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Chat log from GF of 2015: Carlton vs Geelong

Chat log for Carlton vs Geelong, GF of 2015

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AngryRyno: set for a big game from young cripps today
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Rivers kicks from the last line to CHB but Menzel intercepts and sails it over his head for a supergoal!
Drak: No Selwood. No Geelong.
AngryRyno: i must say I somewhat agree
AngryRyno: anyone looking for a mid priced ruck needs to have wood, will rake it in until kreuz returns
Drak: He looks huge this year
Drak: cape for duncan
Drak: Hawks are going to mince meat Geelong round 1
AngryRyno: silly playing +1 in def, gotta attack from here
AngryRyno: great finish to the half blue boys
J.Worrall: Who has wood?
AngryRyno: Bartel gonna try and replicate titch from swans match?
AngryRyno: very pleased with cripps, just worried everyones gonna have him now!
Drak: Ive had him since day 1
AngryRyno: same, being a blues fan he was a must have
AngryRyno: further, my team name is PumpedUpCripps this year
AngryRyno: those end of quarter goals have firmly stabbed the blues chances in the chest
m0nty: Cripping Tales would be a better team name
AngryRyno: lesson #1, always consult m0nty before trying to be funny, nice one
AngryRyno: what’d you come up with for your fantasy teams?
m0nty: Jed And All His Kin was one of mine
Drak: bloody overacheiver cripps
AngryRyno: blues need a supergoal, then its interesting
AngryRyno: long quarters all day, how long on the clock anyone?
Drak: Oh no Clark
WPMUFC: Bartel 😀
Dangermaus: does Clark’s injury look bad ?

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