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Blog log from R1 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Essendon

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Essendon, R1 of 2023

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Jones creates enough space to get a handball off, Langford swoops on it and snaps around his body, but misses (Q1 3:49)
The Hawks capitalise on an errant handball and it’s Wingard who takes the shot from 45, but he misses to the right (Q1 4:21)
Redman marks just outside 50, but his first attempt at goal is recalled after Shiel blocks on the mark. His second attempt is a beauty, as Redman gets the first goal! (Q1 7:19)
Draper’s tap from a forward stoppage bounces in space and it’s Caldwell who gets there to slam through a goal! (Q1 9:21)
Sicily marks 55m out, and with no one on the mark, he opts to unleash from range, but misses to the right (Q1 13:22)
Laverde and Zerk-Thatcher get mixed up in defence and Greene capitalises on the mistake to put one through from 50m out! (Q1 15:50)
Worpel picks Setterfield’s pocket in the contest and unloads from 55m out, but misses to the left side (Q1 16:57)
Kelly collects a fast bouncing ball but Koschitzke is there to apply the pressure and gets it himself, kicking quickly, but to the right for a behind (Q1 19:04)
Day flicks a handpass to Amon on the run, he gets just inside 50 before taking the shot and he also puts through his first goal in the Brown & Gold! (Q1 21:02)
Wingard puts on a show inside 50, dropping a mark before dodging and weaving through the Essendon defenders and slamming through the finish! (Q1 22:49)
Langford catches Breust in the back, and the latter gets a set shot from 25 out. His kick is very high, and bounces off the very top of the post! (Q1 23:49)
Mackenzie pops through a clever little kick that finds Breust on the lead 40m out. Breust shapes the ball back late to apply the finish (Q1 26:47)
Jones invents a nice handball over the top in the path of Menzie who runs to the top of the square and snaps it through to stem the tide! (Q1 27:47)
Maginness catches Merrett in the back and Zach has a set shot 40m out. He gives it a bit of a poke and misses left (Q2 3:48)
Langford is on the end of a handball chain and pops a kick to Menzie 35 out on a slight angle. The kick curves to the left for another point (Q2 4:47)
Bramble poorly disguises a block on Draper and the hulking ruckman is rewarded with a set shot 10m out. He goes for the snap, and curls it through! (Q2 6:46)
Jones takes a good mark 45m out, and settles for a set shot. He runs in on the 45 and puts it through the middle! (Q2 9:16)
Ward squeezes a handball out to Worpel and he takes another attempt at goal, but this one also fans wide (Q2 11:47)
Jiath receives in the middle of the ground and puts on the afterburners, running to 45 out before smashing a goal through the Punt Road end! (Q2 16:16)
Martin spots Weideman in space and he takes a simple mark 15m out in front, he puts it through the middle as the lead changes once again! (Q2 18:46)
Ward puts on a nice little step to dash inside 50 and take the shot, but he sprays it across the face for a point (Q2 19:44)
Durham breaks through the pack in the middle starting a run inside 50, Davey is on the end of it and as he takes 2 bounces he misses the lot! (Q2 21:31)
Weideman stands tall in the contest inside 50 to get on the end of a Langford entry. Another close range shot, and the Weed has 2! (Q2 22:31)
Weideman is involved again as he catches Meek holding the ball, this shot from near 45 out along the boundary. His kick is straight, but off target for a behind (Q2 24:00)
Draper catches Jiath in a tackle and gets a 50m penalty on top, he sets it up for the pack and Perkins is there to rove, but his snap misses to the right (Q2 25:46)
Davey marks a neat Martin kick 45m out on a slight angle. He runs in , opens up the angle and launches from just outside 50, kicking his first goal in the AFL! (Q2 29:31)
Merrett flicks a ball to Setterfield who kicks a grubber from 35 out in front. It takes a massive bounce that clears everyone, and Setterfield has his first goal as a Bomber! (Q3 2:31)
Kelly forces the turnover and Shiel is able to get a handball away as he falls over. It’s Ridley who’s roamed inside 50 to collect and screw through his first AFL goal! (Q3 4:15)
Perkins gathers inside 50 and shrugs off a tackle attempt before snapping through a very nice goal (Q3 8:59)
Langford puts it to the square and the Hawthorn defence is under siege, Perkins snaffles a rogue handball and puts through his second! (Q3 11:31)
Setterfield spots Jones in a mismatch on Jiath and heads in that direction. Jones marks handily, but his set shot is off to the left (Q3 13:14)
Weideman pulls off a clever handpass to Perkins who sizes up a kick to Martin. Martin spies Draper alone in the square and kicks to him, Draper marks, brushes off Frost and goals! (Q3 17:54)
Wingard is at the end of a generous umpire call, but he can’t make the most of it, missing to the near side (Q3 22:14)
Wingard and Langford grapple towards goal, eventually Wingard flicks a handpass out the back, but it rolls over for a point (Q3 22:32)
Merrett cuts off a sideways kick 50m out and walks back, but spots Redman streaming past and enables the kick. Redman launches from range and the Red Dog is roaming at the G! (Q3 22:32)
Perkins scrambles to get the ball and gathers, runs around Meek and straightens up before missing to the right (Q4 3:18)
Hardwick marks on the 50 and spots Breust lurking in the pocket. Breust marks 20m out and guides the ball home to slow the run of dominance from Essendon (Q4 5:36)
Worpel extracts from the centre bounce and Hardwick is strong in the contest to mark 45 out in front. Blake makes no mistake, as the Hawks get 2 in quick succession (Q4 7:03)
Parish kicks long to Menzie who is all by himself at the goals. He marks and snaps through the set shot (Q4 8:20)
Worpel bombs it long towards goal, Hardwick can’t complete the mark inside play, so it goes through for a behind (Q4 9:38)
Merrett spies McDonald-Tipungwuti all by himself inside 50 and kicks to him. He marks 40m out on a slight angle, and as he kicks the goal the crowd surges in appreciation! (Q4 11:40)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks in a 2 on 1 in the pocket, he steadies himself and runs in, but his kick breezes past the wrong side of the post (Q4 13:05)
Zerk-Thatcher taps through the ball in a contest with Reeves (Q4 14:22)
Heppell marks a double-grabber 35 out on an angle, and puts it through to join the celebrations (Q4 16:05)
McDonald-Tipungwuti gets free on the flank, he tees up Perkins who marks 35 out on the 45. He kicks true for his third goal (Q4 19:20)
Draper is pushed out of a contest illegally, Durham takes the advantage and gets his name on the goal tally (Q4 25:41)
Breust takes a nice mark, and converts for his third goal on a dirty Sunday afternoon (Q4 28:16)
Hardwick marks a Worpel kick on the line, and puts through some junk (Q4 29:41)

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