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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R1 of 2015

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Buzz67: McStay bonus
J.Worrall: Sidebottom BoG
rooboypete: Is the original pig back?
LuvIt74: sedebutt will smash pendles sc this year
J.Worrall: Go Dave
LuvIt74: glad i changed lamb to Mcrath last minute
OnTheRocks: c’mon burger
Bretto3: Big score for Sidebottom. And have him as Capt
OnTheRocks: D,Richm best ever 300k i’ve spent
iZander: id of thought polec and do tyson last year would have been
Arch: bullshit ump
frenzy: robbo is shower
LuvIt74: Swan is a spud, glad i chose Dahlhaus
Jukes82: stfu you’re full of shit
J.Worrall: who needs a shower?
J.Worrall: Siddy Beau Tome!
SydneyRox: i am pretty happy with swan if he is spud
J.Worrall: Krisp Kremes donuts?
LuvIt74: Not in SC u wouldn’t be
LuvIt74: Swan on 36 sc
LuvIt74: Sidebutt 83sc
Bretto3: Doesn’t SC get updated anymore?
J.Worrall: Eliot – Baing
Buzz67: Brisbane should be better than this. Starting to think Lepper can’t coach
LuvIt74: Wish i chose Rich
LuvIt74: nah i think sc only shows at the completion
BFAsh: Taylor Adams. Wtf?
J.Worrall: ouch
frenzy: flower off robbo
meziare: Rocky not good!!
DoctorRush: Rocky maybe punctured lung’
_wato: What is Brisbane doing?
Ben_Gogos: Incredible, this may be the lowest scoring week for a long time!
Scalahad: damn you varcoe and your pointy knees!!!!
LuvIt74: If rocky misses a few games i’ll be chosing beams as my Cap
Jonesy pan: how many weeks will rocky miss??
LuvIt74: Sidebutt on 108sc
LuvIt74: @jonesy not sure yet its to early
DoctorRush: No-one will know without scans Jonesy
Jonesy pan: hopefully just bruised and he plays next week
Dragon88: oxley off
Ben_Gogos: Adams starting to get stats other than just disposals
Jair: Rocky down for the count
rooboypete: Oxley reaches his B/E and leaves
frenzy: only thing not frozen is the adds
ballbag: lol
ballbag: why is beams afraid to kick?
xjumpman23: how many weeks is broken ribs?
Buzz67: how many went back to zorko again this year
Clark U: Site is flowered for me
Dragon88: Pendlebury SC?
ballbag: kick the ball beams you pussy
rooboypete: I’ve happily stayed with Zorko
rooboypete: Brisbane copying the Swans??
SydneyRox: the pig is back!
rooboypete: Love the pig!!
Luke919: sidey gone missing
frenzy: sidey thumb on ice
ballbag: you cant score goals with handpasses beams you flog
LuvIt74: Rockliff will haemorrhage cash over the next 6 to 10 weeks.. Looking good

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