Zaha have played this match or taken a week to recover?
ScootD: Hooker donut for the last quarter
Dragon88: Come on Swan, lift!
Sloan4Pres: tipped 3/3 so far wooo
jddd: thanks for the money essendon fans
Grumpman: heart for watson? your kidding aren’t Monty
colin wood: Star for Goddard? Monty?? Your kidding with these icons…
mossssssy: you are grumpy. He was injured and battled through, deserves the heart
Grumpman: was he injured in the first half? me thinks not.
Tim Tam: seedsman the medal for me
Jair: Swanny Cpt with Cripps 172 on the bench #sobstory
Dangermaus: smile bucks, you grumpy old fart
Grumpman: thanks monty for removing that heart that was not deserved by watson

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