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Chat log from QF of 2014: Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Sydney vs Fremantle, QF of 2014

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Rockafella: Sandi out?
Rockafella: Giffin out
circle52: Griffin out replaced by Crozier who is sub for Freo and Bird sub for Sydney
Rockafella: Is Lumumba the most sensitive man in Australia?
circle52: Wood be close mate. But I think there have been a few other incidents as well
heppelitis: wow afl must be embarrased with that crowd!
Gigantor: u put 40 18-34 yr old men together you are gonna get some “offensive” things said
dipstick: hey lumumba- the mardis gras in rio isnt gay? so what ya whinging about flog?
dipstick: swans by 4 goals
Gigantor: i agree with the fox team, zac to spud it up big time
circle52: Wet weather may have something to do with crowd though.
GJayBee: have hanners for most possies in finals at $13. why not?
GJayBee: Paul Roos is right, we need to start zone ball.
heppelitis: duffield to get big numbers tioday
mrpotato: WHat’s the crowd like Heppelitis? Can’t be worse than only getting 74k to a Cats Hawks prelim final
heppelitis: lots of empty seats…55k at a guess
Eaglesuk: Umpires goal for the druggy
Stupendous: Parker, you hulk
mrpotato: Yikes, I’m glad though, teh AFL have been cunts these last few years on rules, ticketing and scheduling
m0nty: if it’s 55k that’s a good result given the conditions
uptoolate: afternoon all …. good contest this !?!
uptoolate: great goal Pavlich ….. but ran about 25 metres ???
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Rohan burns the ball terribly with a kick from CHB that goes straight to Pearce, he finds Pavlich for the goal.
heppelitis: true M0nty and mrpotato
Stupendous: Rohan kicks the ball well when he has to kick it 50 or more but is terrible over shorter distances
Gigantor: im pretty sure he bounced it twice u@uptoolate
Stupendous: Parker is manic with his attack on the ball
uptoolate: thanks Gigantor …. didn’t see it, duzzent matter now. It’s on the board. Goodonya.
The39Steps: This ground is super close to Silverwater Jail. Handy walk home for Freo supporters.
heppelitis: Adelaide is bogan central?…tiges supporters at home there
uptoolate: Fyfe is an amazing player …. no doubt.
JIMMEH3: ballantyne definitely didn’t kick the first goal, unless he was wearing a Mzungu wig
Grazz: Afternoon all
heppelitis: mighty mouse McGlynn straight back into his amazing fantasy form
dipstick: @uptoo good last game by the bulldogs.. suffer hard flog
dipstick: what was in malceskis leg? was it big?
meziare: Sitting behind Mitch Robinson at a TSL game at York park!
circle52: Malceski subbed there goes match day
Gigantor: flipped a coin for malceski and mcveigh in sc finals. fail
Sydney14: ffs goodes
uptoolate: @dip. Thanks.
uptoolate: this is an amazing contest ? …… Freo will not lay down at all .
torres: Give Spud Tippett the spud already
shavedape: freo matching sydney intensity at the moment
beachedaz: Rohan needs the spud
shavedape: scoring rate has slowed down
Drak: Hope Parker keeps his DPP next season
shavedape: gee wiz Tippett over rated
TIMWHATSON: Good boy Parker. Triple points from you today!
shavedape: and just as i say it
Eaglesuk: Umps have chosen Sydney to go through.. Freo playing super to still be hanging in there.
MudDawg: Give Rohan the mare, everything he touches is turing into $h!t.
Drak: Hes doin more than Goodes MudDawg
MudDawg: 37% DE and 3 clangers that’s pretty sloppy in my book, Drak.
Sydney14: the kicking for goal is really frustrating.
m0nty: Rohan’s man Mayne hasn’t done much either, to be fair
dipstick: someone should rename goodes to $hitts
strikes91: Longest half time ever
dipstick: @shave tippetts done more than buddy today – so is buddy overated? is buddy top 20 player in the AFL?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Ben McGlynn to win a free on Neale for a big goal.
Eaglesuk: Another goal thanx to the Umps… Disgusting!! The Fix is in!!
danmaio: soft kick, very soft considering conditions
danmaio: muppet kennedy
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Kennedy marks at defensive hotspot but kicks into Ballantyne on the mark, Mzungu roves and goals!
Sydney14: jpk y u do dis
spudaroos: Is Parker most improved player this year? Seems to be standing out in a midfield full of guns.
Sloaneyyyy: i knew sydney shouldn’t have taken it so easy the last few weeks
Sloaneyyyy: Hannebery doing well considering the Crowley tag
heppelitis: Parker or Macrae
Sloaneyyyy: great to see Terrible Tippet living up to his name… money not well spent Sydney
circle52: Pearce subbed for Crozier bit of a surprise
heppelitis: adelaide lost tippet and gunston….now clubs going after walker…powerful forwardline lost
danmaio: great mark Goodes withe the buddy shepard
desmondo: Jack SC plz?
dipstick: fuck- freo is shit. lyon- you willo never win a GF with your soccer gameplan!!!
kuraban: #ShaneWarneIsRight
Sloaneyyyy: adelaide didn’t lose Gunston… he left… it was basically he did his time at the non-preferred club of choice, then
Sloaneyyyy: he got the deal he wanted at Hawthorn
Eaglesuk: Another Free-Kick in front of goals! Fixed boys…
Costanza: Mitch Robinson to Crows – then they’ll have A hardnut
circle52: Tackle below the knees a free everyday of the week. Eaglesk
heppelitis: just sayin bit sad for you guys…what could have been
m0nty: why are you talking about Adelaide, this is finals, they aren’t in finals
Costanza: light entertainment during intermission Monty
heppelitis: cause gunston and tippet are M0nty…but ill shut up
desmondo: jack SC plz?
Sloaneyyyy: never good enough for you monty, at least its about footy for a change, and not NBA, or Premiere League
heppelitis: jack 90
Sloaneyyyy: Pav goes boom
desmondo: ty hep
Chadwickus: Nah buddy goes boom?
Eaglesuk: Circle52, are you semi-intelligent?
LeFtBehinD: God channel 7’s second commentary team sucks. Its the finals FFS. Get serious.
Steelers7: Oh canada
Chadwickus: Bang bang goes buddy holy crap
KelCO: Everything channel 7 does is pathetic
heppelitis: haha lance!!! you ripper
Grazz: Nice goal Buddy
wadaramus: Well buddy is just awesome.
Woosha 73: Where’s Wally? (Walters)
circle52: No just saying that free was a free everyday of the week so no complaints
masterhc2: hmm need jack to beat hannebery in DT for my multi…getting nervous come on kieren
heppelitis: is mundy the best kick in the afl…his kick to ballantyne was ridiculous b4?
Sloaneyyyy: terrible defence Freo
GJayBee: I’m hoping with all my heart that ro$$ lying never wins a grannie!
The39Steps: Where’s plan B Ross?
heppelitis: hannebery to
Woosha 73: Found him!
heppelitis: wow…muppet 4 me…36k…terrible
Sloaneyyyy: did Pearce get injured or just having a shocker today ??
Woosha 73: Shocker
scaryness: Taberner and Rohan should get the mare
kangawalla: Congratss masterhc2. Narrowest of margins!

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