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Chat log from W1 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Collingwood

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Collingwood, W1 of 2015

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CuzzysCrew: Footy is back!!
Pkbaldy: Layout looks good
oc16: i like the new features on this page, but having one team on top of each other really needs to be changed back to having
CuzzysCrew: just click on small layout oc, they will go side by side
carlton_99: Is that the real score?
luvfooty: oh no not that Pkbaldy dude 😛
caMoGFC: new look is great but the teams really need to go back to being side by side imo
419er: Hi all
419er: So what rookies are we looking at for supercoach
CuzzysCrew: pretty average game for rookies really
Special K: Wow, whats with the layout lol.
kano: game starting now or in 30 mins ?
m0nty: you can change the layout with the button at top right
419er: why isn’t it updating
Jackwatt$: Oh dear m0nty what’s this?
Jackwatt$: Are you suffering from premiership hangover
m0nty: feed is borked, nothing to do with me
BigLynchy: Love the new look m0nty
419er: M0nty why isn’t the stats updating
nicw98: where are the stats?
m0nty: there we go
419er: The stats are all over the place
colmullet: scores off to a good start :p
m0nty: seems the feed is very flaky… someone jiggle the cable to Tasmania
casha: Lift Mont
m0nty: they often seem to have the most trouble with stats from Launny
HawkTalker: HawkTalker in the HAUS!
Pkbaldy: Stats guy must be sleeping on the bench.
eagles_21: Monty is Love, Monty is Life
HawkTalker: Hawks have kicked the first goal of 2015. Will also kick the last.
BOMBRBLITZ: Freo’s flag this year
HawkTalker: I dont see it. I dont have freo in the 4. Long season though
kano: who plays in the GF this era ?
kano: *year
oc16: i don’t like one team being on top of the other, pls change it back to side by side
m0nty: you can change the layout with the button at top right
oc16: thanks for the reply monty, but that means i don’t get to see all their stats. 🙁 why did u change it?
HawkTalker: OMG the small layout is genius. It’s like windows classic view
HawkTalker: What’s the sub rule during NAB? It’s odd that the teams arent using teh same number of players
jjf3296: layout still needs a lot of work. very messy.
Joffa13: Being able to see every player without scrolling is an absolute must. This new set-up is a big step backwards.
m0nty: it’s a work in progress, I will be seeking feedback in the forums
Donk: Have you tested in Chrome monty?
NoneyaB: sry m0nty im not sure if i like this new set up
Donk: Bottom couple of players seem to fall behind the boxes below in large mode.
m0nty: I might change the default to small layout
oc16: i would still quite like to see all the stats though
Donk: Do the boxes move based on screen size?
m0nty: correct, Donk
Donk: I’m on a small screen here so might look better on something bigger.
Hadouken: wow this has changed a lot haha, nice
Hadouken: btw i dont go for carlton, just like the colour scheme 🙂
Jackwatt$: Just traded out Freeman for Anderson. Good trade?
oc16: what does CP CL and DE stand for?
m0nty: they are explained in the legend, oc16
oc16: sorry didnt see the legend
BOMBRBLITZ: how much do you make from Adsense Monty?

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