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Blog log from R6 of 2024: West Coast vs Fremantle

Blog log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R6 of 2024

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Johnson feeds a handpass into the pocket and Banfield is in space with time to compose himself. He kicks quickly though and his shot slides to the right for a point (Q1 1:18)
Long pumps a high ball forward, the ball goes to ground and Waterman wraps up Pearce in a big tackle. Yeo gathers the spilled ball and snaps through the opening goal! (Q1 2:35)
Williams rises to take a spectacular pack mark 40m out from goal, but his set shot from dead in front is hooked left for a behind (Q1 6:33)
Banfield finds Treacy in a bit of space just outside 50, he backs himself in from range and gives it a big hoof, but screws the ball right for a behind (Q1 8:03)
A risky switch from Waterman is cut off inside his defensive 50. Freo chain up the handballs to finish with a Banfield grubber that grazes the post on its way through. (Q1 13:03)
Darling sends a long ball to the top of the square and it’s Harley Reid who wins a 2 on 1, taking a strong contested grab in the square. He converts and the Eagles extend the lead! (Q1 23:38)
Reid bullocks through some bodies with ball in hand, tries to snap through a goal but the kick goes across the face and into the hands of Waterman. Waterman curls it through! (Q1 26:24)
Clark catches Reid high in the pocket following a forward stoppage in the shadows of QT. The siren sounds and he takes his time to compose himself. Reid blasts it high for a goal! (Qtr Time)
Reid explodes out of the middle to start Q2, he streams inside 50 and lets a kick fly on the run, but he drags it right for a point (Q2 0:54)
Draper gives away a soft free kick to Jack Williams on the flank 40m out from goal. Williams kicks true regardless, and the Eagles continue to pull away! (Q2 1:54)
West Coast chain up a couple handballs inside 50 as they look to find the space. Kelly is the one who chips a neat kick to Long 25m out from goal. Long convers the chance! (Q2 4:57)
Cole cuts off a Ryan kick 50m out from goal, but kicks sideways to McGovern. He loads up from outside 50, but his kick was always right, for a behind. (Q2 6:36)
Williams pumps the ball inside 50, it goes to ground but Waterman gathers the crumb and has space to just run an arc and swing onto his right boot, kicking his second goal! (Q2 7:41)
Cole sends a high ball inside 50 and Waterman manages to edge in front of Ryan to take a strong mark. He lumbers in to 35m out, but his kick is off to the right for a point (Q2 9:55)
Fremantle finally get repeat inside 50’s, and the chance eventuates, Hughes blasts it deep and Treacy gathers the ball to dish off to Jackson. He snaps through the first for Freo! (Q2 15:54)
West Coast get the switch on to Maric in the centre square. He then spins around and kicks a low ball to Waterman on the lead. Waterman kicks straight and he has 3! (Q2 19:40)
Young has ball in hand through the middle of the ground, he delays the kick for his team to rush forward, and it pays off as Sturt gets out the back. He marks and goals! (Q2 21:55)
A elite tap from Darcy drops into the lap of Emmett as he dashes around the back a forward stoppage. He snaps through a goal and Freo go back to back! (Q2 24:55)
Walker is caught cold by two Eagles players in a bit of a brain fade, it’s Waterman again to take the kick as he lines up his fourth goal, and gets it! (Q2 28:38)
Treacy gathers a loose ball on the forward flank as the seconds wind down to HT, he snaps through a behind, but the siren had already sounded. No score. (Half Time)
Kelly ends up with the ball in the pocket where he has space, so he goes for goal from 35m out, but Walker is there to get a fist on it to see through a behind (Q3 2:18)
Darcy feeds a handball to Sharp who is loping down the wing, he streams inside 50 and kicks from just outside 50, the kick is true and could that be the spark for Fremantle?! (Q3 5:16)
West Coast attempt a switch but the ball is cut off on the far wing, Sharp finds Jackson with a handball who then cuts inside with a kick to Banfield. He drags the kick right. (Q3 7:01)
A soft ruck free gives Jack Darling a set shot chance from 30m out on a slight angle. The Eagles stalwart doesn’t miss from there, and the Eagles halt the Dockers momentum! (Q3 9:18)
Duggan is caught by Banfield and goes for a spin as he’s caught HTB. There’s a bit of a scuffle after the fact, but eventually Banfield jogs into kick, but hooks it right again (Q3 12:39)
Maric spears a lovely ball inside 50 from the flank that hits Cripps on his chest. He’s a deadeye for goal, and Cripps pushes the margin back to 7 straight kicks! (Q3 14:06)
Yeo spanks a high ball out from a forward stoppage, but it flies through for a point (Q3 15:45)
The Eagles charge down the wing, finding Waterman in plenty of space in the pocket. He can’t get enough bend on the ball though, as he kicks a point (Q3 17:19)
Brockman puts the afterburners on as he steams down the wing, he kicks into the pocket and Petruccelle jumps up to mark. His kick is not so fashionable though, as he kicks a point (Q3 20:44)
Reid rises though the middle of the pack and somehow pulls down a spectacular mark that gets the crowd off its feet! He finishes the play with the goal it deserved! (Q3 23:59)
Yeo sharks a hitout in the middle of the ground and his quick kick inside 50 hits the chest of Darling. His kick squeezes past the post for a point though. (Q3 26:26)
Yeo smashes a high ball to the pocket that goes to ground. Chesser bobs his head up as he gathers the crumb and darts through to the square, slamming through a goal! (Q3 28:22)
Reid and Yeo combine through the middle of the ground, spreading wide to Maric 50m out on the flank. The siren sounds, as Maric kicks long and strong for goal at 3QT! (3 Qtr Time)
Fremantle look to paper over the cracks in the final quarter, as they kick the first goal of the last through Treacy after getting free through the middle (Q4 3:22)
Walters is caught in a dangerous tackle by Barrass and tempers boil over with a bit or argy bargy. Walters punishes the mistake, and Fremantle have 2 quick goals. (Q4 5:02)
A nice play out of defence sees Fremantle surge through the middle of the ground and find Treacy who kicks his second goal in the quarter. (Q4 8:22)
Another quick Fremantle entry ends in the hands of Sturt. His kick is bang on from 30m out, and the Dockers are putting it altogether in garbage time. (Q4 9:52)
Ginbey hits a pinpoint pass onto the chest of Waterman as he lumbers in from 35m out and kicks his fifth goal! (Q4 11:57)
Darling is held by Hughes and receives a free kick 50m out on the flank. He kicks strong through the big sticks as the boys get around him! (Q4 17:06)
Johnson gets some junk with a neat kick following a great mark. (Q4 21:35)
Cole spoils the ball over the line following a contest with Emmett (Q4 27:03)
Jackson kicks his second goal as we approach the final siren. (Q4 30:03)

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