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Chat log from R1 of 2015: Carlton vs Richmond

Chat log for Carlton vs Richmond, R1 of 2015

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m0nty: Yay, another year of FanFooty!
snake_p: Egret to have the footy back
snake_p: Great
heppelitis: finally…woohoo
CaptainWho: Lets go Basher!!!
J.Worrall: minutes to tip off …
fknchaiyya: Boys not only AFL is back, but I’m back!
snake_p: Tigers favourites. Funny if they lost
Heizenberg: Hi guys
frenzy: lift ffs m0nty lol
OnTheRocks: 72 to 116, is that your early prediction m0nty?
Dangeroo: Daisy injured already, ouch!
spudaroos: did Tiges already win
JRedden: wow deledio
Jmachete: hahaha dale thomas
Sloaneyyyy: nothing working…
Heizenberg: Much,
axe9: small lay out not working
J.Worrall: looks good mitzy
snake_p: That’s a bit harsh machete
Sloaneyyyy: how do I change the layout
J.Worrall: better already!
cusch1: Clem Smith on
Sloaneyyyy: ahh ok, fullscreen is working
Dangeroo: much better monty!
Sloaneyyyy: I liked it better when the chat was next to the scores, instead I have to keep scrolling up and down
J.Worrall: poor Daisy
burgz300: I agree with sloaneyyyy
m0nty: try expanding the page to the side Sloaney
colin wood: hello
m0nty: they’re playing Dream Team already!
foolysik: Hazard sign Deledio
foolysik: Kmac doing well, Cripps not so
McQueen86: What does po mean?
axe9: small lay out not working
m0nty: possessions
RobHarves: great new look mOnty
Sloaneyyyy: curnow smothering Ellis, should help to drop his price
kangawalla: I agree with Sloaneyy as well.
m0nty: A reminder: to get an ad free Matchcentre, buy FF Premium. 🙂
burgz300: I do like the DE% though
Sloaneyyyy: so where is Cripps playing…. waterboy ?
bernieV: I agree with sloaneyyy…appreciate the work thats gone into new format, but hate scrolling
colin wood: Hello
ballbag: agreed. have to scroll down to see the chat and through the icons box too
frenzy: Dimma finished?
m0nty: Like I said, expand your browser window sideways to fix that.
burgz300: cripps is making me a sad panda
cusch1: Griffiths is kicking Vickery out of a job atm
ballbag: carlton the same as last 10 year- 10 goals 20 behinds
J.Worrall: It’s already expanded as far as she’ll go, Captain!
frenzy: flour me Dusty
happytimes: Anyone else got Macintosh on field?
J.Worrall: Yes, happtimes!
Sloaneyyyy: if I shrink my screen to 75%, that’s the only way I can see with the chat on the side
Ferog: @happytimes, Yes but early yet.
frenzy: atleast cripps wont be subbed
Sloaneyyyy: hopefully Cripps pulls his finger out for the rest of the game
bernieV: yeah much better with expanded browser, possibly make it an option to see stats or not?
axe9: yes shrinks it to much
LuvIt74: not a fan of the new layout
J.Worrall: wottagoal!
LuvIt74: Cripps is playing like a crab
LuvIt74: i keep loosing the text i write m0nty?
cusch1: Pumpkin for Cripps
m0nty: yeah that’s a bug I need to fix later, LuvIt
bob81: cripps 🙁
J.Worrall: m0nty wants you to pay extra to have less bugs …
happytimes: Go blues
LuvIt74: ok m0nty
elvundir: at least cripps cant get subbed
m0nty: that bug happens in Premium as well!
dapto: new layout affecting Cripps score
mjdub: sorry but cripps really does suck
Jackwatt$: Just spotted Cripps at Jolimont Station
ballbag: daisys 2 mins better than cripps 2 qtrs
Jackwatt$: His mum forgot to pack his footy boots
Jackwatt$: Should be there soon
colin wood: Hello
mjdub: pity he finds it and then goes full retard
frenzy: lift Patty
LuvIt74: Wish i didn’t get cripps
J.Worrall: Hi Colon
J.Worrall: McIntosh!
frenzy: Lol Worrall
cusch1: Carn Kamdyn
happytimes: Hi Colin, why are you purple
colin wood: New site looks good monty
J.Worrall: Holy Ghoster – bat turd!
ballbag: why cant i trade in AF? says im over cap but i had 200K left
J.Worrall: McIntosh, you f***in beauty
#9dees: if only i started him
colin wood: Dusty needs to put in here
Costanza: an empty ballbag is usually a good thing
Cicjose: is it bad i have mcintosh on the bench?
J.Worrall: Is Bashar wearing a wee cap for the PassOver?
ballbag: the cash sack is full- but all players are locked out
cusch1: I need a young defender…already got Mcintosh and Saad
J.Worrall: McIntosh the key in the scoring chain there – SC Ripper!
J.Worrall: Chew think, Cic?
LuvIt74: Mcintosh on 39 sc
DoctorRush: Big Mac on fire, but Cripps, where art thou?
LuvIt74: cusch1 get Oxley
LuvIt74: Cripps the Crab
cusch1: I’ve got Hugh Goddard and Lever from Adelaide but not sure if the latter will play
Cicjose: need Suckling not to play this week
LuvIt74: Cripps already got a nickname
LuvIt74: Oxley is named cusch
J.Worrall: Krisp Kremes donuts?
Yelse: wheres simpson
Cicjose: i thought Wood was supposed to be spud
J.Worrall: Liking the headgear, Bashar
LuvIt74: cusch change who from Adelaide?
#9dees: martin wtf who is tagging him
J.Worrall: Colon Wood?
cusch1: @LuvIt Jake Lever was a top pick from last years draft
J.Worrall: GoTiges
LuvIt74: cusch lever & goddard anr not playing in round 1
cusch1: I know…Hence the reason I need someone else to replace at least one of them
J.Worrall: Ya can’t do that, Jack!
J.Worrall: Great work tiges – come home the same way!
LuvIt74: cusch get Oxley i changed him for hamling
Jonesy pan: will there be a post on how to get the chat witohut scrolling?
colin wood: Yo Worrald?
RobHarves: McIntosh looking the goods
LuvIt74: this chat is killing me
J.Worrall: pinknamegame
LuvIt74: Unless u have 147 then get brown
J.Worrall: Soz Woodeye, I menat the ruck guy …
colin wood: What about it mate?
m-ry: purple name game?
cusch1: I got Oxley…avoiding key position players so no Brown
Antony: Why are the Olympic rings all over the broadcast?
LuvIt74: Top SC points at half time: Docherty 62, Edwards 60, Hunt 58, Yarran 57, Vlastuin 55, Judd 54, Ellis 52, Griffiths 50
J.Worrall: coloured name game – Rioli!
bjones8995: Clem smith looks like a kid out there
J.Worrall: Yeah, I went Oxley too …
Lodgy: carrazo back, fit, and stopping guns
LuvIt74: I cant read the whole chate
NewFreoFan: how good is footy! at the ground blind drunk loving it
NewFreoFan: chat on phone is shit, keeps refreshing monty while typing
J.Worrall: Do not complain when blind drunk
J.Worrall: … old Confucian saying
NewFreoFan: haha fair cop 🙂
SydneyRox: good to see footy back and carlton losing!
DirtyDawn: Evening ladies and gents
SydneyRox: yeah monty that chat refresh is painfull
J.Worrall: earwig oh
J.Worrall: desperation footy
LuvIt74: m0nty is there a reason the layout was changed, cannot see the full chat and the update keeps deleting text.
JRedden: jee mcintosh is a bargain
LuvIt74: m0nty any chane of having like last year
LuvIt74: chance
m0nty: I will work on it and fix the bugs in the next few days, chill bro
J.Worrall: sounds like wah wah, waaahhh
J.Worrall: Juddthestar
fknchaiyya: Luvit74 wtf is your problem pal. m0nty works so hard just to get us siren to siren live dt scores. just really chill
Rockafella: Hey dawn
J.Worrall: McIntosh the tackle!
J.Worrall: 9 pointer from lloyd
Rockafella: What happened to daisy?
DirtyDawn: Hey Rocka, any team regrets?
J.Worrall: Daisy broke
SydneyRox: why did i pick tge spud martin over gray??
fknchaiyya: Damn! Rowe is my captain
Yelse: /whats wrong with martin
frenzy: dustbin trash
colmullet: Cripps>Cotchin
cusch1: What is the first icon on Cotch?
J.Worrall: that’s a worry, colmullet
fknchaiyya: Lets be honest Rowe could actually be on 50. you just cant trust m0ntys dream count
fknchaiyya: can ya?
J.Worrall: It’s not m0nty’s dream count
J.Worrall: m09nty grabs a feed
Costanza: Bruce’s first squeeeze for the year
J.Worrall: a pretty reliable feed
J.Worrall: Jackeroo!
Dangeroo: should’ve loopholed mcintosh
fknchaiyya: wasnt exactly asking for your input j.worel
fknchaiyya: What are you looking at Dangeroo?
J.Worrall: well bless me silly, I shoud have guessed!
valkorum: lets keep in premium its only the start of the season
J.Worrall: fknchaiyya started it
J.Worrall: btw, howdy valk, how ya doin m*?
valkorum: It doesnt matter who started it, its finished now
valkorum: lets get back to talking about the game
J.Worrall: the dog ate my homework, but
HowI Rioli: Macintosh and cripps SC anyone?
J.Worrall: … but the Chaiyya dude was a pest
J.Worrall: where’s the coloured name game?
J.Worrall: Darn StarFooty app not happening
J.Worrall: action stations for the second 1/.2
kangawalla: K Mc on my bench….damn!!!
a1trader: who’s got McIntosh?
Costanza: Henderon lol
J.Worrall: He looks good on my field, at around 90 SC
JRedden: might have to loophole macintosh
J.Worrall: C’mon, Bashar, you’re better than that
cusch1: Where are the L Plates for McIntosh and Smith?
SydneyRox: dissapointed have kmac on the bench
J.Worrall: Menzell!
SydneyRox: my display shows no icons but suns?
kangawalla: Cripps to beat Cotch?
J.Worrall: lloyd you nitwit
J.Worrall: Cotchin a dill, Yazz unlucky
J.Worrall: Try a full refresh Syd Rox
ballbag: dusty martin score LOL
J.Worrall: Jackaroo!
J.Worrall: or shift enter
J.Worrall: shift F5??
J.Worrall: Simmo!
cusch1: Deledio you are a piece of shit. Can I start my team over again?
J.Worrall: lloydo!
thefoot: I thought I could pencil Cotchin in for 80
J.Worrall: cusch – all except the tiges and blues, yep ..
Lodgy: is this the worrall commentary?
JRedden: worrall spends his whole life on this chat? lol
cusch1: Worrall the only spot I want to restart is my 1st forward. Otherwise known as B.Deledio
J.Worrall: I wonder sometimes – you guys all shellshocked?
frenzy: nuffin 4 docherty monty?
J.Worrall: siad you wanted to start yer team agin
J.Worrall: My computer looks wrong
Yelse: delideo to enter my team round 6
Cicjose: griffiths has played better than his score
J.Worrall: m0nty, it says McIntosh on 98DT
J.Worrall: I think yer site is broken, mate
Cicjose: Worrall its because he is on 98 🙁
J.Worrall: You seriouis, Cic?
Lodgy: either the page refreshes or my chat bar clears. monty please fix
J.Worrall: Who is that docxherty bloke? Irishman?
Cicjose: Riewoldt with the dartboard
J.Worrall: GoTiges
Cicjose: yes Worrall his score is not wrong, i have him on bench
ballbag: my typing get erased constsntly
Cicjose: lol another player from brisbane leaving to become better
Lodgy: everyone will have mcintosh next week
J.Worrall: Gee, I have him on field – is that good?
Cicjose: i thought you named yourself after a good coach? you should know 😛
thefoot: Come on K-Mac, 2 more points!
Costanza: nice to watch a fit Judd again
cusch1: Chris Judd looks like Vin Diesel
J.Worrall: m0nty named me!
J.Worrall: This is McIntosh’s best, and least important score all season
Cicjose: and i need Suckling to miss on monday
J.Worrall: … counts in only one price rise …
J.Worrall: yet the points are in my season totalQ!
kangawalla: Raise the bat KMc
Ash777: I have mcintosh has emg but not sure if I should get in a non-player for his score
Cicjose: someone please tell me that Suckling to get a tweak at training to miss this week
thefoot: nice
JRedden: why does suckling have to miss?
Cicjose: ellis playing half a game for 121 insane
Lodgy: suckling in doubt
J.Worrall: all over, sad for the Blues. GoTiges!
Cicjose: because McIntosh is on my bench thats why
Costanza: 2 average teams
happytimes: Robbed
Cicjose: cripps with 54, is that a bad score, i assume everyone will have him tho
ballbag: blus season over. rebuild already FFS
tezzer_j: Tigers did it without the Big three starring

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