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Blog log from R11 of 2023: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R11 of 2023

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An accidental out on the full by Sidebottom sees Stephenson line up in the pocket with a set shot. Stephenson misses for a behind (Q1 1:51)
McKay is pinged for a hold on Cox following a Moore inside 50 , his milestone game, but he hooks his kick to the left for a point (Q1 6:25)
Bergman spills a mark and it allows Ginnivan to slide through and collect. He gives to De Goey who handballs in front of Josh Daicos. Daicos streams forward and goals! (Q1 8:04)
Wardlaw dumps a high ball to the square that spills off hands for a behind (Q1 12:10)
Elliott spies Nick Daicos roaming inside 50 by himself and pops a kick his direction. Daicos gets on the board with his brother as he converts! (Q1 14:54)
Zurhaar and Stephenson set off down the wing passing it between them, Zurhaar gets it back and tries a miracle kick from the pocket but misses across the face (Q1 16:49)
Collingwood counter out of defence and Crisp spots Mihocek all by himself inside 50. Mihocek backs himself in and flushes the set shot! (Q1 17:29)
Adams spears a short kick to Ginnivan who marks 35m out in front. He gets in on the fun as he kicks the goal! (Q1 20:14)
Ginnivan gets caught high by Goldstein and is paid the free kick. He kicks really short from 30m out though, and it’s tapped over (Q1 24:29)
Ginnivan leads up to mark in between several North defenders. He goes for a snap set shot from 40m out but can’t get enough bend on the ball for another behind (Q1 26:30)
Greenwood smashes out a handpass that finds Howe lurking behind the play. He throws it on the boot and snags a goal to get North on the board! (Q2 3:45)
Adams pops a kick inside 50 and Cox is able to extend the levers to mark 30m out on a slight angle. He kicks the goal and the boys get around him! (Q2 6:55)
Howe blocks out Hoskin-Elliott and the latter is rewarded with a set shot 20m out in front of goal. He makes it 6 for the Pies! (Q2 9:15)
Stephenson is tackled over the line after a Larkey set shot falls short (Q2 11:16)
Maynard hacks a kick from a defensive stoppage and it finds the chest of Wardlaw 40m out. He drags the kick left for a point (Q2 13:19)
Pendlebury kicks in the Hoskin-Elliott direction and he takes an impressive mark against the bigger McKay. The kick isn’t as impressive as he puts it to the right for a point (Q2 16:26)
Pendlebury is again the outlet inside 50 and he puts a kick just behind Mihocek and McKay. Mihocek marks, and Mihocek has 2! (Q2 17:26)
North get a counter-attack going which ends with Ford running inside 50. He pops it out the back for Larkey who marks in front of the point post, before he kicks into the goal post (Q2 21:54)
Mihocek swings a neat little kick to the lead of Elliott 45m out. It drops late, but slides wide anyway (Q2 22:56)
Stephenson beats his man to take a neat mark 40m out. He barely squeezes it through and gets a goal against his former side! (Q2 24:26)
Howe tries to sneak through a goal, but he misses (Q2 27:26)
Zurhaar is caught high by Johnson in a gang-tackle, and is given a set shot from 40m out on a slight angle, but he puts it wide (Q2 29:26)
Ginnivan Markov and Hoskin-Elliott put on a display up forward that culminates in a Hill snap at goal, but he misses to the near side (Q3 8:26)
North Melbourne ping the ball around inside 50 as Scott pops a ball up to the square that Larkey marks. He puts it through to get that goal at last! (Q3 9:23)
McCreery puts a spin on in the middle of the ground and handballs in front of the run of De Goey. He scoops up the ball and snaps through a goal! (Q3 11:09)
North break through the corridor with Hall finding Stephenson 50m out in front. He gets the distance, but hangs it to the left as a result (Q3 13:09)
Adams busts through a forward stoppage and helps himself to a goal! (Q3 14:44)
After a high call is missed North push forward through Phillips and Zurhaar, who rewards the short lead of Larkey in the pocket. Larkey kicks his second in simple fashion! (Q3 19:09)
De Goey kicks for goal on the run from 40m out, it drifts wide and Ziebell gets back to prevent a Mihocek mark, forcing a behind (Q3 20:54)
Josh Daicos intercepts a loose kick out of defence and fancies himself from 50m out, it’s a high ball and Mihocek takes on three to shepherd it through! (Q3 21:49)
Nick Daicos blasts the ball towards goal and Ginnivan snaffles it on the line! He sucks in the big ones before snapping it through! (Q3 25:09)
Collingwood break away and it’s Mihocek who’s free out the back. He marks and strolls into goal to snag his third! (Q3 28:09)
Quaynor dumps a high ball inside 50 and it’s Johnson’s turn to rise and mark. He runs in to 25m out and goals! (Q3 29:42)
Mihocek marks on the flank and spots a Johnson lead as he swings around with a bullet. Johnson marks just before 3QT and kicks a behind after the siren (Q3 32:40)
Scott gets a kick away under serious pressure that finds Larkey on the lead. Larkey slides it down right though (Q4 1:02)
Curtis picks off a kick in the middle of the ground and immediately runs on to hit up a Larkey lead. He eases it through the big sticks for his third! (Q4 2:56)
Pendlebury kicks into the open forward pocket and big Cox slides in to mark over McKay. He kicks straight and bags his second goal! (Q4 5:21)
Zurhaar takes a strong contested mark at true CHF, he runs past the man on the mark and powers through a goal from 45 out! (Q4 7:26)
Powell mongrels a kick out of a forward stoppage and it’s Larkey who manages to mark 20m out. He kicks his fourth goal in a positive for North fans (Q4 14:02)
Stephenson marks and kicks his second goal as North look to finish strong! (Q4 16:00)
De Goey spots a wide Johnson lead and rewards it. Johnson kicks from 40m out on the flank, but the ball thuds into the post (Q4 17:01)
Larkey rises to take a pack mark and he slots goal number 5! (Q4 21:02)
Ziebell pokes a strange kick out of bounds which allows Josh Daicos a shot at goal. He opens the arc and snags his third goal! (Q4 23:24)
Scott helps himself to some junk with a classy finish (Q4 23:38)
The umpire picks out a contentious block against Bergman which means Hoskin-Elliott can kick his second goal (Q4 26:23)

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