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Chat log from R2 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Melbourne

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Melbourne, R2 of 2015

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J.Worrall: Quiet in here
ben_benny: its not quite a blockbuster
J.Worrall: It’s the biggest game in town – if you’re in Canberra
snake_p: put Salem on the pine, you watch him ton up
m0nty: interesting for fantasy though
J.Worrall: Dees are very interesting for Fantasy, no?
mace485: go dees!
OnTheRocks: i swapped Salem to bench for Hogan at the last minute. Hope my decision is correct
stakerz: me too on the rocks
Perry95: ryan griffen on thin ice in my team at the moment
Pokerface: what happened to the extended stats?
Pokerface: oh i see.. it puts them there based on the size of your browser window
OnTheRocks: Tomas “Freight Train” Bugg
deanie: griffen m8 what are you doing..
Perry95: get amongst it griffen. 20 minutes gone and no possessions!
snake_p: gave Lumumba one more week – looking OK so far
DropBear: Griffen with a possession!!!!
mace485: Tom McDonald flying under the radar? POD?
OnTheRocks: watch what happens when Melbourne play a decent team, McDonald will most likely plummet down the scoring list again
Perry95: better griff. keep going son
DropBear: griffen instantly up the top
mace485: anyone want supercoach scores? i got gold
DropBear: i really need howe to dominate next quarter
frenzy: want my mummy back
ben_benny: @mace485 whats ward on?
Torpedo10: Griff, Lumumba, Vandenberg, Salem and Hogan please mace
mace485: gold is fucking up, give me 5
Torz: Have hardly seen Treloar today..
CamT: Is Treloar getting tagged, anyone ?
Kenny27: great stuff hogan
colin wood: It’s becuase my Capt in my draft lg Torz sorry
colin wood: He’s my’
CamT: Was not expecting this from Mumford.
mace485: vandenberg 29, salem 19
mace485: hogan 44, ward 18, griff 39
mace485: lumumba 38
JRedden: can you get going newton..
Wingard001: oh god i have Cameron and Bug wow
Wingard001: Poor Kicking
Drak: Gee Treloar turned that around quickly
DropBear: Wilson warming up
Wingard001: Wow, cmon GWS i tipped ya
bulldog123: Hi
Perry95: @mace485, how is heater shaw going?
Drak: Tomlinson must have done that pesky shoulder ACL
DropBear: haha
Ben_Gogos: Tomlinson out sure up McCarthy’s JS
deanie: @drak lol!!
Drak: I feel so sorry for my mate, he offloaded Coniglio last week coz he started with the vest. Was talking him up all
Drak: preseason
mace485: shaw 51 sc
Wingard001: Cameron geez
Drak: I also feel sorry for Tom Scully. He didn’t tout himself as the No1 draft pick. Poor bugger.
colin wood: Salem heating up!
Heizenberg: Ffs treloar capt
Heizenberg: Ouch drak
Heizenberg: Treloar sc?
mace485: treloar 38 sc
DropBear: howe sc plz?
Wingard001: Bugg’s alive!
CamT: Newton a little disappointing
Heizenberg: Thnx mac
mace485: howe 28 sc
DropBear: Thanks man!
CamT: Am I the only one here with Lumumba ?
mace485: hey guys, what should i do in sc? loophole Hogan scare or go with Clark?
HawkTalker: I have lumumba. Also, GWS are terrible. Ass handed to them in Canberra. poor
Buzz67: Not alone CamT
CamT: Great Buzz & HawkTalker, I was starting to worry about my judgement.
eski_liddr: Newton is hurting me
HawkTalker: If you’re depending upon a rookie in Rd2, you’re gonna have a bad time
coreyy101: anyone know how many minutes Tomlinson was on the ground for. Need it to be less than 20% TOG%
m0nty: don’t think it would be less than 20% corey
DropBear: newton knocked
HawkTalker: gees, GWS. Kick a few goals at least
frenzy: Devon stinkin
foolysik: my unique D Smith proving to be my worst pick
HawkTalker: Griffin should be absolutely destroying this game. Instead, Viney is giving him a bath
colin wood: Newton concussion test
coreyy101: cheers monts, i don’t think so either i will have to be lucky
J.Worrall: vandenberg on field?
Escapist: correyy guessing youre doing UF? He was on for longer than 20% unfortunately
mace485: well dees.. you tried
colin wood: Great goal Smith
Drak: m0nty, I love you and all… but for christ sake fix this refresh scrap my text bs
m0nty: it should be fixed now, try a shift refresh!
colin wood: Come on Heath where are ya!
HawkTalker: wtf. ewhen did GWS kick 5 goals?
Ringo4567: treloar doing me no favours currently
colin wood: Bulldogs robbed that was a mark
kangawalla: Come on Demons liiiifit!!!
Drak: wrong chat col
colin wood: Sorry lads wrong game
kangawalla: *liiiift!!!
Perry95: giants just blew this game wide open this quarter
Perry95: at least i get my money back on the demons
foolysik: D Smith has redeemed himself
mace485: awaken the sleeping giants..
Wingard001: The real question of the day is: Is Cameron alive?
mace485: sorry.. couldn’t help myself
SaintsMan: whats j cameron on, sc
SaintsMan: whats cameron on? sc
SaintsMan: and also griffin
DanBlack: Howe not helping me out on bit today.
stakerz: shit all saintsman
Blues1: Is that 10 in a row for the Giants?
SaintsMan: what mate? stacker
spudaroos: Dees are trash. Deserve to lose. Subbing out Aaron V, fucking duds
Wingard001: Well done Cameron starting to be alive
kangawalla: Spuds, as a Demon fan I agree:(
m0nty: Vandenberg in fact not subbed off
eski_liddr: newton back on
SaintsMan: whats griffin on in sc??? does anyone know
ballbag: @m0nty- whats the diff? not like he’s been scoring since
mace485: N Jone Freezing cold today
J.Worrall: vdb hasn’t scored in an age then …
barlow4pm: griff 87 sc
Wingard001: NEED A big one from Bugg and Cameron cmon boys
SaintsMan: barlow cheers mate but how do you know?
TheLegend6: Treloar SC?
ballbag: why did i put hshaw in my team? fucken lazy bogan
Drak: was it a concussion check minty?
Drak: m0nty* lol
ballbag: you too lumumba you lying flog!
Drak: Heath Shaw who is on 71 at 3/4 time?
DanBlack: m0nty is there a bigger magnifying glass for howe? maybe a telescope or something?
SaintsMan: how do you check for the super coach scores??
colin wood: Come on Lumumba and Salem
frenzy: Roos is single handedly jerkin my SC
colin wood: Star for shiell
J.Worrall: Get some more, vanders
TheLegend6: What is treloar SC
spudaroos: Feel bad for Melbourne fans, all these years of tanking for this.
Wingard001: Melbourne r just terrible
Hally25550: melbourne choke
mace485: wtf jones? you’ve done absolutely nothing
Wingard001: Coniglio is just class
LuvIt74: not as bad as the saints
SaintsMan: how do u check for sc scors
Windyhill: Saints you need a digital subscription to
ballbag: @saintsman- stop asking the same question. you pay for them
Costanza: I’d be depressed too
LuvIt74: Saintsman u need to have a Herald sun+ subscription which costs $12 per month for first 3 months & $24 a month after tha
frenzy: c’mon Devon, you meat jar
SaintsMan: can u check for me what griffin is on and also j cameron for gas
LuvIt74: I had it since December this year but i cancelled it and paid a 1 off fee of $249 for a year & get a free Galaxy tablet.
bulldog123: Hey
Wingard001: WTF Cameron do something pleasssee
Torpedo10: Griffs dead
LuvIt74: bulldog ya happy the dogs won m8…lol
thommoae: Feel for those who fell for the Garlett trap; one good week maketh not Cred. for JG …
meka100: Fuck off Salem
bulldog123: I was watching it on channel 7, spoiled it for me 🙁
js19: Mummy sc anyone?
kangawalla: whats up with Salem, Meka? 80 for a rookie is good
spudaroos: Aaron V, where art thou?
Dangermaus: Coniglio is a future gun !
LuvIt74: mummy on 100sc
JRedden: nathan jones horrible today
LuvIt74: All those who panicked and traded out Dusty & Griffen on sc will be spewing
js19: Thanks LuvIt. Don’t know whether to loophole with Cox… 2 mins left
js19: Otherwise it’s GAJ
thommoae: Jones usually good for MFC – even when the rest are Melbourne-ish. Dunno what happened today not tagged?
js19: Haha, too late anyways
LuvIt74: u got mummy js19?
tezzer_j: yeah agree Luvit, why would ya trade those fellows out. Amatuers
LuvIt74: js loop hole cos i got a feeling GAJ will be on the pine a bit
js19: No mate, left with Gaz. Hopefully a blinder!
LuvIt74: i wouldn’t use GAJ as captain this week although i hate saying that
kangawalla: A Brayshaw….very respectable
eski_liddr: who said theres no rookies this year? i think there’s a few pearlers
js19: Mummy left his run too late!!
LuvIt74: mummy on 107sc now
tezzer_j: amateurs…lol i’m an amateur at spelling
frenzy: seagull 4 Shaw
eski_liddr: whats ward sc score?

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