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Blog log from R10 of 2024: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Blog log for St Kilda vs Fremantle, R10 of 2024

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Webster lays out Frederick with in a vicious contest and the Saints are off, ball goes to ground inside 50 and it’s Owens who pops up and snaps through the opener! (Q1 5:13)
Young finds O’Meara with a kick who marks in space inside 50. He plays on to Voss over the top who marks in the pocket, but he pushes his kick to the left for a point (Q1 9:18)
Paton flashes a handpass through congestion to Dow who’s next to the point post, Dow drops it on his boot and grubbers through a dribbler in his first for the Saints! (Q1 14:38)
Young has a chance on goal after finding space at half forward, but his kick slides across the face for a minor score (Q1 19:56)
Marshall coughs up the ball with a howler of a kick, Clark swoops and finds Fyfe 40m out from goal. Fyfe sprays it out of bounds. (Q1 22:58)
Ryan roams up to half forward and can go himself but delegates the job to Johnson who is some 30m out from goal. He composes himself and gets Freo on the board! (Q1 24:28)
Voss bullocks backwards to find Young who measures options inside 50, deciding on Sharp who’s worked wide into space. Sharp puts the Dockers in front with a neat finish! (Q1 26:53)
Serong centres the ball inside 0 and it’s Voss who runs through to take the mark. He kicks from 35m out and kicks true! (Q1 29:34)
Caminiti picks the pocket of Draper and blazes away a kick but misses everything (Q2 5:28)
Bonners long handball is chopped off by Ryan and the counter is on! Voss feeds it to Switkowski who then finds Amiss in a one on one. His kick sneaks past the post for a point. (Q2 6:51)
Banfield wastes a chance as he misses the lot from 35m out (Q2 7:26)
Marshall goes low to nab the ball from scrimmage and quickly snap for goal, but his kick thuds into the post (Q2 8:34)
Hill sends a long ball inside 50 and it’s Owens who flies off Chapman to take a great mark 30m out! He rewards the effort with a goal! (Q2 10:24)
Henry wins a free kick for high contact as he is also legged by Chapman, lining up from 30m out and puts it through! (Q2 12:51)
King gets the better of Pearce as the Saints go inside 50 again and lets him know about it with a strong grab. The kick however, is pushed to the left for a behind (Q2 13:30)
Treacy sends a low dart to the lead of Voss who marks 35m out from goal on a slight angle. He sprays the kick off to the right for a point (Q2 15:04)
Walker bursts through the middle of the ground as the Dockers get on the counter. He kicks to the pack inside 50 and it’s Amiss who takes the mark. His kick is off to the left. (Q2 17:51)
Young and Johnson combine some handballs to find Amiss in the pocket on the run in plenty of space. He snaps it through and gets his name on the board with a goal! (Q2 19:51)
Paton squeezes a kick ahead of Owens inside 50, Owens runs onto the ball and takes a second to steady himself before bending it back through for his second goal! (Q2 22:07)
Sinclair marks and bursts ahead in space to find Sharman in space inside 50. Sharman kicks from 45m out on an angle, but his kick fades to the left for a minor score (Q2 24:02)
Brayshaw blasts the ball inside 50 to Amiss in a one on one, he and Wilkie scrap as the ball rolls towards goal and Amiss gets the soccer kick away, but just misses to the left. (Q2 26:52)
Young scans inside 50 for options and sees one in Banfield, his opponent Webster can’t stay with him and it’s a simple mark in the end. He kicks straight and the Dockers edge ahead (Q2 28:32)
A high flying Caminiti marks a high entry inside 50 by Hill. He takes his time to get to his feet, and when he kicks he pulls the kick left for a behind (Q3 3:47)
A downfield free kick is paid against Draper and Caminiti lines up again, a bit closer to goal this time. He’s dead in front and this time he puts it through! (Q3 4:51)
Marshall hacks a clearance out of the middle and the ball goes to ground. Wilson feeds to Caminiti who is able to take a step and hammer through his second goal in a minute! (Q3 6:48)
Amiss gets his arms chopped by Howard and wins a free kick 40m out from goal near the boundary line. He makes it look easy though as he runs in and puts it through for a goal! (Q3 13:30)
Brayshaw kicks to space in the pocket and Voss leads up to take the mark. But once again he kicks it wide for his third behind. (Q3 14:47)
Treacy has ball in hand at half forward and kicks off the outside of his boot to the pocket where Walters is waiting to mark. He kicks a point. (Q3 16:51)
Clark spots an Amiss lead and pops one up for him which he marks just inside 50. He opens the angle to kick from just outside the arc, but drags the kick right for a behind (Q3 19:47)
Young tries a banana from the pocket but misses to the near side for a point (Q3 23:42)
Brayshaw feeds a handball across to Johnson who steams inside 50 and misses badly for a point (Q3 25:50)
Owens gets ball in hand through the middle of the ground, he streams to 50 and takes a shot, but his kick is pulled to the left for a behind (Q3 26:41)
Serong cuts into the corridor to find Emmett who then find Walters with a short pass. Walters unloads a barrel which flies wide and drops short, but bounces over for a point (Q4 2:10)
Treacy tries to claim a mark but it didn’t go the required. He plays on to Sharp who feeds it back to Ryan. He waltzes inside 50 and kicks, but into the post. (Q4 5:49)
O’Meara marks in acres of space inside 50, he plays on and burns everyone, missing badly to the right for a point (Q4 6:51)
Amiss handballs to Sharp who is running past on the wing, he launches a bomb from just outside 50 which goes through for a goal! But Marshall has touched it on the line on review! (Q4 9:22)
Hill flubs a mark and Johnson quickly flicks it to Treacy who steadies himself and snaps it through! 7 point play! (Q4 10:27)
Young charges through and receives from Switkowski, he goes from near 50m out, but only adds a third behind to his tally. (Q4 11:27)
Marshall is set up by Steele and is crunched in an Amiss tackle. Amiss kicks from 50m out, he opens the angle, but kicks another behind. (Q4 17:10)
Sharp finds O’Meara tracking back and pops a kick up for him. He takes his time, kicks the goal and it’s a long way back for the Saints now! (Q4 21:28)
Phillipou gets a snap away from a forward stoppage, but misses right for a point. Clock ticks down… (Q4 24:10)
O’Meara finishes this game off with a lovely crumbing goal! (Q4 28:28)
Phillipou snaps through a classy goal off a step! (Q4 29:53)
Amiss squares it up to Banfield and the clock winds its way down to zero. The siren sounds and Banfield caps off the game with a behind. (Final Siren)

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