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Blog log from R10 of 2024: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R10 of 2024

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Jiath is on the burst along the wing, he sends it inside 50 and the ball goes to ground where Mackenzie is the first to recover and gather the ball, grubbering through the opener! (Q1 7:51)
Hardwick is collected after disposing of the ball at half forward and Moore decides to take advantage with a blind snap at goal that is touched over by Aliir (Q1 9:22)
Finlayson snaps quickly as the ball pings around at ground level, but it flies high and wide for a point. (Q1 11:41)
Weddle attempts to launch one from just outside 50, but misses the lot (Q1 12:18)
Hardwick leads up following the Hawks working the ball sideways and marks a Worpel entry. He lumbers in and kicks from just outside 50, the kick is good, the kick is through! (Q1 13:51)
Nash taps it on ahead and gives off to Chol who is lumbering down the boundary in acres of space. He takes his time to measure the kick and slots it! (Q1 18:57)
Aliir gives away a high contact free on Hardwick 15m out from goal, he pleads his case, but had a handful of Hardwick’s face. Hardwick jogs in and kicks his second! Hawks flying! (Q1 21:12)
Day is brought down in a ripping tackle by Ratugolea! But he wasn’t deemed to have taken possession and it’s a free kick to Day! Day blasts it across the face for no score. (Q1 22:52)
Watson snatches the ball from congestion and invents a high snap from 30m out, it soars high, and slightly wide for a point. (Q1 24:11)
Dixon sends a ball in to Georgiades, Frost gets a fist to it but it goes nowhere and the ball is collected by Byrne-Jones who flicks it off to Horne-Francis who snaps it through! (Q1 26:07)
Newcombe sends a low ball in the Hardwick direction who slides in to mark. Hardwick runs in to kick from 35m out in front, and he has 3 goals in the first quarter! (Q1 27:27)
Burton concedes a silly holding free kick against Hardwick and he’s lining up again, this time from 45m out. He opens the arc and sends through goal number four! (Q1 30:42)
Dear is held following a Ginnivan entry into the pocket. He composes himself and snaps it across the face for no score. (Q2 1:51)
Aliir catches Chol HTB and he kicks from 55m out, but the ball drops short and Dear marks on the line! Third time’s the charm for Dear as this time he snaps through a goal! (Q2 4:54)
Boak marks at true CHF and backs himself in with the set shot. He loads up from 55m but his kick drops short and is touched over (Q2 9:29)
Boak kicks to Marshall who marks 55m out from goal, Houston runs past and Marshall gives it off to him, Houston roosts it from 50m out and kicks a much needed goal for the Power! (Q2 10:22)
Frost crashes the pack with force and the ball goes to ground. Rioli tries to sneak through a bouncing goal, but the ball hits the post (Q2 12:49)
Sinn sends a ball back inside 50 to the pack and Horne-Francis takes a powerful mark, he converts his chance and the margin is cut back again! (Q2 13:34)
Farrell sends a long ball inside 50 and Dixon gets the btter of Frost to mark 40m out near the boundary, but his kick is offline for a minor score (Q2 15:37)
Bergman kicks under pressure and his ball is cleaned up at half forward by Worpel who sends it back inside 50 to Chol. He pops the kick through and lets the crowd know about it! (Q2 18:24)
Marshall gets a mismatch and is able to take an easy mark 35m out from goal. He jogs in and bends it through to perfection! (Q2 20:24)
Boak and Butters combine some handballs at half forward which sees Boak stream inside 50 and take a shot which slides right for a behind (Q2 21:46)
A slick chain of handballs sees Hawthorn work inside 50 ending in the hands of Impey who takes a shot, but misses… (Q2 28:12)
Day scoops the ball up cleanly in the wet, he dodges and spins through several Power players and snaps through a goal that is dripping with class! (Q3 3:59)
Horne-Francis sends a ball in to Marshall who marks 40m out from goal dead in front, once again he gives off to the pace of Houston who steams on through and kicks his second goal (Q3 5:57)
Hardwick gives off to Chol who shows the ball to Ratugolea and opens up on the left boot, but his kick fans wide for a point (Q3 7:00)
Houston gives away a free kick to Dear who once again can’t kick straight, the ball sliding across for a behind (Q3 7:53)
Aa high tumbler goes to the pack inside 50, the ball is held up and everyone stops, but then it pops out to Ginnivan who is allowed to roll through a goal! Punishing! (Q3 13:45)
Watson marks and surveys inside 50, deciding to send a ball in the Hardwick direction. He beats out Burton to mark, and coolly slots his fifth goal of the afternoon! (Q3 16:30)
Dixon grabs the ball out of the ruck and gives it to Horne-Francis in the pocket, he looks to snap one through, but can’t manage it, only a behind. (Q3 18:46)
Impey soccers the ball out on the full in a rushed clearance, Horne-Francis sends it back in but it is seen over by Dear (Q3 22:00)
Hardwick lays it off to Mackenzie at half forward who glides to 55m out and sends through a lovely goal! Long way back now. (Q3 23:45)
Port hit back from the centre bounce through Boak who kicks towards Rioli, he gets the better of Mitchell this time and runs on to the spilled ball to snap it through! (Q3 25:00)
Marshall and Houston link up again, as Houston drops short for Marshall to kick inside 50. He sizes up the kick and kicks his third goal for the game! (Q3 27:56)
Horne-Francis measures his options inside 50 following the centre bonce, he finds the lead of Marshall who marks 45m out from goal. His kick is an ugly thing that goes for a point (Q3 29:58)
Horne-Francis bullocks through over the ball and Day catches him high as a result. His kick drops short and his hit back in play, there’s a scramble in the square and it’s a behind (Q4 7:58)
Sinn and Butters combine to move the ball inside 50, the ball goes to ground in the square and it’s Rioli who’s closest to the ball! He snatches it up and dribbles it through! (Q4 11:43)
Macdonald is tackled a margin too late by Drew and wins a free kick. He runs in to kick from 35m out, but the ball pings off the post. (Q4 13:47)
Finlayson tries to curl one through from the boundary on the run, but misses to the near side. (Q4 16:02)
Amon drops a gimme and Port go inside 50 through Georgiades, the ball goes to the top of the square and Weddle sees it over the line (Q4 17:44)
Finlayson again tries to snap one through off his left, this time in congestion, but again his kick is offline for another point (Q4 18:57)
Horne-Francis finds McEntee who then gives it off to Houston along the boundary, he unleashes another bomb but it drops late and it rushed through (Q4 20:45)
Farrell spanks the ball back inside 50 as pressure mounts, Byrne-Jones is underneath it and is clobbered around the ears by Frost. He kicks true and it’s game on! (Q4 21:38)
It’s a mad scramble in front of Port’s goal, eventually Day has to see it over and it’s a handy point for the Power (Q4 27:16)
It’s a free kick to Rioli for holding who quickly runs in for his set shot and barrels one through from 50m out! We’ve got 22 seconds on the clock and it’s the Hawks by 5! (Q4 32:59)
Butters hoists a high ball inside 50, Amon is stripped off the ball but Byrne-Jones sprints through and soccers through a goal from NOWHERE!! WHAT A GOAL! YARTAPUULTI WIN! (Final Siren)

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