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Blog log from P1 of 2023: St Kilda vs Essendon

Blog log for St Kilda vs Essendon, P1 of 2023

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Davey boots the first goal of the day from the hotspot after Sharman spoils towards the corridor. (Q1 1:15)
Merrett kicks inside 50, the ball clears the talls in the fluky wind and lands in the belly of McDonald-Tipungwuti 20m out… who misses. (Q1 2:35)
Wright marks on the boundary 20m out and kicks narrow. (Q1 4:14)
Durham is pinged for a dangerous tackle at the Saints hotspot, Butler gets up and kicks into the breeze and wide. (Q1 13:59)
Essendon is kicking with a big breeze in Q1 but it isn’t easy to play in for either team as it is a little diagonal. (Q1 14:46)
Harrison Jones marks 50m out on the flank and misses, the wind blowing it left. (Q1 15:18)
Weideman gets a set shot 60m out in front, he tries his luck but hasn’t quite got the leg even with the wind at his back, off hands for a point. (Q1 18:14)
Martin catches Paton HTB in a pack 25m out in the pocket but hits the goalpost allowing too much for the wind. (Q1 24:06)
Paton marks near CHF and just misses. (Q1 27:02)
Essendon bossed the contested footy early in Q1 but the Saints reversed the trend with a string of late clearances. The breeze is worth three or four goals. (Qtr Time)
Crouch bombs long from the first centre bounce of Q2, Ridley can’t mark, Higgins with the hard ball get in the pack and it’s Phillipou who scores the goal from 15m. (Q2 1:10)
Higgins fully earns a high contact free on Ridley 45m out on the flank for a rather agricultural challenge, he gets up ruefully but plays on and rides the breeze for the goal. (Q2 5:04)
Owens sets Higgins off into the open goal after Essendon repeatedly fail to rebound into the tough breeze. (Q2 11:31)
Davey earns a high contact free under a double challenge 40m out on the flank but shanks the set shot OOTF. (Q2 13:23)
Butler is at the feet of a throw in to 20m and throws the ball on the boot, it wobbles over the line. (Q2 15:24)
Marshall roosts a long set shot from outside CHF for another one for the Saints, who are really capitalising on territory now. (Q2 17:45)
Wood intercepts a Kelly dump kick 35m out on a slight angle and delivers another goal for the Sainters, who have a stranglehold on this contest now. (Q2 22:41)
Marshall tumbles a punt on the bounce towards the hotspot into the breeze from the centre, the chaos ball works as it falls for Owens who grubbers through a valuable goal. (Q3 0:56)
Weideman gathers a ground ball and feeds Martin streaming past but the snap on the run from 40m on a slight angle skews left with the wind for a point. (Q3 1:42)
Wright gets a free in ruck for kicking in danger on the flank 20m out, the wind takes his set shot and blows it into the left goalpost. (Q3 3:23)
Wright gets another set shot from 50m on a slight angle but that one blows wide left too. Home ground advantage working a treat for St Kilda, Dons don’t know how to ride the wind. (Q3 5:34)
McGrath intercepts a dump kick by Marshall and pumps it back to the hotspot where Durham wins a HTB free on Stocker and finally gets a set shot on target for the Bombers. (Q3 7:41)
Martin roves a stoppage deep in the pocket but kicks across the face from the tightest of angles from 20m. (Q3 9:15)
A 50m penalty for contact off the ball brings Paton to 30m on a slight angle, but the devilish wind tugs the kick OOTF. (Q3 13:52)
Caminiti smothers his man Zerk-Thatcher on the HFF then runs forward to receive, BZT concedes a contact free and Higgins plays on to advantage into the open goal. (Q3 17:27)
Laverde is pinged for a hold on Cordy 45m out on a slight angle. Very tough kick into the gale… lands 15m out and is quickly rebounded. (Q3 18:57)
Cordy taps a chaos ball inside 50 from Wood down to Owens who snaps the goal off his left from 20m in the pocket. (Q3 21:32)
Bytel clears from the next bounce, McGrath ends up with in the back pocket but can’t baulk past Butler who catches him HTB 20m out. He centres to Wood but no score results. (Q3 23:12)
Wright takes a strong contested mark from a Ridley speculator to the pocket with Howard draped all over him like a mink coat. 2MP lines up from 35m and misses. (Q3 25:41)
Menzie receives a handball deep in the pocket, has a man right on him and gets a snap off from 20m… bounces into the far post. (Q3 28:13)
Clark wobbles a dump kick to half back but McGrath intercepts and goes quickly to D’Ambrosio 45m out on a slight angle, who shanks OOTF. Dons just can’t buy a long goal today. (Q3 29:42)
Wright manages a rare set shot on target for Essendon today into the wind, the exception that proves the rule… or something. (Q4 5:15)
Menzie can’t repeat that feat with another long set shot, OOTF to the awws of the crowd. (Q4 6:21)
Perkins snaps high and wide under pressure from the hotspot. (Q4 8:49)
Wilkie gets a rare set shot within range after an interception, but hits the post from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 13:42)
Byrnes gathers a bouncing Marshall kick in the pocket and rolls a snap across the face. (Q4 14:52)
Wood has a flying snap from the boundary 40m out, crowd goes up but then down again as the wind blows it wide left. (Q4 15:46)
Clark kicks to the pocket where Higgins is running back to mark, he gives Owens the goal in the square. (Q4 17:40)

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