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Blog log from R14 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R14 of 2023

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Port bosses the opening bounce, Byrne-Jones has a lash from 45m in the corridor but it flies wide. (Q1 0:26)
Butters loses the handle on a crumb after a stoppage in the Cats FP, Geelong works it around to the HFF for Cameron whose chaos ball falls nicely for Rohan 20m for the first goal. (Q1 1:41)
Another wobbly ball inside 50 for the Cats, this one lands behind Burton in the arms of Close 45m out, his set shot lands in the square and is rebounded. (Q1 3:26)
Stengle can’t mark a wayward snap from CHF by Holmes over Burton, the Power defender loses track of the crumb which sits up for Close to volley home. (Q1 5:01)
Aliir spoils on the wing to start a counter, Rozee feeds Butters to run to the HFF, baulk inside a Blicavs challenge off his left foot and slot the goal from 45m! Fine play. (Q1 7:11)
Repeat inside 50s for Port, Houston taps to Rozee who feeds Sinn for a running shot from 40m on the flank… narrow to the left. (Q1 9:56)
Butters gives forward of a stoppage on the HFF to Narkle who blazes wide off the right from 35m, had more time than he thought. (Q1 10:28)
McKenzie beats Dangerfield to intercept on the HBF but Danger plays for and gets a very soft contact free. His kick is rebounded, crowd cheers. (Q1 11:58)
Aliir spoils a long ball down the flank to a pack 25m out, Cameron roves and tries an outrageous blind snap over his head… into the near left goalpost. Nearly! (Q1 12:55)
Byrne-Jones roves a Dixon contest and snaps across the body from the hotspot, Marshall tries to shepherd it in the square but it bounces into the post. (Q1 14:28)
More repeat inside 50s for Port, Houston places a lovely long pass on the right nipple of Marshall leading up the flank to 35m in front of Guthrie. Marshall shanks to the left. (Q1 15:27)
Hawkins gives forward to Stengle who has Houston a few yards off him 15m out out, should be an easy goal but Houston does enough to snake-charm him into kicking into his hands. (Q1 17:28)
Stewart intercepts a Wines dump kick 60m out and wears a big hit from Dixon. His beautiful long ball is to the fat side pocket for Rohan to mark 20m out and goal. (Q1 19:27)
McKenzie was left flat-footed on that play with Stengle blocking in the square allowing McKenzie’s man Rohan to lead untouched. (Q1 20:57)
Rohan marks again leading out of the square leaping in front of McKenzie, pure athleticism. His set shot is straight again from 20m in the other pocket. (Q1 21:27)
Rohan flies trying to take a speccy from a dump kick to half back but drops it, Burton roves and lets fly from 55m on a slight angle, it flies over Jack Henry on the line, goal! (Q1 28:12)
Ken Hinkley tried something new with his defensive matchups but it hasn’t worked early. Port is losing in most major stats. (Q1 28:27)
De Koning mops up the crumb from a long centre clearance 20m out but Narkle smothers his handball and feeds Dixon… who misses off the left. (Q1 29:27)
Geelong rebounds at pace, long ball to a pack near the hotspot, Tuohy gives to Hawkins on his own who snaps the goal off the right. (Q1 29:58)
Houston’s blind handball at half back is straight to Miers, Cats work the ball through traffic to the hotspot, Cameron is on the end of the surge play for his first goal. (Q1 31:57)
Stengle mows down a dithering Houston at half back to cut off what looked like a scoring chance. (Q2 2:36)
Kolodjashnij runs from defence on a rebound but Houston smothers to start a counter, Marshall passes inside from the HFF to Rozee 40m out on a slight angle, who shanks OOTF. (Q2 5:32)
Fair few turnovers in midfield in Q2, Narkle beats Bruhn to a loose ball in the centre and spots up Marshall 40m out in front, he makes no mistake. (Q2 7:37)
The Cats work the ball around members wing by hand, ending with Hawkins in the pocket on his own who kicks to the opposite side for Tuohy 25m out, he hooks left. (Q2 11:07)
Powell-Pepper catches Stewart HTB in the centre to start a fast break, Wines tries to hit McEntee running back to the pocket but Bews delivers a sensational spoil to stop it. (Q2 13:04)
Hawkins marks a lovely pass from the wing by Miers in front of Aliir 40m out on the flank. Crowd boos, the Tomahawk delivers a booming set shot for the goal! (Q2 13:38)
Dangerfield falls over trying to stop Boak marking on a rebound on outer wing, Boak passes quickly to the flank 40m out where Marshall pinches the mark off Guthrie and misses. (Q2 17:03)
Another passage of play where both sides exchange turnovers ends with Dixon contesting at the hotspot, crumb over the back but Finlayson can’t find the handle, Jack Henry rushes. (Q2 21:37)
Finlayson marks a nice pass by Narkle from the wing off his left boot to 45m out on a slight angle. Dorsal hasn’t had a sighter all night, Powell-Pepper roves, Narkle goals! (Q2 24:36)
Rozee bursts away from the next bounce after Lycett wins it, long ball to the pocket where Finlayson marks over Jack Henry 15m out and goals! (Q2 25:48)
Port has been beaten for just about all of the first half but Geelong haven’t put them away, a couple of red time goals have brought the margin back under a kick. (Q2 27:33)
Horne-Francis is pinged for timewasting after a free at a stoppage on the wing to bring Dangerfield to 45m out on a slight angle, Danger roosts a lovely long goal! (Q3 2:00)
Wines sets up Powell-Pepper for a dribbler from the boundary 20m out after a stoppage, ball near the post, SPP celebrates but the umpires confer and go for a review… called goal! (Q3 5:15)
Port plays slowly on a rebound until they can get a deep entry, it pays off as Farrell pokes a sensational centring ball over Jack Henry to Finlayson at the hotspot, goal. (Q3 7:50)
Rozee catches O’Connor HTB after the next bounce, long ball to the hotspot, Power retain possession, Houston passes to Marshall near the boundary 35m out… goal, Port in front! (Q3 10:14)
Port have begun Q3 like they finished Q2, dominating possession and territory, and are now getting full scoreboard value. (Q3 10:14)
Finlayson beats Blicavs in ruck at the next bounce, chaos ball by Drew to the HFF, Bews drops the crumb, Byrne-Jones slots the goal from 30m! (Q3 11:24)
That was classic surge footy by Port Adelaide, untidy but always forward. (Q3 12:00)
Drew again inside 50 from the next bounce but Guthrie rebounds to stop the tsunami. (Q3 12:18)
Farrell intercepts on the wing and sends a long speculator to the flank 40m out where Dixon marks strongly in front of De Koning and shoots to the left. (Q3 15:14)
Powell-Pepper props on the wing on a rebound and falls as he’s kicking inside 50, but it’s a fabulous pass to Drew 20m out in front who converts. Port in control. (Q3 16:30)
Stewart roves at half back but gets swamped, Powell-Pepper stands up in a tackle and gives to Horne-Francis who drops the knees to draw a free on Bews 45m out in front. He misses. (Q3 18:30)
Marshall and De Koning come from either side of a long ball to the pocket 15m out, umpire pays the mark to Marshall, he goals again. A melee ensues. (Q3 20:14)
Oliver Henry coughs up the ball under pressure on the wing, quick kick to Finlayson who draws a holding free on Guthrie 45m out on a slight angle and kicks truly. (Q3 24:15)
Hawkins’ contested ground work at half forward sets up Duncan to pass to Oliver Henry 40m out on a slight angle, his set shot is high and straight. (Q3 27:15)
Miers passes intelligently across half forward to O’Connor running forward to 40m on a slight angle, he converts. (Q3 31:57)
It is Geelong’s turn to keep things interesting with some red-time scores. (Q3 32:16)
Aliir drops an intercept on the wing, Hawkins roves and goes long to Stengle one out with McKenzie, no mark but Stengle roves… cavalry arrives and the eventual snap goes wide. (Q3 33:50)
Marshall roves at half forward and pokes a short pass to Finlayson 45m out on the flank, whose set shot is wide… Boak roves and feeds Byrne-Jones who misses from 20m. (Q4 2:37)
Butters handballs inside from the wing but Rohan intercepts to start a counter, Cats surge forward in numbers with Smith snapping a nice goal off the left from the hotspot. (Q4 3:50)
Dixon wins in ruck 30m out on the flank and feeds Powell-Pepper whose strength gets him away from Guthrie for a sensational snap goal curling in off his right! (Q4 5:32)
Another Port centre bounce win, Finlayson rises in front of Jack Henry to mark at the hotspot for his fourth goal. (Q4 7:11)
Rozee it was with the burst and goal assist kick inside 50. (Q4 7:35)
Port picks apart the Geelong zone on a slow but very accurate rebound up the corridor, Marshall finds Narkle 40m out in front who swerves in his second goal! (Q4 9:50)
Smith shanks a kick from half back, Wines marks 35m out and decides to play on but gets pressured into blazing wide from 20m. (Q4 12:13)
McEntee comes zooming up from the pocket to mow down a lumbering Cameron 30m out on a slight angle, crowd roars its approval and he adds a cherry-flavoured goal. (Q4 13:50)
Tuohy handball to Oliver Henry on the flank all by himself, he trots to 30m and shanks a point, much to the delight of teal hordes who are quite enjoying themselves. (Q4 16:26)
Wines roves a Jack Henry spoil and feeds Drew who bounces a behind from 25m on a slight angle. (Q4 24:26)
Cameron passes to Hawkins on a rebound up the guts. The Tomahawk shoots from 40m on a slight angle to scattered boos, and misses. (Q4 24:51)
Byrne-Jones intercepts a Jack henry kicks across the centre, he receives back from Williams for the pass to Boak 40m out on the flank. Boak’s kick is short and rushed by De Koning. (Q4 26:27)

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