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Chat log from GF of 2015: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, GF of 2015

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colmullet: alright nicnat, here’s your audition
Dangermaus: I want whatever substance Lachie Neale has been on lately
Dangermaus: is Barlow not playing again ?
valkorum: Barlow ankle injury, being rested in hope he is ready for round 1
Cicjose: might be thinking sutcliffe
frenzy: talk up nic nat fellas
m0nty: he has nice hair
J.Worrall: Nic Nac Paddy – his old man’s a Rolling Stone
frenzy: monty, how do I stop page refreshing
m0nty: good question, there will be a way to do that unveiled this week 🙂
frenzy: annoys the shower outta me
Cicjose: neale or sheridan
snake_p: Neale. Sheridan best 22?
AngryRyno: unless sheridan replaces crowley, i doubt you’ll see him round 1
Cicjose: fremantle still havent finalised their team, spots are avalible
Cicjose: neale is easily best 22

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